This is a Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Alex Rider crossover.

July 31, 1992 - Harry is born

August 18, 1993 - Percy is born

February 13, 1994 - Alex is born

All the other events follow canon for all series, but only through SCORPIA Rising for Alex Rider because I haven't read Never Say Die yet. Also, I made further history for Alex since his story only goes through when he's fifteen. The Pleasures are dead, and he went back to spying, willingly, because he wasn't cut out for civilian life.

The story starts in 2010.

Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, nor Alex Rider.

I hope you enjoy.

When Alex Rider woke up in a cell, he was surprised. It wasn't the fact that he was in a cell that surprised him; waking up in a cell was something that happened to him surprisingly often since he started working for MI6 again when the Pleasures died. No. The reason Alex was so shocked was that there were two other teenagers in the cell with him.

Both of the teenagers had black hair and neither looked like they could be any older than 20, which was the reason for Alex's shock. As far as he knew, no other teenagers were in the same business as him, which made being kidnapped with two other teenagers quite strange. He inspected the cell to see if he could find any clues as to who had taken them, and to how they might get out.

Nothing. There were no clues, anywhere.

The room was completely blank. The walls were a nondescript gray without a single scratch marring its bland surface. The floor was the same, all 10 by 10 feet of it. There were no windows, and though Alex could see a faint outline of a door, there was no door handle or visible way to open it. Alex sat down on the floor, thoroughly frustrated. Not to mention his claustrophobia was starting to act up, but he knew how to handle that.

All in all, Alex was worried. He would've thought that the other boys would have woken up by then; of course, that was considering they were knocked out at the same time. On the subject of time, Alex had no idea how long he himself had been asleep. The last thing he remembered was arriving back at his house after his mission in France. That was August 9th. Surely it couldn't be much later than that.

Alex was startled out of his pondering when the older of the two boys started to awaken. Alex scooted away from him in case he was violent when he woke.

Harry groaned, and pain shot up his spine. His initial thought was that he had fallen out of bed and slept on the floor again, but that didn't make sense. Harry had been staying at Grimmauld Place since the war had ended, and he was sure that none of the rooms he went in had concrete flooring.

He sat up and saw the smallness of the room he was in. He jumped backward in shock when he saw a pair of eyes staring at him from the corner of the room. It was a sandy-brown haired kid, with brown eyes. Harry thought he looked to be between fifteen and seventeen years old.

"Who are you?" Harry asked him, voice hoarse from just having woken up.

"I'm not in the habit of revealing my identity to complete strangers. For all I know, you might be a part of an international terrorist organization hell-bent on taking over the world," the kid said.
"I'm locked in a cell with you," Harry said flatly.

"Which could be a ploy to convince me to give you information," the boy said as though it were a perfectly normal thing to assume of another person.

"Yeah, whatever you say," Harry replied, exasperated; this boy was strange. Why would he think Harry was a terrorist, "I'm Harry."

The kid just stared at Harry as if he had lost his mind. Harry felt a little self-conscious and confused about what it was he had done.

Alex stared at him. This boy- Harry- must not be very bright. Did he really think that the only threat of people being dangerous was inside the cell? Surely he must realize that someone could have been listening outside of the cell. Not to mention he was assuming Alex was harmless when at least half the criminal underground knew this wasn't the case. This made it clear to Alex that Harry was not a spy. He couldn't decide if that relieved him or not.

"You do realize that other people could be listening to our conversation from outside of this cell? Right?" Alex said.

"They probably know who I am already," Harry replied. This confused Alex. Was this boy famous or something because Alex couldn't remember ever having seen him, and he had a pretty good memory.

"Maybe not."

"So what, though?" Harry argued, "All they have is my first name."

Alex rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah. And your appearance, approximate age, fingerprints, and DNA, but it's not like they can use those things to narrow down the results of people named Harry."

He sighed and said, "At least give me something to call you. I'd rather not keep calling you the kid inside of my head."

Alex thought for a minute before deciding that his SAS codename would come in handy here, "Cub. You can call me Cub."

Harry wasn't sure what to make of… Cub. On one hand, he didn't seem like a bad kid, but on the other, he seemed a bit paranoid. Okay, more than a bit.

Harry wondered if he was a wizard. He knew plenty of wizards that were just as paranoid as Cub. The one that came to Harry's mind was Mad-Eye Moody. Maybe they were related.

But, no, that couldn't be right. Cub hadn't recognized Harry. If he were a wizard, he would have known about Harry Potter. Harry had yet to meet a wizard, or witch, that didn't recognize him from his scar. This kid didn't show any acknowledgment to having ever heard of him before.

Harry decided that he should probably try to figure out where he was and how he came to be here. He berated himself for not thinking of that sooner. If Hermione were here, she'd slap him around the head for neglecting the obvious.

Harry looked around the room. The first thing he noticed, which he definitely should have seen before, was another kid still asleep. This kid had black hair, much like himself, and he looked older than Cub did.

"Do you know who this kid is?" Harry asked Cub.

"He's knocked out. When exactly do you think he had time to introduce himself," Cub said sarcastically, "And, besides, I'm hoping on him being smarter than you and not blurting out his name for our captors to hear."

Harry shook his head. Was Cub still on about that?

"Oh for the love of Merlin, could you just drop it?" He said.

Cub gave him a strange look as though he was trying to work him out like he was a puzzle. That's when Harry realized he had sworn on Merlin. Great now Cub was going to think he was crazy.

It was several moments later, and Harry was starting to think that maybe Cub would just put it off as one of his quirks or something, when Cub said, "Merlin. Wasn't that the old wizard guy that helped Arthur become King of Camelot?"

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. Camelot. He felt like he probably should have recognized this name, but he hadn't been to a muggle school since he was ten, so he felt that he really couldn't be held accountable for it. For the second time, Harry thought of Hermione. This was something he felt she would've known.

"Who's Arthur?" Harry asked.

Cub gave him a long look, as if his lack of knowledge was shocking to him, "You know? The Sword in the Stone? The Lady at the Lake? Nothing?"

Harry shook his head, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the fact that he couldn't remember this fact. He was drawn from his self-deprecation when Cub, whose eyes had been fixed on Harry, flitted his vision to Harry's left, where the other boy was laying.

Alex's eyes shifted to the other boy in their cell. He looked like he was having a flashback. He was shifting in his sleep and muttering, much like Alex himself had been told that he did during his flashbacks. Alex caught words like, "Not, Annabeth, no", "Get away from them", "Kronos", and "Gaea." He wasn't sure what the boy was talking about, but he recognized the last two names from Greek mythology. Kronos, king of the Titans and Gaea, the goddess of earth and mother of Titans and was it Giants. Alex thought that might have been it.

Harry reached out his hand towards the other boy, probably intending to wake him up, but Alex pushed his hand back.

"Don't," he said, "You could frighten him."


"If he's having a flashback, and you try to wake him, he might assume that you are a part of his dream, and both you and he could end up being injured."

Harry looked upset, "How would you know that? We can't just leave him; he's in pain."

Alex winced at Harry's question. Thinking back on the worst moments of his life. Jack getting in the jeep. It exploding. Alex shook his head to clear those thoughts and noticed Harry looking at him concerned.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked.

"I'm fine," Alex said, quickly, "And we can try to wake him just don't touch him, that could trigger a reaction from him."

Harry still felt that something was the matter with Cub, but he dropped it and said, "Ok."

He moved closer to the boy, under Cub's watchful eye, ensuring he didn't get to close, and said, "Hey, mate. Wake up."

He stirred, but other than that he moved very little. Cub hovered his hand over Harry's shoulder and said to him, "Let me try."

Harry was more than happy to let him have a go at it, but something in his voice made Harry hesitate. He couldn't help but feel as though Cub had been through something terrible, but he shook that feeling off and moved back to let Cub try.

"Annabeth's fine. She's alright. You're alright. Nobody here is going to hurt you," Cub's lips twitched, but Harry couldn't catch the emotion. It looked slightly desperate but it was mixed with too many other emotions for Harry to be sure.

Harry was a bit shocked when the boy actually started to calm down. His breathing evened out, and he seemed to be waking up. Cub repeated his words again, and then, before the boy could awaken fully, he drew back into the corner of the cell. Like he was scared this new boy would attack him or something. Harry filed this information on Cub away for later.

Percy awoke from his nightmare. He could have sworn he heard a voice soothing him, but he hadn't recognized the voice's owner. He put it off as his imagination until he opened his eyes.

He was in some type of cell. It looked quite solid, and he didn't see any way that showed escape. There were two boys looking at him. The older looking of the two was staring at him with concern, but his eyes also kept flicking to the younger boy who was sitting in the corner. Percy assumed that he must be concerned for both of them. He wasn't sure why, but it could have had something to do with his nightmare.

The younger boy made him shudder. His eyes were cold and nearly blank. They looked almost haunted to Percy. But despite his blank expression, Percy could just barely make out understanding.

Percy rubbed his eyes to try to rid himself of the sleepiness he felt.

The older boy with the bright green eyes said, "I'm Harry, and this is … Cub"

Percy noticed the British accent and the pause before the odd name and guessed, "Fake name? And, are you British."

Harry said, "Yeah. He wouldn't tell me his real name. And, also yes. Where are you from?"

Cub, Percy thought he could have picked a better name, said, "He's from New York. You shouldn't tell us your name either. We're locked in a cell. Obviously, someone put us here, and that person could still be listening from the other side of that door."

Percy decided he liked this kid. His intelligence reminded him of Annabeth. He hoped she was alright. He couldn't place this boy's accent though; it was almost a mix of several different places.

Harry, looking exasperated, said, "At least give us something to call you though."

Percy thought for a minute. What could he tell them to call him? Seaweed Brain would bring up too many questions, especially because he wasn't sure if these guys were demigods or not.

Percy was saved from coming up with a nickname when the cell door swung open.

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