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It all started with one little accident...

In the middle of the crossroads, three familiar faces were practicing their magic again. The weather is very clear and nobody was around, a perfect chance for the lesson. This week's lesson: Transporting. While they've done this before, couldn't hurt practicing the spell once more.

"And besides, we never attempted working together before." Inari reminded the others.

Witchie groaned. "Do we have to? My aunt already taught me this spell." Which to her annoyance.

"Come on Witchie, you know how I could use the extra training..."

"Ugh! Fine! You know something Dessie? If you weren't so—"

Inari cleared throat. "You're trying to prove to your aunts that you can get along remember? Don't repeat their fight with your own.

Both Dessie and Witchie looked at Inari innocently. They weren't trying to start anything, they just can't help it. It's like they were raised that way or something. But never mind their family history, back to the spell.

Well, Inari was right, transporting as a group is difficult. Especially since a certain goddess isn't used to her powers yet.

"Alright, let's try again..." Inari panted, their little body starting to ache from the fall they had earlier.

"Inari we should stop." Dessie cried. "There's no way we can do it."

"Yeah I'm with her." Witchie sighed.

"Well, I do have to admit...I am getting rather exhausted. How about we try one more time then we can go home."

"That sounds fair," Dessie agreed.

"Fine. But this is the last time." Witchie looked like she could use a nap.

Working together now, all three focused all of their energy and power into the spell. Dessie was gaining more experience while the other two gained...well, they've gained learning experience. So all three of them was gaining experience.

Not paying attention to their surroundings, the transporting spell suddenly backfired. Or so what they thought? While they didn't go anywhere, something else did? More like, somebody.

"Stop! Stop!" Inari managed to get out, but by now it was too little too late.

"What? It was working." Witchie groaned.

"What's wrong Inari?" Dessie looked at Inari curiously.

Inari sighed. "By any chance, have you two been watching our surroundings while casting that spell?"

"No," Both Witchie and Dessie echoed, admittedly frightened now?

"Neither was I." Inari's face started to pale. "We're in trouble. ...While that spell didn't work on us, I'm afraid we accidentally made two humans disappear..."


While Dessie started crying, Witchie asked Inari if they seen who it was.

"Two young men: one was wearing a cowboy hat and had a mail carrier bag while the other had blue hair and he looked like he was about to go fishing..."

"What do we do?" Dessie sobbed, "W-we can't just ignore this!"

"Inari do you know where they could've went?"

Inari sighed with a frown. "No..."

Those three may not know where those young men went but I do, however that's a story for another chapter. Or in my case after a few messages.