Banjo and Kazooie notice that Spiral Mountain was full of candy, so the bear and bird did what they did best... collect the candy, of course.

"Hey Banjo, why would someone place candy here and not bother to get it back?" Kazooie asked as she was walking out of the backpack.

Banjo rubbed his chin as he shook his head. "Well gee, Kazooie, I guess whoever did it probably took no mind as to where they mind was regarding it."

Kazooie scoffed as she waved her red wing. "Pah. It probably means the loser who lost it is too dumb to even keep it somewhere safe, like in a pack."

Banjo and Kazooie then left Spiral Mountain, heading into the cave within the mountainside to see even more candy present. Gruntilda Winkybunion was watching from the very top of her lair with a telescope, scoffing as she was munching on the very candy that the bear and bird duo were collecting.

"First jiggies, now candy? Well doesn't that make their quest dandy," Gruntilda rhymed to herself as she rolled her eyes, continuing to eat her sugary sweets with no concern for her health.