My name is Yemra Six-Four-Zero of the Zek Danet Pool.

I am a Yeerk, one of the hundreds of thousands of symbionts who descended upon the planet Earth with the intention of infesting and enslaving the native sapient species on the planet, the Humans, and using this new species to turn the tide of the Yeerk Empire's war against the Andalites. But I was also one of the thousands of Yeerks who had come to the realization that Yeerk-kind is doomed to extinction if we continue in our old ways of enslaving every single sapient species that we meet, that the way forward for Yeerk-kind lies in cooperation and understanding. Hence I am a Yeerk that currently resides on Earth, and I also reside inside the head of one Jennifer Yelena Carson.

You may have heard of that name before. Jennifer Carson is the human who wrote about her experiences with regards to the Nothlit State, an ill-fated attempt by disgruntled nothlits to establish a nation of their own within the United States while at the same time providing a location from which the Yeerk Empire, which is still somewhere out there in the stars, could resume their invasion of Earth. Yes, that Jennifer Carson. She is my host, and I am her Yeerk.

This story is not about Jen's trials and tribulations with the Nothlit State and subsequent encounters with the Yeerk Empire. In fact, this isn't even one single story at all. This work is a collection of stories and moments in the life of one Jennifer Carson as told through the perspective of the Yeerk in her head. I have decided to write these stories as a way for humans and other sapient beings to understand that we Yeerks, while we are very much bonded to our hosts, still have our own distinct personalities, thoughts, and worldviews. Humans write about their stories and lives all the time. Controllers (beings who have been infested with a Yeerk), both former and current, have written and talked about their stories to the human public. Even Hork-Bajir have managed to relate their own stories for the consumption of the human public, which is positively hungry for stories from all perspectives (as long as it is either well-written or if it conforms to their own ideas of what a particular story should be like). But we do not hear about the Yeerks themselves taking to either pen and paper or computer keyboard to tell their own stories. Yeerks, particularly the ones with hosts, more often than not only manage to get an occasional sentence or paragraph in the stories that their hosts have put forth, so it has been a bit hard for humans to know about how the Yeerks experience the world in their own words. But now I am here to set the record straight.

This is not to say that the Controllers who have had their stories published are actively denying their Yeerks the opportunity to speak for themselves; on the contrary, I fully believe that these Yeerks will tell their own stories, but in their own time. For me, that time happens to be now.

As I do during Jennifer's stories, Jen will sometimes interject and add some perspectives and commentary of her own to the stories that I shall relate. (Jen: If the text of the story starts looking like this, it means that I'm doing just that; adding my perspective to Yemra's stories.)

The stories that I am about to tell you come from a very wide time frame, from the time that I first infested Jennifer to the present day. They also cover a wide range of topics from the mundane day-to-day life of a female human who happens to have an alien observer residing within her head to issues like the Nothlit Question and the rights and safety of human-Controllers to the second attempted invasion of Earth by the Yeerk Empire. I do not intend to dwell much on stories involving the Yeerk Empire. Jen does a very good job of that on her own. What I intend to write about here are snapshots into our daily life, and the perspectives that I have made and gained during defining moments in Jennifer Carson's life. And I hope you enjoy the journey.

Mo-Bo'hugsenn Na-saltakeh'e tahlahh matane eysipah! (May my words and the stars open your eyes and minds!)

Yemra 640

A/N: I hope you don't mind me trying out a more bookish style of storytelling that also includes things like an introduction or foreword. Think of it as this fic being actually a book that got published in the world of the Animorphs (or at least the world of my OC). Anyway, I know that this is just an introduction but I appreciate you dropping a review for it nonetheless, as well as either following or favoriting this fic (or maybe both?) Thanks in advance! - GR