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It was just after eight and Elizabeth dropped a couple of books, her notebook and some journal articles into her backpack, shuffling the contents and zipping it up. The absolute last thing on her mind was studying, but she thought that maybe if she pretended to herself that she was just going to Henry's to study, rather than to have her clothes peeled off by him as his lips traced paths of kisses over her bare skin, she wouldn't feel quite so nervous. She swallowed, feeling heat build deep in her centre at the thought of him, her desires from earlier in the gym closet still pent up. She was excited and nervous all at once and had a very good feeling about the evening ahead.

She walked the short distance to his apartment, having planned to meet him there at half past the hour. She knew she was there early, the energy had surged through her and made her legs move more quickly towards Henry. In fact she was so early she had to do a lap around the block before returning to the metal staircase leading up to his first floor front door.

She smiled as she met him coming around the corner, seeing the confusion on his face. She knew he was wondering why she'd walked in a different direction to normal and shrugged her shoulders at him, smiling back.

He walked over slowly to reach her, taking in her tight tank and plaid flannel shirt, those jeans that clung to her ass, enhancing her curves and what he now knew to be her trademark Converse. He grabbed at her shirt tails to pull her towards him and dipped his head to give her a kiss. She tasted the faint hint of post-game beers on his lips.

'Hey babe.'

'Hey yourself. You're a little earlier than I thought you'd be.'

'Left the guys at the bar. All I wanted was to get home to you.'

She smiled and felt herself blush at his honesty and his need to see her, as he fumbled with his keys in the front door, pushed it open and kicked it closed with his foot behind him as she tentatively stepped into his living room. They dropped their bags and she felt him behind her, his hands rubbing up and down her arms and his mouth next to her ear.

'It's just me, it's just us. And I want you. I want us to do this, so much. But if there's any doubt that you don't then... I'll wait until you're ready.'

He turned her around and tucked her hair behind her ears, pleased she'd worn it down for him so he was free to run his fingers through the soft, blonde strands. She smelt divine, a mix of vanilla sweetness, her apple shampoo and the undeniable heat of musk, the scent of her that was driving him crazy.

'Henry I'm not... it's not my first time.'

'I know. It's not mine either. You just seem nervous, that's all.'

'I guess I am. It's a happy kind of nervous though.'

'I'm the same. I've been thinking about this a lot.'

'Oh really? And how does it start?'

'I'm going to take a shower first.'

She let a little sigh escape her mouth and looked away from him, a little defeated as she wondered what she would do with herself whilst she knew he was naked on the other side of the wall, just a few meagre feet away from him.

'Take a shower with me.'

His voice was low and gravelly as he gave out the command to her and bit his lip, waiting for her response. She was a little shocked by his request and it must have showed on her face because as ever, he was quick to reassure her.

'I want to see you. You're so beautiful and I just want to see all of you and know you're just for me.'

She pursed her lips and side-stepped around him, a deliberate swing in her hips, feeling his eyes on her ass, feeling him watch her body before he followed her to the bathroom.

They stood opposite one another in the stark, white light of the bathroom and exchanged looks and shy smiles.

'Ladies first.'

She giggled as her arms fell out of her navy flannel plaid and she let it drop to the floor, her eyes not leaving his. He took a moment to appreciate her, her slightly tanned and well-sculpted arms, he suspected from years of hard work at the stables. The shape of her clavicles curving out from the slope at the base of her neck, the exact spot where he knew she was sensitive to the touch of his hand and the caress of his lips.

She nodded at him as he screwed up his basketball vest into a ball and threw it in the general direction of the linen basket. She stepped towards him, her fingers scratching through the tanned hairs on his chest as her hands learned the shape of his muscles underneath, roaming freely over him as she felt his goosebumps beneath her fingertips. He was fit, in good shape and he was just so damn handsome. Years of running, swimming and ROTC training felt like it was all for her to enjoy and she'd be damned if she didn't.

One by one they each stripped away articles of clothing from themselves, exposing more skin for the other to see. Their clothes were strewn all over the bathroom floor, until finally they stood naked before one another. Her breath hitched as she saw his arousal for her evident already and she felt her heart beat a little faster and her cheeks get a little warmer.

Henry tangled his hand through her hair, his thumb massaging the back of her neck as he moved his mouth over hers, kissing her with tenderness but intent. His tongue dominated hers and she pulled him closer to her, their chests together and her nipples forming hardened peaks at the friction of his skin against hers. It felt so good to feel his body against her, with no barriers in the way.

His other hand flipped the water to hot as he continued to kiss her thoroughly, his breath warm on her face as he pulled her lips into his mouth, sucking on them gently before he released. He stepped them both under the water, careful not to hit her directly with the stream, his hands roaming randomly over her bare skin. He paused at her breasts, holding their weight in each hand as his mouth trailed open kisses over her chest and he pulled her nipple into his mouth.

She gasped as her head fell back against the cool tiles, moaning appreciatively as his tongue circled her areola and his teeth grazed her skin. His other hand paid the same attention to the other side, his thumb and forefinger rolling circles over her nipple, pinching it gently as his mouth sucked and teased the other side. He was making her giddy and she was glad she had the wall behind her for support.

'So beautiful,' he murmured at her, lifting his head away from her for a second.

'Not so bad yourself, handsome.'

Her fingertips danced across the well-defined ridges of his hip bones, pausing as they tangled in the coarse hair at the juncture of his thighs. His mouth found hers again, his lips humming against hers, thrilled with what she was doing to him as she took his erection firmly in her hand, moving over him from shaft to head, her thumb swirling over his tip.

'Fuck,' he mumbled as he involuntarily thrust against her abdomen, pinning her whole body to the wall as he felt the heat of her on his thigh.

She spread her legs for him, wet and grinding against his thigh to ease the pressure that was building there, the two of them rocking against each other as tongues roamed each other's mouths, his hands palming her breasts and finding it hard to get enough of them.

'Are we doing this here because...' she whispered, breathless as she took in the sight of his hands finally touching her naked body. She surprised herself by just how much she wanted to do this with him, and right now.

'I-,' he paused, running a hand over his face to try and think coherently. 'Bedroom? Unless you...'

'Bedroom is good. We should finish in here... because we'll need to... um...'

'Condoms? I've sorted that.'

She nodded at him sheepishly, removing her hand from him and pulling him close to her. He looped his arms under hers, squeezing her tightly to him as the water ran over both of them. She kissed him, slowly this time, enjoying the feel of his body against her and knowing that she was driving him as wild as he was driving her.

He reached behind her, uncoordinated and dropping his shower gel to the tray beneath them. She noticed his hands were trembling a little as he stood up and caught his eye.

'You're nervous too?'

'Nervous in a good way. It feels like the start of an adventure together. Our adventure.'

'Adventure? I like that.'

He lathered his hands together, massaging the foam onto her shoulders and arms, deliberately skimming over her nipples and making her gasp at the fleeting contact. It wasn't enough and yet it was too much all at the same time.

'Think of it as a magical mystery tour.'

'You are pretty magical, Henry McCord.'

He stopped dead in his tracks to look at her, completely floored by the honesty and truth in her words as they stood naked together, baring themselves to one another both physically and emotionally. Truth be told, he felt a little overwhelmed. He pulled her under the shower spray, peppering her face with kisses as they rinsed away the suds. He stepped out and held out his hand out to her, wrapping her in a towel and placing a kiss on her nose.

Their little interlude allowed him to calm down a little, though he was still so hard he was certain he could cut through glass.

He laid his towel on the bed, tugging hers away from her body and letting it drop to the floor to reveal her underneath, and thought to himself how he'd never get tired of the prospect of her naked body before him.

She looked a little hesitant, her eyes raking over him, and they stopped as she caught sight of his cock. She was suddenly nervous about whether they'd fit together, was he too big, was she too small? She wanted to make this good for him and she knew all her thoughts were irrational but she couldn't help but have them. He took her hand and their fingers intertwined, and as she sat on the edge of the bed he pulled her on top of him.

She knelt with her legs straddled over him, as her lips found his to kiss him. His hand travelled between her legs to make sure she was ready and he pressed his fingers through her wet folds, stroking her clit. She tensed at the contact and gasped against his mouth, but he felt the moment she relaxed into his touch, her hips moving rhythmically against his hand as his fingers deftly hit her clit each time.

'Henry,' she called, her voice breathless, knowing it would be so easy just to stay there for a bit longer and he'd make her come. She hid her face in his neck, her kisses wet along his jaw. 'Condom,' she whispered in his ear.

He reached behind him with one hand struggling to open the bedside drawer but he just managed to retrieve a foil packet, handing it to her. He watched as she rolled the latex over his length, but was surprised when she turned to lay on her back. He stopped her with a hand on her hip.

'Get on top of me, Elizabeth.'

She looked surprised but didn't argue, bracing her hands against his shoulders. She hovered herself over his tip, her hand holding the base of him to guide him inside her. His hand on top of hers stopped her and she inhaled sharply.

'I love you.'

'I love you too.'

She sunk the tip of him inside her, sighed and watched as his eyes slid shut at the feel of her. She waited for a second, moving herself by gently rocking back and forth to accommodate him, taking more of and more of him inside of her with each movement. The feeling of him filling her with that first complete push caused her to moan loudly with pleasure.

He was finally buried completely inside her and looked to where they were joined, his hand finding her clit as she began to move slowly, pitching forward to find the right angle for them both. She started to move, her hips gyrating forward and back and her head dipping forward to steal kisses from him.

Guys she'd been with before had automatically got on top of her for sex and never offered her the option of leading. She wasn't sure if Henry liked what she was doing but when she looked at him she saw he was biting his lip with his eyes closed in pleasure. His hand reached up to erratically palm her breast and she tipped a fraction further forward so he could reach her fully, callouses of his fingers stimulating her nipples and sending jolts of pleasure down through her centre.

'God Elizabeth.'

The deep growl in his voice made her feel more confident to speed up her ministrations. She was spurred on by the sound of their heavy breathing and skin against skin and it felt like the most erotic thing she'd ever experienced. The change in her speed really worked for her and she could feel the deep tingling of her orgasm start to build. His hands on her breast and her clit were rocketing her desires and she knew she was past the point of return. She'd only dreamed of coming with him inside her before and now she knew it was mere seconds away.

He felt her movements become more erratic, glad she was getting close because he wasn't sure how much longer he could last and he'd be damned if she wasn't the one to come first. He pressed a little differently on her clit, changing the angle to apply indirect pressure and she squeezed her walls against him, losing herself as she pushed down hard on him and he thrust inside her. A few more movements and she was flying, her moan guttural as she cried out and came, Henry feeling little flutters of her contractions against him.

He held himself inside her, allowing her to get her breath back. She looked exquisite, and she ran her hands over forehead and through her hair, a sated smile crossing her face. He saw the confusion in her expression as she felt between them to feel his erection still solid inside her.

'You didn't...?'

'Not yet.'


She swatted his chest playfully, moved up and down once on top of him and watched his face. She was surprised he hadn't come already considering she wasn't exactly gentle with him and from the way he'd taught her to use her hand on him she knew he liked things pretty hard and fast near the end to get himself off. She found it both endearing, loving, but mostly incredibly hot that he'd watched her use his body to get herself off and wanted to make him feel as good as he'd made her.

'Can you...'

His finger made a spiral motion and she arched her eyebrows at him, squeezing her walls against him.

'I don't want to have to get off you.'

'I just don't want to drop you if I try and roll both of us over, babe. In my mind it'll be elegant, in reality it won't work.'

She relented and moved herself off him, her hips feeling stiff as she settled down on her back on the bed and waited to feel the weight of him on top of her.

She felt him probe at her entrance, his weight shifted onto his forearms and immediately shifted her hips, wrapping her legs around his back and digging her heels in as he entered her in one swift stroke. He buried his face in her neck, pulling out and pushing in, building his pace as her fingers dug into him, and her words encouraged him to let himself go.

She could feel he was close and he found her eyes, his hand reaching back to lock around her ankle. She nodded, not realising what she was agreeing to until he moved one of her legs to rest on his shoulder, creating an even deeper angle.

She couldn't help but cry out profanities as he thrust against her cervix, causing a heat within her to build that she didn't realise was there. Surely he wasn't going to make her come again, but even if he didn't then as soon as he was ready for round two they'd be trying this position again.

She felt him slow down, his hand tightened around her ankle and his thrusts erratic, grunting a low growl as he reached his climax inside her, breathless, hot and incredibly satisfied.


'Yeah. I'd give it a wow.'

He pulled out of her to take his weight off of her and took a quick trip to the bathroom before climbing back into bed and cuddling him into her. He kissed the top of her head and she nuzzled her nose into his cheek.

'Did you... again?'

'No, but it felt really good and I want to do it like that again.'

'Oh really?'

'Really, Mr McCord.'

He smiled at her and glanced underneath the comforter, a smile spread across his face as he gauged the time it would take for him to recover and go again. She giggled at his silliness and he realised that was the most delightful sound he'd ever heard her make, and he wanted to hear it again and again.

'Thirty minutes?'

'You want me to set the alarm clock?'

'So mathematical, Miss Adams.'

'Is there no room for math on the magical mystery tour?'

'There certainly is. One of you and one of me.'

He dropped the comforter and reached blindly for her hand, not wanting to break eye contact with her as he placed kisses over her knuckles.

'I mean it. I really do love you.'

'I know. And I really do love you too.'

She brushed the hair back from his forehead and laid her head on his chest. Even if they didn't wake up in thirty minutes, she knew there was no one else she'd ever be giving herself to like this again, and smiled as she drifted off in the arms of her forever man.