Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Main Pairing: Rhaegar Targaryen/Daenerys Targaryen
Side Pairings: Aerys Targaryen/Rhaella Targaryen; Ned Stark/Ashara Dayne
Warnings: alternate universe; het; sibling incest; original characters; off-screen child death; off-screen character death; mentions of death and murder; and murder by burning alive

Summary: In which Princess Daenerys Targaryen was born in 264 AC, making her the perfect candidate to wed her older brother Rhaegar.

Written in Fire
03. A Valyrian Bride

264 AC

According to the maesters, it was the storm of the decade. The violent winds, the crackle of thunder and the flash of lightening, and the high waves that came crashing down on everything. It was reported that the storm destroyed half of the Targaryen fleet, docked in the harbor of Dragonstone.

As the storm reach its climax, Queen Rhaella Targaryen went into labor. In the wee hours of the morning as the winds howled and the waves crashed onto the shore, she gave birth to a daughter, quickly named Daenerys. Though she would be known as Daenerys the Stormborn.

"She's little and red," Rhaegar Targaryen said as he peered down at his newborn sister.

The queen chuckled, tired from the labor. "She'll grow," she promised her son.

"When can we play?" he asked, sounding eager. He didn't have many playmates his own age. There was Baela Waters and Daemon Hill, his aunt and half-brother respectively. They were allowed to play together too often since bastards were beneath the Heir of the Iron Throne.

"Not for a few moons," Rhaella answered her son, sorrow in her tone. She made a mental note to look into finding some playmates for Rhaegar.

Rhaegar nodded, a frown on his young face.

Playmates for the crown prince would have to be noble-born children from Great Houses, likely Wardens. Rhaella would need to figure out the correct age for fostering.

A few moons later, Queen Rhaella returned to court and her husband in King's Landing with her two children in tow. Aerys was pleased to see his new daughter, happy with her Valyrian features of silver-blonde hair and violet eyes.

"She will make an excellent bride," he stated with a wide smile, looking up at his sister-wife and those assembled in front of the Iron Throne. "She stall be a wonderful wife for Rhaegar."

Rhaella felt her heart stop at his announcement. She wanted more for her children. She wanted them to fall in love, or marry someone outside of the family. While she was pride of her Valyrian heritage, she didn't want her children to have traditional Valyrian marriage – brother to sister. She was willing to consider Valyrian marriages for her grandchildren – a cousin to cousin marriage.

As she processed the news for herself, the queen looked over those around them. Some looked surprised at the news, and others didn't look surprised. One person in particular caught her attention. Lord Tywin Lannister looked displeased, his lips pressed together and his eyes narrowed.

Straightening her back, Rhaella decided she needed to keep an eye on him. The dragon was mightier than the lion. Her husband may be blind to Tywin's ambitions, wanting his future daughter to marry Rhaegar and become queen with her son succeeding Rhaegar as king. While she didn't want a traditional Valyrian marriage for Rhaegar, she wanted him to wed a Lannister less.

Rhaella made a note to pay close attention to Jaime Lannister as she reviewed her plans regarding fostering and finding friends and playmates for Rhaegar.




270 AC

Queen Rhaella clutched her young son, Daeron, close as she watched the guards drag the body of Grand Maester Pycelle out of the black cells. The man was dead before his trial before the court – which would likely have been him burning alive. However, the man was dead, poisoned before his trial. He had confessed to a few crimes, including the poisoning of the queen that resulted in the death of her second daughter.

This was one time Rhaella found herself supporting her brother-husband in death. She wanted the grand maester to die – to burn – for all that he had done. He had taken her second daughter from her before the girl was even born.

In addition, Pycelle had confessed to attempting to poison the queen two more times – when she was pregnant with Daeron almost nine moons ago and just as recent as a few days ago when he was caught.

The babe in her belly kicked, reminding Rhaella that the babe was safe and Pycelle hadn't succeeded this time.

Rhaella's gaze turned to Lord Tywin Lannister. She knew he was the mastermind behind all of this. He had ambitions, such as his grandson on the Iron Throne. While her information was limited, Rhaella knew Pycelle was Tywin's man – they were cousins, the bastard wanting favor with his true-born cousins. Rhaella knew enough to know that Pycelle poisoned her on Tywin's orders, but the man dead before he could confess those details.

She was pulled from her thoughts by Daenerys tugging on her skirts.

"Yes, sweetling?" she asked, looking down at her eldest daughter.

"Can I hold Dare?" the young princess asked, her violet eyes wide and pleading.

"Of course, sweetling," Rhaella replied with a smile.

The princess' Septa moved to stand behind her as the queen carefully placed her three moon-old son in her daughter's arms.

"Are we going back to Dragonstone?" Rhaegar asked, drawing her attention away.

"I will be returning with Dare and Dany in a moon's pass," the queen replied, "but you will be staying here."

Rhaegar nodded, looking displeased with the news. "Why?"

"Your father wants to start your education," the queen answered, knowing it was a lie. Aerys grew more paranoid. He wanted a pawn – her son – to manipulate her. With Rhaegar in the Red Keep, it would ensure her return.

"But I already started with Maester Addam and Lady Rhae," he stated. Lady Rhae Waters oversaw Dragonstone on behalf of their family. According to family records, Lady Rhae's grandfather was Prince Rhaegel, son of King Daeron II Targaryen and Queen Mariah Martell.

"I will return in seven moons," she promised, running a hand through her son's hair. "In the meantime, I've arranged for Prince Oberyn and Princess Elia Martell of Dorne to visit."

At the mention of visitors and playmates accord his own age made Rhaegar's purple eyes light and he offered his mother a true smile.




272 AC

Princess Daenerys Targaryen stood with her back straight and her chin up as she watched Sweet Shaena leave the port of Dragonstone. The black and red Targaryen banner waved in the wind as Daenerys' mother and siblings waved from the deck. Prince Daeron was waving the hardest while Princess Aemma was in her nanny's arms and Prince Aegon was being held by their mother. Queen Rhaella was due back the Red Keep for her annual visit.

At the age of eight, Daenerys was old enough to stay behind on Dragonstone under the watchful eyes of Lord Jacaerys Velaryon, Lady Rhae Waters, and Maester Addam. While she was only eight, Daenerys knew there were additional reasons for her exile on Dragonstone, despite what her mother said. There were whispers that Rhaella was unfaithful to King Aerys II, and the man was convinced each of his children were false-born – his sister-wife's bastards masquerading as his own true-born children.

Lately, Daenerys was the focus of his rants of falsehood. He spoke of burning her alive in front of her whore mother, her siblings, and all of the court. Everyone would witness her death.

When the ship disappeared over the horizon, Daenerys was escorted back to the keep by her guards and Lord Jacaerys.

"What would you like to do today, princess?" asked Lady Rhae, offering the young girl a smile.

Daenerys shrugged. "I think I'll finish reading A Dance of Dragons," she replied, turning towards the library.

Lady Rhae nodded. "I'll see you in two hours," she promised. "I need to speak with the cook about dinner."

When Lady Rhae entered the library two hours later, she found Princess Daenerys curled up in an armchair with a thick tomb on her lap. The lady smiled, her indigo eyes sparkling. There was a piece of parchment in her left hand.

"Princess, I have good news," she announced.

Daenerys looked up from the tomb, confusion in her violet eyes. "What is that, Lady Rhae?" she asked.

"With the queen's permission, I have arranged a fostering," she replied. "I wrote to several Houses, seeking children to foster. I only got a response from one House."

"Who?" Daenerys asked, eagerness in her tone. Her violet eyes were widen in anticipation. With her mother and her siblings returning to King's Landing, she longed for friends of her own. She had seen her older brother with Oberyn and Elia over the years. The three were close. That was a bond she wanted for herself.

"House Stark," Lady Rhae answered. "Lord Rickard is sending his second son, Eddard."

Daenerys smiled, a little sad. She had hoped for a female companion. "When will he arrive?" she asked.

"Eddard is due to leave Winterfell in a few days," Lady Rhae responded, checking the piece of parchment in her hand. "He will travel to White Harbor, where he will board a Manderly ship." She scanned the parchment a little more. "Lord Rickard believes Eddard will be here by the full moon."

Daenerys smiled. That was little over a fortnight away – two weeks and a few days.

True to Lady Rhae's and Lord Rickard's words, Eddard Stark arrived on Dragonstone seventeen days later – two weeks and three days. Daenerys stood on the docks with Lady Rhae and Ser Barristan Selmy, her newly appointed Kingsguard shadow. He had arrived a few days ago on the orders of King Aerys II.

"Welcome to Dragonstone," Lady Rhae agreed with a curtsy and a smile as Eddard stepped off the ship. He was young, around seven, with brown hair, gray eyes, pale skin, and solemn face.

Eddard replied, introducing himself as Ned before he turned to greet the princess. A few more introductions were made before the group traveled up to the keep, where Lord Jacaerys was waiting with bread and salt. In peroration for Ned's arrival, Daenerys studied the North, the Old Gods of the Forest, and their customs.

Ned and his Northernmen guard eagerly partook in the bread and salt – guest rights, according to Daenerys' researched. They were guaranteed safety within the walls of this keep.

That night Daenerys was eagerly showing Ned around the keep with Ser Barristan and Harald Cassel, one of Ned's guards, shadowing them. The tour ended in the library with Daenerys showing off the collection of books and tombs that her family had collected for hundreds of years.

"You've read The Long Night?" Ned asked, looking over the pile of books that Daenerys had on her table.

She blushed. "I wanted to learn about the North," she stated, fighting the eager to look down. She was a dragon and a princess, she wasn't meant to look down at her feet. "I learned about guest rights in my ancestor Prince Jacaerys Velaryon's journal."

That caught Ned's attention. He offered her a friendly look. His gray eyes were less guarded, though he didn't smile.

"I would like us to be friends," Daenerys said, looking into his gray eyes and offering him a small smile. Her tone was hopeful.




275 AC

Shivering, Princess Daenerys pulled her cloak tighter around herself as she rode next to her best friend, Ned Stark. They left White Harbor four days ago, and they were due to arrive at Winterfell within the day. This was Daenerys' first time leaving the Crownlands. When Ned and Lord Rickard invited her to visit the North, Daenerys planned and plotted. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Daenerys waited until two moons into her mother's annual visit to King's Landing to send the raven. That was around the time she fell pregnant. King Aerys II was more agreeable to his children's desires and requires, including Daenerys the False-born. Years later, the man was still convinced Daenerys wasn't his daughter.

Her plan worked. Shortly after sending the raven, Daenerys was granted permission to visit the North under the watchful eyes of Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Arthur Dayne in addition to her large Targaryen household guard. Ser Arthur Dayne was a friend of Rhaegar's that he made in Sunspear while visiting Oberyn and Elia. He was a talented swordsman, wielding the Dayne ancestral sword of Dawn.

"Princess, if you're cold, you should move to the carriage," Ser Arthur suggested.

Daenerys shook her head. She wanted to arrive to Winterfell on horseback as her ancestor, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon did. He was the last member of the Royal House of Targaryen to visit Winterfell – Daenerys knew her great-great-uncle Maester Aemon had visited a few times, after becoming a maeser.

Ser Barristan chuckled behind her.

"Dany won't be moved, Ser Arthur," Ned stated, fondness in his tone. He and Daenerys were close friends, like brother and sister the three years they had known each other.

Glancing at her newest guard, Daenerys saw his purple eyes narrowed at Ned's use of a nickname. Ned was the only person allowed to call her "Dany."

"Ned is correct, Ser Arthur," she added. "Besides, if I grow colder, I can pull on another coat or more furs."

Two hours later, Daenerys rode through the gates and into Winterfell. She was greeted by the sight of the entire household and most of their guard standing in the courtyard. They all bowed as she entered, just behind Ned, with Ser Barristan and Ser Arthur riding in behind her.

Daenerys dismounted the horse with easy, taking the offered hand from Ser Barristan before switching to Ned's arm. Ned led her over to his family.

"Winterfell awaits you, princess," Lord Rickard Stark vowed as he stood up. "May I present my children?"

"No need," Daenerys said with a smile. "I believe I can name them, thanks to Ned and his stories."

Ned motioned for her to begin. She started with the youngest, Benjen Stark. He was a young boy of six with sharp features, dark hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. The next was Brandon Stark, Ned's older brother and the Heir to House Stark. He was older at the age of two and ten with dark hair, gray eyes, pale skin, and handsome features. The last was Lyanna Stark, the only girl and Ned's younger sister. She was eight with a slim build, brown hair, gray eyes, and a long face.

The entire time, Ned stood next to her looking pleased.

When she was invited inside, she was offered bread and salt, which she took with smile. Thanks to Ned and Jacaerys Velaryon, she knew what to expect of the North. That night, there was a feast held in Daenerys' honor.

Her visit to Winterfell was only a fortnight. She was due to return to Dragonstone before her mother's annual visit and Ned would accompany her. He had a few years felt in his fostering.

"Ned, can we explore the crypts?" she asked on the sixth night.

Ned shot her an amused look. "You want to look for those dragon eggs," he stated.

Daenerys nodded. According to Jacaerys Velaryon's journal and The Testimony of Mushroom, Vermax laid eggs down in the depths of the crypts, where the hot springs were near the walls.

Early on the ninth morning, Ned took Daenerys down to the crypts, walking passed the statues of his ancestors, previous Wardens of the North and Kings in the North. They spent hours looking through the crypts before Ned found five odd stones. They were oval-like in shape and rough to the touch. Uncertain, he showed them to Daenerys.

With a frown, she picked up one of the eggs, only to fumble with it. "It's warm!" she exclaimed, her violet eyes wide.

Ned frowned. There was no warmth that he felt. "Let's take these to your rooms," he proposed.

Daenerys nodded, grabbing a second stone-egg, leaving Ned to carry three.

The pair quickly made their way out of the crypts and back into the keep before heading to Daenerys' room. Ser Barristan raised an eyebrow from his position at her door.

"What an early hour to be up, princess," he greeted with humor in his tone.

Daenerys blushed.

"What have you there?" he asked, frowning as he stared at the stone-eggs.

"Treasures," she replied with a smile.

Ser Barristan opened the door to her room, following her and Ned inside. The pair deposited their stone-eggs onto her bed.

"I'll see you in a few hours, Dany," Ned promised as he left her room.

Ser Barristan left behind Ned, resuming his post at her door.

With the door closed, Daenerys took the time to study each of her stone-eggs. They were all similar in size and texture, but the colors were different. There was one egg that was black as night, one that was pearly white, another was ruby red, one was violet like her eyes, and the last was golden.

Holding the violet one close, Daenerys debated her next step. She wanted to get the eggs warm and figure out how to hatch them. Her eyes fell on the fireplace and a smile slowly formed on her lips. Walking over to the hearth, Daenerys arranged the legs in a nest-like fashion before placing each of her stone-eggs in the fireplace. She lit it a moment later.

That morning, she received a raven from her mother announcing her latest pregnancy. Happily, she shared the news with Ned.

"That is excellent news!" Benjen declared, reading the letter over Ned's shoulder. His exclamation drew attention to the three of them.

Benjen blushed, ducking his head to spoon porridge into his mouth.

"My mother is pregnant, again," Daenerys announced, taking the letter back from Ned. "Maester Lymond says she's two moons along."

The announcement was met with joy.

"How many siblings do you have now?" Lyanna asked.

"I have four living and one dead," Daenerys answered with a bittersweet smile. Her mother had been blessed with five healthy babes, but the loss of Shaena was heavy on their family.




276 AC

Princess Daenerys Targaryen scowled as she crumbled the letter from King Aerys II. Her mother had given birth to another son, Prince Viserys, last moon in the Red Keep. It was a difficult labor and Maester Lymond feared she wouldn't be able to bear anymore children. After the death of Aegon the previous year, the king's paranoid grew. He wouldn't allow his wife or his children to leave the Red Keep.

Since Rhaella was able to visit Daenerys on Dragonstone, Daenerys planned a visit to King's Landing. She was eager to see her brothers and meet Viserys.

Instead, her visit was cancelled so King Aerys II and his older sons – Rhaegar and Daeron – could visit Lannisport. Lord Tywin was holding a tourney in honor of Prince Viserys' birth. The king deemed it more important to attend than allow the false-born daughter to visit.

In a rage, Daenerys tossed the letter into her fireplace. She watched the paper burn as she collapsed onto the hearth in front of the fire. With the rage done, sorrow was left. Daenerys longed to see her family. It had been almost a year since she last saw her mother or any of her siblings. They left a few days after Aegon's drowning.

Tears formed in Daenerys' eyes. Aegon, his nanny, and two guards had gone down to the beach so the young prince could swim in the sea. According to the Septa and the two guards, Aegon was swimming in the shallow end near the sand when he was suddenly pulled out to sea. They hadn't found the body.

In response to his son's death, King Aerys II recalled his sister-wife and his younger children to the capital. He held a public trial for the Septa and the two guards that ended with them pleading guilty to the murder of the prince. They were sent to death by fire.

As she stared into the fire, her eyes were drawn to her eggs. Reaching out, Daenerys placed her hand in the flames to pick up the violet egg.

"Princess!" shrieked the voice of Lady Rhae Waters from the doorway.

The dark haired woman dashed into the room. Acting as quickly as she could, she pulled Daenerys' hands from the fire and she took the egg. The egg carelessly fell to the floor as Lady Rhae looked over Daenerys' hands.

Shock was etched onto her features. "How?" she asked, overwhelmed as she stared at the unburned hands of the princess.

The princess looked over Rhae's hands, noting the burns and blisters that were forming. "You're hurt!" she stated.

The commotion drew the attention of Ser Arthur from the hallway. His eyes widened as he witnessed the scene before him.

After escorting the princess and Lady Rhae to Maester Addam, Ser Arthur reported what he had witnessed to Ser Barristan before sending a letter to Prince Rhaegar. The prince had invited him to join the Royal House of Targaryen in Lannisport for the tourney and Ser Arthur had planned to accept the invitation, but he reconsidered after what he had witnessed. Princess Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the False-born Princess, didn't burn.

That night, Daenerys started to form her inner circle with Ser Barristan and Ser Arthur as her loyal protectors, Lady Rhae Waters as her Spymaster, and Ned Stark as her closest friend and advisor. The four of them sworn to keep her secrets.




277 AC

Almost two years after acquiring the five dragon eggs, Daenerys woke up one night. She had the overwhelming urge to visit the Dragonmont with dragon eggs. Climbing out of bed, she stopped at the fireplace to collect the five eggs before walking out of her room. She was vaguely aware of someone calling after her, but she was preoccupied with her mission. She had to get her dragon eggs to the volcano.

Daenerys wasn't sure how long it took to enter the passageway into Dragonmont, but it seemed to be a short while and take too long all at the same time. The entire time, she was aware of someone following her.

"I'll be back," she shouted as she entered the passageway. "I'm a dragon, and fire doesn't harm a dragon."

If there was a response, she was unaware of it as she headed down the passageway. As she started her journey, she was unaware of anything around her but her mission.

A little later, Daenerys was in the heart of the Dragonmont when she tossed her dragon eggs in. After releasing the dragon eggs, the spell on her broke. Daenerys looked around, noting where she was. She stayed, waiting for something. She wasn't sure what, but she knew it was important and she knew she would know it when she saw it.

Some time passed, and she remained waiting.

The lava started to rise, and a dragon slowly emerged. Four more dragons quickly followed. Like the eggs there were a black dragon with grey markings and amber eyes, a red dragon with silver markings and dark eyes, a white dragon with silver markings and purple eyes, a violet dragon with blue markings and dark eyes, and a golden dragon with orange markings and blue eyes.

The moment her violet eyes fell on the dragons, a warmth and love filled Daenerys. Bending down, she gathered the dragons before leaving the volcano.

It was a long walk, giving Daenerys time to look at her dragons and decide on names.

When she emerged from the volcano, Daenerys squinted under the sunlight. She took a moment to adjust before she saw Ser Barristan. He wore an expression of panic and awe.

"Good morning, Ser Barristan," she greeted, aware of the dragons clawing at her.

The knight said nothing, his gaze fixed on the white dragon.

"That is Moonfyre," she announced. Pointing to the golden dragon, "This is Sundancer." She took a moment before pointing to the black dragon, "This is Balerion." The red dragon was named Valarr, and the violet dragon was Naerys.

After Ser Barristan came out of his shock and daze, he led the princess back to the keep. Along the walk, he would steal glances at her dragons.

A few hours later, Daenerys had Rhae, Ned, and Arthur brought to her rooms. The three were shocked at the sight of her five dragons. Daenerys did noticed that Sundancer seemed to take a liking to Ser Arthur.




280 AC

The moment she stepped into King's Landing, Princess Daenerys Targaryen was displeased with the sights, smells, and sounds that greeted her. It had been nine long years since she last visited at the age of seven. Now at six and ten, she was a woman grown and bleed. In fact, it was time for her to marry.

Despite the king's madness and paranoia, King Aerys II never resided the betrothal between his eldest two children – the very betrothal he announced moons after her birth. Rhaegar was sat to wed his sister, Daenerys.

A hush fell over the crowd as she walked to Ned Stark's side. He was her closest friend and protector.

She fought to keep a smirk off of her lips. Over the years, Daenerys had grown into a great beauty with long, pale silver-blonde hair that she kept pulled back in braids and violet eyes. She had pale skin and a slender frame with small breasts. Today, she wore a red dress with a scooping neckline and long, following sleeves. Hidden under her skirts was a Valyrian steel dagger strapped to her left leg.

Let them look, she thought. Let them look upon me, and dare to call me false-born. I am true-born, I am a dragon.

Shortly after the announcement, Daenerys was led towards the Red Keep. Her family, the Small Council, the Kingsguard, and a large portion of the servants and household guard were there to greet her and her court.

Despite the turnout, her arrival was met with lukewarm reception. Daeron was eager to see, all smiles and spring in his feet, while Aemma stood next to their mother with a frown. Jaehaerys and Viserys just looked confused. Jaehaerys was young the last time they saw each other, and Daenerys had yet to meet Viserys. It didn't escape her notice that Rhaegar wasn't present.

King Aerys II Targaryen looked at her with narrowed eyes. "False-born," he sneered.

Daenerys kept her chin high. His words had little effect on her. She knew she was true-born and a dragon. Dragons don't burn, she remembered herself. I don't burn. Therefore I am a dragon.

His words had more effect than she cared to admit, honestly. She was hoping to be welcomed with warmer words.

Behind her, she heard her friends mutter under their breaths.

Without another word, the king turned and left, taking the Small Council with him. Most of the servants and household guards took that as their cue to leave.

"Come, daughter," Queen Rhaella Targaryen said warmly, motioning for her eldest daughter to follow her, "we have much to discuss."

Daenerys fell in step behind her mother as the queen led the way to her solar. Daenerys' siblings were trailing after them. In the queen's private solar, Daenerys entered with Lady Rhae, Ned Stark, Ser Arthur, Ashara Dayne, and Lady Vaella.

She quickly offered introductions. "My closest friend and advisor, Ned Stark," she began, "my sworn sword, Ser Arthur Dayne, and my ladies-in-waiting, Lady Rhae Waters and Lady Ashara Dayne."

As she introduced Lady Rhae, Daenerys noticed Aemma's blue eyes narrowed and the pitched expression she wore. She wouldn't tolerate Aemma being rude to Lady Rhae. Lady Rhae helped raise Daenerys for the last nine years while their mother was busy moving back and further between the Red Keep and Dragonstone. Lady Rhae was family, more so than Aemma.

"Your wedding will be in a sennight," the queen announced.

Aemma scowled, crossing her arms as she glared at her older sister. "Why does she get to marry Rhaegar?" the younger princess.

"Because your father wants it so," Rhaella told her younger daughter with a tired sigh. "No matter how much you beg and plead, that won't change."

Aemma turned, pouting. "At least I'm a true-born!" she declared.

Daenerys decided not to comment. While she hadn't seen her older brother in years, she had heard of him. He was the handsome and heroic Targaryen prince that made maidens swoon. It wasn't that much of a surprise to learn Aemma had a crush on Rhaegar.

Ashara scowled at the younger princess. She knew that Daenerys was a worthy bride, and Rhaegar was lucky to have her – and the five dragons that came with her.

Over the next three days, Daenerys listened and watched as people made decisions regarding the wedding ceremony and the feast that would follow afterwards. She did notice that no one cared what she wanted, it was what King Aerys II would want or what would Prince Rhaegar like.

On the fourth day, Daenerys heard the servants muttering that the prince was back. The two days passed the same as the previous ones. Daenerys didn't see Rhaegar, though she heard others mention him.

The sixth day marked a changed. Daenerys was summoned before her father and the court to answer for her crimes. Before appearing before the court, she changed into a plain black dress since she had a feeling how this would end, and she would be prepared. Daenerys followed the kingsguard without a complicate. In the throne room, she found herself staring up at King Aerys II, Queen Rhaella, and Prince Rhaegar. The other children were gathered off to the side with their Septas and guards.

Staring at her brother, Daenerys found the words to be true. He was handsome with a slim build and pale skin. He wore his silver-blonde hair long, and he had deep purple eyes. He was dressed a black tunic with red details, black leggings, and a small crown. There was a sword attached to his belt.

As Lord Tywin Lannister began to speak about her being false-born, Daenerys turned her attention to her father. The man looked old, over forty, with graying silver-blonde hair, crazed-looking purple eyes, and he wore the same clothes as six days ago when she arrived to the Red Keep.

"–how do you plead?" Lord Tywin demanded, drawing Daenerys attention.

"Innocent," she responded, lifting her head up. She was true-born, and it was time everyone knew it.

"Liar!" declared the king. "You are no Targaryen!"

Daenerys' violet eyes hardened as she stared at the man. "I am a Targaryen," she stated, her tone low.

"Lies!" King Aerys II declared, banging his fist on the Iron Throne. "Burn her! Burn her, and let everyone witness her lies!"

She kept her head held high as chaos broke out in the throne room. Rhaella and Rhaegar were seized by members of the kingsguards while the household guards held back Daenerys' other siblings and her own court.

Casting a look over at Ned, Daenerys shot him a wide smirk.

His gray eyes hardened and he gave a slight nod before turning to the others. They had planned for this.

As the guards held everyone in place, a pair seized Daenerys, leading her outside to the stake. As she was tied to the stake, the court filtered out.

"For your claims of being a true-born Targaryen, you are found guilty," Tywin began, "and you are sentenced to death by fire."

"Let everyone see you burn!" the king declared as he licked his lips.

The pyromancer quickly poured oil and he lit the fire.

As the flames formed around her, Daenerys closed her eyes. There in her mind was steady and familiar presence. Come! she called. Come to me, my children!

"Scream!" the king commanded. "Let them hear you scream."

Violet eyes opened and a smirk formed on her lips. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of hearing her screams. Instead, she hoped to shock him – render him speechless.

As the fire increased and grew hotter, there were a series of roars in the distance. The roars grew louder, catching the attention of the crowd. People looked around in alarm and confusion.

Daenerys knew the moment people spotted the dragons based on the screams that sent people fleeing in terror. As her children neared, Daenerys tugged on the ropes that bound her to the stake. The ropes gave easily.

Aware of her nude state, Daenerys walked out of the fire. She was met with shocked faces from her family and those that remained.

"I am the dragon!" she declared, speaking in High Valyrian. "I am Unburnt. I am the Mother of Dragons."

The shock on Rhaegar's face wore off, turning to a look of interest and greed.

"Naerys!" she called.

The violet dragon roared before she landed next to Daenerys.

With the dragon closer and on the dragon, more people screamed and fled in terror.

"A dragon!" King Aerys II said, wonder in his tone. He walked forward. "I am King. You shall obey me!"

"None of them will obey you," Daenerys stated with a smirk.

Behind her Ned, Ashara, Rhae, and Ser Arthur took their places. While Ser Barristan had sworn to her, he stood with his kingsguards brothers.

Ned placed a black cloak around her shoulders, hiding her nude form.

"They're beings with free-will," she continued to explain. "My children make their own decisions."

The king scowled, turning his eyes to his daughter. "Make them obey me!" he demanded.

"Or what?" Daenerys challenged, raising an eyebrow. "You'll burn me alive?"

King Aerys wasn't sure how to respond.

"Let's go," she said, turning to her court. "I grow tired of the capital."

"You can't leave!" Queen Rhaella said, stepping forward. "You're set to marry Rhaegar tomorrow."

Turning to look at her mother, Daenerys shook her head. "The wedding is cancelled," she stated. "I feel being burned cancels both the betrothal and the wedding."

"You can't leave!" Rhaegar said, stepping forward. "I won't let you."

Daenerys raised an eyebrow. "How will you stop me?" she asked, amusement in her tone. "I have five dragons."

He paled a little, glancing up the four circling overhead.

Without another word or a backwards glance, Daenerys whistled. Sundancer and Moonfyre landed. She quickly climbed onto Naerys while Ser Arthur and Lady Rhae climbed onto Sundancer with Ned and Lady Ashara on Moonfyre.

The three dragons took off, joining up with Balerion and Valarr headed east. Daenerys wanted to see what adventures awaited her in Essos.

Count: ~6,000

–264 AC: Princess Daenerys Targaryen was born on Dragonstone, the daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. A few moons after her birth, King Aerys announced her betrothal to her older brother, Rhaegar, before the court. Rhaegar was five at the time of her birth and their betrothal announcement.
–267 AC: Princess Shaena Targaryen was born in the Red Keep, the second daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. She was stillborn. It was suspected that she was a victim of Grand Maester Pycelle. Rhaegar was eight and Daenerys was three.
–269 AC: Prince Daeron Targaryen was born on Dragonstone, the second son of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaegar was ten and Daenerys was five.
–270 AC: Princess Aemma Targaryen was born on Dragonstone, the third daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaegar was eleven, Daenerys was six, and Daeron was almost a year.
–271 AC: Prince Aegon Targaryen was born on Dragonstone, the third son of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaegar was twelve, Daenerys was seven, Daeron was two, and Aemma was almost one. Shortly after his birth, Daenerys was left on Dragonstone while her family returned to the Red Keep. King Aerys II had taken to call her the false-born princess, claiming she was a bastard. A little later, Ned Stark arrived to Dragonstone to be fostered for a few years.
–274 AC: Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen was born on Dragonstone, the fourth son of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Rhaegar was fifteen, Daenerys was ten, Daeron was five, Aemma was four, and Aegon was three.
–275 AC: While visiting Winterfell, Princess Daenerys Targaryen and Ned Stark found five dragon stone-eggs in the depths of the crypts. Prince Aegon died while swimming in the waters of Dragonstone. He was got caught in a riptide and taken out to sea.
–276 AC: Prince Viserys Targaryen was born in the Red Keep, the fifth son of King Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. It was a rough labor that left the queen barren. Rhaegar was seventeen, Daenerys was twelve, Daeron was seven, Aemma was six, and Jaehaerys was two. Lord Tywin Lannister hosted a tourney to celebrate the occasion, forcing Princess Daenerys to remain on Dragonstone while King Aerys II, Prince Rhaegar, and Prince Daeron attended. Ser Arthur Dayne and Lady Rhae Waters witnessed Daenerys' ability to withstand fire and they discovered her dragon eggs.
–277 AC: Feeling a pull, Princess Daenerys Targaryen took her five dragon eggs into Dragonmont. She emerged with five dragons.
–280 AC: At the age of sixteen, Princess Daenerys returned to the Red Keep for the first time in nine years.

–The canon year Ser Arthur Dayne entered the Kingsguard is unknown. In this universe, he was sent to guard Princess Daenerys Targaryen on her trip North before he could make his vows. After the trip ended, Ser Arthur decided to stay on Dragonstone to watch the "Northern savage" and princess, and to learn from Ser Barristan Selmy.

Dragon Bonds
Naerys (violet dragon with blue markings and dark eyes) bonded with Princess Daenerys Targaryen
Sundancer (golden dragon with orange markings and blue eyes) bonded with Ser Arthur Dayne
Moonfyre (white dragon with silver markings and grey eyes) bonded with (no one)
Balerion (black dragon with grey markings and red eyes) bonded with (no one)
Valarr (red dragon with silver markings and dark eyes) bonded with (no one)