*Jaune voice*" I lied~"

"I want to be a huntress."

Pembe's mother, Emine Serkan, almost spat out her drink at that unexpected statement from her daughter. Perhaps teatime wasn't the most...appropriate of times to voice her dreams but after debating on it for 2 months she couldn't help it. It was of the utmost importance she make her desire known to her mother.

In all fairness, when your family is the one of most notorious crime families in the city of Maladh Aljarima in Vacuo, becoming a Hunter was something akin to treason.

"Are you sure about this, Kizim? You're 14, most people start Hunter training at 10, not to mention all of our family and friends will become your enemies at some point...even me."

Pembe's lynx ears drooped solemnly "I know, anne but I really do want to. And I have been training for a while now. I know someday i'll have to go against you, but I'll always make sure you get away. Family comes first" Pembe said, a look of determination in her bright green eyes.

It wasn't until she was 16, after two years of intense training, that her mother asked her why she wanted to be a Huntress.

Pembe stopped her weapon a centimeter from the training dummy, before putting it down and sighing.

"Anne, remind me, what does our family specialize in again?" though she already knew the answer

"Guns, Dust and drugs." she said, as if it was the most obvious thing in all of Remnant.

"Right. We give weapons to psychopaths, steal and then price gouge a necessary material, and make miserable people even worse. I knew that we committed crimes, sure, not as bad as some others, but still pretty bad. But I used to be able to...distance myself from it." She put her weapons on a nearby rack and started doing Capoeira katas on a mat.

"It was always 'something my mom did to provide for me and my sisters.' it was okay, until our 'products' killed people I cared deeply for."

Emines tail straightened out, almost in fear of the pure rage in her daughter's voice.

Pembe moved to a punching bag, and started to work on it with kicks and palm strikes.

"One of *our* guns killed my best friend since grade school. *Our* drugs are what my first girlfriend overdosed on. Those were just wake up calls, though. I started seeing it in the streets, finally aware of what we were doing."

She stopped hitting the bag and turned to her mother.

"I get it, ya know? We do what we do, so that we can survive. But it can't be *we* anymore. I can't stand by anymore and let things like this happen. You wanna know why I want to be Huntress? Its so that I can have the skills necessary to take out all organized crime. If not in Remnant, then at least here in Vacuo. And when everyone's gone, we don't have to do this anymore. I wanna help people, and I wanna keep my family, and all those I care about, safe."

It wouldn't be long after that conversation where she left home. Turning her back on the life she knew to go down the path she wanted.

Back in the present, Pembe and Neyra were continuing on there way down the road. It had been three days since they met, and Neyra had been mostly silent throughout them. Though she didn't blame her. She explained some of what she was doing alone in the woods, something about a forced marriage that she didn't want. Pembe shared her dream of attending Beacon and becoming a huntress with her. And Neyra, not really having any other options, said she would be honored to join.

So the pair journeyed onward. Pembe and Neyra encountered a good number of Grimm on their journey toward Vale, and most importantly Beacon Academy. Pembe's kamas Bilği and Aşk ripped through Grimm weak spots after Neyra would point them out as she sat back with Soltura taking out the enemies that Pembe missed.

It was a week after they had started their journey together that Neyra asked a question that had been on her mind since they met.

"What were you doing in a random part of Mistrals forests?" she asked one night. "You said that you were from Vacuo, why go to a kingdom that's on completely different continent?"

Pembe looked at Neyra for a moment and replied with "Resources mostly. I mean, you'd be surprised at the quality of wood found here as opposed to any of the other kingdoms, especially Vacuo. Cause, ya know...desert."

Pembe then used her semblance to pull off a few small branches from nearby bushes and trees, keeping the straightest pieces for herself, and feeding the rest into their fire. "That and sightseeing. Never been to Mistral before, and I had a few months until Beacon to kill. Figured, why not?"

"Oh, I guess that makes sense…" Neyra then looked down at her feet. "Well I'm glad you were around...since it was your whims that ended up with you saving me and us meeting."

"I'm glad too, cause now I have someone to travel with, and watch my back."Pembe said, with a slight yawn, signaling it was time to sleep.

It was a month later when they finally made it to the city of Vale. Like a bright light at the end of a long and dark tunnel the city seemed as if to glean with an inviting warmth, a...beacon in a storm. There were still a few weeks until beacons initiation began, and so Pembe and Neyra waited in small hotel, having nothing to do but wait until their journeys as Huntressess could begin.

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