The next few weeks were filled with assassination attempts on both Korosensei and Tsuna, much to the chagrin of both his guardians and his teacher. Neither parties with attempts on their lives got seriously injured aside from the occasional bruise or scratch, well in Tsuna's case at least.

The class was adjusting well to the new transfer students Yamamoto became a quick favorite amongst the athletes and Gokudera amongst the more delinquent like students, especially Karma.

The class had also gotten used to the assassination attempts meant for Tsuna as they had become quite frequent. Korosensei was quick to defeat several of the would be assassins usually leaving a couple for Tsuna's guardians to take care of.

It was a normal day in class when everything went to shit. They were learning something in math Tsuna didn't really care about or pay attention too. His hyper intuition had been acting up all day and Tsuna was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And boy did the shoe drop, it dropped in the form of a bullet. Not aimed at him but aimed at his blue haired friend in front of him. Tsuna had been tense the whole day, not going unnoticed by his guardians who in return were tense so when Tsuna grabbed the smaller boys collar and flung him back into Karma his guardians were ready.

Tsuna's flames quickly made an appearance on his forehead and turned the mittens on his hands into his Vongola Gloves. Korosensei quickly went on the defensive, ready to give whoever shot at his students a beating they wouldn't soon forget, but was stopped by his composed student.

"Not this one Korosensei. This ones mine. Someone needs to be set an example of or else people will continue coming after my friends. Let's go." Tsuna put his hands by his sides and quickly made his way to the sky quickly followed on the ground by his friends.

The class was left stunned at Tsuna's exclamation as Nagisa tried to make his way off Karma and his tipped over desk. Nobody was as surprised as the pair at Tsuna's strength. Not only did he lift Nagisa straight out of his chair but he also flung him halfway across the room with one arm.

The class ran to the window Tsuna broke and watched their friend fly and fight with such a cold calculation they were in wonder. They continued to watch until Karasuma busted in with Bitch-sensei a few seconds later only for the pair to stare in shock at the flying student. "It can't be." Karasuma stated in disbelief.

"Oh it can be." The blonde seductress confirmed at seeing those flames having seduced several with the same.

"How did I not notice. Did you know Korosensei?" Karasuma grunted in the yellow octopuses direction. Korosensei nodded which was met with Karasuma next question. "Why?"

"Omertà." Was all Korosensei said and Karasuma understood everything he needed to. The class continued to watch Tsuna fly around the mountain looking for anymore assassins.

When Tsuna flew back into the classroom beside his guardians he turned to his teacher and said "If you'll excuse us sensei we will be making an unplanned trip back to Italy to... deal with a few problems. I should be back in a few short weeks." Tsuna left no other warning and said no goodbyes before he was flying out of the room with his guardians flying all the way to the airport where they got on the Vongola private jet immediately heading to clean house under his supervision.

It wasn't that he didn't trust his tutor, quite the opposite actually, he had all the reason in the world to trust Reborn but it was obvious the leak was coming from somewhere else inside his Family. When Tsuna and his guardians arrived at the mansion with no prior knowledge everyone was surprised, especially when he came back angry.

"Tsuna?" Reborn questioned when he called a family meeting in his office having been back not even an hour.

"I've had several attempts on my life the past few weeks and they're getting quite troublesome and even more annoying. I trust you cleaned house Reborn but it's obvious the leak is coming from somewhere else in Vongola seeing as the attempt yesterday was after you cleaned house."

To say Reborn and Tsuna's guardians were furious would be an understatement. They had no idea Tsuna had had so many people try and kill him while they weren't all there to protect him. Reborn murderous aura filled the room and nobody, sans Tsuna maybe, were spared its effects.

"Be assured my dame student this will not happen again." Reborn growled out only to be stopped by Tsuna.

"That's where you're wrong Reborn. No matter how well you clean house there will always be defectors and traitors we can only delay the inevitable. We will go about his from a different angle. We will be discreet and precise, nobody besides this room will know what is going on. Not even the Varia for their tactics are far to loud and showy for this. We will have three weeks to do this because I have exams in four and I doubt the yellow octopus will like it if I miss exams." With that everybody left and went to do their assignments.

Mukuro and Chrome would secretly tap into the minds of everyone in the mansion and read their thoughts deciding on if they seem traitorous. If Tsuna left it up to Mukuro alone he had no doubt half of Vongola would be "traitorous" so he assigned a very much more morally correct Chrome to help with the job.

Hibari was assigned to take the ones Mukuro, Chrome, and Tsuna deemed to be traitorous and interrogate them. If they truly did turn out to be traitors Tsuna gave Hibari free reign in the punishment of said traitors. Those that were not traitors but had been suspected had their minds wiped of either the event or of the Mafia in total.

Tsuna would allow no one to betray him or his guardians.

By the time the third week was up several people had been cleansed from Vongola history and the minds of several Vongola staff wiped. When Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto returned to Japan they were just in time for review week.

The class erupted in mutters and yells as the three most mysterious students finally returned from three week long 'vacation'. Tsuna's friends were ecstatic to have him back finally after forever but felt bad because they came right before exams meaning no relaxing.

"I assume you have sorted everything out Tsuna-San?" Korosensei asked as his students took a seat.

"Everything should be fine now sensei. We only have a few more weeks to kill you don't we?" Tsuna rebutted.

Korosensei cackled "Yes. Yes you do so you better not slack off just because its exam time I expect Assassination at least three times a week. And well thought out ones too!"

Glad that the attention was finally drawn from him and his guardians Tsuna was glad for the normalcy he had regained. It was sad, he thought, that a class that has a teacher as an octopus that wants to be killed before he blows up the earth was normal.

"So what happened to you guys. You just disappeared for almost a month then come back out of the blue like nothing happened?" Terasaka demanded.

Tsuna looked up from his lunch with his ever present smile and said morbidly making the others around him shiver and Karma chuckle in delight. "I took out the trash." Tsuna turned back to his bento and popped a rice ball in his mouth.

Right as he was swallowing Tsuna got hit on the back of the head by a flying projectile with perfect aim. Tsuna choked making Gokudera freak out and Yamamoto laugh when he saw what hit Tsuna.

The others looked on in shock and amusement at the scene when a man with a murderous aura emerged from the tree line with a deadly smirk. "Omnivore" the scary man said making Tsuna pale.

The class was instantly on high alert, anything that scared Tsuna scared them. "H-Hibari? What are you doing here?" Tsuna saw the look in his eyes and sighed "You wanna fight him don't you?"

"Very much so." He confessed looking excited for the challenge ahead.

Tsuna handed him his tonfa back and said "Well he's on lunch break right now he should be back in a few minutes."

"Hn" was the reply making Tsuna roll his eyes and continue to eat his bento.

"Tsuna?" Came from the startled Nagisa "Who is that?"

"He's our friend!" Tsuna sighed when Yamamoto laughed out an answer that got the baseball player a knock to his head courtesy of their 'friend'.

"Speak for yourself baseball idiot!" Gokudera yelled. Hibari hit Gokudera as well making both of them sit quietly much to the amusement of Tsuna and the rest of the class. Yamamoto smiled as he always did while Gokudera pouted.

"He's quick Hibari. Quicker than me," Tsuna advised "this isn't going to be like fighting Dino-san."

Tsuna didn't get much in the way of responses but he never thought he would so he continued to eat his lunch.

When Korosensei showed up a few minutes later he noticed the new addition to his class and seemingly teleported right over. "Hello and who might you be?" Korosensei politely asked.

Hibari didn't grace his question with a response instead he settled into a battle stance and readied his tonfa's. "He wants to fight you," Tsuna cleared up as he continued to eat his lunch.

"Should I?" Korosensei asked his student.

"He's the strongest of my guardians and if you don't fight him he's going to want to fight me." Tsuna informed and he ignored Gokudera's indignant squak of rage.

Korosensei nodded and said "After school it is then. Right now we have classes to attend." With that Hibari scowled a little at his delayed fun but stalked off nonetheless, he didn't come here to learn he came here to fight and wouldn't waste his time with stupid herbivores.

When school came to an end the whole class gathered to see the fight. Hibari was already there and waiting with a blood thirsty smirk on his face at the upcoming challenge. If the octopus was a challenge for the omnivore then it should be plenty of fun for him.

Hibari was readying his fighting stance and preparing his tonfas when the yellow octopus held out a tentacle. "I will fight you on one condition." Hibari raised his eyebrow intrigued and fell out of his fighting stance giving his attention to the alien in front of him.

"If you win you can come and fight me anytime not during class time," Hibari's smirk got bloodier "but if I win you have to become my student."

Tsuna and his guardians choked on their saliva at the conditions as the class gawked in terror, all except Karma for he was all too thrilled to have someone as blood thirsty as him in class. Tsuna quickly regained his senses when he saw Hibari's face "Sorry Korosensei I can't agree with that. Hibari is currently needed elsewhere, he only came to fight you and leave. It seems he needs an itch scratched that nobody else is willing to scratch for him."

Hibari scowled at the implications but is satisfied by what the omnivore said. "Very well," Korosensei agreed then turned to the boy in the fighting stance in front of him "all you have to do is destroy four of my tentacles and you win."

Hibari smirked in answer and shot forward only to have the yellow alien disappear in a blur and reappear behind him with a forceful strike to his back that made him stumble. Quickly regaining his balance Hibari spun to his side to block a tentacle coming at his face. When the tentacle encountered the thin layer of cloud flames coating the tonfa it slowly melted only to grow back seconds later.

Hibari smirked, this was going to be fun, it seems like it's finally time for him to let go and lose control since it's clear this octopus was strong enough to take it. Tsuna saw the look in his clouds eyes and a pit of dread opened up in his stomach making him feel heavy.

"Get back!" He yelled to the students around startling them out of their trance from the fighting. They looked at him with questioning eyes only to see an orange hue enter his narrowed eyes.

"Get inside," He said without taking his eyes from his blood thirsty guardian "you can finish watching from the windows but it's too dangerous to be out here."

There were protests and questions thrown at him before he turned to them and his eyes glowed a little fiercer "Go."

None of them had the courage to disobey him as they quickly rushed to the class to miss as little of the fight as possible. It seems something had snapped in Hibari from the few seconds they were outside to watching in the window. He was absolutely vicious now not giving Korosensei even a small break between attacks.

Hibari had succeeded in taking out the required four tentacles with his last attack where he faked Korosensei out and quickly got behind the octopus to slice off two tentacles from either side ending the fight.

Korosensei seemed slightly confused as to what had happened but he didn't have much time to dwell on it before Hibari was attacking him again. The attack didn't last long, however, as Tsuna put a stop to it.

"Hibari!" The boy snapped in the most commanding tone any of them had ever heard as he rushed forward with the help of his flames. He got in between his cloud and teacher staring the former down and grabbed the tonfa that was ready to strike him before saying "Enough Hibari. You came here to fight, you for your fight, now go back to Italy. He isn't yours to kill and now you can fight him anytime."

Tsuna's eyes glowed orange with power and slight anger at his guardians conduct. They had a tense stare down for a few seconds before Hibari finally ceded with a 'hn' before he ripped his tonfa from the omnivores grasp and stalked off.

Tsuna let out a huff as he watched his guardian walk away and turned to his teacher no trace of the intimidating aura from just seconds ago, "Sorry Korosensei," He said as he chuckled and scratched the back of his head "Hibari gets like that sometimes when he gets too excited. And expect many fights with him from now on he's quite the addict."

Tsuna dodged a flying tonfa and let it hit the school behind him embedding itself in the bricks with a web of cracks coming from it. The students, who had come out after they saw the stand off between the two end, stared in shock and horror at the tonfa buried in their school wall.

Some of them tried to get the tonfa from the wall but couldn't even make it budge when Yamamoto came from behind them and pulled it out with ease then, in the words of most of the students, yeeted it back into the woods.

"Why did you make us go inside Tsuna?" Nagisa asked when he turned from their teacher to face them.

"Because when Hibari loses control people lose their lives." Came Tsuna's simple yet terrifying answer.

"Is he really that strong?" One of the girls at the back of the group asked.

"He took off four of Korosensei's tentacles in less than three minutes and still wanted more. So yes, he is that strong."

"Then why does he listen to you?" Karma asked intrigued.

Tsuna smirked "Because I'm stronger," he said making the other students gawk "and I have admittedly helped feed his addiction." He finished with a nervous chuckle.

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