Rule #41

Day one of each month will be reserved for cleaning out your dragon's stalls.

((Seriously, guys, it's disgusting.))

Rule #42

Instead of claiming that your table at the Great Hall is an ancient burial ground, therefore only you and your friends can sit there, simply get there first.

((Honestly? It didn't even make sense. We were all just scared of Hookfang.))

Rule #43

Calling Astrid 'Dudette' is not recommended.


Before offering free Terrible Terrors with every sandwich at your fundraiser, make sure the sandwich to dragon ratio is equal.

((We have so many left over…))


We all know Nightfury saliva makes a great adhesive. But please, limit yourself to one jar at a time.

((Poor Toothless has dry mouth.))

Rule #46

People get tired, let them go to bed instead of badgering them to train for five hours.


Rule #47

Newly found Ice-dragon species are not allowed to be named 'Iceberg Lettuce'. So stop.

Rule #48

A monthly scream session is required for all members of the dragon riders.

(( It really is quite therapeutic.))

Rule #49

Poking giant dragons in the rear end is not a good idea.

Rule #50

Helping to clean the statues at the Great Hall is great! Hanging off of them is not. Please stop.