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TW: rape descriptions

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3rd Person P.O.V.

Eddie lay on Richie's stomach, the older boy's slender fingers carding through his short brown hair.

"Yknow Eds, we still have this motel room until noon..." Richie trailed off, turning to look at the clock. 2:21 am. Eddie looked up at Richie questionably.

"Ok, and?" He asked innocently. The curly-haired boy smiled, barely holding back a chuckle. Eddie was still makes from the waist up, and Richie would be lying if he said he wasn't turned on by it.

"Yknow..." He flipped himself to be on top of the smaller boy in one swift movement. Eddie's eyes widened, focused on Richie's smirk. "This?" He suggested, slowly grinding into the younger boy. Eddie squirmed, shaking his head.

"Richie, not right now, please? I-" his face heated up with embarrassment. "I'm not ready." The older boy nodded, getting off Eddie. The smaller boy stood up, cheeks bright red. "I think I'm gonna put my shirt back on." Richie watched as Eddie pulled a black t-shirt over his head, covering up his perfectly tanned chest. Richie was disappointed, but didn't let it show. He had made a promise to Eddie, and he would wait as long as it took for him to be ready. He just hoped it wouldn't take too long.

Eddie sat back down on the bed, his head down. He squeezed his eyes shut, wincing. A stray tear escaped his eyes, attracting the attention of the curly-haired boy.

"Eds? It's ok, if you're not ready then we don't have to- I don't mind, really," Richie assured, worry creeping around his heart. What was wrong? When Eddie finally spoke, his voice came out as no more than a whisper.

"I lied," he said simply. Richie frowned, sitting up. Eddie was staring at the wall, tears streaming down his face. "I'm not a virgin." Now Richie was even more confused.

"What...?" Eddie let out a sob.

"I was eleven," he sniffled. "She was my babysitter. I wasn't- I didn't know what she was doing." Richie's eyes widened with horror. "When she put me to bed, she, uh, she touched me," Eddie admitted. The older boy put his hand in Eddie's comfortingly. The smaller boy let another sob escape his lips, leaning into Richie for comfort. "She, she... she put it in her mouth, Richie. She sucked it. I- I was so scared."

"I know baby, I know," Richie soothed, gently encouraging Eddie to keep talking.

"Then she made me take a bath... she made me sit still as she..." He sobbed again, pushing his face into Richie's chest. "She washed it... and, and,"

"It's ok, you're ok," Richie assured him.

"She moved to the back... her fingers, they... went in, Richie, they went in." He sniffled, squeezing his eyes closed tightly. "They went in and out... she, she-"

"She raped you," Richie finished, anger bubbling inside him for the person who did this to him. Eddie nodded, sobbing uncontrollably. Richie wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, whispering comforting words into his ear. Once he had calmed down enough, Eddie looked Richie on the eyes.

"I've never told anyone that before," he admitted. Richie felt a swell of pride that he had been the one Eddie trusted.

"Eds?" The taller boy tilted Eddie's chin, planting a gentle kiss on the other boy's lips. "Thank you for telling me." The smaller boy had a ghost of a smile on his face, cuddling into Richie's chest comfortably.

"Mhmm," he hummed sleepily, yawning. The curly-haired boy smiled fondly, dragging his fingers through Eddie's hair gently. The other boy fell asleep rather quickly, still tired from being sick. Richie sighed, feeling blissful. He loved the way Eddie fit perfectly into his side, how he was so much shorter but it worked.

The older boy planted a loving kiss upon Eddie's head, grinning at the soft sigh that escaped the younger boy's lips when he did so. It made Richie's heart melt. The things this boy could do to him... Richie was basically helpless when it came to Eddie. If the brunette asked him to murder someone, Richie wasn't sure if he could refuse. He would do anything for the asthmatic boy tucked into his side.

Richie knew Eddie had fallen asleep judging by the soft snores escaping his lips every so often. The steady rise and fall of the smaller boy's chest comforted Richie, almost hypnotically. Soon enough, the curly-haired boy was fast asleep as well, arms wrapped loosely around his little spoon. The two of them fit like a puzzle piece, made only for each other. They truly were soulmates, in the most general sense of the word. And that was enough for them.

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