Banjo and Kazooie both found themselves in America in the 1800s, with neither the bear or bird understanding how they even got onto the Oregon Trail in the first place. They were by themselves in the wilderness... although given how many places they traveled to, it didn't seem out of place.

"Cor... this reminds me a bit of the Isle O' Hags." Banjo said as he held a map in his furry hands, blinking as he nodded his head.

"Are there at least anything for us to collect here?" Kazooie commented as she moved her wings about while sitting in the backpack. "I don't see any feathers or eggs... just lame sticks and leaves!"

"C'mon, Kazooie, try to be more positive." Banjo responded as he noticed a bunch of wild animals staring at them. "Hey, maybe these guys know where we are!"

The wild animals all minded their own business after glancing at Banjo and Kazooie, feeling that they weren't threatened despite the duo being out of place.

Kazooie scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Some help they turned out to be..."