"The Hong Kong Incident"

The rapid and meteoric rise of the People's Republic of China into a credible geopolitical force as well as an economic and political superpower was incredible both for the fact that no one could have predicted it and that everyone should have seen it coming from a mile away. One does not simply ignore a country that calls itself home to over a billion people, over one-seventh of the entire human population on Earth. The thing that people should always remember when dealing with China though is that both the Chinese people and the Chinese government have striven to prove to themselves and to the rest of the world that they are entirely capable of turning the Middle Kingdom into a global superpower. That in itself was not a bad thing; the modern world owes itself to the fact that the people who made it possible wanted to prove themselves to everyone else. It was the manner by which the Chinese government sought to achieve their superpower status that was worrying and problematic for the rest of the world though.

It should be noted that China has consistently denied the allegations that has been leveled against it in terms of how they had acquired their technological prowess. And of course it was completely plausible that China has advanced its technology in a natural and logical manner and that breakthroughs had occurred naturally for China's scientists and innovators to take advantage. But there have been times in which a person, more often than not of Chinese descent, would disappear and then a few weeks to a few months later, a Chinese company or the Chinese government itself would announce that it had made an astounding breakthrough that had basically advanced the Chinese technological base by leaps and bounds. The most egregious example of this was when a NASA scientist disappeared sometime in 2012 and then months later, the Chinese government announces an ambitious plan by its space program to launch a rover to the Moon within the next two years. Of course, correlation does not equal causation, but for many geopolitical observers, the leap in progress by the Chinese space program from merely launching satellites and a space station into orbit to an actual proposed Moon landing (by a remotely guided probe, but still) was still a little too coincidental to be a mere natural breakthrough on the part of the Chinese. It didn't help that there were rumors that the very same NASA scientist who disappeared was reportedly spotted working alongside technicians from China's space program.

It was very much the same thing with regards to the genetic technology that International Genetics Incorporated had unleashed upon the world through Jurassic Park and now Jurassic World. China had undoubtedly established its own genetic engineering laboratories and facilities as soon as InGen's research became public in 1997 in the aftermath of the San Diego Incident and the subsequent revelation of the existence of dinosaurs on the Costa Rican islands of Nublar and Sorna. Everyone wanted to make their own dinosaurs, or at least have the ability to make dinosaurs. But with InGen's technology and information being patented and protected as soon as they went public, these other people were basically stuck with starting from the ground up, which to their credit they did. But their attempts to replicate InGen's successes were poor at best and laughably woeful at worst. It seemed as if humanity was destined to live in a world where InGen would hold a monopoly on their genetic engineering technology.

But as with all monopolies though, it wouldn't last. With the destruction and subsequent closure of the Masrani Group's Jurassic World, the vast majority of Jurassic World's scientists, the geneticists and bio-engineers who were largely responsible for bringing John Hammond's dream back to life, now found themselves out of employment. It was inevitable that these unemployed scientists would sell their services to the highest bidder no matter who they were. But it wasn't one of these jobless scientists who would prove to be the key to breaking InGen's monopoly on cloning and resurrecting dinosaurs. It would actually be one of the few scientists who had been retained by InGen who would give one of the world's superpowers the keys to the kingdom that is dinosaur genetic engineering. And it would be this one man's actions which would lead the city of Hong Kong and even the world to the brink of destruction. All because specific persons in power had wanted to flex their metaphorical muscles at the world by unleashing dinosaurs into an urban environment to quell a peaceful protest.

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