Hello this is kinda like my last story. A world war crossover. But this time Ezra is a German stormtrooper during the Great War Takes place towards the end of season one only this time Phoenix Squadron already has a base on Atollon. P.S. there will be Sabezra maybe some Kanera in the background though not entirely sure.

August 1918, just before the Second Battle of the Somme.

Ezra Hütier Bruchmüller Bridger was a 20 year old German Stoßtruppen or Stormtrooper. He had been in the German army since he was 14.

The real reason he joined was because his Father wanted him to grow up. So through connections even though the recruiters knew Ezra was too young he was conscripted. His mother nearly had stroke. But since he was being sent to the colonies she figured he would be safe.

(Before WW1 there was an agreement that if European countries were at war the colonies would remain neutral. It was broken very early but people didn't know it would be.)

In 1912 he was first sent to West and East Africa. But was given leave on June 1914 to go home.

When he got back to Germany the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed. So he was put on alert. When war was declared he was one of the first soldiers sent.

He was in sent to Belgium for the Schlieffen Plan. Then was sent East after participating in the Christmas Truce. Then was sent to the Carpathians to help the Habsburgs. Then the Balkans to take on the Serbs. Then back West to Verdun and after that Romania. Then to Italy to help with the battle of Caporetto. Then West again for Operation Michael and the other Spring Offensives.

Ezra was was now a lieutenant and was a very decorated soldier. His first Iron Cross was given to him by the Kaiser. And was given a Pour le Merite by Ludendorff after Operation Michael.

They were now on their way toward the Somme. Ezra was injured by some shrapnel and was sent to a hospital. The injuries weren't too serious so he was only out for a few days. But he did have two scars on his cheek now. But he could live with them.

Ezra like many soldiers was hoping the War would be over by now. "Hopefully they're offering peace talks now." Ezra thought.

In the Trenches

As Ezra was about to read a letter he started to hear a very familiar sound. "ARTILLERY!" He shouted and everyone took cover. And just like always the artillery lasted for what seemed like hours.

When it was finally over British Soldiers started to charge. And soon machine and rifle fire rained down on them. But they kept coming.

Eventually they made it into the trenches and close quarters fighting began. Ezra then took out his sharpened shovel and a knife and started to take down tommies left and right.

As Ezra took town another British soldier he felt something behind him. He turned around and raised his weapons to block an attack from a British officer.

Soon the two started battling ferociously each trying to get the upper hand. Ezra then headbutted the officer and knocked him down. But before he could strike the killing blow Ezra felt something coming from behind him.

So he ducked and what he saw shocked him. It was like a red propeller for an airplane but it was horizontally and it was cutting men in half.

Ezra turned around to see a man wearing some type of black armor. "There you are." He asked in a dark tone as he caught his weapon like a boomerang.

Ezra took out his C96 and the British officer took out his Webley and started shooting. The man then blocked all the shots from the two. And extended his arm and somehow pushed them back.

He then threw the weapon again but Ezra moved out of the way just in time. He the charged at him started to swing his shovel. But it kept missing as the man dodged each swing.

He then pinned Ezra to the ground and brought the crimson blade more inches to his face. "Surrender to me and you won't suffer as much." He said.

Before Ezra could even answer the British officer whacked the man in the back of his head with a shovel. The man quickly recovered and pushed the officer back before he could deliver another blow.

As the man was about to cut him down. Ezra tackled the man forcing him to drop him blade. Ezra then repeatedly punched the man in the gut.

Suddenly there was a bright light that blinded him for a moment. But he still kept punching at the man anyways. The man yet again used some type of force to push Ezra away.

Ezra then just took in their new surroundings. It was like a desert with some unusual trees. Before Ezra could figure out how they got there the man charged with his red blade about to stab him.

In desperation Ezra took off his helmet to block it. Surprisingly it held the man kept pushing his crimson blade but the steel held strong against a blade that cut through a multitude of men at a time.

He was then tackled again by the officer but was immediately pushed away. As he was about to grab the blade Ezra whacked him in the head with his helmet. Then pushed him against the tree and said. "Das ist für meine Kameraden.(This is for my comrades.)"

Then took out a knife and stabbed in the neck with a knife. The knife was stabbed in a vertical position and you could hear the man dying. Ezra then turned the knife horizontally and slit the throat. He then dropped the man dead on the ground.

Ezra took off the gloves he had on which were covered in blood now and threw them. He then went to check on the British soldier.

"You alright?" Ezra asked as he helped the man up. "Fine. How's the bloody bastard over there?" He responded.

"Dead." Ezra told him then asked. "Why did you save me?"

"Wasn't trying to. The arsehole killed the last of my friends. Why'd you save me?" Was the response.

"I owed you one. I'm Ezra Hütier Bruchmüller Bridger by the way." Ezra said extending his hand. Then man then shook it and said. "Jack Sapper Neary. And where the Fuck are we?"

"How should I know. But how did those get there?" Ezra asked pointing to a pit full of munitions, guns various other supplies and many dead bodies.

"Don't know but one thing is for sure. We ain't in France anymore Mate." Jack said and Ezra nodded.

Chopper Base

The Ghost crew had just landed there. They were all a bit tired after rescuing Kanan from the Star Destroyer. "Not bad." Zeb said as he stepped out.

Chopper then beeped and Hera said. "Yes we know it's too hot. But at least the Empire won't find us here."

"Never say never. Who knows if Empire hasn't been here." Sabine said.

"I'm sure we'll be fine." Kanan said then felt something through the Force. He then turned toward the horizon and tried to sense something. But nothing came so he dismissed it.

That is the end of Chapter 1. Don't worry I am still working on my other story. But I really wanted to do this one. Any suggestions or comments feel free to say. Please RnR. P.S. The Sapper Neary is an actual name from a person. Found out through a show called "Our World War" and Hütier and Bruchmüller were teo generals.