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Chopper Base

Ezra and Jack were just looking at the man until Ezra said. "What rebellion?"

The Ghost crew all raised an eyebrow to this question. Kanan then said. "Uh Against the Empire."

Ezra and Jack then simultaneously pointed to each other and said. "His Empire?"

"How many other Empires do you know?" Hera asked sarcastically thinking it's a joke.

The two then started to list them. "The German Empire, British Empire, Hapsburg Empire, French Empire although technically its a Republic, Ottoman Empire, there was a Russian Empire but they quit last year to have couple of revolutions."

"What country are we in anyway's?" Ezra asked looking around. Then Jack said. "I like to say Egypt or Afghanistan hopefully."

Sabine then said. "This is a planet Atollon. What's a country?" She asked.

Jack then looked at her in disbelief. "No fucking way are we on another planet. Thats like fiction or some shit."

"What planet are you from then we'll take you there." Zeb said.

"Earth." Ezra said and all he got was confused expreexpressions. Then Jack told them. "You know mostly water, third planet in the solar system. Look chaps can you get us home or not?"

"Do you have the coordinates?" Hera asked.

"To our planet how can we have coordinates to our planet if we've never been off of it." Ezra said.

"Well until we find a way to get you home you can stay with us. My name is Kanan, this is Hera, Zeb and Sabine." Kanan said.

Ezra then went up to Hera smiled and said. "Please to meet you." As he extended his hand and she shook it. Then did the same with Zeb and Jack then copied.

As Ezra was about to extend his toward Sabine. She took the opportunity to punch him in the face again. He didn't fall but he did stumble back a bit and grab his jaw.

Jack put his hands up as if to surrender and took a step back. "Sabine." Hera said.

"Good arm." Ezra said surprising Sabine who responded with. "Uh thanks. Didn't that hurt."

Ezra nodded and said. "Yes but to he fair I deserved that. I mean I did hit you in the head over and over with a steel Helmet."

Before Sabine could respond Kanan noticed something on Sabine wrist. "Sabine whats that?" He said pointing to her wrist.

"What's what?" Sabine said then noticed she forgot to turn off the tracker on her wrist.

"Does it have something to do with this?" Jack said as he held up the engine part.

Hera then started to put two and two together and asked. "What are you tracking?" Ezra noticed this and quickly thought of something.

Lucky for Ezra he was between Sabine and Jack. "Is it this perhaps?" He said while astonishing the others holding up Sabine's blaster.

"It seemed interesting because I have never a magnificent piece of engineering such as this." Ezra said handing it back. As she did Sabine quickly turned off the tracker.

"Now that is settled can we lie down for a bit on an actual bed." James said.

"Of course Chopper will show you to the Barracks." Hera said.

"Who's Chopper?" Ezra asked

Just then Chopper rolled up and started beeping. Ezra and Jack who were both astonished by this knelt down and started to inspect him.

"What a marvelous piece of machinery." Jack said. And Ezra said. "Fantastic engineering."

Jack then patted Choppers head and said. "Could use a paint job but other than its just marvelous."

"Are they serious?" Zeb asked since they haven't even said those things about Chopper.

At the same time Chopper then beeped something to Hera. "That's a first." She responded.

"What is?" Questioned Ezra and the response was. "Chopper never likes new people."

"Anyway show us to our rooms. We could use a rest we've been digging since last week." Jack said and Chopper started leading them to the barracks.

Ezra then said. "You go have your tea and biscuits. I am gonna get work done and examine the facilities."

"Fuck off." Jack said and continued while Ezra went looking around.

While Ezra walking he noticed a complete lack of discipline. Didn't see much training or saluting. No orders being shouted.

If they were really fighting in a Rebellion they're goona fail Ezra concluded. He then looked a some strange piece of Machinery that appeared it could fly.

Ezra then turned to three men who appeared to be asleep. He then took his pistol out readied it then fired a shot in the air.

The three immediately got up and were confused when they saw Ezra. "Good you're up. Now what is this called?"

One then answers. "An A-Wing." "I see a wing. Now what's it called?" And that kept going for about two minutes Ezra realized.

"Oh it's called an A-Wing. Do you lads fly or fix it?" Ezra questioned examining the spacecraft.

"We just fixed her she'll fly." Another said.

Ezra then saw a panel open and gestured toward it. "This is important right?" Ezra asked.

The three then nodded. And Ezra then started ripping out wirings and parts and dropped them to the ground. "Someone broke it. Now fix it in ten minutes."

"But sir-." One started to say until Ezra said. "Starting now!" In an authoritative tone.

A little later

They managed to fix it and Ezra says. "Eight minutes and sixteen seconds. Not bad carry on." Then leaves.

Ezra then saw some men doing some target practice. Each time they pulled the trigger a red blast came out. Knocking off the white helmets that were set on some rocks.

One then lined up ready to shoot. Once he pulled the trigger and completely missed. Then did it several more times each way off target. Others started to laugh and Ezra knew what he had to do.

Ezra then walked over and said. "Halt!" Then Ezra started to instruct him. "Rifle butt on the shoulder. Aim with both eyes open. Breath deeply. Then pull."

He then did as he was instructed and when the red bolt fired. It hit the helmet dead center. "Good work kid." Ezra said as he patted him on the shoulder.

Ezra then wandered into what appeared to be some sort of storage. "This is just a disaster." Ezra said out loud to no one.

"I couldn't agree more." Said AP-5 this made Ezra jump and pull a gun on him. The response was AP-5 putting his hands up in fright.

"Sorry. But never sneak up on me." Ezra said putting away his pistol. "Duly noted." AP-5 respoded then asked. "Who are you?"

Ezra then extended his hand and said. "My apologies. I am Oberleutnant Ezra Bridger. Please to meet you."

"AP-5." He said without shaking his hand. Then went over to the supplies. "This is just terrible proton bombs are supposed to be over there. And grenades here instead of the blasters."

"I take it you must be their logistics robot." Ezra said and the response was. "Droid. But yes I am in charge of the the supplies. As well as making sure they're in order. Unfortunately these rebels don't nobody seems to understand."

"I agree. Lots of soldiers think this is the easy part. But making sure everyone is supplied has to be one of the most difficult jobs in any army." Said Ezra.

At this AP-5 was surprised when he said that because people usually dismissed his job and pointless. "Thank you. It's too bad they can't use that extra space in the wilderness nearby."

"Can you show me?" Ezra asked and Ap-5 said. "Right this way."

"Also can you call a Chopper and tell him to bring James with us?" Ezra said. "Of course." He said then proceeded to do so.

In the wilderness

Ezra, Jack, AP-5 and Chopper were heading towards the place AP-5 was talking about. Chopper then beeped a few times.

"Seriously what is he saying?" Jack asked and AP-5 said. "He simply asked why we did not take one of the transponders which keep the spiders away."

"Don't need them. How long until we get there?" Ezra said.

"We've arrived. This is strange." Said AP-5 after they passed some trees. Ezra took in the surroundings and saw a bunch of caves similar to the pit they were at.

Then Ezra saw a bunch of scattered wooden crates. Ezra went to one and opened it up. Inside was a bunch if MP18 submachine guns.

They kept going through them and found ammunition, grenades and even uniforms and helmets. "How did this get here?" Jack asked inspecting the crates.

"Doesn't matter. We have them so lets use them." Ezra stated then turned to AP-5 and said. "Do you think you two can keep this place a secret?"

AP-5 and Chopper looked at eachother for a few seconds. Chopper then beeped and AP-5 said. "If you two are high ranking officer's then we are obliged to follow your orders."

Chopper then beeped a few more times. "We gotta to teach him morse code or something so we can understand him better." Jack said.

"He just merely agreed with what I said." AP-5 stated. "Now what is this morse code you speak of."

"Tell you later lets get back to that base first. I am itching for either some action or a nap." Jack said already walking.

Chopper Base

The Ghost crew and various other rebels who were talking about the latest intel. Which was the movement of supplies and munitions specifically proton bombs.

"We need both of these which are in short supply of." Hera stated then Kanan said. "Plus we can get more supplies with just a fraction of that money."

One of them then said. "It is bound to have high security plus we know at least one inquisitor is there. And there may be more."

Sato was about to speak when a knock was heard then a voice. "How do you open this bloody thing?"

"The buttons on the panel over there." Said the voice of AP-5 from outside.

"Thank you." Another voice said then a seires of buttons was being pressed. "Warum öffnet sich dieses verdammte ding nicht!"(Why won't this fucking thing open!") Was heard.

Other side

"Stupid fucking door." Jack said then kicked it. "Bloody Hell!" He said jumping up and down cradling his foot.

Ezra then took some steps back. "This is how you open a door." Ezra then rushed to tackle it unbeknownst to him Chopper was already working on it. Then started to charge at it.

Other side before the kick

"Stupid fucking door." Then a kick was heard followed by a. "Bloody Hell!"

Sabine was about to open it when it suddenly it opened and Ezra running. Ezra tried to stop but was too late. Ended crashing right into Sabine snd they both fell on the floor.

They were mere inches from the others face. Sabine blushing pushed Ezra off her and got up. Jack who was laughing helped him up.

"Hey it worked." Ezra said then AP-5 told him. "Actually Chopper opened it just as you were about to make contact."

Ezra was about to respond when he saw all the others in the room. "What's this room?" He questioned.

AP-5 then motioned to and said. "This is where Rebel leaders gather to formulate plans against the empire."

"And what's this thing?" Jack asked waving his hand through the holograms repeatedly.

"Have you not seen holograms before mate?" Zeb asked with an eyebrow raised. Attention was to Ezra when he said. "What do these do?" While gesturing at the buttons.

"Don't touch those." Kanan said sternly. "You could blow something thing up."

Ezra then backed away and gestured toward the hologram. "Whats this some sort of map."

"Intel one of these ships has supplies that we need to take." Kanan said and Jack asked. "Which ship?"

Commander Sato the pointed to the front dot. "Presumably here since it is gaurded on both sides and cannons in the front."

Jack then scanned the dots. They were in a wedged formation like arrow. "No." Jack stated and attention turned to him.

He then began to explain. "My brother is in the Navy and told me they would do this if they protecting something right here. And would have some other ships as lookouts or diversions." He said pointing to where he was talking about.

"That's not what the intel says." Sabine said and Ezra responded with. "We fed the French half the details of our formation in 1914. Said we had a supply depot lightly guarded. But what we didn't say is that it was that it was lightly gaurded because the others were reinforcing the defense several kilometers ahead.,"

"Then what happened?" Kanan asked and Ezra sighed and said. "They fell for it and they became lambs for slaughter."

"Knowing that they could've sent this information to lure us into a trap does complicates things." Hera said.

"Not if we spring it and leave before they notice." Ezra said then pointed to the map. "What we did to raid sometimes was we laid some smoke shells and created a fog or a smokescreen."

"Where are you getting at?" Kanan asked and Sabine cut in. "If we did that they would fire into to make sure it wasn't a trap."

"Exactly so while there attention is focused on the fog. We go around and sneak in through an open flank." Ezra said.

Everyone took a moment to think. "That could work." Kanan said and soon the others followed.

"Great I'll gather some men." Ezra ssaid smirking then Jack said. "Hold your fucking arse mate. Who died and made you leader? It should be me I exposed the flaw."

"Any fucking jackass can see whats wrong with plan. But it takes a real soldier to find the solution." Ezra responded.

"Too bad the one I'm looking at is a piece of fucking shit." Jack stated getting closer to Ezra who responded with. "You must be looking in mirror then."

"Hold it who said either of you can be in charge?" Zeb asked and then Sato intervened. "They both will."

"But Commander." Hera started to argue. "I've made my decision. They seem to be experienced in this. Now what is it you require for this mission."

Ezra then said. "We need three teams then. One to distract, one to destroy and one to defend."

"I'm sorry what?" Zeb asked while scratching his head.

Then Jack explained. "One team to distract the enemy by diverting their forces else where. Another team to destroy or in this case take the objective. Another to defend our way out."

"We're gonna need explosives, guns, men, machine guns, lots smoke bombs, the time we can intercept it." Ezra said.

"Three hours untill it gets into position." Sabine said.

Ezra and Jack then set their watches. "We get into position at two. That gives us less than two hours to prepare."

Ezra shrugged. "Let's get to work. Let's start with getting the bombs ready."

"Bombs?" Hera said and Ezra shrugged. "No fun unless something goes boom!" They then left to prepare.


Ezra and Jack were loading crates of weapons and munitions for the mission. They grabbed two of the hover cart things to help them so they won't have to make as many trips.

Ezra then stops loading when he felt something behind him. He turned and saw nothing then he took a closer look an saw. A pair of eyes he blinked to see if he was hallucinating. Then he simply saw the forest.

He then continued to load then left.

Chopper Base

Ezra and Jack were checking their equipment. Jack was triple checking on the detonating clay, TNT and the exploder making sure nothing was wrong.

Zeb then came by and picked something up and said. "What is this?"

Jack then quickly grabbed it out of his hands. "By all means mess with the explosives. In your case I actively encourage it. Just wait for me to leave first." He said then went back to work.

Meanwhile Ezra was setting up a maxim machine gun. He already loaded the bullets when someone said. "What is this thing?"

Ezra looked to see Sabine right behind him. And he responded with. "A machine gun."

"Never seen a gun like this. Or ammunition like that." She said grabbing the belt of bullets. "It's so antique." She continued.

"It can fire 600 rounds a minute. 36,000 rounds an hour. Do you have something that can shoot that fast?" Ezra said

"Prove it." Sabine said then pointed to some nearby spiders. Ezra then shook his head no.

"And why not?" Sabine questioned and Ezra responded with. "We can't waste ammunition. Especially when I don't know if we'll be able to make more bullets."

"Can I see one?" She asked and Ezra took out a bullet from his pistol and handed it to her. She then left to inspect it.


The crew plus AP-5, Ezra and Jack were just about to leave. Ezra and Jack were currently loading the machine gun.

"We're onboard." Jack said then the ship started to take off.

As they were taking off Ezra went to the nose gun and sat down. As they entered lightspeed Ezra took out his sketchbook and started drawing.

After a short while Ezra felt somebody behind him. "If you're gonna stare at me like that you could at least take a look." Ezra said holding up his sketchbook.

Sabine who was contemplating on how to get him off her seat walked over. She grabbed it and looked at it with a smirk. "Not bod."

"Thanks." Ezra said then looked back out the window. "You know on earth people have only barely touched the sky. Here you can go through space with ease."

"Maybe we can show your people a thing or two when this is over." Sabine said and Ezra merely nodded.


"The ships will be here in less than five minutes." Hera said.

"Alright lets go over the plan." Ezra said then Jack started to explain. "I go to the engine room and rig the thing to blow." Jack said. While Sabine and I follow to cover you While Chopper give us directions." Ezra said.

"While we stay behind and load as much as we can onto the Ghost." Kanan finished.

"You know how to use the gun right lad?" Ezra asked gesturing towards the machine gun and Kanan just shrugged. "How hard could it be?"

Then the Stardestroyers came out of nowhere with the ship behind them. "Why do they have to stop here again?" Jack asked.

Hera then said. "Because where there heading if they make a false move to get there they could crash into star."

Then the bombs went off and cloud of smoke appeared. The ships then started to fire in it. "Thats our que." Hera said thenthen headed toward the ship they were after.

Once they got inside the hanger they saw large amount of containers. One for fuel others for cash. "How are we gonna get all that on this tiny ship."

"We don't we blow it up during our escape." Ezra said patting Zeb on the back.

They all then left to do their part. Ezra told Kanan where to set up the machine gun qnd told him not to leave there. While Zeb and Hera loaded the crates.

Chopper and AP-5 went to the closest panel where Chopper accessed a map of the ship. And gave directions to Ezra, Sabine and Jack.

Once in the engine room they immediately set about getting to work. Ezra and Jack were attaching detonating clay and wiring it to a clock. While Sabine was setting charges so they would explode via remote.

As they were exiting Ezra had a feeling that this was too easy. No gaurds, no traps, no alarms. "Hello there."

The three then turned around to see two people with black armor and masks. One had a red blade ingnited that they all knew to well.

"We were expecting Kanan Jarrus not some children." One said who sounded like a women.

Ezra then replied with. "He said it was our turn to take out the trash." Ezra was about to fire when they extended their arms and pushed the three down the hall.

They then got up and ran. Sabine then contacted Kanan only to find they were in trouble too. Ezra realizing they needed to lose them let the other two get ahead of him.

Ezra then started to shoot the door panels. Shutting multiple doors between him and the other two. "Ezra!" Jack shouted once he realized what was going on.

Ezra then turned to find the two about ten feet from him. "You're brave but foolish." One said and Ezra responded with. "And you're creepy but annoying."

"Shall I finish him off 7th sister?" One asked and the reply was. "Go ahead 4th brother." He then charged at Ezra with the familiar blade.

Om instinct Ezra dropped his MP18 and grabbed the one he took from the one he killed and blocked him. "Where did you get that?" He asked.

Ezra could tell he was angry so he formulated a plan. "Let's just say. If I had mantle his head would look really nice on it." Ezra said.

Next thing Ezra knew was he was lifted in the air and pressed against the wall by some force. Ezra dropped the blade and felt like he was being chocked.

Ezra then took out a knife and attempted to slash his throat. But it was blocked. "Any last words." He said then the invisible grip tightened.

The 7th sister started to walk away thinking this was over. Ezra instead of talking discreetly took out a cossack dagger. But said. "U menya vsegda yest' zapasnoy."

He tilted his head in confusion then Ezra shoved the dagger up his throat. "I always have a spare."

That caused his to drop Ezra who then pulled out the cossack dagger. Then used his other knife to slash his throat. He then fell and died as the blood pooled out.

Ezra then grabbed his gun, and the blades including the new one he won. When he turned to leave he saw the other who looked as if she thought was hallucinating.

"That was a mistake." She stated then activated her blade. Then charged so did Ezra. But just before collision Ezra pivoted around her and kept running.

He also dropped an incendiary grenade. Creating a wall of fire to hopefully stop her.


Jack and Sabine returned to the hanger to find a mass of stormtroopers. But the Rebels were holding them off.

Jack then rushed toward Kanan who was away from the gun and asked. "Why aren't you at the bloody gun?"

"It's jammed or something." Kanan stated as he kept firing. Jack then looked at it and noticed there was no belt of bullets.

"Did you load it?" He asked and Kanan gave a confused look. Jack then said. "Cover me."

He then rushed over to the gun getting shot at along the way. He then opened the box of ammunition and loaded it. He then put up the sighter and began firing.

After a minute of reliving 1914 Jack stopped and went over to Kanan. "Get to your post or get shot."

Jack then readied a bolt action rifle and ordered. "Rest of you were gonna hold the line until Ezra gets here. Or until the timer for the bombs goes off. Then we leave."


Ezra was being chased by that maniac lady. Normally he would like to fight. But he didn't want to risk litterally getting cut in half.

Ezra used up all his ammunition for his MP18 and doubted that pistols would do the trick. And still had no idea how to use those swords. So he kept running.

Ezra then felt that same force but this time it pulled him back. Ezra was then turned around and was asked by the masked lady. "How did you do defeat him so easily?"

Ezra for some reason only had this reply. "Simple. He wasn't a smart man." He was then thrown around twenty feet."

Ezra then felt his MP18 being pulled and he grabbed it. It soon became a game of tug a war. Ezra then had an idea when he saw the bayonet was still on.

Ezra grabbed the front of the gun then released the bayonet. It was sent flying toward her and she just barely managed to dodge it.

Ezra then ran again and shot the panel of the door to buy time. But soon was being chased by men in white armor. "Seriously?" He thought.

With Jack and the Rebels

Kanan was firing the gun when it ran out and was about to load the ammo when. "You fucking idiot! The bullets are backwards." Jack shouted.

He then pushed Kanan off the gun and said. "Let a real soldier handle this." Then fixed the gun.

Kanan happy to be off that dumb thing took his blaster out and fired. When Jack finished what appeared to be a whole army started to come out.

"YOU WANT SOME? COME ON! GOT A BULLET FOR EACH OF YOU FUCKING PEICES OF SHIT!" Jack shouted. Then stopped when he saw were a pile of dead or dying bodies. "AHHHHHH!" He shouted once more after it was over.

Ezra then came in and Jack started firing subconsciously at Ezra. Ezra slid down and ducked letting the bullets hit the white soldiers.

Ezra then tackled Jack and the two begam to wrestle. They each then pointed a pistol at each other. That's when they came back to their senses.

Both then got up and Ezra ordered. "We have to get out of here. Zeb take the gun."

Before Zeb could protest Sabine asked. "What happened?" "You're gonna die." Was then heard and they then saw an angry inquisitor. "She did." Ezra replied.

Kanan took out his lightsaber and started to duel her. But it was difficult her anger made her stronger. Kanan was then forced down and she was about to strike.

When Ezra tackled her making her lose her blade. Ezra then got up for hand to hand combat. Ezra was tried to punch her but she dodged and delivered a series of blows.

"I have to learn this." Ezra thought as he was getting beat up. Kanan then used the force to push her away from him. She was a few feet into the hallway when Jack fired a shot at the control panel to shut the door.

Jack then said. "Let's leave before-" Was then cut off by a. BOOM! Then Ezra continued with. "That." They then went into the ship and left.


Once thwy landed the fuel and money were being unloaded. As Ezra was leaving Kanan stopped him by grabbing his shoulder.

"Why was she so angry at you?" Kanan asked and the rest of the crew looked at him. Ezra who instead of giving an answer pulled out the blood stained dagger.

Then he said. "Her brother's not gonna be a problem at least. Anyway good work men and women. Can't wait to work with you again."

Ezra then left with Jack following him. "What are you thinking?" Hera asked Kanan who responded with. "Not anyone can kill an Inquisitor."

"Kid got lucky thats all." Zeb responded then went to his room to take a nap.

Sabine then said. "Plus knowing the Empire they were probably thought the same thing so he let his guard down." She then left as well.

"I know what you're thinking love." Hera stated and Kanan nodded.

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