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This is a rewrite of my story, Two Lords in Love; His Butler Demonic. After going through my views and followers for each of my story, I had noticed that my first FanFic and my newest ones were the most common read and viewed. Going off of that, I decided it might just be because of my writing, knowing it's getting better and more grammatically correct and understandable to a point, so I'm just going to rewrite this whole story, and possibly rewrite my first fic as well. I've also decided to just delete Two Lords in Love; His Butler Demonic to have this story up without the first one just sitting there. The Two Saiyan's Who Fell in Love. I haven't been able to write for several weeks because of a bad sunburn I had received while at work. I work outside, and my dad, sister and I were chopping wood for three hours straight and I had a sports bra on and forgot about my sunscreen that was in my purse, lol. A lesson was learned here, never wear sports bras in 90 degree weather and NEVER forget your sunscreen. I thought I had gotten sun poisoning at one point. But I am better, and I'm been working again as well. Anyway, enough of my blabbering, here is the new summary for this story. Also, in this story, instead of Ciel being 13 he's 14, and Alois is 15.

Warning: This story may contain violence, physical abuse with a minor, emotional abuse with a minor. This story may contain cuss or curse words as others put it. This story may contain 18+ scenes meaning, sexual encounters with two minors. This story and even this chapter may contain forced sexual encounters with a minor and a 3000+ XD year old demon, if this is not to your liking, then don't read. This story may also contain birthing.

In this story I've decided to use the Alpha/Omega/Beta AU. Though I am not one to heavily explain, I'll just do a small review of what this AU is. This AU is about a world that has a sort of 'second gender' vibe with it.

An Alpha are the generally dominant partner and are able to impregnate the Omega. Though a male alpha is said to have a 'Knot', in my story we won't be using that, just because it sits too close to a werewolf/dog or any other animal and these characters are human (Yes I know Claude and Sebby are demons but still lol).

Beta are the naturally subordinate to Alpha and could or could not impregnate Omegas. And in some writing or comics (Manga/Manhwa other comics) the betas are not even present. Betas are often presented to having 'Normal' human anatomy without any of the special anatomy of Alphas or omegas.

Omegas are the lowest in this hierarchy, but in some fanfiction or comics, the Omegas are prized and rare. Male omegas are self-lubricating and have the ability much like a woman. In some works, or comics, a mating pair may symbolize their bond with a mental link or a bite or telepathic communication. In some cases, the mated pair can feel the other if they have received pain or emotional damage. Bonded Alphas may seem possessive or jealous when the Omega may be more submissive. Alpha's and Omegas could go into 'heat' much like a cat or dog or a wolf and 'need' to have sexual intercourse or sex with an Alpha. This may be the only time Omegas can be fertile.

I received this information from this website.

fanlore wiki /Alpha /Beta /Omega

If you want to read up more to just receive more knowledge then all you have to do is take away all spaces in this and you should be able to find it. 😊

Summary: Fourteen year old Ciel Phantomhive has a lot on his small shoulders. The fact that at only 14 he owns and runs his fathers, Vincent Phantomhive's, company. Funtom Incorporated, a company that produces children's toys and candies. He's the man of his fathers estate out in the country, with only one Maid, Mey-Rin. A young woman with a knack for guns and very exceptional eyesight. One chef, Bardroy, an American soldier who has a traumatic background. A young boy as his gardener, Finnian, or Finny for short. His hellish background was never discussed, only with Ciel and Ciel's very able butler, Sebastian Michealis. Ciel Phantomhive has a… Friend? Another lord with the name Alois Trancy who also is in the same boat as he is. Alois has five servants working for him in the estate he owns and lives in also, out in the country. Alois also has a very able Butler by the name of Claude Faustus. But these lords have a secret that only they and their butlers know about. Sebastian and Claude are demons, yes real demons, and they have contracts with the young boys. Also, the young Ciel and the young Alois are in a relationship with another secret that Ciel is hiding from his lover.

In this story, you'll read about two lords who go through ups and downs with two demons by there sides and… A baby? Please and read and review, hope you like this rewrite.

Chapter 1:

Third Person POV:

"Sebastian, stop now, please!" The loud scream came from a small frail, blue eyed, blue haired little boy as his butler hit him over and over again. The other servants were doing their job and were told not to disturb the young master as he was in his office 'Looking over paperwork'. But no, that was a lie, because all Sebastian does now a days is degrade and belittle his master. But the abuse doesn't stop there, he beats him, hard and doesn't stop until Ciel falls unconscious. "Why? You are just a brat!" Sebastian yelled at the small Earl beneath his feet as he kicked him hard in the stomach. It was a miracle the demon hadn't punctured something or killed the young boy, but then where would his lunch be?

Ciel cried pitifully on the floor curling up into a ball his arms and knees up towards his chin, protecting his already bruised abdomen. His breath would catch every few seconds between his soft sobs as he tried to keep the panic at bay. He didn't want another asthma attack, he just wanted to work without the fear of being beat and belittled for no reason. A knock resounded at his office door, he tried to scream out for help but his vocal chords wouldn't work. Sebastian smirked and began speaking to the door. "Who is it?" Ciel slowly sat up and grabbed his desk as leverage to stand as a loud voice came through the other side, "It's Alois and Claude!" The blonde Lord yelled back, his voice as always, was obnoxious and squeaky.

Ciel sat down in his office chair grabbing a couple tissues from the tissue box that was set at the corner of his desk. He wiped his eyes as best as he could and ran his fingers through his light blue hair. Sebastian had sighed annoyingly, he had forgotten that Alois and Claude were coming over today. He let them in and Alois was already at Ciel's side and kissing him with fervor, barely letting even himself have a small area for breath. Claude the other demon only apologized for Alois' outgoing personality. Sebastian only nodded and left those two to their own devices and both demons went to scout the area around the estate.

Alois finally let them both breathe after another minute or two and Ciel laughed silently at his lovers antics. It was the most annoying thing about Alois, but it was also the most loved thing about Alois. The only reason why they really get long is the fact of demon butlers, and there past. And they think and work things through. It's also the fact that Ciel thinks Alois is the prettiest boy he'd ever seen, though he'll never admit it, not even to himself. Alois, though admits everything with the help of his outgoing and explosive personality. He always makes a bright flush appear on Ciel's cheek when he says I love you or when he tells Ciel how pretty he is.

"Alois, please, calm down a bit. I have a headache", Ciel began and organized the paperwork on his desk as Alois pouted at him. His sky blues stared cutely at the ocean blues of there boyfriend. Ciel only rolled his eyes at his boyfriend who just stared at Ciel's face. After several long moments, Alois spoke, "He hit you again!" Ciel flinched and froze up at the statement and only looked down fiddling with his cuticles. "Ciel, we can't keep letting this happen! This needs to stop!" Alois grabbed his shoulders forcing the young lord to look at his sky blues. "I know that, but what are we supposed to do, there demons Alois! We're human, or have you forgotten!" Ciel yelled tears brimming his eyes, oh how easy it was now to make Ciel cry. He hated that it was so easy for him to cry, he felt like he was weak, and he didn't like feeling weak.

"Ciel, they may be demons, but did you forget that I have five demons with me. Claude, the triplets and Hannah." Alois said, his voice lower as he grabbed a tissue and patted the beginnings of tears away from Ciel's eyes. "What could they do, Sebastian is basically stronger than them", Ciel replied and looked down and continued before Alois could say anything. "I also have a contract with him". Alois just wanted to help him but sometimes it felt like Ciel didn't want help at all, it confused the blonde, but he'd never go against Ciel's wishes. Alois sighed and left the conversation there and decided to take Ciel out to the garden, maybe help keep him calm.

Ciel POV:

Sitting in the garden with Alois at my side as we drank tea and watched Finny prune the trees and bushes. Or getting rid of dead leaves or petals on the bright flowers were very soothing and calming, if it weren't for Sebastian being here. I received many shivers as he stood behind me, awaiting any orders I would state towards him. At least Claude was behind Alois as usual, but I was sure that Sebastian wouldn't do anything in front of them, knowing that Alois would immediately order Claude to attack Sebastian. I looked out the blue sky that had a small level of clouds covering it.

Honestly, I'd rather just be alone with Alois, that way I can really relax, not fearing the next hit from the demon behind me. It wasn't always like this though, he actually used to care for and help me throughout my nightmares that I used to have. He'd spoil me with tea and honey when I asked. But it all changed when he realized that I'm an Omega full of an estate of four alphas and one beta. The one beta being Finny. Though this country treasures us omegas, demons apparently don't. He had been so upset, he had thought I was a beta when our contract was formed but after a year he realized that wasn't the truth.

He asked me kindly though, but I could see the anger in his maroon colored eyes. "Are you an Omega?" He asked softly in front of my office desk where I had been drinking tea and going over some mail about my factory in India. At first, I hadn't thought anything of it, just hoping he wouldn't make too big of a deal about it. "Yes, I am, but we already know that", I had answered him, my eyes never moving away from my letters as I read them over and over just to make sure I knew what they said. Suddenly I was grabbed by my small tie and thrown over my desk and onto the floor. I had screamed loudly as I hit the floor and growled angrily at the demon that was under my control.

"What the hell was that for?!" I yelled at him standing up dusting my coat and shorts off. "Disgusting! An Omega as a master, I thought you were a Beta!" He yelled at me his eyes now a blazing dark purple as he walked up to me and pushed me back down to the floor. He hadn't stopped hitting me until Mey-Rin had knocked on my door stating that the time for dinner was approaching. I hadn't wanted food, I hadn't wanted to be comforted or anything. Sebastian left me there on the floor as I cried and cried curling myself up into a ball as I tried to crawl behind my desk.

He hasn't beat me like that in a while though, today was no different. All I ordered was for him to get me some chocolate cake and he just went ape shit. I looked over to Alois as he talked quietly to Claude about something while sipping his tea. Alois was a beautiful Alpha, though I'll never admit it. It was just his bright blonde hair, his bright sky blue eyes. His smile that could melt an iceberg; damn I wanted to kiss that smile. I wanted to be laying underneath him as he slammed him self inside of me… Wait stop no! Don't think like that, stop! I shook my head and drank my tea feeling very uncomfortable right now.

I had to get to the bathroom and handle this problem. I stood up letting Alois and both demons know that I was just going to use the bathroom and that I'll be right back. I walked off and into the estate finding the nearest bathroom and slipped in. I shut the door locking it before sitting down on the toilet. I was hard, and it didn't help that Alois' smile wouldn't leave my mind. "Oh, so the little Omega is hard", I jumped at the voice and squealed as Sebastian stood in front of me. Fucking Demon! "Leave Sebastian! Now!" I yelled at him and pushed him toward the door. This was embarrassing, not only had he caught me trying to relieve myself, but it was Sebastian! And we were alone, in a small area.

~Warning: Forced Sexual Encounter with a minor Starts Here~

Sebastian only stared at me as I struggled to push him back out the bathroom door. "Oh, but I'm sure you need help, after all this what you Omega's are for." He smirked and gripped my wrist throwing me down to the floor. What? No, no! Please someone, Alois, Claude come in here, stop this thing! "N-No I don't need it, now leave!" I screamed at him again trying to stand up but was forced back down by his body weight over to me. "Shut it, you know you want this", He said to me and I began screaming out for help, hoping someone would be able to hear me. I didn't want this, no please. "Someone, Alois! Claude!" I screamed struggling in his demonic grasp. I felt him rip open my small jacket and undershirt and I froze.

My breath caught in my throat and I thought I was going to choke. "Please…" I whimpered out trying to hold on to whatever is left of my sanity. I closed my eyes hoping to drown him out as he ripped off my shorts. Trying to crawl away was just another fruitless try so I just laid there, taking in everything he was about to do to me. But, before he could actually do something there was a loud banging knock on the bathroom door. I jumped from the sudden loud noise and Sebastian only growled and was about to speak before I tried to scream out, but he covered my mouth and yelled out that we were fine and that I wasn't feeling well.

Well, at least he's not lying about the ill part, I feel absolutely disgusted and sick to my stomach as who ever was on the other side left. He removed his hand from my mouth and I stared up at him as he slowly untied my eyepatch and threw it to the ground. My purple and blue eyes shaking with terror as he finished undressing me. I wasn't hard anymore, there was no way I'd be hard! Suddenly, my senses are filled with this strong musky smell. Red Roses and… Maybe… After rain smell, all muggy and humid. H-He was rubbing his scent all over me, no, that's for Alois! I have to stop him!

"N-No, please", I could barely form a sentence the muggy rosy sent was invading my senses, I was losing train of thought. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but the smell was so strong, I fell limp against his hold as he touched me and touched me. Tears fell from my eyes and I turned my head closing them tightly hoping that when I open them again, this would have been a dream.

~Forced Sexual Encounter ended here~

I don't know how long we were in the bathroom, but I was just happy he left, he left me on the floor covered in his fluids. I curled up into a ball hoping the floor would just swallow me up whole. I couldn't really do anything about this, Sebastian and I have a strict contract with each other. My back was aching, my hips were aching, my legs hurt; everything just hurt. Slowly I stood up using the counter as a leverage and softly but loud enough I yelled out for Finny. "F-Finny!" I leaned heavily against the counter waiting several minutes until he jogged in looking at my haggard state. "M-Master Ciel! What happened?" He ran up to me and helped me sit on a small stool.

"N-Nothing important you should know." I replied running my fingers through my hair then remembered I don't have the eyepatch and quickly closed my right eye. He looked at me skeptically for a second but sighed and said, "A-alright, what is it you need? L-Lord Alois is still here, he's in the drawing room". I only nodded and said, "D-Draw me a bath, in my bed chambers and grab me a robe or something then when you're done please get Claude, Alois' butler". He nodded and ran off to do as I ordered.

I turned to look at my self in the mirror and gasped my eyes widening. I had bruises and bite marks, littering my body. My lip has busted open during the struggle, it's stopped bleeding but if I'm not careful it could reopen. Tears, again, welled up in my magenta and ocean blue eyes. Dammit, stop crying! I furiously rubbed my eyes trying to stop the crying, but it just wouldn't work. Finally, I just looked down and cried again and again. I thought I could handle the abuse until the contract was over, but I think he's crossed the line. I can't do this, no more. "M-Master, your bath is ready, here's your robe and Claude is here", I heard Finny say, without looking up I thanked him silently and waved him off letting Claude dress me with the robe. I started walking only to feel a sharp pain in my hips and I whimpered falling against Claude.

He sighed slightly and picked me up walking carefully to my bed chambers on the second floor. He helped me into the bath and I shooed him off after making him promise not to tell Alois. I sunk into the warm water soaking it all in. It felt heavenly on my sore body and the tears started up again. Is this how it's going to be, just crying out of the blue? I leaned my head against the white porcelain of the tub and closed my eyes.

Alois POV:

Something happened, and I want to know what happened. Claude only told me that Ciel wanted a warm bath and nothing else, but I know he's hiding something. I had asked Finny and he had told me that it looked like Ciel had been beaten to a pulp. Bruises were like a blanket, covering almost every inch of his body. Sebastian, that bastard! "Claude, we have to stop him, what if he kills Ciel. I mean, before the contract is over?" I yelled at him, my frustration showing through my tense posture. My shoulders were straight and tall, I was gritting my teeth painfully, my hands clenching and unclenching into fists. "You just have to give me the order Master and I will take care of him", He replied, and I sighed, "First, let me talk to Ciel, get the real story from him."

"Of course, sir," Claude answered, and I left to see Ciel in his bed chambers. I quietly opened the bathroom door and looked in. He was enjoying what looked to be a warm bath, his head leaning against the tubs edge. "Ciel," I started quietly as I walked into the bathroom, "are you okay?" He blinked and looked up and stared at me. "I told Claude not to tell you anything", He simply said and looked down toward the water. "Finny told me, not Claude", I answered him and shut the door behind me bringing a small stool to sit beside the tub. "Sebastian did this, didn't he?" I asked him, looking at his body. It tore me up to see him like this, he's usually a strong boy, mentally and physically but seeing him so torn up mentally and emotionally, and physically it scared me.

I have to stop Sebastian before he kills him, before the contract is finished. "Yeah", Ciel answered my question, his voice so quiet I barely heard him. "Do you want to talk about it? What happened?" I asked him as he began fiddling with his cuticles under the water. He shook his head and I sighed nodding and before I could speak he said, "S-Sebastian only does this because I'm an Omega. H-He thought that I was a Beta when we formed the contract." That really threw me off, he beat him because he's an Omega? Are all demons like that? I should ask Claude about this. "What a complete bastard", I said, more to my self than to Ciel. "He's a demon Alois, of course he's a bastard", He answered me. I chuckled softly, and he laughed just a small bit.

"Come on, you wanna get some warm clean clothes on? Talk in your office?" I asked him, standing up moving the small stool back where it was. He only nodded once, and I called for Claude to help him as I went to his office to wait for him. Where even is that Red-eyed bastard? He's usually around Ciel 24/7. I sighed lightly and walked into Ciel's office sitting on a small couch.

Ciel POV

Claude helped me out of the bath and drained it after wrapping a fluffy towel around my shoulders. "I have clothes laid out for you on the bed", He told me as we walked into my bed room. "Dress me please", I simply said standing near my bed. He only nodded and helped me dry then quickly dressed me. We both walked down to my office bumping into Finny on the way.

"Master! Are you okay?" He yelled toward me and I sighed and replied, "As okay as I'll ever be". Before he could say anything else I told him to go tend to the garden. I walked into my office, my hips were still hurting, but it's just a dull throb; I sat down in my chair as Alois stood up to stand by me. He told Claude to leave us for now. "Okay, spill, what did he do to you?" He automatically said standing next to my chair. Maybe Alois would understand, after all that he went through when his parents died. I sighed and asked him to sit down so he went back to the couch and sat down. I looked down at the papers and ink quill that accompanied by desk and slowly began speaking.

"A-After I went to the bathroom earlier he stopped me, u-umm this is very embarrassing", I stammered out running my fingers through my hair. "It's okay, breathe", he said to me and I slowly nodded. "Let's start with when we were in the garden drinking some tea, I was staring at you when you were talking with Claude about something," I started picking at my cuticles and biting my lip but continued, "A-and I started having a small problem". I was hoping he'd catch on without me having to go into detail. He blinked then his eyes widened, and he nodded and gestured for me to keep going.

I sighed and said, "Well, I was going to handle it in the bathroom but I hadn't realized Sebastian had followed me". I was shaking now, I didn't want to relive it, but Alois could help me cope maybe. He hadn't spoke, so I guessed I could keep going so I continued, "H-He had realized that I was having a problem and he said, I stammered at this part but quietly told Alois what he said.

"O-Oh look, the little Omega is hard". I bite my lip waiting for a response, but nothing. "H-He also had said that, 'This is all you're good for'". I honestly didn't want to carry on and I hoped that Alois would catch on to what I was saying. "Hey raped you?" Alois said, his voice was calm and level. No emotion at all and it kind of worried me. I only nodded at his words and my eyes stung with the tears that started falling again and I gripped my hair in my hands.

I felt arms around me and I leaned into Alois tears flowing like a big water fall. "It's going to be okay, I'm here. I'll help you through everything", He was saying, whispering the soft sweet nothings in my ear trying to help stop the tears. Trying to push back the panic that was rising exceptionally fast in my chest. "Breathe with me, you're going to be okay", He continued, pushing my head against his chest softly. I listened to his heart beat and breath and did my best to match it.

It took longer than it should but after half an hour I was breathing better, the panic having been ebbed away by Alois' smooth and soft voice in my ear, his hands rubbing soothing circled on my back. He reached over and bent over to wipe the tears from my red and blotchy eyes and cheeks. "We're going to figure something out okay, for now, maybe it's best to focus on your self and maybe work", He said as he sat down on the couch.

Maybe he was right, I'll just focus on work. I nodded and pulled some paper work out from other companies that wanted a sponsor or my factories in different places in the world or in the country its self. I just need to find my parents murderer or murderers and kill them and then Sebastian will have my soul. Then this hurt will be gone.

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