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Chapter Two:

Alois POV:

Ciel had been working in his office for hours upon hours, the only way that I was able to pull him from his office work was to tell him that I could beat him at chess easily. Being the competitive boy he is, he immediately growled out a 'I'd like to see you try' then proceeded to stand up and yell out for Sebastian to set up his chess board in the sitting room. I laughed silently at his antics and watched him as he tidied up his desk putting certain paperwork in a certain place as well as putting certain mail paperwork in another place. He nicely put his ink quill back in its holder and ran his hands through his hair. He has beautiful hair, a light blue that held a small hint of gray. It's soft and fluffy and bouncy from the times I've seen him jump around and watch his hair bounce around with him. He has beautiful eyes, I just wish he didn't have to hide the other one, but of course, it's only to hide the contract mark.

"Alois, come on", I blinked out of my thoughts as Ciel was waving his hand at me. "Time for me to beat you so I can wipe the smirk off your face", he said as he walked out of his office and I chuckled following him. I grabbed his hand and frowned as he jumped slightly and continued walking with me tagging along. "Are you sure you're going to be okay? I can always call on Claude to stop him", I asked the blue haired boy next to me and he sighed again and said quietly, "Alois, please, I don't want to cause a scene for my family name okay, you know news travels fast about the Phantomhive name and company. I can't drag my fathers name down more than it already is".

He was worried about his families name and business! I looked at him, dumbstruck by his words and watched as he gripped his blue jacket tightly between his small fingers. Slowly I blinked and quietly said, "You're worried about your families name more than your own self and your health? What would your parents say if they heard you say that?" Sure I probably shouldn't have brought up his mother and father like that but I couldn't help it. He was silent for a while until he whispered, "Papa would agree with me, our family name is very important".

I blinked at his words, what kind of father was he. Was he rude and disrespectful to his son? Did he ignore his only son to only focus on his work? Did he do the same thing to his wife, Ciel's mother?

"I know what you're thinking", Ciel brought me out of my thoughts again by speaking. "Is my father rude and disrespectful? Did he not care about my mother and I?", he paused for a second then continued, "But he was a great father and husband. He cared about my mother and I more than I could explain. Yes he did care about his work just as much as he cared about us, but he had to work to make us happy. I was happy, I was so happy" I watched him as he looking down to the carpeted floor and felt him squeeze the hand that I was holding.

"What about your mother?" I heard my self ask him and watched as he tensed even more. He stayed silent until he finally reached the sitting room's doors and he said, "She was the most kindest woman in the world. Sweet, wise, beautiful, and a very loving mother. Also stern when needed, though I hated when she was, but I was a child..." I interrupted him and said cheekily, "You still are a child". He looked at me with a fake wounded expression and said, "Alois! I'm hurt". I didn't want to change the mood of the conversation but at the same time I did want to, I didn't like seeing him so sad. He loves his mother and father even after they've died. I'd rather hear his smooth laugh echoing in my ears as I said something stupid.

"Let's play chess so I can shut your mouth about who can win", He said then pushed the doors open letting my hand go and sitting on the side of the chess board with the black pieces. He almost always played the black pieces. I laughed softly and sat opposite of him and we began playing chess. (I don't know that much about chess, sorry, so this will be a small bit skipped)

We played for hours on end as we both thought of strategies and plays for our pieces. I had forgotten how great Ciel was at chess, it made me think about how long and when he started playing chess. During the games we played he was as serious as he would be if he was on a case for the queen. He had his right hand under his chin he squinted his eye slightly. It was really hard to focus when even concentrated like this he's a beautiful boy, oops I mean man. I chuckled silently to my self and watched as he smirked and moved a piece. I blinked looking down and bit my lip knowing that no matter what play I do he would win. I tsked and looked back up at him, he was watching me with those beautiful oceanic eyes staring into my soul.

He still had a smirk as he watched me study the pieces and I sighed and played my final play and waited as he chuckled and moved his piece almost instantly taking my queen and saying, "Checkmate". I looked up at him again and watched as he slowly began to laugh and I smiled with him listening to the beautiful notes of his laugh. His eye closed as he wrapped his arms softly around his abdomen. He quieted down after a minute or two and said, "You played a fair game and a great one at that. When did you learn to play?" I was ashamed to tell him that I hadn't learned to play until I formed a contract with Claude and he helped me out of being a slave. I sighed but told him, "I learned to play when Claude had brought me back to my estate after forming a contract with me to free me from the mans clutching that bought me as a slave.

He only smiled sadly at me and said, "For someone who learned not that long ago you're really good, having being able to go so far with me in a game". I blushed lightly and said, "When did you learn to play"? "I was very young, just above the toddler age", He replied and asked Sebastian who walked in to put the game back up. Sebastian had some tea that Ciel had ordered a few minutes before the game ended with him winning. "Who taught you?" I asked him and smiled sadly again, "My father. He always said that Chess was a great game to exercise and strengthen the mind". I had to agree with him on that.

"Have you had any cases come in for the queen yet?" I asked him as Sebastian poured both of us some tea. Ciel tensed up a bit as Sebastian stepped a bit closer to him to hand him his tea cup and saucer. I glared at him as he handed me my mind. I was glad to have Claude standing next to me, a little bit closer to Ciel then usual but I needed Claude to act fast if Sebastian tried something. Ciel ordered Sebastian to go help the other servants knowing already they've done some thing stupid. He bowed and left. I watched him relax, his shoulders falling back against the chair he was sitting on his jaw became slack and his hands stopped gripping the tea cup as hard. I wanted him to talk to me about what he was feeling but I knew not to push him, it'll only make him shut down even more. I watched him with a saddened expression as he began, "No, I haven't but I'm sure it won't be long until she sends me one".

After all crime isn't that high on the streets right now so it only makes since he wouldn't have a case yet. I watched as he sipped his tea then said, "Oh, Twinings Pure Chamomile tea". I blinked and brought the tea up to my nose sniffing then taking a sip. I couldn't figure out if he was right or not. "How do you know it's Twinings tea?" I looked at him a little skeptical and he said, "I've always been interested in tea since I was a child so as a child my father and mother and I had this game that if I guessed the tea brand right I win a present and I got to sleep with them that night".

I laughed softly as he laughed as well and I said, "So you payed attention to the different tastes of the tea". He nodded and continued sipping his tea, or Twinings as he said. I was still skeptical if he was right or not and said, "Are you sure you're right though? It could be Earl Grey or even Lipton." He laughed a bit more and said, "If it was Lipton I wouldn't have known, I haven't really had Lipton that much. And if it was Earl Grey I would immediately know just by the smell." "The smell?" I asked incredulously. "Earl Grey is my favorite Alois", He chuckled and we continued talking for several hours until I realized I had better head home, it was getting late and I had work to do my self. I kissed Ciel on his nose then his mouth and waved as he waved back.

I watched him out of the window of my carriage until I couldn't see his estate anymore through the thick trees surrounding it. It was a great day to spend with him.

Ciel POV:

I watched him go until I couldn't see the carriage through the forest surrounding my home and went back inside and back to my office having already had dinner while playing chess with Alois I thought I could get a bit more work done. I sat down behind my desk as Sebastian knocked then quietly walked in and I said, almost instantly, "Can you make me some more tea, I'm going to work a bit more before bed". I waited until I would hear my door opening and closing again but instead I heard a sigh and I looked up to see Sebastian with his fushia colored eyes and I gulped wanted to grab for my small pistol hiding in my desk drawer.

"Always demanding child", he said and walked closer to me. "S-Sebastian, please, not now", I looked at him my hand getting closer to my drawer handle but then remembering that a gun isn't going to stop him let alone a small pistol like mine. What was he going to do? Beat me again? R-rape me again? My heart was starting to beat frantically and I sunk back into my chair. "What did I do this time?" I dared to ask the demon standing just in front of my desk. "You're asking what you did? Come on blasted child! Just being an omega is how you've done something wrong!" He yelled at me bending down, he was barely even an inch from my face. My breathing turned erratic, my heart beat faster if that was possible.

"S-Sebastian, please", I quietly begged him gripping the arms of my chair tightly between my pale fingers. "Oh be quiet!" He yelled again and reached to grab my tie and I blinked once, my mind filing itself with memories of him taking me on that bathroom floor with a sinister smile and laugh. I screamed loudly and jumped out of my chair backing up into my window at the back wall of my office. He growled loudly then was in my face in less than a second gripping my jaw painfully. Tears gathered at my eyes and I held them in not giving him the satisfaction of making me cry, not again.

"Oh you look like you're about to cry, young master", He was mocking me. What the hell is wrong with him? "Wh-Why do you treat omegas like this?" I asked him, the words flew from my mouth without a second thought. He blinked and looked at me for a second then rolled his now red eyes and said, "Omegas shouldn't be treasured, all they are good for is sex and making children. I feel bad for your parents, for bringing an omega up in this world. What would everyone say if they knew you were an omega?" Considering that in Britain Omega's are widely treasured, they wouldn't care, they'd help protect my families name even more. I thought to my self but didn't answer him knowing he probably didn't want me to answer.

"Are you not going to answer me? Blasted, you don't even know how to answer an adult!" He growled out and threw me to the floor, my arm and knee skitted across the carpet painfully and I winced then looked back up at the angry demon in front of me. "B-Britain wouldn't care! Omega's are widely treasured, they'd probably protect me and my families name even stronger if they knew", I answered him through my small winces of pain. He laughed, loudly, maniacally as he brought his foot back and slammed it against my right side. I gasped and doubled over gripping that side. "I thought giving you what you wanted earlier would have made you obedient, but I guess I was wrong", He continued with his rant as he beat me again. I tried to crawl away from him but he was faster than I was and he grabbed my arm or my foot even my neck as at one point he held me down and continued. "Wh-Why would I want to be R-raped?!" I screamed at him and for some reason I kicked him, straight into the jaw.

He was shocked as I grabbed my desk to stand up and started for the door just as a knock come upon it. I blinked and swallowed and started with the most confident voice I could muster up, "Yes? Who is it?" "It's Mey-rin young master, you have received a letter from Queen Elizabeth". I knew it was happening sooner or later, she has a case for me. I quickly sat back down in my seat and dabbed my eyes and face with a tissue as Sebastian blinked out of his shocked stupor and stood 5 feet from my desk on the right side. "Come in", I answered the maid and she slowly walked in and handed me the letter with care. I smiled slightly at her, thanked her then shooed her off. I sighed and opened the letter.

Dear Earl Ciel Phantomhive,

I regret to inform you that I need your help on some murders that appear to not make much since. Three gentle men and two women have been murdered mysteriously and we have not found the cause yet. But the cause seems to appear otherworldly, each victim was found with a smell much like burned ashes. Much like a molten lava smell, though there is no wounds appearing on each victim. The three gentle men and two women each have something in common though, they were all omega's.

I am so upset that Omega's are being murdered again, and I do so hope that you'll help me and bring these citizens the justice they deserve. As you know that this country treasures our omega's and wishes to see them thrive and become who they are without hatred and racism of any sort. I have attached some information on the murders and there photos of before there death and of the death scenes. Thank you for helping my Watch Dog.


Queen Elizabeth II (If I am wrong here, please do tell me and I will fix it, but please be very kind about it. I do not know that much about Britain A.K.A England)

The smell is most likely sulfur and only Omega's are being killed? I bit my lip and started looking through the photos and information. I picked up a photo of a young man with dark green eyes, brown hair, a small bit of stubble on his face. He was smiling widely for who ever took this picture. I set the photo aside to look through the information.

This is how it went for several hours as I read and reread through the letter and information about the victims. Soon it became midnight and I had been yawning more than was enough to show me that I was tired. I sighed tiredly and tidied up my information and set them in the middle of my desk as I pulled my self up off my chair and began walking to my bed chambers yelling out for Sebastian. He had left my office a little after I began looking through the queens letter. He was by my side after a bit and I told him to please draw me a warm bath.

I was so stressed and I really needed to relax, a warm bath might help me. I watched him walk away and down the hall as I continued my slow walk toward my bed chambers looking around at the walls and paintings of my family, my mother and father. My mother was a beautiful woman, sometimes I can still hear her scolding me for something stupid then laughing afterwards because I made a face at her. My father always joined in the laughter with her and I began laughing as well. I chuckled to my self at the memory and continued walking my hand subconsciously reaching to touch my eye behind the eye patch.

I don't regret forming the contract, I needed his help to get out of there and for revenge. I just don't understand why I have to be an omega, my life would be easier. Sebastian wouldn't hurt me, I wouldn't be terrified of every minute of every day. I sighed removing my hand making it to my bed chambers and opening the door heading straight to the bathroom that connected to my room. My bath was made and I began slowly undressing as Sebastian walked in. "Is there anything else you would need", He asked as I froze up slightly and even slower, I undressed. "N-No, I'm okay for now", I answered him my head hung low. He hadn't answered me and I heard the bathroom door shut, I sighed out in relief and finished undressing and carefully stepped into the tub. I know I had a bath earlier but this was relaxing for me.

I leaned my head back against the white porcelain and sighed as the warm water sloshed around lightly. My mother always gave me a warm bath if I was sick or if we had been in the city for a long day. It was always relaxing especially when she would splash me lightly. I'd feign hurt but would end up laughing not a minute later with her as my father gathered my bed clothes for the night. I fiddled with my fingers under the water and began thinking of a certain someone with sky blue eyes, bright blonde hair, and a smile that could light up the sky itself.

Maybe I should let him help me, but then, how would I get my revenge? I don't think I could live with my self if I avenge my parents death. They hadn't deserved to die, they were the best parents.

After spending more than enough time in the bath I called upon Tanaka to help me dry and dress. After he helped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me, he popped the drain and we walked to my bed as he helped me dry off. "Are you alright young master? You seem troubled." He began as he buttoned up my sleep shirt. I thought about not telling him but he's been there since I was a child, before the fire that killed my parents. I could trust him, I know I could.

I looked down at my feet and said quietly, "I-I'm scared Tanaka. It's... It's Sebastian." "What did he do?" He had an edge to his voice almost as if he sounded angry. I bit my lip and continued, "H-He did something h-horrible to me". I felt my chin being lifted up and I looked into his sharp eyes. "What did he do?" He asked again and I lost it, tears came pouring from my eyes and I gripped at his tailcoat and said, "S-Seba..." I don't think I could say his name anymore, as the memories were brought up, one by one. "H-He beats me and... and..." I stopped as a heard a sharp intake of breath from the man in front of me. "And what? What else has he done?" I sniffled bringing my hands up to wipe furiously at my eyes. Though I had my eye patch still over the purple colored eye of mine. "H-He r-raped me", I said, my voice just barely a whisper as it cracked and I cried harder.

I jumped as Tanaka brought me into his arms and sat on my bed pulling me into his lap as if I was a child again. I didn't move, I didn't comment on being held like a baby. I gripped his tail coat tighter and cried into it as he spoke, softly and calmly, "It's going to be okay alright. I'll protect you as much as I can alright". I shook as he spoke and I thought, How are you going to save me from a demon? "Come on, lets get you in bed", he said and shifted me carefully onto my big bed and covered me with my comforter. He bent down and kissed my head, like my mother and father used to and quietly left as I sunk into my bed, as if the bed was swallowing me whole. Maybe, I should ask for help, maybe I could do this on my own. I sighed and closed my eyes and slowly, but surely fell into a dream like state.

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