Chapter 2

"Well, I did asking the member of the Knight`s Ordeal too and also asking some other people in Prontera... but they seems didn`t know very much about his whereabout." Wilson then added "It seems he went somewhere with some member of Knight`s Ordeal and some other adventurer to a some unknown place." He added. After that Wilson, Roy and Andrew walking around the town and seeing the market and also chatting with some other adventurers that comes around passing by. And then they went to Morroc using Kafra`s Service to hunt in the Sphinx. "Fuh, it`s so hot here damn. I think I`ll buy some ice cream at the merchant, Yo Rand, Drew did you want me to buy it for you?" Andrew and Wilson immeadiately giving Roy a thumbs up and then Wilson said "Well, I think I will go to check my storage and lend my Staff to Roy I guess. Andrew you can go anywhere you want in the mean times." Wilson said. After that Andrew then saw a crowd in the middle of the city. He goes there to see what happen. "AAAAAHHHHHH" he shouted loudly. Roy who had just bought the Ice Cream heard the scream then rushing to the middle of the city. He is shocked and he can`t believe what he just saw. He saw a body which have been decapitated into 2 parts and rotten with an unpleasant smell. Also it is burning with a light bluish flame in the center of it. is just laying around in the middle of the city out of nowhere. The people of Morroc then grew anxious and they just can`t believe what they are seeing. The corpse identity was Dulan. Dulan was formerly known as one of the richest person in Morroc whose often helps the people by giving them some waters and also sometimes he gave a shelter to the adventurers who went Morroc for free. The people wandered what could have make this happen. According to the people he was last seen about 4 days ago when he said he was gonna go to his relative`s place somewhere outskirt of Morroc. Then, "Ahem, excuse me please" a Crusader with a short brown spiky hair appear from behind. He then goes to examine the corpse carefully. After examining the corpse he said "There have been some incidents like this in other cities as well" he then said too "We must quickly dispose of this corpse so that it won`t turn like the one in Payon." Roy then asked "What happened in Payon?" then the Crusader explained to Roy and also the people of Morroc that a few days ago something like this also happened in Payon when everyone was busy with their own works a corpse which more or less is the same condition as it was in the Morroc. But the people are scared to even touch the corpse until suddenly the corpse raised and trying to attack the people. Luckily that an adventurer comes and disposed the corpse immeadiately. According to the crusader the corpse was actually a human which is killed then being used as a experiment subject by a scientist of who knows who is it. He said that it is impossible for a normal zombie to be bursted out with a dangerous chemical properties that can corrode even a steel, he then added that it was also been planted a device that will reanimate the body with no minds just a savage beast. He told the People of Morroc to quickly dispose of it before night. With that the Crusader then leave the crowd. After that Roy and Andrew leave the crowd as well and planned to meet up with Wilson at Kafra. Wilson then asked "Hey what took you two so long?" Wilson asked them curiously. Roy then explain the situation to Wilson. Wilson then said "Damn so it happens here too?" Roy then surprised and asked him what does he means. Wilson then said that about 2 days ago when Roy and Andrew was still battling, he and some other adventurers battling a group of zombie like that in the Outskirt of Prontera. He said that the zombie was very tough to kill and has a very dangerous substance bursting out if the corpse was left alone in night. Wilson said that the Knight`s Ordeal had issued this problem to the King and for the mean time it is a duty for everyone to get rid of the dangerous zombie before it does a damage to the weak. After that they eat their ice cream and off to Sphinx. On the way to the Sphinx they ecounter the earlier Crusader that they mey. "Oh? If it isn`t Wilson. What`s up Wil? How do you do?" the Crusader asked. Wilson replied "Well Well hi there Leon. Are you gonna hunting here too?" Roy then said " Oi Rand did ya know this guy?" Wilson then said "Of course. Well we both met during the test to become a Knight while he was on a test to become crusader. We helping out each other to search for the prerequisted item that is required to become one HAHAHAHA" Roy then said "Well then i suppose we can just got hunting together right?". Andrew then said "Hunting with more people will be fun YAY" after that they enter the Ancient Tomb and amazed by the tombs. Andrew particulary examined the picture on the walls and also looking carefully at many patterns of carving on the wall of Sphinx. "Whoa this is such a... such a... such a... MASTERPIECE. TRULY A MASTERPIECE" Andrew shouted. A swarm of Familiar then suddenly appears and rushing to attack the group. Roy then used *FIRE BALL* to ward the Familiar that comes rushing to them. Leon then said "Don`t be so loud in the place like this... it will make the monster notice us easily." ."Sorry...I...I just never came to this place... so i get excited." Andrew apologized to the party with a low voice and bowing a little. "Hmm, would you look at that man over there. Who is carrying a heavy rock." Wilson said. "That is a monster called Zerom. This Monster were once a human but... he was cursed by the Pharaoh of that time apparently... which forced him to guard this Tomb apparently." Leon said. After that they kill the monster and then they goes to the downstair to explore more. It was a successful exploration. Eventhough they only managed to reach the 3rd lvl basement, they still happy to be able to explore such ancient tomb filled with treasure. And then they returned to Morroc and rent a room at the inn for the night.