Katsuki's plan to get better at being a human was going….well. Ish.

After a lot of self introspection, she decided the first thing to do was to send an apology letter to the hero sidekick who had stopped her from writing "Fuck Endeavor".

It gave her a chance to practise her calligraphy, which was frankly shit. If Katsuki used crayons, her writing couldn't possibly look more childish than it already was.

Drawing a beautiful border with swirls and flowers, the text on the front simply read "SORRY FOR THE CRIME I ALLEGEDLY COMMITED". It was her best work yet. Now she just had to get her dad to pay for the stamp.

After convincing her dad to take her to the post office, she moved on to step 2.


Katsuki couldn't think of anyone in her neighbourhood other than Izuku who wasn't old as balls or annoying.

Minecraft was her solution to that issue.

It turned out, interacting with people who were mentally the same age as her was actually pretty fun!

Unfortunately, she sounded…very much like a child.

Explaining she was reincarnated and was actually older than she sounded didn't exactly go down well, except for one guy who just sort of laughed and invited her to join them in destroying the ender dragon. So, she had maybe made a friend?

Trouble was Katsuki, contrary to her personality, absolutely hated killing things in minecraft. She played almost exclusively creative, and if you asked her what enchantments were, she could only explain in detail the ones that could be applied to shears.

But. The server she was in allowed for you to keep your inventory after your death, so theoretically she could just keep warping back to were she died to keep whacking the ender dragon to help this person out.

Katsuki decided to exit the voice chat and message them in-game.

redparoxysm: dude I'm on my way but like, dont expect me to be amazing

h32055uck: i dont expect 5 year olds to be good at games

redparoxysm: I'm not a goddamn toddler

h32055uck: i know lol im fucking w u

That was nice, Katsuki guessed. She wasn't sure what it said about them that they might believe her, but she hadn't exactly talked about her reincarnation to anyone she knew in her real life.

h32055uck: whats ur name

redparoxysm: whats yours?

h32055uck: i asked first

h32055uck: and im not telling u

redparoxysm: rude

redparoxysm: Im katsuki

She managed to reach the end, but realised she had no idea what she was doing. Did she need some sort of item to reach the dragon? It was just sort of circling what she thought might be H32055uck, and it looked like it was destroying stuff?

redparoxysm: dude

redparoxysm: Ive never fought the dragon before

redparoxysm: was I supposed to bring something to reach you or

h32055uck: im busy

h32055uck was slain by Ender Dragon

h32055uck: FUCK

redparoxysm: F

teletor453: F

cucumbersands: F

villainbrine: F

h32055uck left the game

So. That went badly.

Katsuki pulled up her discord knock-off to check if they were still in voice chat. They weren't. The little green circle to show that someone was online was there though, meaning they hadn't logged out entirely.

Katsuki: Hey uck, are you okay?

H32055uck: uck?

Katsuki: I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce or say your name.

Katsuki: I havent read homestuck since my last life and I lit dont know anyone who uses leetspeak that isnt a kinnie

H32055uck: homestuck?

Katsuki: it was an old webcomic from like. 2009. idk if it even exists here

Katsuki: but are you okay?

H32055uck: i threw a chair thru a window but itll just come out of my pocket money so its fine

H32055uck: its meant to be read as herossuck

H32055uck: self explanatory

Katsuki: omg is there any glass from the window?

H32055uck: what?

Katsuki: are you hurt? idk how glass works but if you threw it hard it could have shattered like, inwards right?

H32055uck: its fine

H32055uck: why do u care

Katsuki: cause you invited me into ur party dude. like. Im pretty sure we're bound for life now

Katsuki: gamers in arms

H32055uck: fuck off lol

H32055uck: gtfo and play with your 5 year old friends

Katsuki: dude Im probably older than u

Katsuki: when I died the first time I wasnt getting pocket money

Katsuki: except from like. old people but theyre just like that

H32055uck: i'm 17.

Katsuki: ! I was that age when I died

Katsuki: idk if im supposed to count my current age on top of my old age tho so like. im either 12, 17 or uh. 29. fuck if I know

H32055uck: ur old

Katsuki: ik its a curse to look this youthful

Katsuki: I lit remember going to baby groups.

H32055uck: what a traumatic experience

H32055uck: i pity u

Katsuki: Thank you king.

H32055uck: gtg my teacher wants me to explain the window lol

H32055uck: thanks

H32055uck: for talking to me

Katsuki: np :o) it was fun! lets talk again soon

H32055uck: k. bye

Katsuki: cya!

So Katsuki was pretty certain she was the certified empress of social interactions. She would need to keep working on it, but she had two friends now! She had to let Izuku know.

Scrambling for the phone, it turned out she needn't have bothered because as soon as she grabbed it her mom came stomping up the stairs to get her.

"Katsuki get your ass downstairs! Inko and Izuku are here for dinner!"


Katsuki was wearing a crab onesie.

"Give me a second!" She yelled, futilely hoping that her words would have any effect.

Her prayers went unanswered by the vicious and uncaring gods, as her mom stormed into her room, took one look at her, and started rummaging in the wardrobe.

Katsuki's mom had a very good relationship with fashion that had not transferred to Katsuki herself. Unfortunately for her mother, Katsuki's wardrobe was filled with what a kind person would call "fancy dress" and "interesting and innovative takes on apparel."

Mitsuki however, would call them weird fucking outfits that didn't go with anything else in the wardrobe.

Snatching out a white shirt that said "Only horseshoe crabs understand me." and a skirt that didn't look like a dog had thrown up on it, she shoved the clothes at Katsuki with a barked command to get ready.

"And brush your hair!" Mitsuki yelled, leaving the room like a class 5 hurricane.

Quickly removing her onesie and putting on her new clothes, she hoped she would get to spend some time alone with Izuku.