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'Normal Speech'



'Bijuu/Summons Thoughts'

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Chapter 1

He wasn't able to even register what hit him. One moment he was driving home obeying all the traffic laws and making sure he checked all his blind spots, like any self-respecting member of human society. The next moment it's green light and he starts driving only for something to crash into him sending his car tumbling to God knows where. He couldn't feel any part of his body, but he was sure he was going to die either due to the glass shards impaled in his heart or the explosion that was bound to happen due to his flaming car. Everyone knows cars explode if you light them on fire.

"This is complete bullshit," He thought as it became harder to breathe due to the smoke in his lungs. "Even though I did nothing wrong I still got the short end of the stick and now I'm here dying excruciatingly painfully and slowly. Please blow up so I can move on to whatever afterlife is there. Fuck me."

He didn't know how long he was there in the wreckage of his car, but it must have been a decent amount of time since he could hear the sirens of police cars "Or is it ambulance trucks? They all sound the damn same, I just want to die, it fucking kills" and as though his thoughts were answered, his vision started to darken and he could feel the beat of his heart slow down. His breath became slower and even though the heat of his burning car, he could feel himself becoming colder.

"Why do I have to die. I don't want to die. I did everything I was supposed to. I was a good member of society. I paid my taxes. I took care of my siblings. I had good friends. But I have to FUCKING DIE DUE TO THE FUCKING STUPIDITY OF SOME DUMBASS." It was at this point that tears started to gather out his eyes making his already darkening vision more blurry.

"I bet the bastard that hit me is alright as well…'s just such bullshit"

He still had many years ahead of him, goals and things he wanted to do with his life. He was in medical school and had been working towards becoming a doctor. He had wanted to make his family and friends proud by succeeding in his ambitions, but all of that was cut short. His senses started to dull and even though the sirens were closer, he felt as if they were getting further away.

"I don't want to die like this."

It was at this moment that the fire that had started on his car spread even more. It reached the fuel tank of his trashed car and exploded in rain of glass and metal.

Host Detected…

Host Acceptable...

Synchronizing With Host…

Integration With Host at 1%…





Integration With Host at 90%…

Enough Integration Has Been Completed…

Full Integration Will Occur Over Time…

Congratulations Host On Becoming Owner Of # %&!

Would You Like To Start Another Life?


Even in the darkness of this plane of existence, he could see the words as bright as if it were a morning day. It was as if they came from the very depths of his soul. He did not know what was going on as his mind felt murky and his thoughts were sluggish, however, whether through some primitive will to live, or through some divine intervention, he knew what he wanted to do. He didn't want to die here, unfulfilled.

"I want to live"

And with him subconsciously selecting Yes everything went white.

XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

The hospital room was deathly silent. The only things that could be heard were the nearly inaudible breathing of the red-haired patient and the noise of the hospital electrocardiogram beeping at an extremely slow but constant rate.

The Third Hokage Hiruzen was mad, no he was absolutely livid. His surrogate grandson Naruto, the only living link left to his previous successor the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, was lying on the bed, his breathing barely audible, without any sign of waking up anytime soon.

Hiruzen was very silent, the type of silence that signaled the calm before the storm. He took a large drag of his pipe, slowly exhaling the toxic fumes as he gazed upon Naruto's form. "Would you care to repeat the amount of damage done?" Hiruzen asked calmly.

The Doctor slightly gulped, the invisible pressure of the Hokage weighing down on him like a mountain. "Hai Hokage-sama" he started "Extreme swelling in both eyes, 3 fractures in both arms, two breaks in his right leg, one in the Femur and one in the Tibia." It was at this point that the Doctor had to take a deep breath, not just from the pressure enveloping him, but also from the horror of this poor 7-year-old boy's condition.

"He also has severe brain damage" the doctor continued "Blunt force trauma to the side and front of the skull inflicted severe damage to the frontal and temporal lobe of the brain. It is a miracle that he is still alive, let alone breathing. It seems as if having it inside him, allowed him to survive despite the extensive damage done"

The hospital was one of the very few places where Naruto was not discriminated against. After all, while the Kyuubi might have destroyed a small portion of the village, and killed many people, it was nothing compared to the type of criminals that they took care of. Criminals who had been convicted of many crimes, some so heinous they were better left unsaid. The doctors in the hospital took an oath to heal any patient brought to them regardless of their circumstances and it also helped that Naruto looked like any regular 7 years old.

There was a shadow cast upon Hiruzen's eyes as he asked slowly "Are there going to be any side effects of tonight's incident?" As the professor, he knew that Naruto might not come out of this the same, but he needed to know just how bad it was.

The doctor looked at the Hokage, "If it can keep him alive even after all of this then Naruto should be able to recover." The Hokage expected this, after all, he knew more about jinchuuriki than the doctor, however, he also knew the doctor was giving him the good news first to make whatever came after more bearable.

"Hokage-sama" the doctor began, "Even though it could heal his brain, there is one thing that it could never be able to heal no matter how strong it is. Memories. Even if Naruto is able to make a full bodily recovery, he will never be the same again. The damage to the temporal lobe would have most certainly caused memory loss if it hasn't killed him, and not even a Yamanaka would be able to help since you can't fix what isn't there"

The Hokage slowly inhaled the fumes of the pipe again as he slowly exhaled, "It seems as If I have been too soft and lenient." Truth be told the years were catching up to him. Even if he was an amazing shinobi with great chakra reserves and superior genetics, he would never be able to fight against the enemy of all mankind ...time. Add to the fact that his favorite student, Orochimaru, betrayed the leaf, his other student Tsunade left the leaf in grief and became an alcoholic and gambler, his last student left to take care of his spy network and write smut (that he enjoys but he would never admit that), and that his successor died to protect the village 7 years ago, it was no wonder he lost any real motivation to do any work as Hokage.

Hiruzen's already old and fragile heart just wasn't in it anymore and he just wanted to retire. However, the village needed him and he needed to stay strong to lead the people but it was getting increasingly difficult and add unto the fact that his grandson (for all intents and purposes) was lying beaten and crippled, on his birthday no less, it came as no surprise when Hiruzen addressed two of the three anbu,

"Tori, Tora, get all those responsible to this to the IT (Interrogation and Torture) department and prep them for the public execution tomorrow"

"Hai Hokage-sama" they replied, and they left in a shunshin to get the prisoners "prepared" for the events of the next day.

The Hokage's heart cracked as he gazed upon the still form of Naruto yet simultaneously something changed inside him that day. From that moment forth the man known as 'The God of Shinobi' awoke from his slumber. "This will not happen again. As long as I take breath no more harm will come to you Naruto. Minato would be having a fit in the afterlife if he could see this. He would be destroyed, but I will do my best to fix the mistakes brought about by my leniency."

"Thank you so much for your help today doctor" Hiruzen stated as he slightly nodded his head at the doctor.

Shaking his head, the doctor responded, "There is no need for thanks Hokage-sama. I am merely doing my job"

The Hokage nodded and looked out the hospital window to the view of the Hokage monuments, taking extra time to look at the Fourth Hokage's stony visage before looking back at Naruto then at the last anbu officer. He was probably the only other person as mad, if not more so than himself.

"Inu, stay here for the night and take care of Naruto. Tomorrow morning report to my office, I have something I want to talk to you about."

"Hai Hokage-sama." The anbu stated

And with that, the Hokage left the building. Tomorrow was going to be a long ass day.

XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

Kakashi was appalled, upset, but most of all he was pissed. After he had spent a few years in the anbu, the Hokage had told him that Naruto was his sensei's son mainly because the old man didn't want Kakashi to kill himself through the near-constant suicidal missions he took whenever he could.

After his friend Obito died he felt like a part of him died as well, but he swore to not let anyone he cared about die again. Then after Rin died he couldn't even look at himself anymore, he failed to protect both his friends, his family. After his sensei died, it was like everything else inside him died as well.

Kakashi tossed himself into the most dangerous and treacherous missions he could so that he could fill the void that was in his heart. He had nothing left to live for so why not die like a shinobi?

It was apparent that the Hokage noticed this and brought him aside one day to tell him everything.

XX Flashback XX

It had been 5 years since he had joined ANBU black ops, and 18-year-old Kakashi had just returned from another successful suicidal mission he took when he felt something was off. And this feeling only grew when the Hokage dismissed the rest of the anbu in the room aside from himself.

"Kakashi" Hiruzen started, "I understand what you are going through more than you know" Kakashi stood there muted, paying attention to the Hokage's words.

"I lost Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya barely visits. No one has been the same since Minato died and so I know what it feels like to lose those close to you and not be able to do anything about it"

Hiruzen took a deep breath inhaling the smoke from his pipe, "What I am about to tell you is an SS-Class secret only known to 4 people, and today you will be the fifth."

At this Kakashi's eyes widened slightly. What kind of secret is this? And why would the Hokage tell him if it was so important?

"As you know" The Hokage continued, "The Kyuubi was sealed into a newborn infant, however, that is not the whole issue of the incident." At this point, Kakashi's heartbeat increased slightly and he had a foreboding feeling.

"Minato was too noble and would never use someone else's child to seal the Kyuubi, not only that but only an Uzumaki could contain the power of the Kyuubi due to their powerful chakra and lifeforce. Kushina was the Kyuubi's jinchuuriki and on the date of Naruto's birth, the seal keeping it at bay started to weaken."

At this point, Kakashi already pieced together what the Hokage was going to say. You would have to be a special kind of idiot to not understand. "He's sensei's son," Kakashi thought.

"Long story short the Kyuubi was released and Minato used his son to seal the Kyuubi away once again, but at the cost of his life." Hiruzen finished staring straight ahead.

Kakashi's emotions were in turmoil, though it would be hard to spot any change in facial expression. He was happy, confused, and just a little pissed.

"Why?" he asked through grit teeth and gripped hands, and as if Hiruzen understood he replied, "Minato and I had hoped that your time in ANBU would help heal your damaged heart after the death of your teammates and allow your abilities to be nurtured and put to the best possible use."

It was at this point that Hiruzen leveled a sharp glare at Kakashi, "However, your time in ANBU didn't have the desired effect and you didn't get any better. You ask why I didn't tell you sooner? Tell me what would you have done if you knew soon after Minato's death?"

Kakashi could not respond because they both knew the unspoken answer. It would not have really changed much and his mental state was not in the best of health. That's not to say he was perfectly fine now, but compared to a few years ago he was much better.

Kakashi knew that his sensei's wife was pregnant, but he always assumed the unborn child died the night on the attack. Though he was assigned to guard the area where Kushina was giving birth, the moment the Kyuubi was released he, and the younger Konoha ninja, were forced inside a barrier to protect them so he never got to see Naruto when he was born.

The first time he saw him was when the Hokage was making the speech about how he should be viewed as a hero, but at that point, that baby could have been anyones. He had barely caught cursory glances at the kid a few times around the village on that rare occasion he wasn't doing missions so it's no wonder he never made the connection.

Hiruzen continued, "I want to give you something to live for Kakashi and so whenever possible I'll give you watch duty on the boy so you can get to know him a little. You can still perform your ANBU duties while keeping watch and hope you stop trying to kill yourself."

Kakashi looked at the Hokage and bowed deeply "Hai, Hokage-sama."

Hizuren smiled, "You are dismissed"


XX Flashback End XX

After that Kakashi slowly decreased the number of suicidal missions he took and spent the time he was in the village on guard duty, protecting Naruto. As a matter of fact, he was rushing home to Konoha after completing another mission and he'd hoped he would be able to give Naruto a birthday present this year. He had talked to the kid on a few occasions and he had never missed his birthday after all the villagers tended to get a little rowdy, but this year was different.

His mission was slightly longer than it should have been, but he was sure he was going to make it in time, but upon coming home and detailing the mission to the Hokage, ANBU patrols had spotted a beaten, nearly dead Naruto.

October 10th was the day the Kyuubi was defeated by the Fourth and so every year on that day, people would celebrate a festival and it was a joyous occasion for everyone, except for Naruto. In fact, that was the day when the villagers became even more aggressive towards him (More drunks, living in the slums, etc.) so he usually just stayed away from the festivities. However, this year he wanted to have fun and join in the happiness that everyone seemed to be enjoying, but before he could get into the center of the village where the festivities were being held, he was jumped and beaten to an inch of his life.

If it wasn't for the regular ANBU patrol having spotted the villagers brutalizing the poor kid, there was no telling what could have happened. Usually, on this day the Hokage had to spread the ANBU forces thin since the festival could get out of hand in several places and he'd usually just make Kakashi watch over Naruto to ensure his safety.

Unfortunately, Naruto's ignorance of the village's general hatred of him caused him to make a fatal mistake and he paid for it with his life.

"Sensei, you would be so upset that the villagers didn't even keep your dying wish." Kakashi mournfully thought. He still had the present he was going to give Naruto, but he didn't even know if it would matter at this point.

It was around this moment that a groan could be heard coming from Naruto's bed. Kakashi snapped to attention "Could it be?" he thought "The damage was extensive and it wouldn't be a surprise if he was out for a few days to a week or so."

He watched as Naruto opened his light violet eyes and seemed to be staring blankly ahead at the ceiling. Unknown to him Naruto wasn't actually staring ahead at nothing but was staring at something only he could see.

Synchronizing Soul With Body…

Loading Your Memory Data…

Transmigration Process Complete

Different Memory Data Found

Loading Different Memory Data…

Would You Like To View?


You have slept in a bed. Your HP and CP have fully recovered.

"Where am I?" He thought calmly as he gazed upon the floating letters in front of him. He didn't remember how he got here, only that he clicked yes and that there was a bright light. If he had to take a guess he assumed that when he died, this foreign thing just latched unto his soul and brought it here so that he could live again.

For making an accurate judgment about your situation moments after waking, you are rewarded +1 to INT

But that also made him realize one morbid thought, "I died." He didn't know how to feel about that fact. He left the land of the living in his old world, but here he was now in a completely new environment perfectly fine and breathing.

It was amazing how well he was reacting to that morbid thought. The fact that he died wasn't making him bawl his eyes out nor was he having a panic attack. Now that he thought about it, he remembered the floating messages in front of him, telling him about gaining points and that his HP and CP had recovered… "Ohh Damn."

It also seemed as if he also gained the gamer ability he read so much about. "The Gamer" ability. It was a unique skill that allowed the user to interact with the world around them as if they were in a video game, more specifically an RPG. From what he could remember, this ability would give him quests and levels, stats and skills, all for the purpose of making him stronger, however, he knew that this wasn't a game, it was real.

He could feel his heart beating, pumping blood all over his body. He could see his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. He could understand all this because his brain was functioning properly and allowing him to do so. If anyone of these processes stopped, he would die….again.

There was a good amount of fanfiction about "The Gamer" ability that he read. Some of it was good, some of it was horrendous, and the rest were okay, but if he had this ability then there was no limit to what he could accomplish, "And this time I'll make sure I don't die so pathetically." He thought with a grimace.

For guessing the correct nature of your ability with limited information, you are rewarded +1 to INT

He wondered if it was always going to be this easy to get stats. He wasn't surprised that he wasn't freaking the fuck out then, since if this was the Gamer ability then he would most certainly have Gamer's Mind to keep his emotions in check. Not that freaking out is something he usually did but this situation was a little too much even for him.

Now that he thought about it…..where the hell was he?

Quest Alert

Where Are You?

You have woken up in an unfamiliar place and you have no fucking clue where you are. Use whatever information available to find out where you are so you don't look like a clueless dumbass.

Reward: 1000 XP. Skill Book. +1 Stat Point.

Failure: You would have to be a special kind of reta**Cough Cough** mentally challenged individual to not figure out where you are. You would actually have to try to fail in order to actually fail so don't fail

He was kind of speechless. Why the hell had this Game system thing become a complete jackass. Granted it was kind of funny, but still, that wasn't necessary and it was completely uncalled for. Maybe because it synchronized with his soul it gained some part of his personality? Wait wouldn't that mean that he was a jackass? He knew he was an ass at times, but he didn't know it was this bad. Now he knew how it felt to be on the other side of the sucked.

It looks like you aren't a mentally challenged individual after all if you're able to figure all that out. +1 to INT and +1 to WIS

"Well fuck you too," He thought, though it felt kind of stupid since he was essentially insulting a part of himself… on that note, he decided to view the past memory of this body to gain an idea of what world he ended up in.

For making an intelligent decision and not mentally making a fool out of yourself anymore, +1 INT

Now that was just insulting, but who was he to complain about all these free points? He looked at the Yes/No option and mentally clicked Yes to view all the memories.

XX Memories XX

3-year-old Naruto looked at the orphanage mother with tears in his eyes. She had berated him heatedly after he got into a fight with some kids in the playground.

"He started it!" he whined eyes glistening "He called me a bad person and pushed me so I had to push back." The orphanage mother looked at the red-haired boy with slightly less reproachful eyes, "Naruto" she started softly "If you act with violence just because someone says something bad about you, you'll just be like what they called you"


"No buts Naruto" she continued, "You should have been the better boy and walked away. You could have talked to me if you wanted to."

Naruto looked away and sniffled. "Don't cry?" the orphanage mother said "I'm here for you. Now come here." Naruto walked over and sat on her lap resting his head on her bosom comfortably. "If you ever have a problem come here to talk to me about it."


5-year-old Naruto was walking back to the Orphanage from his first day of school. Nearing the door he noticed the increasing volume of the orphanage mother's voice and the voice of someone he had seen multiple times and viewed as a grandfather.

"But he's only 5 Hokage-sama." Her voice was at a level where one would consider impolite, especially when her voice was leveled towards the Hokage.

"He shouldn't have to live on his own at this age"

The Hokage exhaled the smoke in his lungs softly. "If he is going to grow up to live up to his father's legacy, he needs to foster some independence."

He saw that the Mother was going to raise her voice so he calmly put his hand up, "This doesn't mean that he cannot visit you. I just want him to mature a little on his own, but he can come here whenever he wants."

The Mother sighed. As one of the few people who knew about Naruto's heritage, she knew how much he meant to the Hokage and that he definitely had Naruto's best interests at heart.

She was one of Biwako's, the Hokage's late wife, friends and add on the fact that she was compassionate and caring, the Hokage thought it best to tell her this SS-rank secret. It was probably just to let her know who her friend, Biwako, died for.

She was interrupted from her musings as the Hokage continued, "You also know that while the other caretakers don't necessarily do anything to him, they and the other children stay away from him. He must be feeling neglected by living around these people daily, so it would be better if he distanced himself from the others and just came to visit you."

"Hai." She said and it was at this time that the Hokage turned to look at Naruto who had been eavesdropping on the whole conversation. The Hokage noticed as soon as he came into the house (he wouldn't be the Hokage if he didn't) and decided it would be best if Naruto heard it in person

"Naruto," he said, putting a genuine smile and leveling his gaze towards the boy "We decided that it would be better if you lived away from the other children, but don't worry you can come and visit the Mother whenever you want ok?"

Naruto looked at the orphanage mother and saw her smile. "Do I Have to?" He asked. He didn't want to leave one of the people he loved the most.

"You want to be a ninja right?" Hiruzen asked. When he saw Naruto nod he continued "Then you need to start by loving independently and it not like you can't visit the orphanage mother anytime you want. Also, I'll pay for the rent on your apartment until you become a shinobi"

Naruto put on a thinking pose that was so adorable that even the ANBU around the Hokage thought 'KAWAII'. "Alright I'll do it, but you owe me 5 bowls of ramen Old man."

The Hokage chuckled a little "Fine today's meal is all on me."

7-year-old Naruto looked at the festival from his average 1 bedroom apartment and wished he could be there having fun. Today he turned 7, but Inu wasn't here with him today which was slightly weird since he never missed his birthday. Maybe he was busy? Regardless Inu usually restricted him from leaving his room on this day and would hang around with him, but since he wasn't here he had slightly more freedom. Getting up he walked out the door and left taking in the surrounding festivities as he made his way towards the center of the village.

Before he knew it a few drunken old men were leering at him slowly inching towards him. He had a terrible feeling, but he had nowhere to run to, so he was essentially trapped.

"We finally got the demon"

"There's nowhere to run now"

"We'll finish what the Fourth started"

"There is no one to protect you"

"This is for killing my sister!"

They ushered words that surely had nothing to do with him. He wasn't a demon, his orphanage mother said so, but he couldn't voice his opinions over the sound of his breaking bones and loud screams. He couldn't feel anything, but the last thing he would ever see was the bloodied forms of his attackers as the ANBU patrol came around.

XX Memories End XX

It was weird watching his/Naruto's life. It was like he was actually there but he had no control of his actions and didn't feel any of the pain, but he knew it the pain existed.

"This is completely fucked." he thought as went through the memories. The ones that stood out the most were definitely the ones where he was scolded by the loving orphanage mother, when he moved out of the orphanage, and when he was beaten to death.

"It seems as if I'm in some fucked up alternate Naruto universe where I have Kushina's red hair and light violet eyes, but Minato's face...but the violence against Naruto in this world was just plain fucked. How could anyone do that to a child?" he thought appalling.

Synchronizing Past Memory's Experience With Body….

Due to the past memory's experiences, you gain Physical Endurance (Passive).

Physical Endurance (Passive) Lvl 15 [2.8%]. The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken.

30% decrease in damage taken by attacks.

"That's neat", he thought, but he had to wonder how many times he got beaten to get physical endurance to this level. The people here had a real problem.

Your level has increased by one!

He was in the Naruto world and inside the body of a Naruto who had either died or just had a damaged soul that he took over. Seeing as he had the memories of the previous owner it was most likely the latter. He sighed inside, "I'm going to live a long ass life this time then I'm going to milk this ability."

Your INT and WIS increase by +1

You have gained the skill book 'Chakra Absorption'. Would you like to learn this skill?


The skill book wasn't in his hand so it must have automatically gone to his inventory. He mentally clicked yes and he felt the knowledge of how to control chakra flow through his body. He also felt greater control overall.

Chakra Absorption (Active) Lvl 0 [0.0%]. Allows the user to absorb chakra from ninjutsu, or from other people. Passively Increase CP regeneration by 10%

After that, he decided to look at where he stood so he thought "Status"

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Title: N/A
Status: N/A
Race: Human

Job: The Gamer
Level: Lvl 2 Next Level: 0/3000

HP: 1150/1150 Regen: (11.50 + (100%)) = 23.00 per min
CP: 2375/2375 Regen: (23.75 + (210%)) = 73.625 per min

STR: 13
VIT: 20
DEX: 11
INT: 45
WIS: 30

CHA: 75

Points: 5

Yen: 1000

You have gained the skill 'Natural Charmer' due to your CHA being over 50.

Natural Charmer (Passive) Lvl [MAX]

You are just so damn adorable that people have a hard time hating you (They still can though especially if the hatred runs deep). Increases reputation gain with others. Increase CHA gain by 100%. Your every action exudes charisma (well as much as one could have for a 7-year-old) and people have a higher chance of being charmed by you. People have a higher chance of liking you at first impression.

His stats looked amazing for a 7-year old that was for sure and that Natural Charmer skill was something…... Based on Naruto's memories he received a lot of damage. but since his body was like a video game character now, most natural bodily processes (as natural as you can get in this world) did not affect him the same anymore...well maybe except for death. After all, there was no coming back from getting your head chopped off unless someone used Edo Tensei...he decided to put his tangential thoughts on hold for now and focus on where he was.

If the beeping of the electrocardiogram wasn't a dead giveaway, then the IV drip and the last memories of Naruto were all he needed to confirm that he was in a hospital. He glanced around the room and focused his gaze on the ANBU in the room that he knew from canon information and his memories.

"Inu aka Kakashi Hatake," he thought "In this universe, he's more of a big brother to Naruto than anything else and has been there for him since he started living on his own." Since he was essentially Naruto now he guessed he should stop thinking about himself in the third person. After all this was his second chance at life and he would get strong and live to the best of his abilities.

As he stared at the masked Jounin with squinted eyes, he finally got what he wanted.

Observe (Passive/Active) Lv 0 [10.01%] CP: 5

Through continuous observation, a skill was generated to observe objects, situations, and persons and allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

He used observe to check out Kakashi, though he already had an idea of the kind of information he would see.

Name: Inu (Kakashi Hatake)

Title: Kakashi of the Sharingan
Status: ANBU Captain
Race: Human
Level: Lvl 68 Next Level: ?

HP: ?
CP: ?

STR: ?
VIT: ?
DEX: ?
INT: ?
WIS: ?

CHA: ?

Points: 0

It was as he thought, he was too low level to view Kakashi's stats due to the level difference. He also noticed that Kakashi did not have any points to allocate towards his stats which could mean one of two things. First was that the stat points were just a bonus of his gamer ability and were there to give him a small edge over everyone else. The other likely possibility was that those without his ability subconsciously "allocated" their stat points to their most prominent stats as they leveled up and grew stronger. For example, maybe a Nara would subconsciously allocate stat points towards WIS and INT while an Akimichi would subconsciously allocate points towards STR and VIT. It was food for thought, Naruto mused.

Though Naruto also knew that as he started to change the storyline, little unexpected situations would begin to occur, however, as long as the important information remained the same such as Akatsuki's members, Madara behind the scenes, Bijuu's Jinchuuriki, and other major things, he would be able to adequately prepare.

That aside, he started to realize that his gaze was probably starting to unsettle the poor ANBU captain so he broke the ice the best way he knew how.


XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

Kakashi was starting to get worried about Naruto's mental health. The kid had just been staring at the ceiling for the past half an hour for no reason. When he assumed Naruto had started to come to his senses when he looked around for a bit and leveled his glare towards him.

Kakashi had to admit that it was very unsettling when Naruto just started staring straight at him with an even gaze and squinted eyes. It was as if he was trying to decode his very existence with his eyes (he had no idea) so it was no wonder he let out a breath, of relief, he didn't know he was holding when Naruto opened his mouth.


Kakashi looked at him for a little bit and analyzed Naruto "He seems to be able to function and speak properly. His body doesn't have any visible wounds which are shocking considering the state he was in yesterday. Is this the strength of the Kyuubi's regenerative abilities?" he thought.

He figured it would be rude to just stare at Naruto and not say anything so he decided to reply, "How are you doing Naruto? Do you feel any lingering aches or pain?" now he wasn't any doctor, but as ANBU he had extensive knowledge of the human body and he assumed Naruto would feel some phantom pains from last night's debacle.

Naruto scratched the back of his spiky red hair a little, "I feel fine Inu-san" it felt kind of awkward to call him that, but with Naruto's memories it wasn't too bad. "Just a little headache and I'm a little sore." Considering that he suffered a lot of head damage he thought it would make sense to say that even if he was feeling perfectly fine a normal human, Kyuubi jinchuuriki or not, wouldn't.

"That's good" Kakashi started, "Do you remember anything that happened last night?" He wanted to see how jumbled his memories were. It seemed as if he wasn't suffering from any long-term memory loss if Naruto could remember him, but better to get an idea of what he was dealing with.

Naruto adopted the adorable lady killer thinking pose that made older women swoon and said, "I just remember someone attacking me, some muffled sounds, and now I'm here."

It seemed as if he was just suffering from some short-term memory loss, but the doctor also explained he might have a change in personality as well due to his brain damage. The small conversation they were having wasn't enough to glean any sort of information on any change to his personality so that would have to be observed in the long term, but all in all, Naruto looked and acted alright so that was a plus in his books.

Kakashi offered a slight eye smile "Well all that matters is that you are fine now so don't worry about it." all that mattered was that Naruto was alive "I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it in time for your birthday yesterday. I was coming back from a mission that took longer than expected, but I got you a small gift." At this point Kakashi pulled out a face mask very similar to the one he had. He didn't really know what constituted a good birthday present seeing as he didn't really have a normal childhood, but he figured it was the thought that counts.

Naruto looked at the mask cloth with a grateful look on his face "Thank you for the gift Inu-san." he'd still have to get used to saying that, but that aside he always thought the mask made Kakashi look cool so he was quite happy for the gift, but that made him think "Even though I should be dead, somehow I'm living as Naruto now." He clenched his fists as he continued his line of thought, "No matter what, I won't take this extra life in vain."

Kakashi facial expression softened as he walked up to the hospital bed and handed Naruto the mask. As Naruto took it, he decided to check it out.


Face Mask

A gift that was given to Naruto for his seventh birthday. The face mask is used to, well, cover your face. It's pretty self-evident what it's used for and it is a symbol of Kakashi's familial love for Naruto. Increases CHA by 5 because of the mysterious vibe you give off that ladies love to explore.

Naruto didn't really expect any gains from this simple mask, but he could understand how being mysterious would be attractive to some women. It was better than he expected, but regardless of whether he had gained anything from it or not, Naruto would have worn it simply because it looked nice.

Without a second thought, Naruto put on the mask and pulled it up to his nose. "I have to admit it feels pretty nice." he thought, "I might just wear this every day." He finished his line of thought before looking around for any reflective surfaces. He spotted his reflection on the window and he had to admit it really did increase his charm. Looking back at Kakashi, who had an expectant gaze, he decided, "Might as well, but I'm only doing this to somewhat fit in" Naruto repeatedly thought to himself before embracing Kakashi.

"This present is amazing. Thank you Inu-san" Naruto said with a slight smile on his face.

Kakashi patted him on the head "Don't sweat it it's the least I could do. I just wish I could have been there for you a little earlier" he said with a sigh.

Naruto shook his head, "You shouldn't worry about what could have happened or about the past. Just focus on what you can do differently now and look ahead."

Kakashi was slightly shocked. Could brain damage make someone wiser? He stroked his chin as he thought before responding, "I guess you're right. It seems like you've become more mature Naruto."

Naruto simply raised a brow, "Are you saying that I wasn't mature before? I'll have you I've always been mature Inu-san." Kakashi put his hand up in a placating manner, "Yes you're all grown up now." putting his hands down he looked at Naruto seriously for a moment, "I have to report to the Hokage in a few so I'll ask the Doctor to check you out to see if you can leave soon. I'll be back." seeing Naruto nod Kakashi smiled once more before leaving in a shunshin.

"*Sigh* Any change in my behavior could just be explained away by brain damage, so I should be fine for now. I guess in a way it was kind of lucky that this body was so heavily brain damaged before I came here. Now let's see what perks I got. Every 'Gamer' ability has something like this, so let's see….'Skill List'"


Kyuubi Jinchuuriki:

Additional +5 VIT, +5 STR, +3 DEX Per Lv, +100 CP, +100 HP per Lv. Grants a 100% increase to HP regeneration and a 200% increase to CP regeneration

Uzumaki Lineage:

Additional +5 VIT, +5 INT, 3 WIS, +50 HP per Lv, +25 CP per lvl +250% EXP Gain towards Fuinjutsu


Gamer's Mind (Passive) Lvl Max.

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect.

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl Max

Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game. After sleeping in a bed, Gamer's Body restores HP, MP and all status effects.

Observe (Passive/Active) Lv 0 [10.01%] CP: 5

Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and people was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Physical Endurance (Passive) Lvl 15 [2.8%]

The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken. 30% decrease in damage taken by attacks

Chakra Absorption (Active/Passive) Lvl 0 [0.0%]

Allows the user to absorb chakra from ninjutsu, from other people, or from the environment in order to replenish your reserved. Increases CP regeneration by 10%, +50% EXP towards Senjutsu

His skills weren't much right now, but they could easily be worked on over time. Before any of that though, he had to wait till the doctor checked him out of the hospital. It wouldn't do any good to test new and potentially dangerous abilities in the hospital.

"Based on my memories school would probably start around now, but seeing as I'm stuck here there's nothing much I'll be able to do about it. I'll just have to wait till Kakashi comes back from the Hokage's office. I have a year of regular schooling before I am able to go to the Shinobi academy where all the fun will start."

Now that he thought about the academy, he really couldn't understand why Naruto seemed to be so hung up on Sakura in the canon universe. Sure she grew up to be pretty good looking, but in the original anime and manga, she never paid him any attention and was just one of those girls completely devoted to Sasuke. She did, however, become more useful and powerful a lot later in the series, but it took too much time for that to happen.

"But I plan to change everything now that I'm here. Ino and Sakura both grow up to be the most exceptional kunoichi of their time, but it took too long for them to become such plus if I didn't know better, I would say that they didn't train and eat properly. Then there's Hinata who's just too shy. No, not while I'm around here, I'll make sure those three change their habits early on and as they grow, I'll have to make sure they take care of their bodies as well. *sigh* I've got my work cut out for me, but I won't let them waste their abilities, or it might be too late one day."

Naruto knew that this world was already very different from the 'Naruto' world he knew of if his read hair was any indication. While he didn't know how different it was, Naruto was not going to take chances and if he could help make the people he cared about strong enough to face any eventuality, he would do it. The plan he had was somewhat simple. He would take this year to train his body and overall stats vigorously, so when he finally gets to the academy he would easily dominate the competition and show off his strength. He might get some fangirls, but with luck, he could serve as an influence to Ino, Hinata, and Sakura and use that to offer them training and help.

The door opened interrupting him from his musings and Naruto saw the doctor come up to him with a warm smile on his face.

"Naruto-san I'm going to perform a series of tests to make sure you are all right to check out of the hospital." seeing Naruto nod, he moved to check his heartbeat, mobility, eyesight, and overall basic processes before he checked off things on his clipboard.

Throughout the entire process, the doctor looked continuously shocked but tried to keep a professional look on his face. "Well, it seems as if you made a full recovery. There are no visible side-effects and your body is performing at above optimal capacity. I'll be able to have you checked out of the hospital after bringing my report to the Hokage."

"Thank you, Doctor," Naruto responded. The doctor smiled slightly, "I'm merely doing my job, now why don't you rest and when everything is set, you'll be able to leave." With his work finished the doctor left, closing the door behind him, and leaving Naruto to his own thoughts.

"Now what to do with the time I have left. Maybe I should see If I can create some skills." That done he proceeded to work with his current thought process.

XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

Kakashi appeared in front of the Hokage tower in a swirl of leaves. Was anyone to look underneath his mask, they would see how distracted he looked and how preoccupied he was with his thoughts.

He made his way up the stairs and checking in with the secretary. She pushed a button underneath her desk as she stated, "Hokage-sama is waiting for you Inu-san."

Kakashi gave a small nod as he stepped through the door and walked into the Hokage's office eyeing the fastly decreasing paperwork. "It seems as if seeing Naruto's condition was too much for the old man. He's just drowning himself in work." He snapped out of his musings, standing at attention, "I'm here for my report Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen stopped his battle with the demon spawn known as paperwork as he looked up towards Kakashi, "Tell me what you noticed" he said with complete seriousness. Kakashi nodded, "Naruto's wounds have been perfectly healed and he shows no outward side effects" here Kakashi paused seemingly thinking about what he was going to say next, "He isn't as loud as he usually is and his emotions were calmer. While there's no long-term memory loss on Naruto's part, his personality seems to have become more relaxed, so to speak. It looks like he can control them a lot better instead of his usual outbursts, and he seems a lot more mature than someone his age should be. There's no doubt that the incident had an effect on his mind, but from what I have noticed it isn't a negative one."

Finished speaking, Kakashi took a breath and waited for the Hokage's response.

"I see" The old man started, "That's good then. I should be getting a report from the Doctor in some time so why don't you wait in the lobby and I'll give you the okay to take him home when the report comes in." Kakashi bowed then walked out the door.

"ANBU!" Hiruzen yelled. Instantly 3 of his personal guards appeared around his desk awaiting the Hokage's orders. "Bring the fools that attacked Naruto to the execution grounds, I will not allow any slights against my grandson to go unpunished."

"Hai Hokage-sama" They responded and left to carry out his orders.

XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

Naruto was thinking about what skills he might be able to replicate from other anime and/or games. Ones that were not too difficult in theory and could be replicated to some degree with chakra. Deciding to take one from one of his favorite anime (Before it went to shit) bleach, he concentrated on his chakra trying to feel the large source of energy he had inside his body. Considering his lineage, the fact that he had the Kyuubi inside him, and the fact that having a gamer's body made learning all skills easier, it didn't take too long till he located his chakra.

He tried to subtly manipulate his chakra, first moving it from his core towards his hands in a steady stream so that there were no complications. That done he maneuvered some chakra to his legs trying to internally reinforce them as he did his arms and he finally got one of the skills he was looking for.

A Skill has been created through special action. The skill 'Chakra Reinforcement' has been created

Chakra Reinforcement (Active) Lvl 2 [2.8%]. Chakra Reinforcement allows the user to flow chakra internally through their body. It is a basic chakra manipulation skill that grants a 5% increase in STR and a 5% increase in DEX

That done he started to work on his next objective. One thing he theorized about his gamer ability was that it seemed as if that as long as it was theoretically possible and you knew what you wanted your ability to do, you could create an ability without having to understand the deep theoretical aspects of it. Of course, there were some limits to this as Naruto didn't think he would be able to create Kekkei Genkai if he didn't have the elemental affinity for it and he doubted he could recreate something like the Sharingan since that was a completely genetic trait that didn't have anything to do with an elemental affinity.

"What if I try this…" Naruto thought before imagining a skill. He thought about the Chidori, the lightning flowing through his hands, the ball of plasma forming on his palm and the sound of a thousand birds chirping…

Skill Creation Failed…You do not have the required 'Elemental Affinity' level for this technique

"So it seems like I was wrong…" Naruto thought to himself, it seemed that there were more conditions than he thought when making a technique. Maybe it was simply due to chakra's specific nature? He would have to try a different technique then, one that required no elemental affinity. He thought about the Rasengan. The chakra flowing through his hands; The ball of pure chakra spinning and forming on his palm and the sound of the wind slightly whirling from the strength of the vortex...

Skill Creation Failed…You do not have the required 'Chakra Control' level for this technique

"Chakra control and elemental affinity huh…" Naruto thought. His 'Gamer' ability had some different facets that he would have to find out about.

"Well then, how about something completely different…"

Slowly Naruto imagined his chakra leaking to the surface of his skin and covering it like another layer of skin. He imagined the chakra as an automatic defense mechanism that grew stronger as he continuously added chakra to it to increase its density. He imagined chakra being contained and absorbed into the surface of his skin cells. As he opened his eyes, he could sense that his chakra was just covering his skin and it wasn't at all visible, unless of course, you were a half decent sensor.

Skill has been created through special action. The skill 'Chakra Armor' has been created

Chakra Armor (Active/Passive) Lvl 2 [2.8%]

Chakra Armor allows the user to direct their chakra to the very surface of their skin where it is absorbed by the skin cells, passively strengthening the body and allowing for greater defensive capabilities. The defensive properties of Chakra Armor will increase as more chakra is supplied to the skin and its limit is based on the user's STR and VIT. CA (Chakra Armor) is separate from other stats and whatever physical damage you receive will decrease CA first before your HP. CA must reach 0 before damage to the health bar occurs. CA limit is based on the health and strength of the user's body as too much chakra in the cells can cause damage if the body is not strong enough to handle the influx. The CA limit is found by the formula: [STR x VIT]. CA increases by 25 per minute. Cost 25 CP.

Naruto always felt that the Bleach universe's Hierro was a great useful defensive ability and it seemed like he could recreate it here. It was better than even Gaara's automatic defense and sand armor since it became more durable over time. You also wouldn't be able to use speed to "outrun" this type of "automatic" defense, like Lee did against Gaara's sand. In the long run, it would really help him out and probably be a lifesaver. Even though it had a limit now due to his body's cells not being able to handle the constant influx of chakra, over time Naruto would be able to increase his capabilities

Though Naruto had to wonder what was different about this skill than the other ones he tried to create? "Hmm, it didn't require any elemental affinity since it just used my body's pure chakra, There was also no chakra control involved since it is a subconscious ability that uses as much chakra as needed…" So he needed to create skills that required little to no elemental affinity and little to no chakra control. The shadow clone jutsu sounded plausible, but Naruto didn't want to accidentally get caught knowing one of the village's Kinjutsu (forbidden technique) without anyone having taught him. Plus he wasn't 100% sure this 7-year-old body of his had enough chakra for shadow clones, though he felt that it might.

For not rushing into something foolheartedly, you have been rewarded +1 WIS!

"That's neat." Naruto thought. Well aside from the shadow clone technique, there was one other technique, or better yet skill, that Naruto had in mind that would he a huge boon to his ninja career. Even though most ninjas used flashy jutsu that could compromise their position in the field, they all had stealth and assassination training so developing a way to detect their presence would be helpful in all situation.

Closing his eyes Naruto focused on his surroundings, trying to spread out his awareness around the hospital. He focused on the patients in the next room over, then the doctors and the nurses as he tried to get a feel for their chakra. It was annoyingly difficult since they had small amounts of it, but he took a deep breath and focused his attention on the matter at hand.

After a while, he could feel something, but compared to feeling his own monstrous reserves, feeling the paltry reserves of others was becoming difficult, that was until a relatively large chakra signature appeared in his sphere of awareness. It was like watching ants walk on the ground, only to have a tarantula appear in front of you, out of nowhere. You couldn't help but notice it now that is was right in front of you.

A Skill has been created through special action. The skill 'Chakra Perception' has been created

Chakra Perception (Active/Passive) Lvl 1 [2.8%]. All living things have some amount of chakra inside them. Chakra perception allows you to passively sense the chakra around you and when active it gives you greater focus on chakra sensing. Range: 25 meters. When active Range: 50 meters Cost: 30 CP.

His hospital door opened and Kakashi walked in, moving towards the bed where Naruto was. "Alright we got the okay to leave so I'll take you to your apartment. You still remember where it is right?" he asked.

"Of course I do Inu-san" Naruto responded. "I've been living there for 2 years so it would be strange if I forgot." Kakashi nodded "well then let's get going." and without waiting for Naruto to respond, he took his arm and left in a shunshin.

XXX Naruto Gamer XXX

It should be noted that for anyone other than the user, the shunshin caused extreme dizziness and the urge to throw up. "Screw you Inu-san," Naruto said while trying to keep whatever food he had in his stomach, inside. Kakashi looked down at Naruto in amusement, it never got old "What colorful language Naruto-Kun. Maybe you want to go again." Kakashi said teasingly

Naruto just looked at him with a flat stare and opened the door to his apartment. Since the Hokage ordered ANBU to routinely patrol this area of the village for Naruto's sake, there were very few instances of break-ins and vandalism so Naruto's apartment was relatively clean.

It was a simple one-room apartment with all there bare necessities such as a shower, kitchen, and bed. Nothing too fancy, but nothing too bad either. Naruto walked around taking it all in and plopped on his couch. He had of course seen the place in his memories, but it was certainly different seeing this place up close and he could certainly see himself living here for a while longer. While this house didn't have an indoor pool like the house on Earth did, it was comfortable and homey enough.

"It's your home so do whatever you want around the place" Kakashi began, "I'll be around so yell if you need me" with that done he left in a swirl of leaves.

"Where the hell do those leaves even come from? Now I have to sweep the place, stupid Inu" Naruto grumbled, before taking a dustpan and cleaning up the mess. He was in a new world living a new life and he was going to make the best of it.

"And no one is going to stand in my way"

Status Window

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Title: N/A
Status: N/A
Race: Human

Job: The Gamer
Level: Lvl 2 Next Level: 0/3000

CA: 60/224

HP: 1300/1300 Regen: (13.00 + (100%)) = 26.00 per min
CP: 2525/2525 Regen: (25.25 + (210%)) = 78.275 per min

STR: 16
VIT: 23
DEX: 14
INT: 48
WIS: 33

CHA: 78

Points: 5

Yen: 1000

Skill Window

Child Of Prophecy?

You were destined to either save or destroy the ninja world, but due certain circumstances your future is unknown. Your luck is inestimable and is determined by the actions you take and the karma you sow. Positive karma results in large luck, negative karma results in less luck.

Kyuubi Jinchuuriki:

Additional +5 VIT, +5 STR, +3 DEX Per Lv, +100 CP, +100 HP per Lv. Grants a 100% increase to HP regeneration and a 200% increase to CP regeneration

Ashura's Reincarnation:

100% increase in learning all chakra Natures. +3 to all stats per level

Uzumaki Lineage:

Additional +5 VIT, +5 INT, +3 WIS, +50 HP per Lv, +25 CP per Lvl, +250% EXP Gain towards Fuinjutsu

Gamer's Mind (Passive) Lvl Max.

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect.

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl Max

Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game. After a sleep in a bed, he restores HP, MP and all status effects.

Observe (Passive/Active) Lv 0 [10.01%] CP: 5

Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and people was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Physical Endurance (Passive) Lvl 15 [2.8%]

The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken. 30% decrease in damage taken by attacks

Natural Charmer (Passive) Lvl [MAX]

You are just so damn adorable that people have a hard time hating you (They still can though especially if the hatred runs deep). Increases reputation gain with others. Increase CHA gain by 100%. Your every action exudes charisma (well as much as one could have for a 7-year-old) and people have a higher chance of being charmed by you. People have a higher chance of liking you at first impression.

Chakra Absorption (Active/Passive) Lvl 0 [0.0%]

Allows the user to absorb chakra from ninjutsu, from other people, or from the environment in order to replenish your reserved. Increases CP regeneration by 10%, +50% EXP towards Senjutsu

Chakra Reinforcement (Active) Lvl 2 [2.8%].

Chakra Reinforcement allows the user to flow chakra internally through their body. It is a basic chakra manipulation skill that grants a 5% increase in STR and a 5% increase in DEX

Chakra Armor (Active/Passive) Lvl 2 [2.8%].

Chakra Armor allows the user to direct their chakra to the very surface of their skin where it is absorbed by the skin cells, passively strengthening the body and allowing for greater defensive capabilities. The defensive properties of Chakra Armor will increase as more chakra is supplied to the skin and its limit is based on the user's STR and VIT. CA (Chakra Armor) is separate from other stats and whatever physical damage you receive will decrease CA first before your HP. CA must reach 0 before damage to the health bar occurs. CA limit is based on the health and strength of the user's body as too much chakra in the cells can cause damage if the body is not strong enough to handle the influx. The CA limit is found by the formula: [STR x VIT]. CA increases by 2 per minute. Cost 25 CP.

Chakra Perception (Active/Passive) Lvl 1 [2.8%]

All living beings have some amount of chakra inside them. Chakra perception allows you to passively sense the chakra around you and when active it gives you greater focus on chakra sensing. Range: 25 meters. When active Range: 50 meters Cost: 30 CP

Hey guys Jordan here (yeah I know completely original) and this is my first story on this site. Now right off the bat, I want to give credit to the ideas of some author's I essentially ripped off in this chapter. From the author "MaxFic" creator of "Naruto: The Gamer Files" I took his status of 'Uzumaki Clan Heir' and 'Kyuubi Jinchuuriki' and essentially tweaked and changed it a little for my own use. 'Uzumaki Clan Heir' became 'Uzumaki Lineage' and it has different bonuses from MaxFic's iteration. 'Kyuubi Jinchuuriki' kept the name, but I added some more stats that I felt should have gone along with it. This all being said I really hope you guys go and read this story because even though it hasn't been updated in a couple years (and most likely won't be any time soon) it was the catalyst of my love for Naruto gamer fics and you could say that I might not have written this work as soon as I had, had I not read MaxFic's fanfiction.