Once upon a time in a magical land called Mewni, there lived a princess, Star Butterfly. Some might say that she was reckless and irresponsible but that was only talk of the townsfolk only because she likes to fight monsters, tame wild unicorns and she likes to have fun. In fact Star is riding one right now and even though she was oblivious to the dangers around her she tend to be hyperactive especially today thinking that it was going to be an extra fun day because on Star's thirteenth birthday her mother who just so happens to be the queen, has to pass her family's greatest heirloom: The Royal Magic Wand. Speaking of Star she made it home just in time to receive the wand. Her timing was perfect but the grand entrance that she had planned failed miserably and the queen was already regretting this once she arrived. Now Star lived with both of her parents, Queen Moon and King River and even though that the family was royalty Star was considered to be a wild child.

"Now Star, this wand is a huge responsibility, if the wand falls into evil hands the universe could be destroyed." Even after Moon's warning, the Queen was still regretting it and without a warning Star snatched the wand right out of her mother's hand. However that was when the wand itself started to transform in order to match it's new owners personality and it was clear that this made Star's mother worry even more than she already was.

"Don't worry mom, I can handle it." Star said as an effort to reassure her mother. However, both parents were not buying it and to add insult to injury she accidentally set the entire kingdom on fire. As if on cue, both Queen Moon and King River said,"She couldn't handle it." In fact, her parents wasted no time when they called in royal carraige. Although, Star in question, was crying in agony begging her parents to not take her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.

"No, please don't send me to St. Olga's School for Wayward Princesses!" Star said as she continued to beg as she imagined all of the horrors that might happen to her if she ever went there. However, it was unknown to her that her parents were also quite suspiscioue of that place as well. It didn't help the fact that they were still taking their daughter away to a new place so as an effort to calm their daughter down the King said,"We are not sending you there," The Queen then said blankly. "Yet."

This surprised the king and even though that he did not want to admit it, he knew that the outcome was very possible if it ever came down to it. It was no surprisrise that the school itself seemed unsettling. In fact, there was no denying that the school looked liked a prision. It really did. However, after a moment of silence the king then said,"We are going to send you to a safer dimension: a place called Earth." As a result, Star became very intrigued. Once calm, Star learned that she was going to school there. Not only that, she also learned that there was a bullying problem at the school she was going to.

In fact, it was her job to fix the bullying problem and hearing this made Star want to help because she knew that bullying was a serious problem on Mewni too. She still had to leave as a result and she was sad because Mewni was the place she knew all her life. After saying goodby to Mewni she asked,"So what school are we going to?" That was when her parents told her that the school they were going to was called Casper High. Funnily enough, Star thought that it was a school for ghosts. It took some convincing, but she was still a little dissapointed after learning that there were ghosts on Earth. The space princess then asked why the school was called Casper High but Butterfly adults didn't give her a straight answer because they weren't quite sure themselves.

Once on Earth, however, Star became excited about every little thing. She liked everything and everyone. Not only that but she easily took a liking to the school's principal who she thought seemed.

"So you are saying that you are from another dimension?" Asked Pricipal in question obviously not believing their story. Her name is Principal Inishuya and unfortunately she isn't one of the best pricipal's around. It was no surprisise that Star's parents knew that the principal herself tends to turn a blind eye when it came to bullying. It was why Star's parents decided to enroll her here in the first place. They were hoping that coming here would help improve Star's leadership skills since the school itself was filled with a bad principal and corrupt teachers. Although it didn't take long for Star's parent's to notice that she was playing with a nearby light switch.

"And you said that there was no magic on Earth."

"This is'nt going to work," The principle says plainly but the King and Queen knew how the school worked and as the saying goes: money talks. Luckily, both parents though ahead when they showed the greedy principal a chest full of gold. "She is going to love it here!" It was bound to happen because they knew that the Japanese principal cared more about money rather than their own daughter. However that was when they knew that Star was going to need all of the help that she could get. As a result Star's father, King River then said,"She is going to need a guide."

"Danny Fenton to the pricipal's office, Danny Fenton to the pricipal's office." Said the speaker. Although Danny Fenton was busy having problems of his own, specifically Dash Baxter aka The King of Casper high. Now Dash was the school bully that everyone pretty much hated. He was Danny's bully and he always hated the fact that he could fight back and since he was the star quarterback of the football team he had a lot of special privileges. He abused then and Danny always gotten introuble because of it.

"Check it out everyone," Dash taunted."Fentina is in trouble."

"Shut up Dash! I am sick of everyone looking down on me and one of these days people are going to treat me with respect!" Danny declared as he stormed off. Danny always hated having to put up with Dash, but it was one of those reasons why he was glad to have his friends Sam and Tucker. It was a good thing that he was in Mr. Lancer's class too since he was the only teacher that Danny actually liked aside from Ms. Skullman since they both don't tolerate Dash's bullying. Although the main reason that Danny was bullied was because his parents were considered to be the town crazies.

"Thanks." Said Danny.

"Your welcome," Said Mr. Lancer as he closed his book."Danny, you know that if anyone is ever giving you a hard time, you can always feel free to talk to either me or Ms. Skullman. Don't shy away, we are here to help you." Danny then thanked Mr. Lancer again as he headed himself out of the classroom. It was these kind of things that Danny was greatfull for teachers like Mr. Lancer. He still wished that he had the power to defend himself, but little did Danny know was that his life was going to change forever.

"Danny," Said the school pricipal once the raven haired teen finally met up with her in the hallway."I would like you to meet our school's new foreign exchange student, Star Butterfly." Although Danny wasn't quite sure of what to make of the new kid since she was already biting her teeth on a water fountain.

"I am not sure about this."

"I know that you are a good kid Daniel but you don't have any friends. I know so mainly because of your parents, and their um, hobby, so I thought that letting you show her around the school would be good for both you and Star."

"I have friends." Danny protested but before he knew it the principal was already gone and to the F lister's dismay he ended up showing Star around the school.

"Thanks for showing me around Danny." Said Star. "So is it true that your parents are crazy?"

"Why does everyone think that and where did you hear it from," Danny asked obviously annoyed. "Your dad yells ghost one time and you are automatically at the bottom of the popularity list."

"Everyone." Star simply answered as she skipped up and down the hallway easily befriending everyone. The teenage boy then began to rant,"Great,

I am so sick of the constant teasing, I whish that my parents could have the chance of fighting a real ghost." Without a warning Star granted Danny's whish surprising him when he saw her transform a nearby butterfly change into a monster.

"Who are you?" Danny asked surprised not realizing that the newly created monster just snatched the school janitor away.

"I am Star Butterfly," Said Star as she created a rainbow with her wand on,y to have the rainbow catch itself on fire. "I am a princess from another Dimension." Clearly, Danny was now afraid of Star. On the other hand, Danny did not want to give up on Star just yet so he decided to ask his friends for some advice.

"Oh come on Danny, maybe it isn't all that bad. Besides, a girl has to hang out with you all day. Do you know how hard it is for us to get a girl to even talk to us?" Said Tucker who was slightly jealous of Danny.

"You haven't met Star yet, Tucker. She is an endangerment to everything that she touches. I don't know what to do and I already have to deal with the fact that both of my parents are obsssesed with ghosts and now I have to deal with a some crazy girl who claims that she is a princess from another dimension."

"I don't know Danny," Said Sam. "I don't think that Star would even want to hang out with us anyway and I bet that she would immediately go for the A Listers."

"Maybe you should show her the ghost portal," Tucker suggested."She would love that!"

"I don't know, if I even should. Star seems to be an endangerment to everything around her and besides my parents say that it doesn't work. I am not even sure how long I would last if Star keeps this up." Litter did they know however was that Star was spying on Danny now determined to get the freak trio to like her.

"Hi guys!" Star said as she appeared out of nowhere as she tried to show off some of her magic. Although ironically enough, both friends backed away quickly and quietly after seeing her use her wand only to see the thing that she created decided to catch itself on fire. It wasn't until now that the boy thought that today wasn't going to get any worse. In fact, Danny wanted to get as far away from Star as possible but to the teen's dissapointment and horror, he saw that his family was actually enjoying Star's company and to make matters worse he didn't even know how she even got here in the first place.

"Isn't it great Danny? We are going to be living together!" Said Star. It was now official, Danny was completly horrified. Danny did not want to beleive this. He really didn't. Not only that, but her parents, as well as her sister Jazz was actually enjoying her company.

"Hi Danny," Said Maddie."Can you beleive it, Star is going to be living with us from now on."

"This is great, now I have someone else to blather about ghosts with!" Jack exclaimed.

"You can't be serious!" Danny said not believing what what he was hearing. However, It wasn't until then that Star started to notice Danny's mood so as a result, Star wanted to get Danny to like her by poofing up some puppies. To everyone's surprise, they all like the puppies even when they started to shoot lasers. Jack seemed to like the laser puppies the most but Jazz who was also Danny's siste, was the only other person besides Danny who was against the idea of keeping lazer puppies in the house but her objection was over ruled when Danny's Dad told her that they would be useful for ghost hunting.

The teen's mother then asked him to show the princess to her room and he reluctantly did so after when his father told him to carry his stuff. Once the boy showed Star her room and was quite pleased with it but out of nowhere she said,"CIRCLE BOMB EXPAND!" The room then changed into fancy decorations.

"Wow, I wish that I had a room like this!" Said Danny obviously impressed.

"You do?" Star ask now excited as she grabbed the teenager's arm asking him to show him his room hoping that doing this for him would brighten up his day. However instead of the previous spell she used she said,"Mystic Room Suck Transport!" As a result the spell sucked up all of the teen's possessions into a black hole. Luckily, they were all able to leave before they were sucked in as well.

"Suck?" Danny asked out of anger. "Why would the spell have the word suck in it?"

"I don't know! It just came out that way," However this did not improve Danny's mood. "I know maybe a little sunshine would brighten up your day!" Sadly, her efforts failed when her sunshine turned into a storm cloud. Having enough with the nonsense Danny said,"That is it, I don't care what my friends says about you. I tried to get along with you but if you are moving in than I am moving out!"

"I'm sorry that nothing worked out the way you wanted today. I just wanted you and your friends to like me." Star said apologizing only to see Danny said jumping out of a window. Star then heard Danny break his back and immediately Star became worried.

"Are you ok?"

"I am fine just leave me alone."

"Ok, do you need any help?"

"No, I think that the cement broke my fall." Said Danny. As a result, Star became worried about Danny and she still wanted to help him. Luckily, Star was able to find Danny at the Nasty Burger thanks to a tip from his friend Tucker. Once Star found her friend, she then noticed that Dany was soggy from storm cloud so she took it away.


"I didn't get to choose wether or not I wanted to stay on Earth and you didn't get to choose wether or not you wanted me to stay with your family so I will find another family to with." However it was at this moment that Danny realized that he made a mistake.

'Sure she was weird but that was just how Star is and who knows maybe having Star around would be fun.' Danny said thinking to himself. However his expression changed to from happy to being very frightened."Star, who is that?" At first, Star was confused but then she turned to were the raven haired teen was pointing only to see Ludo and his monsters.

"Ludo!" Star said in realization. "What are you doing here and how did you that I would be here on Earth?"

"Well if it isn't Star Butterfly, I came here because - wait I don't have to tell you anything! Get her!" Announounced one of the monsters now recognized as Ludo. All of a sudden the brief meeting then turned into an all out war. At first Danny tried to hide but once he discovered that the monsters were supringly weak he started to feel the adrenaline running through his veins.

"You can fight?" Star asked pleasantly surprised.

"I guess that I can!" Danny said now excited as he charged into one of the monsters while Star casted a few spells. To the teenager's delight, the fight ended rather quickly ending with Ludo ranting on about how everyone needed to work out.

"That was amazing! Is it going to be like this everyday?" The F lister asked hopefully.

"I guess so." Star answered unsure of herself.

"That is awesome so what do you want to do?" Asked Danny.

"I have an idea." Apparently Danny's parents told her all about the ghost portal so when Star asked about it Danny just couldn't say no and after all that they been through they though that it would be a cool idea. It wasn't long before they were all at the lab. Not only that, but he also brought Sam and Tucker once he was sure that nobody was home. In fact everyone had their own jobs, Sam was on lookout duty while Tucker handled the controls to the portal. Star, on the other hand was trying to convince Danny to go inside since he was nervous to go inside and Star was eager to learn about Earth ghosts.

"Smile." Star said taking out her camera taking a picture of Danny holding one of his parents jumpsuits that they made for him in case he wanted to start ghost hunting as well.

"Okay, I showed you the portal can we please go now. Besides, my parents say that it doesn't work." Danny said hoping that Star would change her mind.

"Oh come on, it will be fine. Besides, a Ghost Zone? How cool is that and that is saying something because I come from Mewni. Now go through the portal." Star demanded as she impatiently waited for Danny to put on the suit.

"You know what Star, you are right and besides who knows what awesome cool things that may exsist on the other side." Without a thought Danny did as he was told. Star then moved out of the way in order to let Danny through. However little did they know was the on button was inside the machine and once Danny pushed it, he started to scream and everyone, espically Star, became very worried.

"Danny?" Star asked once she was sure that the now half ghost teenager was ok.