It has been a week since Timmy began settling into the home of the Fenton's. Right now Timmy was sharing a room with Danny since the spare room that they owned was still being renovated. After hearing about the constant neglect and the many horror stories of how Vicky treated Timmy, Danny at least managed to convince Star to tone things down a little for his cousin since he has been through a lot. Unfortunately, Star couldn't keep her promise.

"I don't know what happened but I think that I got carried away." True to her word, the entire living room was a mess and the laser puppies were happily firing lasers at each other.

"Well, can you at least clean this up before Timmy's friend gets here? I just cleaned it yesterday and I don't feel like cleaning it again and besides my parents will kill me if they see the room like this."

"Relax, I got this covered. Besides, there is nothing that a little magic can't fix." Star sang and as if on cue they could hear Jack calling for them from up the stairs.

"Kids, I am coming down and the room better be spotless by the time I come down!" Without thinking both teens bailed it out of there when Danny's father and Timmy came downstairs.

"Yup, perfect." Said Jack only to receive a stair from Timmy. As far as he could tell, this was not the first time that the Fenton adult has mistaken a messy room for a clean one. With that said, Timmy left not wanting any part of it. The next day, the room was finally spotless no thanks to Star and Danny was still a bit mad at her due to yesterday's incident. The next day Danny was giving Star the same lecture.

"I mean it Star, you rely on Magic way too often."

"No I don't." Star denied and to Danny's dismay she was using magic to change the style of her hair. "I think I have a problem."

"At least you now realize the situation. I heard that Timmy's friend is a non believer in magic and the supernatural and to be honest, we could take a break from all of the crazy adventures we have been having lately. I still have nightmares from being brainwashed but seriously, we need a break from magic and ghosts." As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Star sang while Danny sighed. He then followed after Star who answered the door. "Hi, I'm Star. I like your fudge shaped hair."

"Star, don't be weird." Said Danny as if there were no emotion.

"Thanks, I think. After what Timmy told me over the phone, you must be Star. I'm Jimmy Neutron and these are my friends, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Sidney."

"So Ultralord, I met him a few times. The dude is a total weirdo and for some reason the guy keeps running around in my dad's cornfield."

"Are you saying that Ultralord is real? Best day ever!" Said the now identified Sheen who was now breathing heavily due to excitement.

"Nah, she's just an avid fanfiction writer. Sometimes she takes her writing a bit too seriously." Danny lies while at the same time was laughing nervously. At the same time, he covered Star's mouth in order to prevent her from talking.

"Eww, did you just lick my hand?" Danny asks in disgust while trying to wipe the saliva off on his jeans.

"The only reason that I came was because I heard that Amity Park was famous for having a lot of concerts. I even brought seats so that we can watch Dumpty Humpty together." Said Libby excited about the idea.

"And I came to see the llamas. I heard that there was a petting zoo." Said Carl shyly while at the same time was trying to avoid eye contact.

"I just came because my folks are out of town and also… Timmy!" Said Cindy after seeing Danny's cousin while completely ignoring everyone else. In fact, it didn't take long for Danny to realize that Jimmy was jealous while everyone else invited themselves inside the house. The entire time everyone was chilling on the sofa and was busy trying to catch up.

"Come on Danny you need to chill. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?" Star asked and even helped herself with some punch that was stored away in the kitchen. Ah, those were some famous last words. At the same time, Vlad was in the ghost zone trying to plot his revenge after what happened last time. While he was flying aimlessly in the ghost zone, he stumbled upon a portal.

At first he wasn't planning on going to the other side because who knows what would be on the other side. To his surprise, Ludo and his band of monsters were staring at him. There was another man in the room but he looked more alien. He was tall and wore all black and he looked as though he came straight out of the movie Star Wars.

"It's about time you showed up."

"Hello, I'm Vlad Plasmius and it looks like you guys are in the middle of an evil plot so I think that I will get out of your hair or whatever it is that you have." Said Vlad nervously. He even tried to leave but it was too because the Darth Vader look-a-like trapped him with a laser beam. While all of this was happening, Vlad couldn't help but have a bad feeling. Meanwhile, Danny was searching through the entire house looking for things that were out of the ordinary and since he was a Fenton, it was a long list. At the same time, Jimmy and Timmy were still trying to catch up.

"Here you go Timmy, my mom made you these treats hoping to make this situation a little bit easier on you by the way, how was Vicky finally caught?"

"Oh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Apparently, my neighbor Dinkleburge was spying through the window and saw some of Vicky's antics. Let's just say that it involved a fire and a rubber chicken." As if on cue the entire house was flooding and everyone was outside as a result. Jazzy who was now soaking wet was already annoyed since she was in the middle of a session with one of her clients and said client was already too stunned to even speak. Once the water was cleared out of the house, everyone did their part in order to dry everything off.

"Well, that was interesting." Said Jimmy was helping by using a blow dryer in order to dry the water off of some books. At first, he wanted to use one of his inventions in order to fix the house but then he heard Danny complaining about wanting to have a normal day so he ended up fixing them like a normal person. He could even hear Danny scolding Star from up stairs.

"I have already been living for a week and things can get really weird. Star is a magical princess from another dimension and Danny runs off to who knows where. I even hear that he sometimes cut class but on the plus side, Amity Park is home to the ghost superhero Danny Phantom and his mysterious partner."

"Magic, are you nuts? Timmy, did you get your large teeth stuck in the gutter again?" Jimmy asked out of concern and then fell to the floor laughing.

"But Jimmy, I'm serious. Danny Phantom and his partner are real and I can prove it! You know there is a fan theory out there that Danny Phantom comes from the same dimension as his partner now that I think about it."

"All right Turner, I humor you just for a moment. How about we make this a bit more interesting, if you can prove that Danny Phantom is real than I'll do scientific favors for you all week, no questions asked but if I win the bet then you are going to have to be my guinea pig for a whole week. In fact, I even have some experiments that are in the works that I would like you to test out."

"Neutron, I like those odds." Said Timmy who shook his friend's hand agreeing to the conditions of the bet. As if on cue, Danny and Star were downstairs.

"Alright, who is ready for a funtastic no magic and definitely normal day!" Star sang leaving both Jimmy and Timmy very confused. Of course the rest of Jimmy's friends were on board with the plan.

"Change of plans, we are going to go ghost hunting!" Timmy said excitedly about the thought. Jimmy on the other hand, was ready to prove his friend wrong and his competitive side was even showing.

"Or not! Who is ready to go to the water park?" Star shouted at the top of her like a maniac and was even showing off said tickets.

"Where did you even find the time to get those?" Danny asked out of curiosity.

"Oh, I brought them off from some shady guy on the internet."

"We seriously need to talk about that." Said Danny who was clearly concerned. To both Jimmy and Timmy's dismay, they were outvoted and ended up going to the water park as planned. Not only that but Sam and Tucker were there as well.

"Thanks for covering for me guys." Said Danny.

"No problem and besides, I haven't seen you a lot lately so it is nice to help whenever I can especially when the crisis involves Vicky. Me and the Child Welfare Committee have been trying to catch her red handed for ages."

"At least you have never been babysat by her before. I have all of the horrible things that Vicky has done to Danny and I recorded on Sharon."

"That's great Tucker, the committee can totally use that for evidence."

"Who's Sharon?" Jimmy asked.

"Tucker's phone." Timmy replied."

"Really? That's weird." As soon as the conversation ended, they were at the end of a really long line for a certain ride. It was hot out and Danny was still hoping that there was no weirdness today. Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen today because the half ghost saw that his breath was blue.

"Star, can you hold my spot for me?"

"Sure, do what you got to do." With that said Danny left in a hurry. It didn't help that both Jimmy and Timmy were suspicious of him.

"I suddenly have to go to the bathroom." Said Timmy.

"Me too." Said Jimmy and both ten year olds and they both left in a hurry. In reality, the boys were just curious to see what Danny was up to. To both of the children's surprise, they saw him transform into his alter ego. As a response, Jimmy fainted while Timmy was excited about the fact that he was right. As for Danny, he ended up having to fight the most annoying ghost of them all: the Box Ghost.

"I am the Box Ghost!"

"Can we please hurry it up, I have a babysitting job to do."

"There will be no need for babysitting because I will cover you with the contents of-" The Box Ghost then read the label of the box and said,"California Girls swimwear from Hollywood California, USA." The ghost then threw the box at Danny and he was able to dodge it by turning himself invisible. Clearly, he was annoyed. It was now Danny's turn to fight and he did this with his ghost ray and was able to suck him in the thermos very quickly. Danny then sighed in relief until he realized that he was caught.

"Oh my gosh, my cousin is Danny Phantom!" It was clear that Timmy was excited and it wasn't long until Jimmy recovered from being unconscious.

"Okay yes, I am Danny Phantom but please keep this a secret."

"This is so cool yet at the same time very confusing. Mind if I interview you? I have a million questions now." Danny only shrugged his shoulders not really caring. Meanwhile, Star was still waiting in line with the rest of her friends and the children.

"Oh look, the line has finally moved!" Said Star who was now bouncing up in down in excitement.

"Only by an inch, I do not want to die in this infernal heat." Cindy complained, obviously angry.

"When are we going to see the llamas?"

"Who cares about the stupid llamas, Star, tell me more about Ultralord!"

"Can you guys quiet down, I can't hear the music over you guys." As if on cue,there was a ghost attack and to Star's surprise Ludo and his gang of monsters were there as well. What surprised them the most was that there was also an alien spaceship hovering above the ground. She knew that Danny wanted at least one day of normalcy so she did the most normal thing that a person could do and that was to run. At first both Sam and Tucker were a bit confused but the duo copied her and the kids did the same.

Back with Jimmy, Timmy and Danny, they were occupied as well. At the same time, Danny noticed that Buffrog was spying on them from a distance. Luckily, Danny was able to knock him off a tree with one of his powers. Jimmy then gasped once he saw him.

"Okay, what is Ludo up to this time?" It was clear that Danny was not in the mood.

"Okay, to be fair, this wasn't originally Ludo's plan. We were originally planning to team up with other villains in order to steal wand but this vampire took over the entire operation." Bufffrog explained.

"Wait, if Ludo isn't incharge of this invasion then who is that guy?" Danny asked only to be attacked by the shadowy figure. What surprised Danny even more was that the guy even had a lightsaber. Danny then ran for his half life while Buffrog picked up the two children. It was at the same time when the trio finally caught up with Star and the rest of the gang.

"Awesome, this is just like Ultralord in episode 124: Rise of the Goblin Army. I wanna bash some goblin heads!"

"Sheen, no, we need to take cover." Said Libby and oddly enough the group managed to hide in the park's petting zoo with the llamas.

"Danny?" Star asked once she saw him hiding behind one of the animals. "I'm sorry that I couldn't keep my promise and I knew that you wanted at least one normal day."

"You know, I have realized that normal is overrated. Did you know that I would wish for a normal family at least five times a day? I then realized that if my family was normal then I would have never met you."

"Maybe everyone has their own kind of normal." Said Star not realizing that she was blushing. Luckily, Jimmy woke up from passing out.

"You know, after all of this, I am not surprised." Said Jimmy thinking that he was done fainting.

"Hello Timmy Turner, it is I, Darth Laser." It was about that time that Danny had enough and he even pinned the guy to the ground as a result.

"Turner, you have a crazy family."

"I know Jimmy but that is how I like it."

"So, what do we do now?" Sam asked, referring to all of the ghosts.

"I think that Danny's dad was working on something at home. I wasn't paying attention but I think that it was a device that would allow someone to catch a horde of ghosts all at once. I wonder why I brought it with me?" Said Tucker who was embarrassed by his own stupidity.

"A hypercube, that's brilliant. Give it here." Said Jimmy and Tucker did just that." Jimmy then activated the device and all of the ghosts that were invading were sucked inside. Next the group went after Ludo who was trying to sneak away.

"Hey guys, sorry for the whole invasion thing. Just so you know, it was a misunderstanding." Star, on the other hand, was unamused. She then took out her dimensional scissors and threw him in a portal. The next thing they knew was that he and his monster were back home with Dath Laser who just so happened to be there. He appeared angry and you could only guess what happened next.

"Great, now all that is left is Vlad." Said Star.

"I think that I can help you with that and I think that I am done fainting."

"Are you sure mister faints-a-lot?" Timmy asked and it was clear that he was being sarcastic. The next day, the gang was back at the Fenton house. Everything was calm except for that fact that Vlad was there. For some reason, he was raiding the fridge. Luckily, Danny was there. He then changed into his ghost form and even cracked his knuckles. It was about that time when Vlad knew he was in trouble.

"I don't understand why you have to leave so soon."

"Well, you know Timmy, my folks tend to worry and I really need to head back home."

"Okay but seriously Jimmy, don't be a stranger." Said Timmy and with that Jimmy and his friends left, everything was normal until the toilet exploded and the house was once again flooded.

"Dad!" Jazz screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it!" Jack hollard back. Yup, nothing is ever dull at the Fenton household and that was how everyone liked it.