Narnia, New Narnia spread out in front of Lucy and the two thrones containing the first king and queen of Narnia and archenland stood in the meadow and behind them stood Aslan The Lion, the great son of the emperor beyond the sea, the creator and now destroyer of Narnia, he who had sung Narnia into creation and had ordered its end, the Lion of Narnia, of new Narnia, and of all the Narnias beyond this one, each one greater and more vibrantly shining then the one before. But Susan sweet Susan the gentle, queen of the horn, from the radiant southern sun. Why had she forgotten everything, why did she refuse to come, and that last lurch that the train had given before Lucy came to Narnia, they where dead in their world and Susan was all alone, Aslan gave a small nodd as though he knew what she was thinking, Susan would come it may take years for her to learn what true bravery was again and many more to be welcomed back to the land she shunned but she would back, maybe not as queen but at least back, that was what Lucy hoped at least, because it wasn't truly Narnia without Susan there. But as her parents smiled over the mountain range and she ran to meet them and introduce them to all her Narnian friends Lucy quickly forgot all about her older sister. until many years later.