chapter 1

Back story

Bella and Edward has broken up and bella wasnt heartbroken. Bella got to spend time getting to know her dad and becoming close agajn like they used to be when ahe was little. Charlie was killed in a car wreck helping a near by county with some crimes. Bella was sad but she knew he was in a better place but that mean it was easy her mom and phill made sure she finished school. when bella graduated she was going into law school following Charlies footstep.

present time

bella was in college in a lecture waiting for the federal agents to come and talk there a team coming to lecture them as the program says

SSA Arron Hotchner, Dr Spencer Reid SSA Derek Morgan and a lady named JJ. The class was going over some old cases that they had already solved bur that's what they were teaching on thia lecture. As soon as the leam cale out to lecture bella caught sight of a very handsome man who had long wavy hair who she later learned was doctor Spencer reid. What bella didnt realize was that doctor Spencer Reid was also Memerozed by her with her long brown hair and brown eyea and they was she listened and watched her surroundings at all time.