Tom cruz suits up again! I cant rember his name in the movie but its someting agent-y. He was cool duh hes tom cruz.

Hawkeye wasnt in this one tho. Probably bc Thanso killed him LOL

And Adam bladwin was there too.

But also that britisch guy who fought zombies in that one movie about zombies played Benji, hes my fav character. Too bad he DIED lolll (jk. Or AM i? mwhahahaa)

The black guy was cool, buit I forget his name too. Lex luthor or somehtng. He had a REAlly fashionable hat, like dang dude I wish I could pull that off. I especially love when he flirt with tom cruz's ex wife LOLLLLL

Superman had cool gun fight scenes, but dangnabbit guess I cant remember hius name either.

Ilsa Faust, AKa the girl who lipsync in Greatest showmn, did something friging awesome. She had a morotcylce and guns and she PUNCHES, HECK YISS.


And the bad guy was evil. He had glasses. but dont worry not everyone with glasses are evil, just a good 70% percent of them. Especially my freind ash who writes storys on this account BUT DONT TELL HER I SAID THaT SHE'LL KILL ME!

Someone wore a mask.. But… *RIP IT OF F* no more mask

They did a MISSION

Tom Cruz almost fell off a cliffe. And a plane. And a building. And a elveator. And the edge of the earth.

Then cue action scene:

*they are fightiNG with their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns*

*And action actiona ctio n AND FIGHT



Then, my most favorite quote happens:

all in unison, they stare straight at the camera with happy grins and say "Mission accomplished!" in unison togethe!

The end.