It was a late afternoon when Hanji decided to go into the city in order to pick up some supplies she was currently running low on. She knew beforehand that there would be a chance of rain and it was already going to be a cold and windy night. She had hoped that she would get what she needed and come back before the storm, but luck wasn't on her side that night. "Arg I can't believe this...I hope I don't get sick when I get back to Head Quarters," Hanji mutters as she runs through the rain with her cloak covering her head. As she nears the building she notices something out in the distance. "Huh...what on earth is that?", Hanji asks herself as she sprints over to what she saw, only to gasp in horror. On the cold, wet ground facing down was a young (s/c) woman with (h/l/c). Hanji noticed that blood had already seeped though some tears of the light blue jacket.

"Oh my god! Who would do such a thing?!" Hanji cries out as she carefully flips the young woman over to get a look at her front side only to turn pale at the, what she considers, worst of the wounds. Because of the jacket being wide open she sees that across her abdomen was a mild slit, as if someone tried to cut her open. Not only that, but her chest area, which has a blood stained bra, had multiple bruising and cuts that were new, old and some even infected. Hanji looks at her face and notices that the woman has a black eye, and what seems to be a broken jaw. She quickly puts her head down to the woman's chest and sighs in relief when she hears the faint sound of a beating heart. "It'll be okay, I'll take you somewhere safe!", Hanji mutters as she gently picks up her precious cargo and carries her bridal style. As she starts walking her foot collides with something on the ground. Hanji quickly looked down and sees a large green bag along with a slightly smaller one with some sort of lock on both of them. "What on earth is this..." Hanji says as she picks it up. "Seems a little heavy...whatever it is, it might be important to her, I better bring it." With that being said, Hanji kneels down and leans the woman across her knee, long enough to get the bag and slings it over her shoulder.

At the sudden movement, the woman slowly opens her eyes to the world, showing off intense (e/c) colored eyes. She then looks at her surroundings as much as she could with her hazy eyesight. She whimpers in pain, feeling very tired and cold after being in the rain and injured for who knows how long. She gives out a raspy cough as she painstakingly curls up into whatever warmth that is currently surrounding her, happy to get some sort of relief. She slowly tilts her head up to see what's holing her only to widen her eyes in shock at the person who is carrying her. ~Inner Mind: "W-what...how is this possible?! She's not even a real person!"~ She continues to stare in shock, not even registering the fact that said person holding her was talking to her. "You're awake! Thank god, I was worried you were going to be past the point of help! My name is Hanji Zoe and I'm going to take you to the Survey Corps Station. It's already late so I have to sneak you in, get you medical attention to help stabilize you and then alert Commander Smith. After he's been notified I'll keep you in the spare room in my office and get you back into better shape. So don't worry, you're going to be okay now", Hanji says as she noticed her companion staring at her. At the sound of those two names (Y/N) passed out with only one thought in her head, ~Inner Mind: "Oh my God...I'm so screwed! I don't even watch this show!"~

~Somehow, (F/N) (L/N) appears to have been teleported from her world, into the world of Attack on Titan~