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"Ah! What a day!"

Ruby Rose slammed open the door to her team's dorm. The sight of a pair of tenuously built but oh so welcoming bunk beds greeted her as she stumbled into room. "Why do we have to help put up stands for the Vytal Festival? We're huntresses! Not… stand… putter-uppers…"

The rest of Team RWBY filed in after her, their shoulders just as sagged and their eyes just as droopy. The normally jubilant girls shambled in like a hoard of zombies. Even Weiss' perfect posture was tarnished and ragged.

"Beats me, sis," Yang remarked. "I thought they paid people to do that kind of stuff. I mean, why else would anyone do it?"

"Stop complaining," Weiss scolded, though her words lacked their usual bite. "Huntresses are servants of the people. A little community service now and again is expected."

"Oh yeah, then how come it wasn't 'expected' from the other academies' students?" Ruby asked as she used her semblance to jet into her precariously hanging bed.

"They're guests here," Blake explained, slumping onto her mattress. "It's customary for the hosting kingdom's students to assist in setting up at least some of the fairgrounds."

Yang climbed up to her bunk, her flowing golden locks matted with sweat in complete contrast to their usual immaculately maintained state. She lowered her head towards her partner and managed to get enough energy to suggestively wiggle her eyebrows. "Is it customary for a certain monkey boy from Haven to help out anyway? Or at least, help someone out?"

"He just wanted to… oh, forget it. I'm tired enough to let you have that."

"Hehe… at least today wasn't a total waste then."

"Yes, lovely," Weiss deadpanned. She plopped down on her bed in a remarkably unladylike manner, Myrtenaster sticking out of her still down belt. She scowled at the still present weapons on all the girls' persons, the group having forgotten to drop them off in their lockers. However, instead of exploding, the Ice Queen took a deep breath and crashed into her pillow, too exhausted to care. "Now then, we should only take a short nap before dinner so as to not throw off our sleep schedule. With the tournament coming up we can't afford any slips."

"Yeah, sure, Weiss," Ruby yawned, her head steadily falling back. "Short nap. Up in time for dinner. Or… you know… maybe a few hours… more… OW!"

"What? I'm awake! I'm awake!" Yang shouted.

Weiss groaned. "Ruby, what is it?"

Ruby rubbed the back of her head. She twisted her body around to see what had replaced her soft, fluffy pillow. Her eyebrows shot up in confusion.

"Blake, I told you I didn't want to borrow any of your smut."

"You gave her what?!" Yang roared, now very much awake.

"Nothing! I gave her nothing" Blake replied instantly, her drowsiness a thing of the past. She whirled on her team leader. "Ruby, I didn't give you anything."

"Then what the heck is this thing?" Ruby held up the rather thick, and hard, tome her head had landed on.

Blake's head twitched to the side. "That's not one of mine."

"Fairies of the Shattered Moon. By Sitara Astra Lumos Estrella Malina" Ruby read off. "Are you sure? That sure sounds like some ridiculous porn alias."

"I'm surprised you know what an alias is," Weiss remarked, pushing herself up to a sitting position.

"I'm telling you, it's not one of mine" Blake protested, mostly towards a newly red-eyed Yang. "Is there anything else on the cover? A summary on the back maybe?"

Ruby glanced all over the black leather-bound tome. Aside from the title and the author, there were no other words on the cover. Although…

"There's this weird emblem on the back" Ruby noted. "There's some creepy eye thing with a star above it and a pair of crossed… hammers, I think, below it. Does that ring a bell for any of you guys?"

Weiss hummed in thought, a dissatisfied frown etched on her face. "No. I've memorized hundreds of emblems and crests but that one is new."

"That's not too surprising" Blake pointed out. "Almost every huntsman that goes through the academies makes an emblem for themselves. Add that to the dozens that exist for other organizations and it's impossible to keep track of every single one."

"But that still doesn't help us figure out what this thing is. Or how it got onto Ruby's bed when our room's been locked all day" the heiress retorted.

"Well, there's one way to get a clue. Open it up, Ruby" Yang suggested. Her eyes narrowed at Blake shortly after. "But if you see anything… indecent, you should pass it to me immediately."

Ruby nodded. She gazed down at the dark cover, the musty looking leather ominously staring back at her. Possibilities swarmed her mind. In a bunch of the fairy tales Yang had read her when they were little, the hero would receive some sort of ancient tome at the beginning of their quest. Sometimes it contained multitudes of mystical spells. Or sometimes it led them to an old wizard master who would use their sagely wisdom and infinite patience to teach the young heroes the ways of the universe.

The red hooded girl's exhaustion was forgotten. Who cared about being tired? Her team was about to be summoned on a magical quest!

Reverently, she opened the first page.

Her shoulders sagged.

"What's it say?" Weiss inquired eagerly.

"Is it smut?"

"For the last time Yang—"

"It's blank" Ruby revealed, disappointment evident in her voice. "Who would go through all the trouble to put such a fancy cover around a blank—"

Suddenly, Ruby's eyes lit up silver, the edges of her vision swarmed with an ethereal white glow.

"Woah!" Yang exclaimed. "Ruby, what the hell are you doing?"

"I don't know! I don't know what's happening—Wait a minute."

"What?" Blake asked, her back pressed against the foot of her bed.

"Words. They're words appearing on the page! It's like they're writing themselves!" Ruby declared.

Just as she said, lines of elegant black cursive materialized in the book, the ink appearing without a pen to write it.

"A world without fairies. A sky with no stars. An eternal adventure, eternally scarred. Well, that just sounds depressing—EHH!"

Ruby's mind shrieked, waves of agony tearing through her brain. Her head felt like it was being torn in half as the silver light from her eyes shot into the book. The ghostly glow soaked the pages in blazing white energy, the power slowly transforming into a swarm of black smoke speckled with flecks of gold.

Team RWBY jumped into action. The three girls launched themselves onto their leader's bed, each grabbing onto Ruby's hands, desperately attempting to tear her from the smoke.

"Get it off her!" Yang yelled.

"We're trying! It's not working" Blake shouted.

"Ruby!" Weiss screeched defiantly.

The trio struggled to pry Ruby's grip from the cover, but whatever dark power swirled around the tome latched the young huntress' fingers tight.

Suddenly, the black energy lashed out. It spread across all four girls' bodies like wildfire, dark flames coating every inch of their flesh. Their bodies became heavy and their auras strained to keep them from being torn apart, gravity itself pulling them towards the mystical book like a horrendous whirlpool.

Yang's hair ignited. Weiss summoned black gravity glyphs beneath the team's feet. Valiantly, they struggled against the overwhelming pull of the book. Team RWBY were strong, the strongest in their year. They held out admirably.

But they could not hold out forever.

Their auras shattered to nothingness and the sinister black energy sucked them into the pages. The book bounced off the mattress and plummeted to the floor with a solid thud.

And just like that, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao-Long disappeared.


Erza Scarlet sighed in contentment as she overlooked her guildmates, their wild party in full swing.

Granted, it was Fairy Tail, so a wild party was hardly a rare sight, even if it was the seventh one in as many days. Still, she could hardly reprimand them for their revelry. Between winning the Grand Magic Games, reclaiming their rightful place as the number one guild in Fiore, and stopping a time traveling madman from conquering the world with a squadron of also time traveling dragons, they'd more than earned a little rest and relaxation. Besides, Master Makarov was in the thick of the celebration and he would surely be able to keep anything awful from happening.

"Woohoo! I'm the King of Alcohol!"

Well, anything worse than mild vandalism.

Erza fondly shook her head, a bite of cool, fluffy strawberry shortcake blissfully entering her mouth. Between Mirajane serving drinks as Cana made a point of challenging Master Makarov's brash claim, Alzack and Bisca watching over their young daughter Asuka, and Jet and Droy fawning over Levy while she argued with a stoic Gajeel with Pantherlily calmly observing, it felt like everything was once more right in the world. They had the guild hall back, they had their family back. It was almost as if their missing seven years never happened.

Though, one thing was strangely absent…

"Erza! Fight me!"

Ah, there it was.

"Natsu, she's eating. You should know better than to interrupt Erza when she's eating strawberry cake."

"Yeah, seriously flame-brain, use your head for once."

"You want me to use your head for a bowling ball, snowman?!"

"Just try it, Fire Breath!"

"Let's go, Ice Princess!"

"Aye sir! You can take him, Natsu!"

"I have faith you will prevail, my darling Gray!"

"Please don't fight, you two."

"Wendy's right, we just got the guild hall back. You two can't wreck it already."

Erza sighed, but she couldn't help the shadow of a smile that spread across her lips. She turned to the commotion and saw exactly what she'd expected. Natsu and Gray each had a foot stomped on top of a table, fire and ice sparking as they prepared to brawl. Lucy and Wendy were pleading with them to stop while Carla simply shook her head in exasperation. Happy and Juvia stood off to the side, ecstatically cheering on their respective favorites.

In other words, everything really was exactly how it was supposed to be.

Normally, she would intervene in her teammates' childish quarrel. It was her duty as an S-Class wizard to maintain harmony in the guild after all, and few others had the strength to get between the Salamander and his rival. But, it was a celebration. What was the harm in them letting off a little steam?

Besides, the first bite of her cake had been absolutely heavenly, and she just knew the next one would be even better—

No! She was stronger than this! She could not shirk her duty!

But the strawberry was so succulent—

NO! She would not be tempted! Not even by something as divine and radiant as strawberry cake.

She had sworn her life to the guild and its rules, and she would not allow herself to be lax in that responsibility. She would return to her wonderous treat after ensuring order.

Her hands slammed onto the table with a thunderous crack. She whirled on her teammates. "Natsu! Gray! Cease this bickering at once! This is supposed to be a celebration."

The pair immediately turned on her. Gray, always the smarter of the two, immediately cowered before her. The frost that had been gathering on his palms dissipated and he coolly withdrew to the floor.

Natsu, on the other hand, merely grinned at her command. "It's not a party without a good fight, Erza. And I'm feeling like today is my lucky day. This is the day I finally beat you!"

Lucy frowned. "You said that yesterday."

"And every day before that" Happy noted bluntly, a cheeky smirk across his face.

"Yeah? Well, today is different!" Natsu declared with gusto, posing proudly atop the table. "Today, nothing's gonna stop me! Today, I'm all fired u— Ahh!"

The Fire Dragon Slayer's boast was left unfinished. Having a swirling vortex open up above you and drop four teenage girls on your head would do that to a person.

The table Natsu had been standing on toppled to the floor and the Salamander was buried under a quartet of color coded females.

"Natsu!" Wendy cried.

"Oh no!" Happy yelled. "More beautiful girls are falling over Natsu! That means Lucy has more competition for his looove."

"Shut up, you stupid cat!" Lucy retorted. "Did you miss the giant portal they fell out of? This is serious."

Serious indeed. While random people falling from the sky wasn't unusual in the guild hall, they normally didn't arrive via a swirling black portal. The celebration had stopped cold as the stares of the entire guild fell on the new arrivals, confused whispers and mutterings whisking their way through the crowd.

Erza stepped forward immediately, making sure Wendy was safely behind her as she approached the new arrivals. If they proved dangerous, she didn't want the young girl in the line of fire. While the Sky Dragon Slayer was a more than capable fighter, she was still a child and Erza did not like the idea of her getting injured by a sneak attack, especially after she was assaulted just before the Grand Magic Games.

Though, as she examined the teenagers who had buried Natsu, she couldn't say such deception seemed likely. The four girls looked just as disoriented as the ambushed Fire Dragon Slayer, their eyes swirling about as they wobbled to their knees.

"Everybody okay?" the one in a red hood, a silver-eyed girl that looked barely older than Wendy, asked.

"Ugh, we're fine, you dolt. Are you alright?" one with stark white hair and a scar over her left eye responded.

"I'm good, Weiss."

"Anyone get the number on that bullhead?" the girl with long (and if Erza had to say, impeccably groomed) blonde hair groaned.

The fourth girl slowly rose to her hands and knees. A black bow unraveled around the top of her head, revealing a pair of adorable cat ears within her dark hair. Erza just knew Millianna would have a heart attack from joy if she saw them.

The girl's clouded amber eyes scanned the guild hall and the chaotic assortment of wizards within it. "Uh, guys? I don't think we're in Beacon anymore."

The rest of the quartet looked up. Their eyes went wide at the sight of the surrounding crowd, their bodies trembling in the face of the assembled guild. The one with the eye scar, Weiss, reached for a thin silver rapier at her side, obviously ready for a fight.

The Fairy Tail crowd just sort of blinked back, more curious than threatened. After all, they'd just fought time traveling dragons. Four girls falling through a random portal wasn't exactly something extravagant or frightening to them.

Several tense seconds passed as the two parties stared each other down.

The girl with the long blond hair waved at the guild. "Hey everybody! Sorry about crashing into your place and all, but would you be so kind as to let us know where we are? We seem to be a bit lost."

"Shurre! Youwre in Fairwy Taile!" Natsu mumbled, his face pressed to the floorboards.

The girls' eyes widened. They immediately leapt off the poor dragon slayer, embarrassed sweat pouring down their brows.

"We are so sorry!" the red hooded one apologized. "We didn't see you there! Well, we didn't see anything, but we didn't mean to land on you—"

"What my team leader is trying to say is that we were unaware of our surroundings and humbly apologize for falling on you, sir," Weiss intervened. The white-haired girl bowed lowly. She nudged the others, and in a moment, all four bent forward towards Natsu.

The pink haired boy waved it off, rising to his feet. "No worries. We'll just have to have a rematch later. You guys must be pretty strong to get the jump on a Fairy Tail wizard."

The blonde matched Natsu's feral grin with one of her own. "Well, that was mostly falling out of a portal in the right spot, but I'd say we're a bit more than 'pretty strong'. Name the time and name the place, pinky."

"Yang!" the one with cat ears protested. "Now is not the time!"

"Did you say wizard?" the red hooded girl squealed, stars twinkling in her eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous, Ruby" Weiss reprimanded. "He's not a wizard. Seriously, where do you get these childish ideas?"

"Hey! Take that back!" Happy demanded, flying into the white-haired girl's face. "Natsu being a wizard isn't childish! He is one of the most powerful people in Fairy Tail. I mean sure, most of the time he acts like he doesn't have any brains between his ears and there's plenty of people who always beat him up: Erza, Master, Laxus, Gildarts, Lucy whenever we sneak into her house…"

"How does that count?" Natsu screeched.

Weiss seemed to have stopped listening. Her eyes were wide with horror and incomprehension as she stared at Happy. Indeed, all four girls seemed to have locked their shocked gazes onto the winged Exceed.

"Guys…" Ruby whispered conspiratorially. "That cat has wings."

"Ruby, that cat is talking," the black haired one murmured back.

"Oh good, you guys can hear it too" Yang muttered, not seeming at all relieved. "I thought it was just me who was going insane."

Happy pouted adorably. "Well, of course, I can talk. Why wouldn't I?"

"Because you're a cat!" Weiss shouted. She desperately whipped her head around the guild hall, her pale blue eyes glistening with terror, like an icicle desperately trying not to melt. "What is this place?"

Erza frowned. New people being confused by the Exceeds wasn't anything new. It was growing more uncommon as Happy's notoriety increased with Natsu's, but there was still some who were startled by the apparently ordinary cat's abilities. No, what worried Erza was the children's reaction to Natsu's declaration as a Fairy Tail wizard. Specifically, the fact that they homed in on the 'wizard' part.

Putting aside the fact that Fairy Tail was currently the hottest news in Fiore, their reactions, both Ruby's wonder and Weiss' disbelief, didn't seem to result from distrusting that Natsu could have such skill in his craft as to work in its highest echelon. Rather, they seemed mystified to have met a wizard at all, as if they were but creatures of fantasy to the girls.

Dozens of theories ran through Erza's head. How could these strange new arrivals not believe in wizards? They were one of the most popular occupations in all of Earthland.

Though, given their arrival by portal, could it be they were not from Earthland?

She exchanged glances with Master Makarov. He nodded at her and she knew he'd come to the same conclusion she had. Though, given the lack of destruction that had been left behind by the Amina, they still needed to confirm their theory.

The Master stepped forward.

"Girls." Makarov's booming voice was quiet, but its resolute baritone resonance stretched across the guild hall and guided the four girls' attention straight to him. "It seems that you are as confused as we all are. Perhaps we should all slow down before we start a fight. Let's begin with introductions. My name is Makarov Dreyar. I am the master of this guild."

The girl in the red hood smiled widely at the master. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Makarov. I'm Ruby Rose."

"Weiss Schnee," Weiss declared. She paused a bit after she'd finished saying her name, but only silence filled the space. She blinked in surprise after a moment, and an unreadable expression descended over her face. Erza didn't have time to figure out what she was feeling before she dipped her head to the girl with cat ears.

"Blake Belladonna," the black-haired girl stated.

The blonde flashed a grin. "Yang Xiao-Long."

"And together, we're Team RWBY!" Ruby proclaimed proudly, her hands on her waist like some kind of superhero.

Wendy stepped out from behind Erza's arm and raised an eyebrow. "The team is named after you?"

"What? No!" the silver-eyed girl protested, a crimson blush overtaking her face. She madly waved her arms before her in denial. "It's just that Beacon uses the first letters of our names and it just happened to make RWBY. It's spelled differently than it sounds. Though, yeah, it does get confusing sometimes."

"Oh, I get it," Wendy nodded. She smiled at the new arrivals. "Me, Carla, Natsu, Happy, Erza, Lucy, and Gray are on a team too. Though, we don't really have a name. Most people just call us the strongest team in Fairy Tail."

"Really?" Ruby's eyes sparkled. "That's awesome! I'm not sure if we're the strongest in Beacon, but probably in our year. Well, except for JNPR, but they're our friends and I'm pretty sure we can beat Pyrrha if we all gang up on her at once. Maybe. Wait, you're on a team with talking, flying cats?!"

"Yes, she is," Carla confirmed definitively. "Now, while I am pleased you are making a friend Wendy, I believe Master has some information for her."

"Oh, oops," Wendy apologized. "Sorry."

"No, it's fine. I know what it's like to get going on something" Ruby comforted her gently. "Like weapons! Oh, don't get me started on weap—"

"Ahem," Weiss croaked, her head not so subtly pointed at the master.

Ruby awkwardly scratched the back of her head. "Oh, right."

It was then that Erza finally let down her guard. Whoever Team RWBY were, and wherever they came from, the leader at least had an earnest, nervous energy about her. From her talk of weapons, she was likely perfectly capable in combat, but Erza did not think she'd be any threat to the guild. She was too honest. A simple soul.

Ruby turned back to the master. "So… that's who we are. Who are all you guys?"

Makarov furrowed his brow. "This is the Fairy Tail Guild."

"Neat," Yang noted. "What's that?"

You could practically hear the disbelief from the crowd. The hurried mutterings increased tenfold, everyone seemingly coming up with their own theories about the source of the girls' obliviousness. Thanks to the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail was the talk of the kingdom, its name on the trunk of every tree and the lips of every citizen. Even those who didn't know the specifics should understand the general idea of what they were.

Apparently, Master Makarov agreed. "Perhaps this is something better discussed in private. Please accompany me to my office. Erza, Mira, please join us."

"What? Gramps, they fell on me" Natsu protested. "We have to figure out when we're going to have our—"

"Not now, Natsu," Erza cut in, her commanding tone immediately silencing the Salamander.

The Master nodded in thanks. "Thank you, Erza." He whirled on the whispering crowd. The chatter immediately stopped. "As for the rest of you brats, if I catch you eavesdropping I'll kick you through the floor so hard you'll pop out in Alvarez!"

The entire guild nodded in deference. The only movement in the crowd was Laxus nonchalantly drowning his drink at the bar, having apparently lost interest in the current events.

Makarov smiled. "Now get loud, you kids! This is supposed to be a party!"


Just like that, as if someone had switched on a lacrima, the energy of the room returned. The various groups of the guild returned to their individual conversations, the mysterious new arrivals likely still mentioned but pushed to the back of everyone's minds. After all, the Master said he would handle it. So why not enjoy the peace?

"Well, that's one way to keep a party going," Blake observed.

Mirajane walked up to the girls. She flashed them her warmest, most welcoming smile. "Come on. I'll show you the way to the master's office."

The team didn't move for a moment. Weiss, Blake, and Yang all looked to Ruby, awaiting their leader's decision on whether to trust the strange old man. If she refused, they might decide that their best option was to fight their way out. It would be unfortunate, but Erza didn't sense too much magical energy within them. It was doubtful they were even wizards, which meant she shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them. And that was if Natsu didn't get to them first.

Fortunately, Ruby nodded her consent to the plan, shooting Wendy a cheerful grin before they followed Mira to the master's office, Erza herself bringing up the rear.

Once they had arrived, and Erza had scared off an eavesdropping Natsu, Gray, and Lucy, Makarov stood in front of his desk, looking back at Team RWBY with a grave stare.

"My children," he began softly. "This may sound a bit strange, but this Beacon place you keep speaking of, would you mind telling us what it is?"

All the girls looked terribly confused. They shared worried glances between each other.

"Um, it's Beacon," Ruby stated. "Beacon Academy. Vale's Huntsman School."

"I see," Makarov whispered. "And what is Vale?"

"Okay, you must be joking," Weiss snorted. "Vale is Vale. The kingdom of Vale. How can you not know that?"

The Master sighed. "Likely for the same reason you don't recognize the name Fiore. Even though that is the kingdom we stand in at this very moment."

"What?" Blake exclaimed. "That's impossible. There are only four kingdoms."

"Yeah. What are you trying to pull?" Yang demanded. The bracelets on her wrists expanded into yellow gauntlets, the gears of some strange mechanism sounding from within.

Erza stepped in front of the child, her glare furious and commanding. "Do not dare insinuate that Master Makarov would ever stoop to such rancid deception. And especially don't believe I will allow you to draw a weapon in his presence."

"Oh really, red," Yang challenged. She took a threatening step forward. "You want to go?"

"Enough of this. Erza, stand down," Makarov commanded. "I am more than capable of defending myself. Besides, the children have the right to be suspicious. Their situation is hardly one to be anticipated."

Erza bowed her head to the master and took a place by his side. Yang sent a mocking smirk her way, but the knight dealt with Natsu on a daily basis. This impetuous blonde was a hardly even an annoyance.

Master Makarov had Mira retrieve a rolled-up map from his desk drawer. With pitying solemnity, the Demon handed it to the children.

Team RWBY unfurled the parchment. All four girls' eyes widened with shock at the sight before them.

"What… what is this?" Blake muttered fearfully.

Makarov sighed. "A map of Earthland. Our world. Though I suspect, not your world."

"This is impossible," Weiss protested. "Remnant is the world. There's only one world."

"I promise you, there is more," Makarov declared.

"We've had our own experience with another dimension called Edolas," Mira sadly informed them. "Though, granted, most of us were turned into a giant lacrima during that period…"

None of the girls seemed to be listening anymore. Their eyes glazed over like hard granite.

"Girls?" Master Makarov inquired. "Girls? Girls?"

Mirajane stopped her tale. She stepped forward and snapped her fingers in front of the girls' faces. There was no response.

"Oh no, master," she moaned. "I think you broke them."

"I didn't mean to!" Master Makarov screeched. "Get them to the infirmary and call Porlyusica immediately!"

"Yes, master!" Erza obeyed. She lifted Ruby and Weiss over her shoulders and trudged out of the office towards the infirmary, Mira following close behind with Blake and Yang.

Natsu, Gray, and Lucy jumped out of the way of the opening door, apparently having returned after Erza had warned them off. Normally, she would have reprimanded them harshly for disobeying her commands and daring to violate the master's privacy, but she didn't want to drop their guests so she let it go for now. Her team filed in behind her as they advanced to the infirmary, Mira calling out for Elfman to send for Porlyusica along the way.

"So, who are they?" Lucy asked. "Are they really from another world like Mystogan? Is the town going to be turned into a lacrima again?"

"It appears so," Erza confirmed. "The former at least. Magnolia is probably safe for now."

"Awesome!" Natsu cheered. "If they're anything like Mystogan, they must be super strong."

"Well, they did beat you without even trying."

"You wanna go, pervert?!"

"Don't push your luck, flame freak!"

"Enough!" Erza shouted. "They are distressed enough without you two bickering."

The wizards arrived at the infirmary. Erza and Mira set the four girls down in their own fluffy beds, taking the time to tuck each of the teenagers under the covers.

Lucy worriedly watched over the patients, compassionate curiosity evident in her eyes. "How did they get here? When the Anima sucked up the town, there was still a gate for us to get to Edolas through. But the portal they came through, it disappeared as soon as they arrived. Do you think they can make another one?"

"Doubtful. Whatever that portal was, it was clearly highly advanced, and extremely powerful, magic," Erza observed. "If their world is anything like Edolas, whatever magic that exists there is either very limited or perhaps even nonexistent. And given their disbelief at seeing a wizard…"

"If they're not wizards, then what was that Beacon place they mentioned training them to do?" Natsu wondered. "Are they ninjas or something? Is that how they got the drop on me?"

"It doesn't take a ninja to get the drop on you," Gray taunted. He turned to Erza. "That said, Natsu's got a point. If these girls can't use magic, who made that portal? And why would someone that powerful bother sending four teenagers to another dimension?"

Erza cautiously looked over Ruby Rose. While there was no power emanating from the other visitors, save a strange forcefield the mage couldn't identify, there was a peculiar magical energy pulsing behind her eyes. It felt abnormally potent, perhaps enough to power the portal that brought the four to their world, but its nature was different from any Erza had felt before. The closest she could recall was…

No. No, that was preposterous.

"Whoever they are, there is something dangerous about these four," Erza declared. "Whoever sent them here clearly did so without their knowledge. That means they wanted them out of the way, either for good or for ill. They may be far more powerful than they appear, and if not that, then far more unpredictable."

Natsu smirked. "They're going to fit right in here."

Erza recalled Ruby's conversation with Wendy. The two children had chatted cheerfully like they had just met on the playground. Even clearly disoriented, the silver-eyed girl had fully engaged the young Sky Dragon Slayer, a person both younger than her and completely unknown to her, energetically sharing her passions and joys with her new acquaintance.

She mirrored Natsu's smile.

"Yes. I do believe they will."


Jaune Arc stood outside Team RWBY's dorm. "It's been three days."

"Just because we haven't seen them, doesn't mean something's happened to them" his teammate, Nora Valkyrie, posited. "I mean, knowing Weiss they could be doing some super-secret training for the festival."

"Do you really think Ruby would agree to that?" her partner, Lie Ren, asked.

Nora snorted. "She would for a chocolate chip cookie. And Weiss can buy a lot of cookies."

Jaune frowned. "No one has seen them though. I've checked with everyone: Sun, Neptune, the professors. Ruby isn't answering my calls and isn't seeing my messages. It's like they disappeared off the face of Remnant."

Pyrrha Nikos, his partner, put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "We understand Jaune. We care about them too. But are you sure this is the best way to go about it?"

Jaune frowned. He'd tried every other thing he could think of. He'd told Professor Ozpin about his worries, but the headmaster had assured him not to worry. The leader of Team JNPR had tried to calm his fears, but Ruby was the first friend he'd ever made outside his family and the rest of her team had followed soon after (okay, Weiss took a bit longer, but that was mostly his fault). He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, that they were in danger.

If he was wrong, he could only hope they could forgive him.

"I'm sure it's the best option we've got."

Pyrrha grimaced but nodded. "Alright then. We're with you."

Jaune smiled. "Thank you. Nora?"

"Hey, we either save their lives or uncover their super-secret tournament plans. Win-win, the way I see it."

Ren cocked an eyebrow. "Nora, they're not there. I would sense them if they wer—"

"Hush, Renny." The orange haired warrior raised her giant hammer Magnhild above her head. A feral grin sparked across her face. "Knock knock!"

One hammer swing later and the steel door crumpled inward. Team JNPR quickly rolled into the dorm room, their eyes scanning about for any sign of their fellows.

"Ruby?" Jaune called out. "Are you here?"

"No one is here, Jaune," Ren repeated. "I would have felt them with my semblance if they were."

"What? Since when can your semblance do that? Why didn't you mention that before we knocked down the door?"

"I tried."

"Hey, what's this?" Nora exclaimed. She picked up a thick black book, a strange series of symbols on the back cover. "By Sitara Astra… Oh, Blake must've left one of her smut books out."

Suddenly, a black and gold energy flashed around the volume, crackling like a stirring tempest.

"Nora, drop it!" Pyrrha ordered. She pulled the other redhead away from the tome as the clouded volume cluttered back to the floor.

Team JNPR fearfully backed away from the book, their weapons raised for action.

Pulsing black energy shot up in a massive pillar. The transparent air below the room's ceiling distorted into a wide, swirling portal, dark sparks of power shooting off every which way.

"What is that?" Jaune breathed in terror.

"It's an invasion!" Nora yelled. "Aliens are invading Remnant! They'll turn us into slaves! They'll mutate the Grimm into an intelligent species! They'll reign over us with an iron fist! Hah! They'll ban pancakes! We have to stop them!"

"Wait!" Ren shouted. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Jaune asked incredulously. He couldn't hear anything over grating wheerrr of the portal.

Pyrrha closed her eyes. She nodded in comprehension. "He's right. I can hear it too. There's something coming out of the portal."


"No. It sounds like… it sounds like… aaahhh?"


A high pitched squeal broke through the air. Four familiar girls plummeted out of the portal and smashed into the floor of the room in a massive heap.

The black gate closed shortly after and the book fell onto Weiss' bed.

Jaune and the others rushed over to the heap of new arrivals. Fortunately, an easily identifiable red hood was on the very top of the pile.

"Ruby? Are you okay?" the leader of Team JNPR asked, concerned. "Where have you guys been? What was that portal thing?"

Ruby groggily raised her face, her silver eyes disjointed and unfocused. She flashed a dopey smile and pointed an unsteady finger at her friend. "Hey, Jaune. What are you doing in our room? You should really skedaddle before Erza finds you here. If she does, she's gonna kick your ass!"

Jaune looked to Pyrrha, who shrugged in response. The blond boy gulped and turned back to his friend. "Um, Ruby, who is Erza?"

"Who's Erza? Come on, Jaune. Stop being silly. Erza's the awesomest wizard in Fairy Tail," Ruby stated boldly. "Sure, you've never met her, but that's—"

Ruby's eyes comically widened. "Jaune! Oh my gods! How are you—Wait!" The red reaper bounded off her team and leapt onto her bed. She feverishly scanned the room, her jaw dropping at every sight she took in. "This is Beacon. We're at Beacon!"

"Of course, you're at Beacon," Nora noted. "You guys have only been gone a few days. It'd be stupid if you went away for your super-secret training with the Vytal Festival so close."

"A few days!" Ruby exclaimed. "It's only been a few days?"

"Ruby, calm down," Pyrrha comforted. "Take a deep breath."

"Ergh, yes, you dolt," Weiss grounded as she rolled over the floor. "You and Wendy can have your little sleepover later. We need to sleep. Seriously, you're nearly as bad as that flamebrain."

"What, like your Snow Prince is so much better, Ice Queen?" Yang teased from her laid out position.

"He's not my—do you want Juvia to kill me in my sleep?"

"Guys, please!" Blake begged, desperation thick in her voice. "Mira says she's got a special session for me tomorrow. I need at least four hours of sleep not to die. Save the boy war for later."

"You wound me, Blakey. Do you really think I'd be so cruel as to leave Lucy out of the fun?"

"Tease later. Sleep now."

"Oh, come on, you don't need that long a cat nap."

"Die in a hole."

"Guys!" Ruby yelled. "We're back at Beacon! For real this time!"

All three girls reluctantly cracked open their eyes. None of them looked very impressed.

Weiss sighed. "Ruby, I swear, if you wasted our rent on another illusionist…"

"I didn't" Ruby protested. She blasted over to Team JNPR with her semblance and dragged Jaune and Pyrrha over. "See? Jaune and Pyrrha are here."

Yang chuckled. "Really, Rubes? That's your play?"

"It's not a trick! Ask them anything."

"Fine" Yang rolled her eyes. "Pyrrha, who do you have a crush on?"

Pyrrha's face immediately went bright red. She briefly glanced at Jaune, and then looked the other way as fast as she could.

Jaune raised an eyebrow at the display. He appreciated that Pyrrha looked to him for emotional support in the matter, but he didn't even have a clue that she had a crush before Yang just mentioned it. He wasn't sure what encouragement he could provide her for going after the lucky guy.

Apparently, her actions were enough to convince Yang though. Her lilac eyes widened. She stared back to Blake, whose amber orbs were equally large. "No way… it can't be…"

"It's not" Weiss denied. "And I'll prove it. Jaune, call me Snow Angel."

"Huh? But you said the next time I did that, you'd shove Crocea Mors so far up my—"

"Oh my god, we're back at Beacon" Weiss gasped. A wide smile spread across her face. "We're back at Beacon!"

"Yeah, but we've only been gone a few days," Ruby exclaimed.

"What? That's impossible," Blake declared. "We were in Fiore for six months. How could we…"

"Was it all a dream?" Yang wondered. "Some weird… shared… fever dream?"

"Fever dream?" Nora repeated disbelievingly. "You guys fell out of a swirling black portal. That's not a fever dream. At least not any I've had…"

"Guys," Ruby whispered, her gaze looked down at her right hand. "She's right. It was real. It was all real."

All four girls copied Ruby's vision to look at their own arms. It was only then that Jaune noticed the biggest difference from when he saw them last. Though their clothes were basically the same bar a few extra scruffs here and there, on the back of their hands were strange tattoos. Bird-like marks, exactly alike save for their differing colors. Ruby's was red, Weiss' was white, Blake's was black, and Yang's was yellow.

Pyrrha put a hand on her chin thoughtfully. "That emblem, I've seen it somewhere before."

"What are they?" Ren inquired.

Ruby turned to Team JNPR, her silver eyes resolute as she proudly displayed her crimson tattoo. "They're our guild marks. The symbol of Fairy Tail wizards."

A hush fell over the room. Jaune didn't know what it was, but he was paralyzed under Ruby's gaze. She'd always had a weird, irresistible charisma. Whether she knew it or not, she inspired them all every day with her indomitable determination and boundless optimism. She did what she saw as right, no more and no less. Some might call that a bit naïve, and though Jaune held her in the highest possible esteem, he could understand how others could see her as childish.

But none could call the woman who stood before him now a child. He'd always known Ruby was skilled. Now, he could see that whatever happened to her and the others on the opposite side of the black portal, it had made her powerful.

Of course, there were those that never showed any regard for power.

"So, you guys are wizards now?" Nora said flatly. "As in, you can do magic." She leaned into Ren. "I told you: super-secret training."

So begins Fairies of the Shattered Moon.

We're going to be jumping back and forth in the timeline, with flashbacks to Team RWBY's time in Fiore shown alongside their developing adventures in Volume 3. We will see them forge friendships and the like with the various Fairy Tail members, as well as how they got back home and who left them the book in the first place.

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