The sounds of combat echoes through the night, clashing blades and gunshots were resounding in a desolate city filled with coffins.

One could be described as elegant and beautiful. Their appearance was that of something in between a gorgeous woman and a handsome man. They wore a traditional Japanese kimono and a haori. Their hair was blue and reached passed their back. Their eyes were blue and cold as the steel they held.

The other could be described as a pirate. He was dressed like a pirate in movies. His black coat flapped around as he fought. Every now and then he would adjust his hat. His blonde hair was messy. His red eyes, or eye as the other one was covered with an eyepatch, had a wild and feral look.

They not only contrasted each other in looks but also in fighting style.

The androgynous Japanese wielded the katana in grace and elegance. Their fighting style wouldn't be out of place in a theatre. And in their grace comes skill. They parried each strike and returned the favour whenever they saw an opening.

The pirate was unrelenting and wild as the storms he's been through. His movements were nigh unpredictable and none of the elegance the other has displayed was present. He would fire a shot with his pistol whenever he gained distance and strike like a maniac when in close range. He could be likened to a wild animal pursuing its prey.

The one who had the upperhand, however, was the androgynous samurai. It could be even argued that they were going easy on the pirate.

They were faster than any of the bullets which they sliced in mid-air. The wild and unpredictable nature of the pirate was overcomed by their calmness and skill. Whenever the pirate attacked at close range, the samurai would attempt to strike the opening created forcing the pirate to distance himself and the samurai would close that distance immediately. Rinse and repeat.

"Guhaa!" the pirate was blown away to a nearby building, the impact breaking it in half. The man groaned as he stood up once more, ignoring the pain that his body was in.

He didn't even manage to get up halfway before a blast of light was shot.

Adrenaline rushed to his body and he jumps away from the beam of death, the light incinerating the spot he once occupied.

"Give it up," the samurai said. "You are clearly no match for me. It would be best to throw in the towel while you're still alive."

The pirate panted. "Shut up. No way I'm gonna lose to ya."

"I see," the samurai closed their eyes. "I shall make your death as painless as possible."

The katana glowed bright enough to enlighten the district that they were in.

"It's over," the samurai declared. "Am-"

The samurai was interupted by the magma exploding beneath him. The tower of fire engulfed them.

The pirate was snatched away by some tounge and swallowed by a frog.

"Hey let me out!"

"Quiet! We're saving your ass here!"

The pillar of magma dissapated and revealed a very irritated samurai.

"How annoying."

The samurai swung their sword in a large arc creating a shockwave that devastated the area. However it was too late as the trio had already escaped.

The samurai sighed. "They escaped huh. No matter," they shook their head. "It's impossible to oppose us after all."


"So," a figure that stood on top of an eldrich tower spoke. "They should've just surrendered. My victory is certain and nothing will stop me from saving this world."

"Guess who?" His vision went black. At first he thought that it was an enemy but then realized that no one is capable of penetrating his tower. And there was one person here that would pull a prank like this.

"Manaka," he removed the dainty hand that had blocked his vision. He turned aeound to face the ash blonde girl that smiled at him. "What do you think are you doing?"

"Mou, I just wanted to play with you," she pouted. "You're always so serious. You need to relax."

He briefly considered that. Then he remembered that he will save this world and lead it to paradise. And thus he swiftly answered.

"No. I will sa-"

"Okay okay," Manaka raised her hands up in a defeated manner. "I get it."

He turned back to the city. The whole place was filled with coffins. There wasn't a single human in sight. The whole city felt like a massive wasteland.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'll save all of you."

Manaka smiled. "Good luck Minato."

Minato Arisato nodded with conviction.

[Lostbelt ?: Shrouded World of Death and Salvation - Tartarus]

You thought Minato would be a protag, too bad he is the villain.

I feel embarrassed. I feel like this story sucks but I'm going to write this story anyway.

Minato and Manaka are the main villains. Basically the Lostbelt King and Crypter respectively.

I need a Beta Reader for this by the way.