Katie Gelser And Annie Bartlett Thoughts On Butters!

From the episode "The Ungroundable."

As The Vampire Kids were all five sitting on the While Anne Bartlett had turned her head around at first looking at Mike while he read to them a book about the dark ways, She then turned her head towards the schoolyard and saw that strange kid who was spying on them earlier. As she first saw him coming there way. She said to the other Vamp kids.

"What is that kid doing?"

Suddenly, Katie Gelser who had a bright smile on her face while hearing Mike's book. Now had a "What The Fuck!" look on her face and her eyes got bigger. As Butters then layed his cross down on the cold ground, Katie and Annie were now both looking at each other and thinking..."What The Fucks's Wrong With This Kid?"

Butters, Now with his arms up in the air. Said to the other Vamp kids.


As Mike replied to him by saying "So?" Katie was thinking.

"Who is this weird blond headed kid? He's such a dork."

Annie Bartlett was thinking.

"God, This kid one freaky boy, You think he really believes vampires are real."

While Butters was pleading to let them join The Vampires society, The girls continued to look at him knowing he was odd and stupid. But he was kind
of cute in their opinions. Later that night...As he brought them a case of Dr. Pepper and wild cherry twizzlers. They then took him to the South Park Mall and took
him to where everyone was transforming into Vampires, HOT TOPIC! Annie who was spraying his hair a blackish color, Was now thinking.

"You know, He really looks hot as Hell! as a Vamp kid."

Katie aka. "Bloodrayne" who was now putting a spiked collar around his neck. thought.

"He really does look Hot! in those cool Vamp clothes."

After all was set and done, And Mike told Butters. "Welcome Butters, To The South Park society of Vampires." While Butters was now laughing in a crazy way.
The three boys decided to leave. While Butters was trying to follow them, Katie and Annie stopped him by telling what a hunk he was.

At first, Annie said to him with a cheerful smile.

"Hey Butters! I like the was you totally look in those dark clothes."

Butters replied by saying.


While Katies told him.

"Absoulty Sweetie!"

And then the two begin to kiss his cheeks and start to bite his neck with there plastic fangs. To give him Hickeys!

Butters was just digging It!

The End.