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It took over a month before they finally had that long promised girly sleepover with Kagami.

A lot had happened in that month.

Starting with the moment Plagg's voice could be heard from beneath Adrien's shirt. No one had time (or the will) to react at such a shocking revelation that the God of Destruction and Misfortune apparently lived with Adrien Agreste when a red and black bug-like creature suddenly zoomed out of Marinette's handbag and yanked Plagg out from under Adrien's shirt and actually throttled the living daylights out of him.

"What have we told you about forming a cult, Plagg?!" the creature hissed. "There was a reason why we banned such a thing after your followers almost burned down ALL OF ROME!"

"Guh!" Plagg choked.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!" Alya babbled as she pointed frantically between Adrien and Marinette. "You're Ladybug and Chat Noir! Holy shit that explains so much! Oh my God! We threatened Adrien in a dark and shady alleyway to stay away from Marinette so Adrien could date her!"

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Marinette shrieked.

There was no chance of an immediate explanation as the classroom door started to open and Plagg and the strange red creature instantaneously zipped back into their hiding places and everyone hastily tried to compose themselves and focus on their afternoon lessons.

(For the life of her, Alix could not remember what happened in those lessons but then again that wasn't exactly any different from any other day in school.)

It took two days to corner Adrien and Marinette for a proper explanation which they only gave because someone called Master Fu said it was best to reign in Plagg's latest cult. Alix wasn't sure if it was totally awesome that some mystical guy was frightened of the chaos and destruction was now apparently capable of or incredibly insulted that he thought she was stupid enough to not question Plagg's demands.

(Which was only for more cheese and the occasionally belly rub when he ate too much of it by the way).

Alix didn't have much time to contemplate this as not only did she have to endure a week's detention for the handcuff incident but she was grounded once again and forced to help archive all the paper in the museum for felt like an eternity for getting so many detentions. When she was finally free of that she then found that she – along with Alya, Rose, Juleka, and Mylene – had become this Master Fu's errand girl.

"It had been discovered long ago by the temple that Plagg's followers are best kept busy or idle hands will lead to unnecessary destruction," Master Fu said wisely when they all finally got to meet him, "that's why I am assigning you all temple duty to prevent any sort of chaos that might catch Hawk Moth's attention."

Alix would totally believe this if it wasn't for the fact she could have sworn she saw the old man laugh into his cup of tea after he sent her to get his weekly prescriptions.

She was pretty sure they were all being used but if it meant that Tiki (the name of Marinette's odd little God thing) would relax about the fact that Adrien and Marinette's identities have been blown because they were all properly sworn in as temple staff or whatever, then Alix was all for it.

Plagg was annoying in the sense he was the most gluttonous creature Alix had ever met and talked only about cheese.

Tiki was annoying because she never stopped fucking lecturing them about the importance of keeping everything a secret while also trying to parent them constantly.

She had not been impressed when Alix coolly pointed out that she already had a Mum - thank you very much! - and didn't need another.

It also didn't help that they totally told Kagami but Alix swears Kagami is the only one and she swore she would never tell Wayhem. Besides it all worked out, Kagami was like Master Fu's favourite after Marinette, they like to drink tea together and contemplate the universe or whatever.

Alix was pretty sure Kagami was going to get her hands on a Miraculous before she did which was totally unfair!

This, of course, totally led to the next unnecessarily over the top dramatic moment of Marinette and Kagami actually having a conversation. They had all held their breaths when the two girls met properly on the rare outing for ice cream as a group since Marinette expressed...well, okay, it wasn't dislike because Alix can literally count on one hand how many people Marinette actually disliked (two and that was Chloe and Hawk Moth, so who can blame her?) but it wasn't exactly a positive reaction.

Thankfully though after a tense handshake and some muttered apologies, Kagami and Marinette instantly warmed up to one another and got on like a house on fire. Now every time Adrien approached the pair of them they would exchanged glances and burst into giggles which quickly turned into full out, belly busting, laughter at the blond boy's expense.

Poor Adrien would stand there utterly clueless to what was so funny.

(So nothing new there.)

On top of this some actual, real life, drama shit hit the fan when Marinette fully comprehended that Adrien was Chat Noir. Apparently when Adrien ditched them all on that ice cream date it wasn't because his father forbade him to go out but because he had set up a romantic evening on the rooftops for Ladybug.

Even though he already had plans with his friends and Ladybug clearly told him no and she had her own plans with friends.

Mylene was downright terrifying when she found this out. She had calmly stepped up to Adrien and shot him the filthiest look Alix had ever seen (and boy, Chloe had sent them some real stinkers in the last few weeks) as she placed her hands onto her hips. "Nino deserves better," was all she said in the coldest voice that Alix hadn't thought Mylene was capable of before.

Adrien was left absolutely flabbergasted in the dust.

Of course they had been on Marinette's side on the whole thing, she was their best friend and had her dreams crushed and heart dented by the discovering, but on the other hand...

"Look I didn't waste all my time in detention for you to break up with Adrien after two freaking weeks," Alix said bluntly, "let him grovel but please, for the love of my unborn child called Wensleydale, take him back eventually."

Marinette's insulted gargling noise didn't last long as Adrien well and truly grovelled (to both her and Nino much to Nino's bewilderment) and Marinette, who was never made of stone in the first place, instantly crumbled and hauled the poor boy into a suffocating embrace.

Alix was sure she saw Adrien choke on Marinette's tongue.

(Oh, and by the way, Adrien still hadn't apologised for calling Alix a bully about the whole pushing Marinette into his arms constantly. When she confronted him about it he just stared at her with a bland expression.

"You could have still hurt Marinette," he said flatly, "in fact, you did hurt Marinette. Do you remember the cupboard?!"

And with that, Alix held onto her burning desire to see Adrien suffer any minor indignation and pain possible. Yes, she is that petty and ridiculous. Deal with it.)

So here they were finally doing a girly sleepover with all the works. There was ice cream, cookies, and various other sweet treats scattered across the floor with a stack of chick flicks primed for viewing, and a clutter of beauty supplies such as nail polish and face packs to give Kagami the full experience. Rose was in the middle of braiding Juleka's hair while Alya helped cover Mylene's face in some sort of muck, and Marinette was currently painting flames on Kagami's nails.

Meanwhile Alix was...

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Plagg waved his paw in Alix's face. "Stop daydreaming, you're supposed to be worshipping me. Worship me," he drawled out persuasively, "Worship me!"

Well, Alix was preoccupied obviously.

"All hail the mighty and great Plagg," Alix rolled her eyes, "please accept this measly offering of cheese that is unworthy of your magnificence."

"Gladly," Plagg gobbled the cheese down quickly, "though your devotion can use a little work. Try to can the sarcasm there can only be one snarky feline in this relationship and it isn't you."

"Oh Plagg, the wise and wonderful!" Rose bowed her head deeply towards Plagg. She was the only one who still took her 'temple duties' seriously and Alix had a terrifying feeling that she truly believed in Plagg as a religion. "Please allow me to scratch behind your ears again."

"Rose," Juleka said softly appalled, "No!"

"Rose, yes!" Plagg cheered as he zipped over to Rose's side. "You're totally my favourite."

"Hey!" Marinette cried out offended. "You said I was your favourite yesterday!"

"You're my favourite bug," Plagg back-tracked hastily, "you're several shades less obnoxious and annoying than most of Tiki's chosen."

"Hmm..." Marinette hummed clearly unable to decide whether or not she should be insulted. "If you say so."

"I do!" Plagg purred as he leaned into Rose's touch.


Everyone jumped out of their skin at Alya's loud and sudden declaration. Marinette even went as far as letting out a startled squawk as she accidentally jerked her hand down and painted red over Kagami's knuckle. "Oh my God!" she gasped horrified. "I'm so sorry."

"It's no problem," Kagami shrugged indifferently, "nothing a bit of polish remover can't solve."

"All right," Alix faced Alya, "rewind a little bit. Why exactly do we need a new operation?"

"It's so boring!" Alya complained. "Now we finally succeeded in our mission to get Golden Lotus sailing and my personal mission to find out Ladybug's identity," Marinette rolled her eyes, "I have nothing to focus on and it's driving me mad. We need a new operation like yesterday!"

"I already have a new operation," Kagami said calmly, "I need to persuade my mother to take Wayhem with us to London in September for the royal wedding. That's five months away and it still might not be enough time."

"Juleka and I have a new operation too!" Rose beamed radiantly as she took Juleka's hand into hers. "And we're very excited about it!"

Everyone waited with baited breath for Rose to expand on that when Juleka blinked bewilderedly. "We do?" she mumbled baffled.

"Yes!" Rose grinned. "Our new art project with Nathaniel, remember?"

"Oh," Juleka muttered, disappointment clear on her face, "yeah, that."

Alya shot Alix a very pointed look that screamed 'SEE! I told you we need to get them together!' which Alix ignored completely. They had this discussion repeatedly in the last couple weeks and Alix was utterly adamant that she was not getting involved in the matchmaking business again. Not after all the many, many, many disasters they had endured these last few months. Alix already sold the name of her first born child, the next deity they may have to beg help from will probably demand her poor kid's soul.

"I also have my own operation to focus on," Alix said loudly, "It's called Operation Kick Kim's Ass!"

Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes at that one.

"When don't you humiliate Kim?" Mylene asked faintly amused. "I am going to focus on Ivan a little more. He's been so good and supportive about this whole thing but I have been neglecting him in favour of Marinette's relationship status."

Marinette flushed bright pink at that.

"Yeah," Alix grinned slyly, "and we all know Marinette's operation in life is to dry hump Adrien on every tourist attraction Paris has to offer."

"ALIX!" Marinette shrieked. Her face flaming scarlet. "IT IS NOT!"

"Pfft!" Alya snorted. "Tell that to my Ladyblog. Someone posted a picture of you two making out on Notre Dame just two nights ago."

"Oh my God!" Marinette covered her face with her hands. "Adrien said no one could see us!"

"Adrien's an idiot," Plagg said bluntly.

"Plagg!" Tiki snapped disapprovingly.

"Well he is!" Plagg whined.

"The point is," Alix said loudly before anyone could start protesting this (she was on Plagg's side all the way on that subject), "we all have our own missions in life and don't need another operation to focus on. Maybe this is a sign that you should focus on something significant in your life for a change."

"Oh yeah!" Alya challenged. "Like what?"

Alix didn't get a chance to answer when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"And that's our cue!" Rose declared.

They instantly snatched up all of their goodies, chick flicks, and beauty supplies as Alya's mouth opened and closed like a fish.

"Wait, what?!" Alya cried out. "What about our girly sleepover?! What happened to achieving Kagami's dream?!"

"We," Alix stressed as she waved a hand at herself and the others, "are going to have a girly sleepover at Marinette's. While you," she said pointedly, "are going to learn to focus on what's important."

"Oh yeah," Alya placed her hands on her hips challengingly, "and what's that?"

Mylene – ever the helpful assistant – opened the bedroom door to reveal a sheepish Nino wielding a bouquet of slightly bedraggled flowers. "Hey Babe," Nino said shyly, "wanna try a real date again?"

"Oh," Alya blinked. Her cheeks were tinged with a faint pink and the beginnings of a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "Oh!" she repeated happily. "Yeah, sure. Let's have a real date."

And on that note, Alix and the others slipped out to have their girly sleepover (plus Plagg) in peace. With Alya finally paying attention to Nino and no longer demanding a new operation in life, Alix could finally have some drama-free life to savour and enjoy. The quietness of it all was magnificent...

...Until Plagg loudly demands for more cheese that is.