The sun shines. It's a beautiful day. The sky is a light blue, with the last of pink rays from the new morning. There is a light breeze blowing, filled with the slightest breath of the beginnings of winter. The weather betrays nothing.

The sun shines. Wizards and witches all around the world are celebrating. "The Dark Lord has been vanquished!" they cry, for even now they don't dare speak his name. The evil that has plagued the world is no more. There is a frantic excitement in the air as people finally breathe free for the first time in years. The pain and panic others have faced gives way to joy and relief.

The sun shines. Everyone is overjoyed, but no one thinks of the cost. Two parents, torn from this life. A son made to an orphan. A friend, now alone in the world. And a godfather, wrongly accused. He thinks of the cost. He knows. Yes, Sirius realizes he made the wrong choice. He should have stayed and taken Harry. But it's too late now. All he has for company is his thoughts and pain. So much pain.

The sun shines, but he won't feel it. All Sirius can feel is despair and sadness. The cold seeping into his very bones. He can still see it. Every time he closes his eyes he sees it. The house collapsed. His friends and their empty eyes. He will remember that scene for the rest of his miserable life. They made sure of it. His sobs echo around his cell. There is no comfort here. This is a place built for suffering.

The sun shines, but all Sirius can feel is cold. Never ending cold.

The sun shines. And Sirius is broken.

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This was written for the Pumpkin Pastie Eating Contest with the prompt (title) The Sun Shines (but I'm still cold) (Trying My Best 8) -Dam