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In which Polgara became Queen of Angaraks at the end of book 5 of the Belgariad.

Chapter 1

Polgara had approached Torak's temple with apprehension, today is the day that will seal her fate. Would she be the Queen of Angaraks or stay Polgara the Sorceress? Only after the encounter with Torak at the City of Endless Night will tell. She had looked at her companions. Their faces were blank. She probed into their minds and saw that they were to afraid to think of anything. She herself was afraid, because the confrontation wich occurred at Vo Mimbre will repeat itself. She doesn't know if she'll have enough courage to resist Him this time because her mother wasn't at her side. She sighed. If she succumbs, then the whole world shall be Torak's and the Dark Prophecy will prevail. She and her companions had fallowed Urtag, the Grolim High priest to Torak's temple. She opened the door with her mind, and had seen Garion, Silk and her Father inside already. She had been greeted by Zedar the apostate.

-Hello Belzedar, it's been a long time, said she.

-I have no right to wear that name anymore, Polgara. Anyway, welcome to Torak's temple, my Queen. I see now why my Master longs after you, replied Zedar, bowing deeply to her.

-We'll see, Zedar, my fate has not yet been sealed.

-I've no doubt of the outcome, my Queen. Please save yourself the trouble to resist Him.

By now they have arrived at the altar, where the One-Eyed God had awaited them.

-Welcome to your home, my bride, said He.

-Never, Torak, had replied Polgara.

But at the same time, her Will had crumbled; she had been conquered by Him already. She had made a step toward Him. Durnik, the good Master Blacksmith, had rushed to her to stop her. But the Dragon God had beem quicker, so he had frozen the blacksmith. Garion had also tried to stop his Aunt Pol's advance toward the Dark God, but had met the same fate as his friend.

Polgara, defenseless before the Dark God without her mother's aid, said:

-My Husband and my Master, thus accepting His proposal.

The Orb had attempted to help her resist, but could not do anything. After all, it had been only an Object, where as Torak had been a God. In her mind, Polgara was also completely frozen, unable to think and to resist. Zedar had been right, it had been impossible to resist a God. But somehow, it had felt right, when she had said yes to Him. She had felt relieved, at peace. All her plans to resisting him had seemed ridiculous, futile. Immediately upon accepting Him, she felt herself more powerful than ever before. Torak also, she noted, was happy and smiling. His face, which before was maimed and hidden in a mask, was beginning to change now. The ugly maimed part was gradually changed into a handsome face, more handsome than any of the faces she's seen before. She thought: how could she have hated him? She should have adored Him. Any woman at his side should feel herself lucky to have someone as a handsome as Him as a husband. In a desperate attempt to snap his Aunt Pol out of this, Garion shouted:

-Aunt Pol, please don't! Think about all he's done to us. Think about Chamdar!

Polgara had turned at her nephew, not comprehending his words. What's he talking about? He's trying to separate her from her true love! She continued to advance towards her fiancé, not showing any recognition sign nor understanding to Garion and the others. Torak gloated openly now, and said :

-Mine at last, Polgara! Victory shall be mine now! The Dark Prophecy shall prevail and I shall have dominion over all the World! Come, Belgarion of Riva, face me if you can!