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Final Chapter

Even with his Queen's nagging him about it, Torak had been fearing asking for his brothers' and parents' acceptance and love for the fear to be rejected again. Thus, 500 years have passed yet again before he had paid them a visit. Thus, he had been a millennia without seeing them at all. Polgara, his wife an queen, had been fed up with him and said to him one day after 500 years :

"Well, I see you're still fretting about them. I say we go and pay them a visit. Why not? What's there to lose?"

"I'm fearing a war and bloodshed between family, my Queen. Don't you as well?" had he asked her.

"No, I'm sure, after a thousand years without a move on your part, they'd have realized you've changed your ways and would forgive you."

"If you are so certain about yourself, then let us pay them a visit. You've never been to their residence. Let me guide you there."

"Of course."

And thus they had gone to His brother's sumptuous residence, armed with his personal phoenix's feather, a true God's gift. He had been a God too, though he had been long cast out from it, forbidden even entry. He had to thread on his toes to enter their place. He had not known what had awaited him there. Forgiveness or violence, war and bloodshed? He had been fearing these the most in his mind. He had voiced them to his wife :

"What if they shan't accept my gift?"

"Please appease yourself, my Lord, I'm sure they would."

Her words hadn't soothed his fears at all. They had ridden his personal dragon to fly there, and they had been at the gate. He had rang the doorbell once. No response. Inside, Aldur and the others hadn't been expecting anyone, thus they had been surprised. He had to ring another time. This time, Aldur had come to answer the door. He had peeked from inside the door to see who it had been and quickly hurried back in to say to all the others :

"It's our brother Torak on his personal mount with his wife, Polgara. What are we to do?"

"Well, Aldur, do they seem like they want a war or anything such as that?" Belgarion God had thus asked him.

"No, they have come with a phoenix feather and nothing else, no weapons and nothing violent?" He had responded with shock.

"Well, maybe we should let them in and see what they have to say for themselves?" Belgarath chimed in.

"Well, let us vote, who's up for letting them in and who's up for arming us all for battle?" Had responded Aldur.

Only Belgarion had put his hand up in the air. Thereafter, one by one they had all done so.

"Well then, it's decided, who shall open the door for them?"

"I shall." Had answered Aldur courageously.

He had gone to the door, opened the door lock with a magic spell. And he had not been expecting Torak, kneeling before him. Thus, he had said to him :

"My brother, please stand yourself up. Why are you doing this after such a long time?"

"I had merely wanted ye all's forgiveness, acceptance and love, my Brother. Would you accept my humble gift, my very own phoenix's feather?"

"Certainly, let me take it from your hand. And let us go inside with everyone else."

They had been all waiting without a breath. They had been chit-chatting for awhile with Torak and Polgara. Finally, they had come in together. Aldur had taken their hands and had walked in the middle. Reassured, they had heaved a relieving sigh. Aldur had been the first to speak to them all :

"Torak is still our brother, and has redeemed himself and even presented us with a phoenix feather, you all know the sincerity it symbolizes for us all. Our little brother has truly changed, let us forgive and forget our past grievances. Let us not mourn, but celebrate."

Moved by his speech, one after the other they had shaken Polgara and Torak's hands. And that night, there had been festivities and celebrations for this joyful family reunion. It had taken them a few thousand years to truly forgive one another. And after which, Torak and Polgara had brought their children to visit as well and Aldur had been chosen as their Godfather. Truly a joyous ending for Torak.

He had finally been redeemed, accepted and loved by not only his people, the Angaraks, but also had other people's respect. He had truly felt one with his family and his parents-in-law, Poledra and Belgarath had loved as a son. He had learnt to treat others with respect and dignity and had been the best God ever from thus on. This had been his life after his bloody battle with his nephew-in-law.

The End