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AN: As usual in my Pokémon stories Ash is starting his journey at 18.

Spot Inspection

Chapter 1


Rolling his eyes, Ash Ketchum watched as Gary Oak grandstanded outside of Professor Oak's lab, raising up a basic Pokéball as if it was the Indigo League trophy. After a speech the prick had probably rehearsed for hours in the mirror the night before, Gary and his cheer squad departed in their sportscar down the road. "So much money wasted on that ego." He rolled his eyes, walking up to the lab and knocking on the door.

"Ah, Ash." The old professor greeted when the door slid open, the man putting on a smile that looked perfect. It was quick to come, wasn't stiff, and the sympathy in the man's eyes even seemed genuine. None of it fooled Ash for a second. "I'm sorry young man, you're too late. I just gave the last starter away to Gary." 'As far as you know anyway.'

"But you knew how many trainers were coming today!" he protested, not showing he heard the old man's telegraphed thoughts.

"I'm sorry Ash, but sometimes complications arise. I did the best that I could but sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them." The professor did his utmost to look like the words were truly painful to say. 'Like you threatening Gary's chance at the league.'

Luckily Ash didn't have to hide his anger, the lie the professor wove together being more than enough to justify him storming away. As he stalked back towards his home he felt his rage growing and growing at the reason behind the Professor trying to ruin his league chance. When they were kids he and Gary had started as friends but had become rivals when they started trainer school at Oaks lab. Gary had been the best in the class in the beginning, having been raised by the Professor, but when Ash had actually started trying at the school he had quickly overtaken his once friend. Jealousy on Gary's part had burned the bridge that had been their friendship. The professor, having lost every other relative over the years, was desperate to keep Gary close and happy.

A month after he had overtaken Gary in the class the professor had kicked him out, siting that there wasn't enough room for everyone there and if Ash was doing that well then, he'd be fine on his own without the school. His mother had homeschooled him after that, with help from her old friend Spencer Hale. He hadn't seen the Oak family much outside of passing since then and had hoped that they had let things go, apparently not.

"Ash!" his mom smiled at him, genuine care in her smile as she turned to him, a box of homemade 'support Ash' banners in her hand "You're back soon. So what Pokémon did my future League Champion get?...Ash?" Her smile slowly fell off as she took in his anger.

"The professor refused to give me a starter." He hissed out, moving over to their video phone as he punched in the league contact information while his mother struggled to avoid cursing up a storm behind him.

"Hello, welcome to the Pokémon League, Kanto branch. For questions about Gym locations press one, for questions about League regulations press two, to report abnormal Pokémon activity press three, to report Team Rocket activity press four, to speak to an operator for other concerns please press five." The automated recording toned out lifelessly as the league symbol spun on the screen.

Pressing button five he waited for a moment before, with a click, he was looking at a League operator who smiled the plastic smile of customer service. "Hello, how may I help you?" the operator asked him, at least trying to sound interested.

"My name is Ash Ketchum, I'm here to report Professor Samuel Oak for abuse of authority and breaking laws regarding the Kanto League." He told her seriously as the woman let out a small squawk of surprise at what he said, falling out of her chair.

"What?!" the woman's shout drew a lot of attention from others in her office.

"Professor Samuel Oak has broken multiple laws set up by the Pokémon League of Kanto." He repeated.

"I…I'll send a league investigator." The woman stammered, "Do you have an address they can go to?"

"Thirteen Oran Berry road, Pallet Town." He told her as she nodded, the screen going black as the call was ended. It was less than ten minutes later that he saw a purple flash outside as an Officer Jenny appeared with an Alakazam via teleport.

"Mr. Ketchum I assume?" Jenny asked as he approached her, Alakazam looking around lazily.

"Yes ma'am." He nodded, shaking her hand, "Thank you for coming so quickly."

"You raised serious allegations, did you expect me to take a month to even schedule coming down?" she asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Well you are the government." He quipped before he could stop himself as the woman looked amused despite herself.

"Jokes aside, I need you to tell me exactly what happened." The officer told him seriously as she pulled out a pen and pad of paper to write down his statement.

"I went to the lab today to get my starter to begin my journey." He told her seriously, omitting going into how annoying it was seeing Gary grandstand, "When I got there, Oak told me that there were no starters left and that there was no possible way to get one for me."

"It's possible that it was a mistake," Jenny frowns as she writes down his statement "It is required for each professor to have enough Pokémon for every new trainer but not having one isn't exactly a sign of malicious intent or abuse of power."

"He was lying." Ash deadpanned "He still had starters and was doing this to help his grandson's chances at winning the Indigo league. I have some small psychic ability, so I was able to pick up his surface thoughts."

"Ala!" the psychic Pokémon nodded as he finished speaking, "Alakazam!"

"You're telling the truth." Jenny frowned as she observed the psychic Pokémon who Ash assumed had been reading his thoughts as he spoke. Pulling out a phone she walked a short distance away and made a call, within minutes more agents were teleporting in. "Mr. Ketchum, please come with us." The first officer Jenny said as the group started heading towards the massive Pokémon Lab "It seems we need to get you a starter."

"Yes Ma'am." He grinned, falling into stride beside the league officials as they got to the lab, knocking on the door as a confused Oak answered it.

"What can I do for you?" the man asked, doing an admittedly good job of hiding his surprise and fear at the large group of government officials.

"Samuel Oak, you are being placed under arrest for deliberately abusing the power granted to you by the Pokémon League of Kanto, sabotaging trainers of the Indigo League, and theft of Pokémon." The first Jenny said as her Alakazam probed the professor, further conforming what Ash had told them earlier.

"Theft of Pokémon?" he asked in confusion at the last part.

"There are a set number of starters for each trainer and he lied to avoid giving you one that means that he was keeping one for himself or he gave it to someone else." The professor flinched at the second part.

"You gave Gary two Pokémon, didn't you?" he sighed out as the Alakazam nodded. Rubbing her temples, the Jenny had the old man taken away despite protests as the rest of the agents moved about through the lab. "So, what happens now?" he asked as people started accessing the records the professor had to see what was in the ranch.

"An announcement will be put out that no new Pokémon will be kept at this laboratory until a new regional professor is decided." Jenny told him as a few agents left back wherever they came from "All trainers will be required to keep any Pokémon they catch on hand and warned to not catch more than they can handle." They kept walking towards the room that the system marked held Pokémon for breeding, new trainers, and research so he could get a starter that didn't already have a trainer. "But you do happen to offer an interesting opportunity for us."

"What's that?" he asked confused as they opened the door, the various Pokémon that were out of their balls looked up at the sound.

"The League is required to do inspections on the gyms on a routine basis, but we've had our suspicions that the Gym leaders are getting hints about when they come and do their best to put on a good show. Not every inspector has an Alakazam that can deep probe thoughts safely and given that those are mostly reserved for investigations against dangerous criminals there isn't much we can do."

"So, what are you asking me to do?" he wasn't picking up any surface thoughts from the woman, having an Alakazam perhaps having caused her to develop some mental defenses.

"We have a young member of the league agency who joined us instead of starting a journey. They'll travel with you to inspect the eight primary gyms without being scheduled. They will be forbidden from revealing these inspections to the other gym leaders and can't prepare for your surprise visit. I already received word from my higher ups who thought of the idea and have agreed to let you have two Pokémon from here instead of one as our thanks."

"Some company does sound good," he gave a grin "and there's no way I'm turning down two starters."

"There's an honest answer." Jenny teased him as he went about and interacted with the different Pokémon. Eventually walking out with a happy Slakoth who seemed oddly energetic as well as a scythe who seemed to decide Ash needed protecting. "Interesting picks." Jenny mused as they went back out to see many more agents and researchers running about the lab to keep operating properly, one approaching with a standard issue Pokédex.

"Indigo league, here I come!" Ash grinned, Slakoth cheering happily from his shoulders while Scyther nodded, eager for good battles to come.

AN: Alright, a few things about this story. First is that it will only take place during the Indigo League arc, so after the Indigo league this story ends, and I don't plan a sequel as the gyms of the other regions weren't as messed up as Kanto in my opinion. Second, this will be a crack story so expect some goofy things and an OP Ash. His Slakoth for example doesn't have truant as its ability but instead has 'Huge power' so his already massive attack stat as a slaking will be doubled. Since this story only covers indigo league I don't have to use logic and can be OP if I want.