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A Courageous heart (working title)

Chapter 1


"Come on! Come on! Come on!" Ash panted, stumbling and sliding in the rain even as he clutched the squirming Pikachu to his chest, the flock of spearow still right on his tail despite the thunderstorm "Oh this day freaking sucks!"

"Spearow!" ducking the swooping birds he looked down at the frighteningly powerful electric type.

"Don't suppose you could lend a hand here?" he panted, trying to swat away a spearow near his head, hoping that being in a life or death situation might help the little mouse Pokémon stop being so sadistic.

He never noticed the cruel gleam in the pokemon's eyes.

"Pi Ka CHU!" the electric mouse he clutched close to his chest built up lighting, charging the attack as much as it could before releasing it while still pressed against Ash's chest, ripping up skyward to strike both him and the Spearow. Screaming in agony he hit the ground, his body spasming and jerking on the ground, the smell of burnt meat filling his nostrils as his shirt was burnt away from his torso, the skin where Pikachu's attack had hit a mottled red and black. "Pika!" smirking, the electric type kicked off his chest, aiming for the burnt part as his screams grew louder. As he spasmed on the ground, dirt and gravel pressing into the burnt flesh he saw Pikachu run off into the woods, abandoning him to his fate. A portion of the spearow flock following the little mouse but most staying by his downed form. Claws tore into his body as they slashed at his shaking body, peaks pushed past his skin as they pecked him.

As his screams began to fade, his throat growing too horse to continue to make sound, his vision likewise started to fade. The last sight he witnessed was a small golden something running towards him, spitting fire at the birds attempting to turn him into shredded meat.


Flying almost lazily over the forests of Kanto, the legendary rainbow Pokémon kept his eyes open for Arceus' latest 'Chosen one'. Every few centuries, when some large calamity or other was approaching, Arceus would select a human to become his champion, the chosen one to save human and Pokémon alike from disaster. A partner Pokémon was always planned by the legendaries themselves and blessed with incredible power beyond any other of their kind. Personally, Ho-oh's favorite from those that came before had been Sir Aaron and his Lucario.

Today was the day that the latest Chosen one was meant to start his journey and Ho-oh wanted to see the young trainer for himself. Dipping down underneath the storm clouds, not worried about the lighting strikes thanks to frequent dealings with Raikou and Zapdos, Ho-oh saw a massive bolt of lightning actually rise up from the ground into the sky. Frowning, he let his eyes and ears focus as he saw the chosen one writhing on the ground in agony, a flock of spearow savaging him while a smirking Pikachu fled the scene, notable burns on the chosen one's chest

The Chosen one's partner had betrayed him and the will of Arceus, had abused the power they had been blessed with.

Before Ho-oh could intervene to save the Chosen one's life, the boy dying would cause so many problems he wasn't even sure Arceus could easily sort them all out, a small golden blur raced in and started attacking the Spearow.

It was a Vulpix, a young shiny Vulpix, glaring with all the meager ferocity it could muster as it spat embers and attempted flamethrowers at the spearow. The birds rose into the sky for a brief moment, startled by the newcomer, before they remembered their numbers and began to let out vicious caws, circling lower and lower to attack them both.

Getting an idea, Ho-oh smirked. That Pikachu had been given more enhanced power than any other Chosen Pokémon given the amount of calamities that would apparently occur in this age. To throw away the purpose that Pikachu would have been able to sense was a crime against the Legendaries. Reaching out, Ho-oh found the spirit of the fleeing Pikachu, the small Pokémon blasting at the spearow that followed it without pause. With a thought, Ho-oh drew out the legendary blessing that enhanced the small Pokémon, the mouse letting out a cry and stumbling, its thunders dwindling down to a meager trickle of electricity as the spearow wasted no moments to converge on the new opening.

Looking away from the cruel Pokémon, feeling it brought its fate upon itself, Ho-oh took that essence of power, and pushed it into the small Vulpix, the pokemon's eyes widening as it felt new energy surging through it.

"Vulpix!" it cried out, the small flamethrowers it had been able to produce now growing. Their fire raging faster and larger, the light crimson giving way to brilliant blue. The spearow horde panicked at the new intense flames and stared to flee upon seeing many of their number bested with ease by them.

Panting, the Vulpix looked at the fleeing horde before grabbing the unconscious human by the tattered remains of his clothes and began trying to drag him to Viridian. On that blood-soaked patch of road, the Pikachu's Pokéball was left forgotten, easily crushed by a branch that fell from a tree in the fury of the thunderstorm.

Despite the pounding rain and having never met the trainer before the Vulpix kept pulling, doing all its little body could to pull the human to safety. It was a truly heartwarming sight for the rainbow legendary, the warmth in his heart only growing when a Nidorino spotted them and rushed to help, the two managing to get closer to the city. The sight drew attention from one of the human police officers who rushed the young man and the two Pokémon to a hospital, and with that Ho-oh knew the future was secure for the moment. The chosen one had a new partner and perhaps even a second Pokémon and friend in the form of Nidorino.

The spearow though, Ho-oh's countenance darkened as he gazed back at the forest. Many Pokémon were dangerous and thirsted for battle, but for a flock of that size to crave bloodshed and death so readily was not something Ho-oh would allow in the regions he watched over. Letting out a piercing cry he swooped down, many Pokémon that felt the call of the legendaries rushing into the trees. A mindless horde had to be dealt with.

-Officer Jenny-

Getting back inside her booth, the gate guard of Viridian pushed the wet strands of hair out from her face. In the distance she could see the ambulance peeling away, having just picked up the brutally injured trainer and his two Pokémon. Despite the horrific state the young man had been in, Jenny couldn't stop a smile at how loyal his team were. Both low level they had managed to bring him all the way to Viridian themselves, crying out for help all the while.

Those injuries though, "It must have been the spearow flock." She muttered with a dark frown, "They're growing bolder." The local spearow had always been a nuisance but now it seemed they were becoming a genuine threat to human and Pokémon life alike. They would likely have to organize a group of skilled trainers and league members to ensure the spearow flock is either captured and rehabilitated or kept locked away, much as she detested the idea of having to resort to that.

Her thoughts were shattered by the shriek of some powerful Pokémon over the forest. Falling out of her chair she scrambled to her feet and ran outside. Through the storm she could see nothing clearly but a faint light of something huge was swooping down into the trees. Many of the Pokémon outside the tree line rushing inside and from within the forest itself she could hear more Pokémon running, all converging on the glowing Pokémon as if its cry was a war horn. Something in her gut told her that the Spearow situation would be resolved by morning.