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I am a HUGE DIVERGENT Fan! I often wondered WHAT IF?! Just like so many of you... there for after reading so many Fan Fictions I decided to write my first one. I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave comments below and let me know if I should continue.

Description: What if Tris didn't die instantly? What if the powers to be offered Tris a choice, who would help her make that choice? Well Four/Tobias loose the love of his life?

Featuring All Characters from the Divergent Series

"To be Brave, you must live.

To live, is being Brave!"

Leaving from Chapter 50 in the book Allegiant

Chapter 1

Tris P.O.V

The gun goes off again.

More pain, black edges on my vision, but I hear Caleb's voice speaking again. The green button.

So much pain.

But how, when my body feels so numb?

I start to fall and slam my hand into the key pad on my way down. A light turns on behind the green button.

I hear a beep, and a churning sound.

I slide to the floor. I feel something warm on my neck, and under my cheek. Red. Blood is strange color. Dark.

From the corner of my eye, I see David slumped over his chair.

And my mother walking out from behind him.

She is dressed the same cloths she wore the last time I saw her. Abnegation gray, stained with her blood with bare arms to show her tattoo.

Something has changed since I last saw her.. the last moment that I had her in my arms. There were no holes in her dress, her hair was let down, and she wore a peaceful smile. She offered me her hand and before I could explain that I was shot, she lifted me from the floor.

I turned to look down confusion came over me as I could see my-self laying on the floor. My eyes are closed, I lay in a pool of blood growing by the second.

I should feel panicked, I should feel something, but I only can feel peace. I turn to my mother in hopes for an explanation.

"Oh Beatrice" still holding my hand she pulls me in for a hug. "Honey I am so sorry for all that you have gone through." Just then I see faint figures behind my mother. It took a moment to make them out. It was my father and Will both standing in what look like a blur of light. Smiling. Behind them looked like all of those that were lost, all that have been killed innocently. All look peaceful with no regrets.

"We have been waiting, we will continue to wait for all of you, for all of them." She took a second for me to understand what she is saying.

I wanted to respond, to ask questions that were forming in my head. But all that could come out of my mouth was "MOM?"

"Oh Beatrice, you have done so much... more than one person should have to endure in a lifetime. I have been given the chance to help you with your next choice."

Her words were coming so fast. Faster than I could understand what she was trying to tell me. Why am I still here?

"Mom I" she cut me off. "Beatrice, I'm sorry we don't have much time. You have been given a choice. A choice to move on, or to go back and continue." More questions continued to form in my mind. What did she mean go back? What did she mean by moving on?

Before the questions could come out of my mouth, I heard what sounded like dying animal and movements appeared at the corners of my eyes. I turned to see it was Caleb collapsing next to my body. "No No No! I need some help in here!" he yelled Mathew just behind doesn't hesitate to my side pulling off his shirt and placing pressure on my body in hopes to slow down the bleeding. "Cara go get help! It's really bad! Hold on Tris." Mathew stayed calm and continued to focus on breathing, allowing Caleb to be the one falling apart.

I turn my head to look at my mother, "We don't have a lot of time Beatrice."

We continued to watch as they tried to help me.

When Cara came back, she had five other people with her. They looked like a mixture of Doctors and nurses all still confused from the memory serum but all still trying to focus. Cara screamed out that they needed to help me I was a hero and important. As three of them place me on a stretcher, the other two started to address Cara and Caleb. A woman wiped off blood from Cara's head and place a Band-Aid on her cut. Another doctor or nurse gave some sort of injection to Caleb., maybe something to help calm him.

We continued to follow them down the hall to the emergency area. Then Mathew stopped Cara, grabbing her arm to hold her back. You need to go outside and wait there. "Wait for what, I should stay and help." She tried to refuse but that's when Mathew explained "Four and the others will be here soon."

Just like that a heavy feeling came over me. Tobias. Will he understand that I never meant to bring him such pain? Will he be able to move on?

Remembering the last time we saw each other, "I love you too," he said "I'll see you soon." He kissed me softly and gave me a small smile before turning away from me.

My mother took a hold of my hand, "Like I said a choice, lets continue. We have little time before the door is closed."