Chapter 25

Tris P.O.V

I see the gates of Chicago creep up, and although Tobias slows down, we don't need to stop at the gate anymore. There are no guards, and no more guns, no security checks.

"We will start taking the gates down in a few weeks, there are other pressing matter to take care of first." he tells me.

After a few minutes of passing the gates opening, we can see how much the city has changed in such a short time. Roads are smoother, many buildings have been restored and many more are in the process. The city is breath taking. The streets are cleaner, no more no one is living in tents, trash cans are not lit to provide warmth, everyone that is out and about have purpose written on them.

"Wow," escapes my mouth.

"Yea, this is something." Tobias says.

When we pull up to the Hancock building both Four and I are memorized. It used to be crumbling disaster it was crumbling down, all windows broken, and doors. Now the building is filled with windows, the building has a fresh coat of paint, the double doors as the entrance are glass, it even as a nice landscape in the front.

I glance at Tobias with the same dumbfounded expression... we both slowly get out of the truck. I can see the driving as taken a toll on Tobias. He is, dare I think it, STIFF! He is stretching his arms above his head and I can't help but start giggling at the sight.

"What is so funny?" He asks

"I think we might need to get you a cane there old man!" I tell him teasing him with a big grin

"HA HA thanks. You do the driving next time." he says walking around to meet me at the curb.

He reaches a hand out for me to take "Shall we?" he says with the biggest smile.

"Let's do it." I take his hand and we start walking towards the building.

The moment we step into the doors, I start hearing someone familiar yelling my name.

"Tris O.M.G Tris, Four! You guys are here!" Christina says with joy, running towards us with open arms. She embraces me first and then she turns to Four and takes him too.

"Wow it's about time, how was the trip?" Christina says already taking my arm in hers and starting to lead us further into the building.

"It was long, someone kept having to pee." Tobias says smirking. We all laugh.

"Well then, I will show you around and then let you guys rest..." Then she turns to Four and in a deep low voice she tries to imitate him, "Follow me!"

We take the elevator to the second floor, when we get off, we see a big open floor. It's filled with couches, a huge TV, a few computers at the far end, and a few tables that look like they are meant for card games, and other entertainment needs.

"This is the entertainment room, it's a shared space, we all can watch movies, dance, play games, and so on. Be careful Zeke got really good at poker, that man can clean you out of your points." She says and then turns back to the elevator

"Before we get back on... floors 3-5 are already full, some apartment through out the building are taken as well. They are dispersed based on the size that is needed. Floors 3-10 are more for single people, then, as you increase on the floor you will increase the size of the apartment. I'm saying this because I'm wondering what floor you want me to stop on." Christina asks the question I have been wondering myself for weeks.

"Let's check out floor... 20?" I say looking at Four. Hoping that he doesn't want to be apart from me.

"Mmm Ms. Tris Prior are you asking me to move in with you?" Four says pulling me closer to him.

"I think we have spent enough time apart... don't you?" I say wrapping my arms around his neck.

"20th floor huh?" Tobias takes a deep breath looking into my eyes, searching for his answer. "Alright, 20th floor it is." he turns and ushers to Christina.

"Cool!" She says as she pushing for the elevator button.

When we get off the elevator, we notice that Christina leads the way down the hallway filled with doors that lead to apartments. I ask to look at the corner apartment since the door is open. When we walk in, I have the feeling of home. The apartment is so open and filled with natural lighting. We step in and we are immediately in the living room, which has a TV, two nightstands that are dark wood, two black leather couches, as you walk through towards you right is an open lay out kitchen with an island that opens out to the additional dining room. The hallway in the back of the apartment leads to one master bedroom with a huge en suite, and three additional bedrooms and one other bathroom. All rooms are fully furnished.

I look at Tobias and he is taken by this place as much as I am. "This can be our home!" I say reaching for his hand.

"I like the sound of that. Our home!" Tobias says pulling me in for a kiss.

Christina clears her throat, "Well I think I'll leave you guys. I'm on the 4th floor along with Zeke... Ill check on you guys later." She says leaving us alone.

"This is a big apartment, you sure Tris?" Tobias says still holding tightly in his arms.

"Yea, who knows when our family might grow, we need the space for it." I hint to him.

Tobias is speechless at my boldness, but something tells me he likes the idea of starting a family.