Hi readers! I'm LoverofPhantom, I suck at updating stories. By the way, If you're reading my Danny Phantom story I will update that soon, I have lots of excuses you don't what to hear right now, I'll explain in that story. Anyway, the story I'm doing now is Haruhi with a twin sister (I'm kind of just redoing the anime with multiple twists, then going further and I haven't read the manga if you know where I can read the manga please tell me). I've never done anything like this, rewriting a show, but this page is purely information about the differences and stuff I changed but the plot is not set and I know that I'll do stuff outside of the episodes, I have too many ideas, yay ADHD!


Pairings: Haru/Mori, Tamaki/Kyoya (Mommy and Daddy), and the rest are up for debate because I haven't fully decided Rini's (Haru's twin) personality and the plot changes, but I want her to have someone like Nekozawa or Kasanoda, not a host, some underrated person.

Stuff about Rini

1. She is in Ouron from half art scholarship and half music scholarship. (She takes art and music classes and joins art/music clubs, she stays within top 5 in those classes, she must have regular art shows (like once a month) and has to do at least 5 concerts a year.)

2. She has hip-length hair with light purple lowlights (it looks like plain brown hair on top but underneath its lilac).

3. Her full name is Rini Yama Fujioka. (Haruhi's middle name in this story is Ayumi).

4. When doing art she mostly uses a mix of soft and hard pastels. (A fun fact she hates oil pastels because they don't dry all the way down and smudge.)

5. She plays the violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, bass guitar, Ucalaly, drums, saxophone, and she sings.

6. When her mom died she found comfort in music and drawing, that's why she learned so many instruments. (That and most of those are very easy to learn after knowing one.)

7. Her favorite instrument is bass guitar because that's the only one she got to play to her mom before she died.

8. She loves bats, her favorite type of bats are flying foxes (fruit bats).

9. She is bisexual, like Ranka/Ryoji. (Again not sure who she'll end up with, but I want her to date multiple people, of both genders, before ending up with someone.)

Stuff about Haruhi

1. Haru's in Ouron from half educational scholarship and half martial arts scholarship. (Haru had to join the all the martial art clubs that Haru does and stay within top 5 in class if Haru gets injured and can no longer do martial arts Haru has a month to become 1st in class and Haru has to stay 1st for the rest of Haru's time at Ouron.)

2. A month before Haru's mom died Haru started martial arts at Mitsukuni's family dojo, so when Haru's mom died Haru fell into fighting, getting stronger mentally and physically, so Haru could protect Rini and Ranka.

3. Haru does Aikido, Bajutsu, Judo, Jujutsu, Kenpo, kendo, and Ninjutsu. Haru is an honorary member of Mitsukuni and Takashi's family(s? How should I count them, two or one families) and widely considered a better fighter than both of the boys.

4. When the person that stuck gum in Haru's hair it was in like the shoulder area so she has a bob with lighter brown highlights, not a pixie-haircut (Haru's sister did it, so it looks good).

5. Haru has been dating Takashi for 3 months, in the first chapter, but has known him for about ten years. Haru meat him a month before Haru's mom died, along with Mitsukuni.

6. In this story, Haruhi is genderfluid, most of the time Haru is a girl. I will switch what pronouns I use based on Haru's gender, or if I'm doing someones PoV it will be tailored to what gender they think Haru is. Takashi, Mitsukuni, and Rini can usually tell what gender Haru is based on her/his demeanor. And if you noticed me not using pronouns that's because I didn't want to confuse you guys about me saying him/her or have you jumping to conclusions, and I wasn't going to only say her because I don't want to assume what gender she/he was when even if it is my imagination.(I'm crazy I know)

7. Haru loves wolves.

Ok, I decided last minute to make this a supernatural fic, so Haru and Rini are half vampire (mom), half mage (dad), I'll go into more detail later. Takashi and Mitsukuni are full vampires (sorry I can't find anything like a vampire in Japanese folklore tell me if you can I'll change it), Tamaki is half faierie, half human, faierie is like a fairy in French folklore, according to Wikipedia. (You can guess that the half faierie is from his mom.) The twins are full-blooded Kitsune (I know they're foxes but they have a human form so I thought It works), Kyoya is up for vote (in the comments) because I can't find anything that matches him, I'm thinking some type of Demon, when you vote please have a specific type, some details why, and links to some information. Please and thank you.

Bye guys have a nice whatever time! :)