Hi, guys thanks Star0DragonSlayer for reviewing (I always shout thanks at normally the first 3 people to review each chapter). I'm still looking for what type of demon Kyoya will be, but if I don't get any suggestions by the next chapter I'll just have him be Forneus (A demon that is very good at rhetoric, talking people into thinking and doing what you want them to, and languages). The reasons I have reservation about making Kyoya this is that it's not a type of demon it's a demon, also he's technically a sea monster, though he has a human form, and last reason is I don't know what that demons parents are. Anywho on with the story.

"Rini, hurry up we have to leave in 5 minutes!" Haruhi yelled at the sister from the kitchen while finishing their bentos. "Just a wait 1 more minute I can't find my shoes." Rini yelled back as she went through the apartment trashing every room to try and find her shoes. Haruhi seeing a pair of shoes near her asked, "Are you looking for your white wedges?" When the answer yes was yelled back Haruhi quickly told the twin to stop looking and go to the kitchen. When Rini walked in she immediately saw the shoes and gave Haruhi a wicked look as if Haru hid the shoes.

"Don't give me that look, you fucking know you left them there." Rini stopped glaring and asked (more like commented), "So you're a guy today?" Haruhi replied in a sarcastic voice, "What gave it away, me wearing a binder, the overuse of cursing I always develop when I'm a guy or the baggier clothes." Haruhi said with a displeased voice. "Don't be rude, besides you should be happy your seeing my future brother-in-law today." Rini's face grew a large smirk at her brothers blush."Oh shut up, we need to leave." Haruhi so elegantly said as he walked out the door with their lunches and his backpack Rini following quickly locking the door.

*time skip brought to you by Dick Greyson's perfect ass*

As the twins walk into their first class, Japanese, they see all the girls in the room surrounding some people (they can just barely see the guys uniforms) half of the girls were swooning. Rini whispered so softly only those to could hear it, "Do they smell like Kitsune to you?" Her brother nods in return. "I didn't think we would find the supernatural so soon. Also, they don't even try to cover up their smell, if humans still remembered what we all smell like they'd be fucked." Rini giggled at the blunt truth her brother was known for.

"Anyway, we should sit for class in case they don't disperse in time." They sat in the only two seats not taken or blocked by the crowd of hormonal girls, they were the two sets closest to the teacher's desk, Haru by the window, Rini to his right. (They have desks with the bolted in chairs, lined perfectly in rows). Just as they sat in the uncomfortable desks the teacher walked in (the crowd dispersed as soon as the teacher walked in) and the twin Fujiokas see the twin boys that had been fawn over. Them both noticing the classic bright orange hair of full blood Kitsune. "Hello class my name is Endo-sensei, welcome to your first day of high school and since you all but two went to middle school together I'll have those two introduce themselves, Fujioka-kuns... The siblings stand up and Haru starts, " Hello, I go by Haruhi most of the time since use being twins it gets confusing, today I'm a boy but I'm gender fluid so I might be a girl tomorrow, I'm here on a half educational and half martial arts scholarship." Then Rini follows with, "Hi I'm Rini, I'm a girl and obviously ni-san's twin (he was born first), and I'm here on a half musical and half art scholarship." The class and even the teacher looked confused at Haruhi, so he decided to say, "If you've got a question about my gender ask now." The teacher asked what the whole class was thinking, "What do you mean by your gender might change?" "I'm not good at explaining but some days I feel like a guy and others I feel like a girl... my main gender is female but there are days like today where I temporarily am male, my gender can change by the hour or after weeks." Haru tries to explain. "Ok, let us know if we miss gender you then, now on with class..."

*time skip brought to you by Tamaki's meltdown*

"Come on ni-san, I want to surprise my future brother and he said the club was in the third music room." "Rini you know it's inappropriate to insinuate that in public, we aren't engaged." Haru said with a large blush and frown. "Stop being so stiff we aren't even in front of anyone." Haru continued to frown but didn't say anything knowing it would fall on death ears.

When they arrived they were early, if only by a few minutes (their clubs don't start until next week). Rini walked right in without bothering to knock. Suddenly rose petals were everywhere and a bunch of attractive (and based on the smell untrained supernatural) guys in weird poses said in a warm tone "Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club" Then the twins finally see the two very familiar faces, the two Kitsune from class, and two strangers faces. "There was no need for the theatrics, we're here to see Takashi and Mitsukuni." Said Haru as blunt as ever, while the other boys gape at both the informality and the use of their real names. "Haru-chan we told you at school it's Huni and Mori, also you should have told us you were coming." Takashi grunts in agreement with Mitsukuni but walks over to Haru and gives him a quick peck on the cheek. "Guy?" "Yeah." The male twins got out of their stupor they asked, "How did you know he was a guy right away and why did you kiss him?" Switching from Hikaru to Kaoru while they talk. "He's known ni-san for ten years and they're dating." Rini clears up for the others in the room.

"Oh and Takashi, Mitsukuni you should have trained these... Nubes better we could smell the twins through a crowd of perfume covered, hormonal, teenage girls and identify what species they are. the only one covering up their smell out of those four is dark-and-mysterious-san and he's doing a shit job, I can still tell he is a demon just not what type." Haru lectured at his friend and partner. Takashi raises an eyebrow at the lecture while three pout and Kyoya pushes up his glasses (cough cough flips Haru off cough cough)

"Well now that we've talked your club is about to open, we can finish this later. " A suddenly serious Haru says then drags his sister to the window by Takashi and Mitsukuni's table. Kyoya directed them to their poses just before the doors swung open.

"Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club" they chanted to the fangirls.