What Could Have Been

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"Are you okay sweetheart." Marry Margret looked at her daughter in worry as a few tears dropped down her flushed cheaks.

Emma looked towards her mother as she wiped her face clean and turned back to look at Robin and Regina dancing. She continued watching them as she replied to her mother.

"I'm just really happy for her. She finally got her happy ending."

Marry Margret smiled at her daughter when her attention was captured by a small glow that originated from Emma's wrist.

She should have told her, she realizes that but she lost her chance, she waited too long and now her heart was breaking all over again and a fire like no other was burning her love away.

She should have told her that night seven months ago, they were talking and drinking and she had finally had enough to drink so that the alcoholic beverage had given her the courage to do it, she was even more encouraged by the fact that Regina was happier that usual, her happiness as infectious as a deadly virus.

Just as she was preparing to confess her feelings Regina's announcement stopped all thoughts in her head and broke her heart.

"Guess what"

She looked at Emma her eyes shining in happiness as she lifted her finger.

"Robin proposed and I said yes."

Emma was stunned the words she had been preparing had gotten stuck in her throat she felt as if someone had stabbed her in the chest and before she knew it she was suppressing her emotions as much as she could and she was congratulating the woman she loved on her engagement to another.

She should have told her every time she saw Regina and they talked, she should have told her every time she woke up having cried herself to sleep and she should have told her every time Regina mentioned the wedding.

She should have told her when Regina had told her the date of the wedding and she should have told her when Regina asked her to be her Maid of Honor.

She couldn't tell her, every time she saw Regina and saw how in love and happy she was with Robin she couldn't destroy that.

Regina had a hard life it was due time for her to be happy and if Emma never got her happy ending as long as Regina was happy she was okay with that.

As the wedding grew near Emma and Regina saw less of each other and the longer that went on the better Emma felt because everytime Emma saw Regina her heart broke.

She should have told her Emma realizes as she watches Regina and Robin exchange their vows and her heart breaks, she should have told her she realizes as she watches as Regina and Robin exchange their rings and kiss and her heart breaks once more.

She should have told her she thinks to herself as she lowers her head to her wrist feeling a burning pain as she watches her small lyon tattoo burn away leaving no evidence of what could have been.