Previously in A Super Cool Hero.

Izuku was slowly doing breathing exercises, calming the beating of his heart. The race was about to start, many students displaying their nervousness.

[Adrenal Boost ready for deployment.]

Tensions rose once more as the noise of the countdown started, loudly announcing the start of the competition.

[Mainframe's condition is optimal. Energy and resources are being routed for long-term exertion.]

The last signal announced the start of the race, together with Present Mic's ever so loud voice. Time slowed down for Izuku, adrenaline shooting through his veins.


All hell broke loose as the temperature chilled and the noise of ice cracking was heard at the front of the line, many students funneling to try and pass.


Izuku was aware that rushing the front gate was foolish. The tunnel exit was funneling all the competitors, making many students get stuck. Not that that was the only obstacle, as Todoroki had flash-frozen a dozen students right out of the bat.

Surprisingly, that hadn't the full effect that the teen expected as many of his classmates had avoided his interruption; Bakugou used his explosions to simply fly over the competition, Yaoyozoru created a pole out of her arms to jump over the ice, Hanta used his tape to escape by sticking to the walls, and so on and forth. Class 1-A had little trouble avoiding Todoroki's intervention.

"Good luck next time Todoroki!" Mina shouted, using her acid to melt her way to the front.

Even Mineta escaped the ice, using his purple hair balls to bounce specific places outside of the ice's reach. He bounced upwards and grabbed ahold of two of his sticky hairballs. "Take this Todorokiiiii! Grape ruuuusss—" The move would work, if the small teen wasn't smacked aside by a metallic hand. Many students stopped to see the robots from the entry exam impeding their advance.

"Be careful my younglings, the first obstacle presents itself. It's not hot or cold, but it surely will get you if you're not quick. Here is the U.A's famous 'Robo-Hell'" Present Mic shouted, the audience cheering loudly as many students entered combat stances.

While all of that was happening, Izuku was jumping over many students, using their shoulders as jumping platforms. His hops were quick and precise, the teen applying just enough force to help him skip over the competition without hurting the other students.

[Energy (One for All) is at 10%. Quirk factor (Shock Absorption) is being applied to limbs (legs). Mainframe running at 110% power.]

Izuku quickly caught up to his class, just in time to see Todoroki freeze a large number of robots. The teen rushed past the frozen titans, the mechas already trying to break free. Izuku heard Bakugou's signature explosions and looked up, just in time to see the blonde flying past the robots with ease. Many students tried to take advantage of Todoroki's attack, only to be met with tons of falling steel.

Izuku wasted no time in doubt. As the frozen mechas started falling towards them, he jumped up, the flow of power in his legs enhancing the distance he managed to cover. Izuku was just about half the height of the robot when he unwrapped the scarf in his arm, using quick movements to throw one end of the cloth towards the robot's hands.

The green colored scarf wrapped around one of the robot's smaller fingers, giving Izuku leverage to throw himself forward, the teen pulling on the scarf and ripping off the frozen metal rather easily. Hanta followed his example, shooting his tape to swing outside of the reach of the falling robots.

"Thanks for the heads-up, class press!" Hanta snickered, smile a bit too provocative for Izuku's taste. The green teen nodded to his classmate, pulling on the scarf to speed forward. Swinging from the last robot, Midoriya threw himself forward with speed, rolling to avoid hurting himself once he met the ground. Both Bakugou and Todoroki were running ahead, each trying to get in the way of the other.

Present Mic's loud voice was narrating the commotion, the rare comment from Aizawa-sensei presenting details only the stealth pro could see. Izuku looked backwards, seeing a great deal of students following him. The majority of them being Class 1-A, but if you looked carefully there was the odd student from the other classes.

I need more speed if I want to catch up. If this part is flat, people with quirks like Iida's will get advantage. How does this thing work again? I need more speed, speed, speed!

[Focusing energy (One for All) on members (legs). Increasing adrenaline flow into the bloodstream. Increasing Heart-beat efficiency to 115%. Increasing Respiratory efficiency to 130%. Decreasing the production of Lactic acid on the muscles.]

Almost like a car shifting gears, Izuku felt his body respond to his thoughts. His body made changes to its behavior, the teen only needing to comply with the changes. His breathing deepened to draw more oxygen to his lungs, he felt the muscles in his leg working harder to push him to decrease the distance between him and his rivals.

The next step Izuku took was immediately different. His feet pushed the earth under him with power, the dust cloud he left behind a proof of his seriousness. He heard something approaching him from behind; Iida had rushed closer, his long strides and roaring leg engine giving the taller teen the advantage he needed.

Izuku simply acknowledged Iida with a nod. The duo got close to the other rushing teens, but everyone skidded to a stop as the next obstacle came into view.

A legit chasm was in front of the quartet, their slowing movement allowing the other students that were lagging behind to catch up.

"What a quick bunch huh, Eraserhead? Well, worry not, for the second obstacle is here to slow you down, The FALL. Be careful not to fall, but if you do, please don't do the Wilhelm scream. Copyright can strike even the best of heroes!" The joke was lost on the panting students, many wondering how in hell they were going to cross the chasm.

There were many dirt platforms connected by ropes, and students with jump-enhancement quirks would have a field trip with the obstacle.

Bakugou and Todoroki didn't waste time proving their prowess. Bakugou simply went airborne, explosions making his trip seem a lot easier than it actually was. Each explosion is calculated with just enough strength, and his shoulders need to be really strong to handle to kickback. Kaachan, way to go there!

Shoto continued unimpeded, the teen freezing one of the ropes and running across it with no major difficulties. Iida took the example to heart and boosted himself across his own rope, arms spread out to stabilize his position.

Izuku tightened his scarf around his arm, the item wouldn't really be of use here. He crouched down and tensed power into his legs, akin to coiling a spring.

"Hello there Midoriya-chan!" Tsuyu exclaimed as she landed next to him. A quick eye contact exchange and the frog girl was already on her next hop, her powerful amphibian-like legs giving her ample jumping power. She landed midway through a rope and continued her way from there, easily able to hold unto the rope.

Other students tried their own, unique methods. Mina slid on the rope, using her weakest acid to surf without melting through the rope, but greatly weakening it. Tokoyami used Dark Shadow to hoist him, the sentient quirk easily carrying them both across the chasm.

Izuku wasn't left behind. As the students pooled around the ropes, trying to find the best way to continue the race, the teen took the jumping approach. The ground cracked under him as he leapt from platform to platform.

On his third jump, Izuku heard the sound of compressed air, a hook connected to a cable shooting by his side. He landed on one of the last platforms and looked behind where the sound had emmited. A pink haired girl full of support equipment was flinging herself almost like Sero, except with a hook shot instead of tape.

One of the hooks had failed to anchor to the stone platform and the girl was flailing through the air. Izuku only spared a glance as his rivals rushed ahead, explosions propelling one while ice helped the other.

Izuku turned around and rapidly threw his right arm, the green scarf shooting like a snake and coiling around the hook. The pink haired girl looked at him and smiled, before she hit some buttons. The other hook released and the one Izuku had "captured" was being recalled, the girl being pulled closer to him.

When she reached the platform, Izuku observed that her boots absorbed all the impact that otherwise would render her immobile for the rest of the competition. He quickly checked out the rest of her items; the girl was definitively strapped. Like General Grievous strapped.

Impact absorbing and jumping boots, hook shots and a backpack for propulsion. If she had armor plating, Izuku would be tempted to call her a space marine.

"Hey dude, thanks for that save! I was, like, totally not expecting the hook to fail, but you saved me so thanks! That scarf is super cool right? Nano carbon-alloy fibers woven in Kevlar based cloth for the perfect mix between flexibility and toughness! I helped with the project, but Power-Loader-sensei is such a worrywart that he didn't allow for a metal end to grab targets. You would be really cool right? Just like that hero—" Izuku had to interrupt the chatter box that was the girl, the competition was still going on.

"Next time we can talk more, seems like you are safe so good luck on the race!" He quickly left once he was sure that the girl wasn't injured. He pushed a bit more power into his legs, managing to catch up to his classmates before the next obstacle.

Izuku managed to pass many students, including Tsuyu. He had just reached Iida when the third obstacle came into view, annoyingly presented with a sign.

"The third and last major obstacle of our race, the Minefield of Doom!"

"We don't call it that, why are you making names up?"

"Don't worry listeners! The mines we put are non-lethal, but they are flashy and loud, so be careful you don't crap your pants. The competition between 1-A's stars is really fierce. Todoroki and Bakugou have already crossed half the minefield and are trying to get in the way of one another! Who will Wiiiiiiinnnnn?!"

"Are you ignoring me?!" The comedic bit wasn't heard by many students, their focus being on finishing the race.

Izuku had just reached the entrance of the minefield, but was still in front of it. Many competitors passed him, wondering why he had stopped; Jirou was one of them. The punk girl was using her jacks to locate the mines underground, carefully walking down the field. She looked over Izuku, his eyes were flickering rather inhumanely fast, the pupil moving at a rather creepy rate.

"The hell are you doing Midoriya?" Jirou continued her careful walk.

[Focusing energy (One for All) into the spinal cord and brain. Enabling rapid analyses and enhancement of reflexes. Mainframe waiting course of action. Adrenal Boost ready for second deployment. Energy (One for All) rate is stable at 10%]

The green teen was analyzing the field, putting all his energy into locating the mines visually. They weren't extremely hard to spot, but if you rushed ahead you could miss one and blow yourself back to stage one. Izuku could rush to where Bakugou and Todoroki were duking it out, but one misstep could cost him first place.

The teen was calculating his odds of success if he simply let loose a 100% power surge on his feet to jump over everything, but quickly discarded the idea. Breaking a foot was a sure way to lose. Even if he managed to jump over the entirety of the minefield, he would still need to outrun both Bakugou and Shoto. Doing so with a crippled foot wasn't the recipe to success.

Seeing the many students trying to cross the field, some stepping on the wrong place and triggering a mine, Izuku felt anxiousness creep into the corner of his mind, but he also noticed the slight delay just before a mine would trigger, the present delivered to him due to an unfortunate student covered in green scales.

"Hey freckles!"

Izuku's head whipped back so fast you could swear he had broken his neck. The same girl from before, with pink hair and full of support items had called to him. She was panting, but had a smile fixated on her face.

"Any other tricks you can pull off? I got some equipment with me and if you get us a good place for the next event, I can find something that will suit your quirk for sure. If not, I can just build it." Her offer immediately sent his brain in overdrive, the teen checking the equipment she had on and remembering how she had got here.

"Can those hook shots pull faster?" Izuku asked.

"As fast as you need to. But the fastest setting will either overheat the springs or break the coiling."

"Perfect!" Izuku looked downward to the girl's boots. "Think the boots can handle one of the mines on the field?" His fingers pointed to the metal shoes and the field. Many students had made a good distance from the beginning sign, many more reaching the field.

"They should, I designed them based on Air-jet. What do you have in mind?"


"Look at those beasts, Todoroki and Bakugou had reached the last part of the Minefield and are about to exit it! Eraserhead, what are you giving to those kids in 1-A?"

"Idiot! You are making it sound like I'm drugging them!"

"You aren't?"


That jolted Izuku into action. He had no time to waste.

"Woahhh, those two really are quite far!" the pink haired girl exclaimed, her pupils moving like the lenses in a camera. Not that Izuku had the time to nerd out over her quirk.

Harden just like metal. Stronger legs, stronger legs. I need speed.

[Reinforcements being applied to the lower body of the mainframe. Legs, tendons and muscles are being fortified. Energy (One for All) is being focused on the legs for maximum speed. Second Adrenal Boost deployed. Heart efficiency at 130%. Oxygen intake increased to 135%.]

"Strip." Izuku pointed to the boots, the girl immediately taking them off. "Anything I need to know about them?"

"They work by following the tension on the muscles. If you need a boost, just stomp really hard, that will activate the springs."

"Good, hop on."

Todoroki was confident in his victory, even while facing Bakugou. He had managed to freeze a part of the blonde's arm and was slightly ahead of him while crossing the minefield. He hadn't really seen Midoriya, which was good, but also got him thinking.

The green haired teen had walked with confidence at beginning of the event, but when the race started, he was nowhere to be seen. During all the race Shoto had been ahead of the class president, the only one managing to be a mild inconvenience was Bakugou, and even then Shoto had maintained his first place. He would show Endeavor that he didn't need his father's cursed power to win. He would win with his own power.

He ducked under another of Bakugou's blows, the explosion avoided with finesse. Shoto could already see the end of the minefield. However, …




Something passed over both the fighting teens, the explosions he had heard from before a proof that something unexpected had happened.

"Is it a bird? A plane? NO, my dear listeners! That is class 1-A's president, Midoriya Izuku, coming in superhot, thirsting for the FIRST PLACE!" Present Mic just confirmed what Shoto never expected to hear. "AND THIRSTY HE WAS, MIDORIYA HAS TAKEN FIRST PLACE! WHAT IS THAT ON HIS BACK? A GIRL? LOOK AT THAT DUO GO! FIRST AND SECOND PLACE HAVE BEEN GRABBED BY A TOTALLY UNEXPECTED PAAAIIIIRRRRR. ERASERHEAD, YOUR CLASS IS REALLY AMAZING!

He was almost shocked still, Bakugou at his side had the same reaction. Somehow Midoriya had passed both of them. Todoroki looked up to see the pink cloud left behind by some of the mines, Izuku literally flying over them, carrying a girl on his back. The maneuver reminded Shoto of the first quirk battle test with Allmight, where Izuku had performed something like that before.

Shoto immediately moved into action, freezing the ground and running full speed atop his ice construct. This will give the others on the back an easy way, but I don't have the time to mind that!

Bakugou had also taken action, quickly boosting up into the air and rocketing himself forward thanks to his explosions.

Izuku's plan to win was way too rudimentary to really work. He theorized that if his legs had enough protection and he timed it right, he could use the kick of the mines as improvised boosting pads. He normally would never attempt such a risky maneuver, the damage to his legs would never make the action valid. However, he was desperate to win, and his green card had come into the shape of the mechanic lookalike that was the pink haired girl. He had forgotten to ask her name, but there would be time for that later.

Right now, he needed to focus on the task at hand. If he failed to correctly time his steps and jumps, he would lose precious time and stamina.

"Ready?" He asked the girl, feeling the energy of One for All coursing through his legs.

"Ready to launch, cap'n!" She exclaimed, being just done with the last-minute fixes she had applied to the coils of her hookshot. Izuku gave her a nod, fixing her position on his back with his hands. The girl pressed a switch on her pack, the hooks shooting off with great pressure. The metal hooks clamped on them ground firmly; with a second press of the switch, a loud noise emitted from the coiling mechanism, sparks flying off as the coils tightened and pulled the duo forward rapidly.

Izuku's metal boost ran smoothly on the ground due to the wheels attached to them, their way right into a group of mines. Izuku leaned forward to decrease air resistance, increasing the speed to his rather explosive encounter. The teen waited to the last millisecond waiting to do his move.

As his foot approached his selected mine, Izuku's perception of the world crawled to a stop. He felt the adrenaline coursing through his veins, how the energy of One for All was boosting his body, the weight of the girl on his back and far in front of him, his vision tunneled to his rivals.

Kaachan, the image of strength Izuku always wished to attain. The target he tried all his childhood to reach, the one who was always at the top. Kaachan had all Izuku wanted, but didn't have. So far Izuku had won one battle against his friend, but there were still many things Izuku wanted, and totally surpassing Katsuki was one of them.

Todoroki, the ever so stoic wonder child of 1-A. Son of a famous hero; Shoto was someone who demonstrated from day 01 that he was top tier, no questions asked. His standoff-ish behavior and cool persona made many students wish to be like him. While Izuku hadn't spent much time with him, there was one thing he was certain. He wanted to surpass the dual quirk user.

With all of that in his mind, Izuku leaned as far as he could and confidently stepped on his selected mine. The one second delay was enough for him to move forward, the mine triggering and exploding. The explosion served as a booster, projecting Izuku forward rather rapidly. He felt the impact, it hurt less than what he was expecting, but it had the effect he wanted.

Their speed raised due to the pink cloud behind the, Izuku's eyes ran across the field, searching the perfect spot for another propulsion, this time one that would launch him up. The wheels attached to his boots were ripped by the explosion, but the boots held up, only lightly scratched up.

Second target spotted, Izuku braced himself for the impact. His feet impacted the buried mine, his stomp causing the boots to activate their second feature and he jumped just before the second explosion happened, the pink mushroom cloud ejecting him up and forward. All competitors had wide eyes at the suicidal act, which had helped the crazy teen.

High up in the air, Izuku could see that he had managed to pass both his rivals. While he was happy to have taken first place, his second course of action was to panic.

If he was alone, he could merely roll once he reached the ground and would be mostly fine. However, that wasn't the case, the pink haired shouting girl hanging on his back a fine reminder that his plan had been way too rushed out.

"WAAAYYY TOOO GOOO, FRECKLEEEEESSSSS!" Her shouting voice wasn't angry as he expected, rather she seemed to be enjoying the ride.

"THINK THE HOOKS CAN HANDLE ANOTHER SHOT?!" He shouted, the wind rushing on his ears not helping him hear the girl. They were already free falling, Kaachan and Todoroki already pursuing them. He felt a tap on his shoulder, the girl giving him an 'ok' hand sign. A fierce smile took ahold of his lips, the adrenaline high clearing his mind. He waited for the rush of displaced air that the hookshot would leave, yet nothing happened. He looked backwards, the girl giving a look of despair as her support items failed to activate. She activated the pack on her back, an engine roaring as their fall slowed somewhat.

Yet the ground was approaching rather quickly, Todokori and Bakugou also were on their rears. Izuku wasn't going to give up, but his mind was coming with blanks for any planning. They were going to crash!

"…Power-Loader-sensei is such a worrywart that he didn't allow for a metal end to grab targets."

Grab targets. Grab targets. Grab!

The idea sparked on his mind as quick as the ground they were about to meet. He reached back to the girl, hands searching for the hooks located on her sides. Once he managed to grab one of the claws, Izuku pulled hard on it, ripping the metal rather easily. Quickly unwrapping the scarf on his right arm and tying one end with the claw, Izuku signaled for the pinkette to cut the airpack.

"ARE YOU CRAZY, FRECKLES?" He did the motion once more, the girl huffing before motioning for the button to him and lifting three fingers. He nodded and she began her countdown.


His arm tensed up as he took aim towards Bakugou, the one Izuku knew could support such weight.


Izuku felt sweat run down his brow, Bakugou and Todoroki had already reached his position.


He observed as the duo passed his position by centimeters.


The airpack was turned off, and Izuku felt a rushing sensation on his stomach, just before he threw his improvised grappling hook/scarf combo. The weighted end of his scarf flew smoothly on the air before wrapping around one of Bakugou's outstretched hands. The green teen pulled on the scarf, Bakugou resisting the pull, but providing Izuku a stable position.

His position fixed, Izuku just let gravity do its work. He fell right atop the shoulders of both Bakugou and Todoroki, the teens almost buckling under the sudden weight.

Bakugou glanced to where Izuku's foot was perched and he scowled. He remembered seeing the scrub wearing some stupid shining boots, but all he could see were the usual red sneakers.

Izuku tensed his legs and jumped off his perch, turning around and giving a wave to his rivals before they finally buckled under the strain and fell down, right under some mines.


As pink clouds emerged where Bakugou and Todokori fell down, Izuku rushed ahead, panting, but continuing to run at full speed. A few seconds after that, the pink clouds were cut apart, Shoto and Katsuki rushing out of them, one furious and the other considerably angry.

"DEEEEKKUUUUUU, get back here or your ass will be grass when I'm done with you!"


Not that Izuku would stop.


"I didn't do anything. They each got fired up on their own." Said that, it was possible to see that Aizawa had his eyes glued to the monitor displaying his students.

His vision darkened as he passed by the tunnel and then it suddenly brightened, the loud choirs of the spectators, the shouting, his own heartbeat that drummed in his chest.

Many emotions welled, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Izuku panted hard, taking the last steps as he reached the finishing line. He crossed the line and eyed the many civilians.

Their loud cheering.

The feeling of victory screaming in his heart, begging to be liberated.

The remaining heat of his hard-fought battle to win.

Izuku took all of his emotions and breathed deep.


The cheering got even louder if that was ever possible. So loud that they neglected the third and fourth placers; Todoroki and Bakugou.


Izuku felt someone jump off his back, the teen managing to forget about the pinkette whom he was carrying. She immediately knelt on the spot and started taking care of her items, crying about "her babies". He didn't have the spare energy to deal with her, so he just dropped on the spot, feeling the sweat leave his body and cool him down.

[Cooling ducts are working at 110% efficiency. Mainframe has entered economy mode. Repairing damaged tissues. Using spare resources. Recommended the intake of nutritious food and liquids.]

Izuku lifted his upper body from the ground and looked towards the entry arc, where he could hear the incoming students. It took a while, but eventually some students started to pour in. All those who entered and looked at him whispered among themselves. Izuku sweat dropped, wondering it his actions were really that weird.

We are trying our hardest to win, so some desperate measures are to be expected, no?

The teen searched the silhouette of his rivals, managing to spot the angry Bakugou. Todoroki was out of sight, so Izuku just let it go and continued to rest.

As more and more students passed the finishing line, the list displayed on the large screen inside the stadium filled with names.

Izuku paid little attention to the names, spending his time catching his breath. He did glance to the board from time to time, finding quite a good number of his classmates had passed the trial. He stood up and dusted his pants, heading to one of the stalls scattered around the stadium. As he walked, many competitors looked his way, comments about his crazy plan.

The teen quickly made his way to the stall, got some refreshments from a U.A bot and went to join his classmates. Uraraka spotted him and waved for him to approach.

Iida was a bit frustrated with his performance, seeing as his whole deal was about speed, yet he had placed in 10th place. Izuku thought that was a pretty good place, considering the number of competitors that were present, but kept the thought for himself.

As the last students crossed the finishing line, the scene of Mineta glued to Yaoyozoru was something Izuku had wished to never witness, Izuku finished his sports drink. Midnight ended the first event. Present Mic was shouting and hyping the spectators, the screens all around school displaying their performances in the race. Izuku felt his cheeks heat a bit as the scenes displaying the last part of the event played out.

Bakugou and Todoroki were dominating the majority of the race, being surpassed by Izuku and his pink haired companion strapped to his back. Izuku felt a glare fixing on him, Mineta and Kaminari staring at him as if to burn holes on his torso.

"Well younglings, the Obstacle Race has just finished. If you didn't get a good position this year, don't worry! We have many attractions for you to enjoy. Let's give our competitors a bit of a break before the next event." Midnight announced, her leather whip cracking and swinging.

[Mainframe has cooled down. Liquid intake has been registered. Spent fluids have been replenished. Combat mode is ready for further use.]

Feeling already better, Izuku released a sigh. He hopped that the next event wouldn't be something troublesome.

Perhaps he had wished too soon, or his naivety was showing.

Whatever might be the case, Izuku wasn't feeling so fresh once Midnight made her second announcement.

"If you got all the details for the race then let's get to everybody's points. Starting from our last place; you will have 5 points, and the next place will have 10 and so on. Except for our first placer, who will be awarded withhhh." Midnight seemed to take pleasure in extending sound of her last word, building up tension on the field. "TEN MILLION POINTS!"

OH fu—

Almost instantaneously, every student around the podium turned to glare at Izuku, their eyes shining with malice. He shivered, his fight or flight instinct almost taking over, the option to flee much more appealing than the one to fight.

"Chose your groups! You will have five minutes before the competition." Izuku tried to get his bearings, but trouble had already decided show itself to the teen.

Many of the other students seemed determined to avoid him like the plague. They immediately refused any attempts at conversation coming from him, even some of his classmates!

"Sorry Izu-chan, but I'm already shooting for Bakugou's group. Don't take it personal." Mina refused him, running to where Bakugou was surrounded by his class. He may be a cock, but at least he was powerful in combat, which the cavalry section was most based on.

"Already have our strategy, sorry Class press!" Sero said, also pointing to the explosive blonde.

"Ribbit." Asui simply shook her head sideways.

Izuku even resorted to asking Mineta.

"Weeelllll, I suppose I could help you class president, but then you will have to shorten the length of the girls' skir—" That was all the short teen managed to say before Izuku was going to his next candidate.

The green teen managed to reach Iida, who had a serious look adorning his face. Midoriya touched the taller teen on the shoulder and asked him about a team comp.

"You see Midoriya, it saddens me to tell you this, but unfortunately I will have to decline your precious invitation." Izuku was taken aback by Iida's fervor while saying this. The teen was always passionate, but now the teen sounded really serious. "I have constantly been bested by you, be it combat, strategy, leadership and academics, but this tournament is my chance. I see how you look at the most outstanding of our class. You seek to challenge and win against them, and I have had enough of just passively looking from your back. Midoriya, this is MY challenge to you!" The teen rode up to Todoroki, who had Yaoyozoru and Denki by his side.

"I will defeat you Midoriya!"

Izuku let out a sign and then wryly smiled. He was happy that Iida was excited for the event. However, his time was running out, and he hadn't managed to get a single teammate to look out for him. Izuku bit his thumbnail, almost starting his hyper muttering when someone touched his shoulder.

"Hey freckles! What do you say we partner up? I got second place thanks to you, and joining forces with the current number one will surely gather more attention to my babies!" the pink haired mechanist from before was back again, this time even closer inside his personal space. Yet he thanked every god he could remember; the girl had been quite the blessing so far.

"Sure, we can combo it again. Say, did you managed to fix those hookshots?" Talking with her had been quite easy, since even with her outgoing personality, she didn't really pass feminine charm and thus didn't make him nervous. God knows what a bumbling mess he would become if he had been paired up with Yaoyozoru.

"They have given their last breath. However! I still have my air-pack from earlier. The jumping boots are a bit damaged, but nothing some elbow grease won't fix it! My babies will outshine any competition!" Her speech made the other students give them weird looks, but Izuku ignored them for now. He looked for someone else to add to his team since the timer was ticking away.

He saw the brown mop of hair belonging to Uraraka and went towards the girl. "Uraraka-san!". The bubbly girl turned to look at him and smiled, waving her hand to him.

"Hey Izuku-kun! I was looking for you. I mean, it's easy to team up with someone you know, right?" Midoriya almost cried as Uraraka agreed to join his group. He needed someone else, his options much smaller now. He was about to give up when he spotted the dark and shadowy figure of Tokoyami. The teen was hanging by himself, almost brooding that nobody had chosen him.

Izuku saw Mineta going towards him. He wouldn't lose such valuable asset as Tokoyami and his quirk, Dark Shadow. Showing Uraraka who he had partnered up with, Izuku quickly dashed to catch the brooding teen first.

I saw him using his quirk before. Can't leave his war potential to waste like this. His quirk is like a second teammate that can watch our backs, protect, attack and reduce the cavalry weight. Combining it with Uraraka-san's Zero Gravity quirk and we have the perfect blend in speed and attack, costing us little to no weight.

"Tokoyami-kun!" Izuku shouted, hoping to get the broody teen's attention first. He succeeded, the raven head of the dark teen turning to meet his. "I really need your help. Care to join me?" Izuku decided that simple would be best when trying to recruit the teen, Tokoyami hadn't displayed much in class, preferring to keep to himself most of the times. He, occasionally, would make remarks or comments, many involving the occult or shadowy themes.

The raven teen stared at Midoriya for a few moments before speaking. "Why come to me, a shadow dweller, and ask for temporary companionship? Many a friend surely wish to join the winner of our previous event." First things first, ouch! I almost cut myself with just some sentences. What are you, Mallekhit? No, focus Izuku! He is a good classmate and a needed asset.

"Tokoyami-kun, I need your strength. I don't have any plots or fancy explanations, I really need your help in this phase. However, if you join me, I guarantee to keep us in the competition." Izuku spoke, tightening his fist and showing it to the other teen. His eyes blazed with "fire".

Tokoyami stared for a few more seconds before his beak contorted into what Izuku hoped to be a smile. "Are you really able to harness my dark energies and carve a path to our victory? These questions will be answered quite shortly, but for now they can wait. I put my faith into you, class president Midoriya! Use me and Dark Shadow as you see fit!" The dark teen bumped fists with the greenete, both coming over to where the girls where.

Uraraka tried striking conversation, but the pink haired girl seemed content in messing with her air-pack using a screwdriver. She waved warmly to her fellow teammates as they approached the them.

"Hey umm…" Izuku finally realized that he didn't know the name of the girl he had partnered up with. Good going Izuku! A bit more and you can become the idiot of the year.

The pink haired mechanic looked up for a split second, her eyes adjusting to the group around her. Izuku used the chance to call up to her, and ask her name. "Oh yeah, right! We didn't even present ourselves. Sure, presentation is fine and dandy. It's pretty important for the business companies to remember your name and stuff! I'm Mei, Hatsume Mei. Just call me Mei." As always, she spoke way too fast to properly get all of that, but Izuku managed to get the important bit.

"It's a pleasure Mei-san. I'm Izuku, these are my friends and classmates, Uraraka-san and Tokoyami-kun." Izuku presented the team to each other. Mei looked them over and immediately went back to fixing her air-pack.

"Talking is fine and all, but shouldn't we be planning or something, Freckles?" Izuku was bit surprised by how Mei had ignored their greeting, but he agreed with her. They still had a plan to cook up.

"Mei-san makes a valid argument. What is our victorious plan? I'm sure you have something in mind, Class President." Tokoyami and his pompous speech patterns aside, that was true. They were in dire need of a plan, something Izuku was working out. He pondered for a few moments before looking at the scarf wrapped around his right hand.

"Ladies, and gentleman." Izuku gathered the attention of his group. "I have a plan."

"We are going what?" Mina shouted, staring at the ravenous face Bakugou was making.

"You deaf or something Raccoon eyes? I fuckin' said that we will leave Deku for last!"

"That's something I never expected out of you, Bakugou. You aren't growing soft on me, are you?" Kirishima joked, but Katsuki continued his scowl as he directed his anger at Todoroki's group.

"We are going after Half-and-half bastard first." Katsuki, while still angry, was being strangely stubborn on this matter.

"Come on dude, Midoriya is a good fighter, but we have the perfect combination, we can't possibly lo—" Bakugou let lose some tiny explosions, warning the party, mostly Sero, of his growing foul mood.

"Deku is a sneaky bastard! I don't know how he did it, but he can use that cloth shit around his arm almost like Eraserhead does. He is a piss-ant, but when it comes to strategy, that little shit can spin circles around anyone dumb enough to give him any information. And guess what, that fucker probably has gotten three notebooks worth of info on you guys." His team was giving him unbelieving looks. Bakugou was being calm and rational? That was amazing.

It also made them reconsider the attack on their class president. Bakugou was one of the top fighters in class and even he had once been subdued by Izuku. If their explosive "leader" was telling them to avoid a fight against the "shy" greenete, shouln't they hold the warning in warrant?

"All these fuckin' extras will charge Deku thinking he will be their golden ticket to victory. The chaos will let us get their headbands and crush those fuckers real smooth. Then, and only then, we crush Deku! Watch the massacre, the fuckin' extras are jumping off the cliff themselves." Bakugou finished his dialogue and stared at the greenete. Come on you fucker, show me that you can at least survive this! Then I will come to crush you!

"Are all my sweet kittens ready? I can't wait to see this rocking competition. You all show me some fighting spirit, right?" More R-rated speech coming from the R-rated heroine and the teams were all ready for the fighting to begin. They all had ten minutes to score, many not bothering to hide that their plan was to rush Midoriya and hope for the best.

"Get ready."

Izuku fixed his position, hoping to not be weighting too much on the girls. Tokoyami was the front of his "horse", already having his quirk out. Izuku had Mei's air-pack on his back and the Ten Million points bandana proudly displayed on his forehead. He breathed in and out, calming his heart a bit. Izuku was hoping to avoid using One for All, hoping to keep his abilities "hidden". His class knew or at least thought he had a strength enhancing quirk, while the other students had no idea what was up his sleeves and he hoped to keep it that way.

"GO!" The moment the word rang on the air and the timer sounded, many groups rushed Izuku's position.

He smirked.

He waited for some to come closer, Todoroki's team included, before he shouted to his own team. "We are going airborne. Tokoyami-kun, get ours wings ready. Mei-san, hope those boots are still working. Urararaka-san, hold your powers as long as possible." Almost like a drill sergeant, Izuku gave his orders.

"Dark Shadow, get to it!" "Aye Aye sir!" the dark duo did their part providing the group a platform.

"My babies are magnificent, they are going to shine bright like a diamond. No need for worries Cap'n Freckles." Mei shouted her piece, wide smile on her face knowing that many investors would be eyeing her inventions.

"Don't worry Izuku-kun, I can keep our weight to a minimum for as long as we need."

"Good! Taking off then." Pressing one button, the air-pack on Izuku roared to life. The engine boosted the group high into the air, far from their pursuers. Many were left with their mouths hanging open as their target easily slipped past them. That left them open for a certain explosive blonde. Let's just say that what ensued wasn't really pretty.

High in the air, the group made their way into the other side of the demarked space, some groups already closing in on them. They landed with ease on the ground, eyes peeled for any tricks or attacks. Bakugou was having a field trip among the groups, but Izuku preferred that way. Kaachan gets distracted and doesn't focus on me. I only need to keep avoiding the other groups for now.

Almost as if karma had disliked his train of thought, Todoroki's groups charged at them. All the group seemed determined to win and grab his bandana. Not today, Todoroki. Iida-kun, I like that you see me as a rival, so…

"I will apologize in advance to you Iida-kun, but just for formality's sake I will ask. Won't you attack another group?" Izuku once more had that confidence in his voice. Iida wanted to respond, but left the answer to Todoroki. Shoto narrowed his eyes and extended his right hand towards the greenete.

"I'll be taking that Midoriya." Cold response, just like the arm pointed to 1-A's class president. The other groups stopped and observed the interaction. They weren't about to mess with Endeavor's son and be flash frozen, no sir!

"I'm going to have to ask you Todoroki, to CEASE YOUR HERESY!" Izuku made his team charge ahead, right into Todoroki's path. He wouldn't be scared by the act. Shoto made his team do the same, their speed much faster thanks to Yaoyozoru providing rollerblades and Iida serving as horsepower. Shoto was expecting Izuku to take to the air once more, however the greenete extended his hand to the pink haired girl he had partnered from before and grabbed something she produced from her own backpack.

Izuku then lobbed the item their way and Shoto's blood, along with his team, ran cold after seeing the item. They were shocked, seeing a flashbang grenade be thrown their way. All of team Todoroki closed their eyes and prepared for the impact, only for a swift displacement of air to happen at their side.

The team opened their eyes, the flashbang laid on the ground, not exploded. They had been tricked!

Izuku's team passed the over Shoto and went forward, dodging the other incoming team. Iida's leg engines roared and he directed the pursue back onto Midoriya. The green teen wove his way in between the other teens. Many tried attacking them, only to get in each other's way.

Izuku's hand snaked unto the headbands of a few competitors, their whining cries a warning for the other competitors. The bandana-less teams got desperate and confusion spread like a wild fire. Points were increasing and decreasing at an insane rate, yet Izuku's position continued at first. Seven minutes had passed, many students tired from the continuous exercise.

Now unto the second part! Now that the time was shortening, the desperation for points would skyrocket, many teams discarding their option to attack him and aim for other teams. Izuku boosted him team once more into the air and grabbed a few of the bandanas he had snatched from the other teams. Todoroki was pursuing him from bellow, but he had no idea of what was about to happen.

"HEY EVERYBODY! WANT SOME FREE POINTS?" Izuku threw away the bandanas, the white clothing getting the attention of all competitors. Izuku has thrown the bandanas right bellow him, their slow falling speed meant that they were falling right over Shoto's position.

"Midoriya!" Izuku ignored the shouts, as a cloud of dust formed right under him, many teams desperate to nick some points for themselves. Shoto batted away many hands, and had to dodge an explosion. He commanded his team to back up, just in time to see Bakugou flying back to his team, many bandanas tightly held in his hands.

"COME ON! Half-and-half bastard, let's see your pathetic, Daddy-issues ass try to win! I will murder you!" His threat was solid. The team Bakugou had had been designed with his mobility in focus. Kirishima to handle his brute landing with his hardening, Mina using her acid once more for mobility and to melt anything thrown their way. Sero had their back, using his tape to secure Bakugou before he could touch the ground. It was a perfect team, abilities wise.

Todoroki was mildly annoyed at this point. Midoriya had managed to run circles around him, even with their superior mobility in Iida. He outsmarted them, negating any advantage Yaoyozoru could think off, since if he was too unpredictable to counter, how could she create anything worthwhile? Even their advantage with Kaminari was negated since before he could blast his electricity on them, Izuku's team could just take to the air and avoid harm.

He hadn't really a need for other teams' bandanas, his team's base points alone held them a solid third place in the competition. However, that wasn't enough! Shoto couldn't just win; he needed to annihilate the competition, be at the top, otherwise it wouldn't be enough. That man wouldn't acknowledge a second or third place. Shoto would reach first place with only his right side!

"WE ARE AT OUR LAST MINUTE, THE CAVALRY BEING A CONSTANT ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS. TEAM MIDORIYA HAS MANAGED TO KEEP THEIR 10 MILLION POINTS AND THEIR FIRST PLACE, BUT WILL THEY MANAGE TO HOLD THEIR GOLDEN TICKET TO VICTORY?" Present mic, loud as always, gave another announcement, triggering many actions from the teams. Quirks were being used left and right, many employing their last strategies.

The majority went for a last dive at Izuku, Shoto included. The many bandana-less teams were ravenous, their last chance at the competition right in front of them.

Izuku apologized in his mind. He couldn't give them mercy. His eyes scanned the field for an optimal route, his group eager to win.


A great ice wall separated and surrounded Izuku and his team, only leaving one exit from where Shoto was closing in. Izuku tensed up. This situation was something he had dearly hoped to avoid. Getting closed up and having to confront Shoto was risky. Way too risky.


"Yes, Uraraka-san?"

"Why are you smiling so much?"

"Midoriya, I was wrong about your alignment. I guess you have truly embraced some darkness within you."

Izuku noticed that, truly, he was smiling. The adrenaline flow, the tension. He tightened the bandana around his forehead. Team Todoroki was planning something, their course of action had changed. They had stopped their charge and were positioning themselves, as if they were about to…


"Uraraka-san, make me float, NOW!" Izuku shouted, immediately unwrapping his scarf and positioning himself for a jump. She didn't managed to touch him before the other team was on them.

"RECIPRO BURST!" Flames burst from Iida's calf engines, Todoroki team rushing at an absurd speed towards Izuku.

[Energy (One for All) being focused into increasing reflex perception and hand-to-eye coordination. Energy focused on the spinal cord and brain is at 10%]

Izuku could see the incoming team, their speed too great for him to fully grasp. He had about two seconds before Todoroki was upon him. He managed to uncurl some of his scarf and stood his ground. He wouldn't have time to jump or steer clear, so he did the best he could.

Todoroki was upon him like a bullet, hand coming to snatch his Ten Million bandana. Izuku, however, had other plans. The green teen grabbed one end of his scarf and raised his hands as Shoto brought his hand upon Midoriya's forehead. The heterochromatic teen snatched something in his hands, his team passing by Izuku.

All the audience shouted greatly. The other groups had their full attention on the two groups, and the sound of explosions were coming from above.

"TODOROKI HAS MANAGED TO GRAB THE EHHH, WHAT IS THAT IN HIS HANDS?" Present mic was doing his work of hyping the spectators, but his eyes laid upon the cloth Shoto had in his hands. A green cloth that was extending from his hands up to Izuku's group. Shoto looked surprised at the green scarf on his hands.

"DIE ICY-HOT!" Bakugou was flying towards Shoto, his team immobile due to Iida's engine stalling. He immediately recognized that the dual quirk user didn't had the bandana he was looking for, so he changed course and went towards Izuku. "DDDEEEEEKKKUUUUUU!"

Shoto looked back to Izuku, the teen was offering him a fierce smile, using the thumb finger in his right hand to point to his own bandana, the Ten Million points safe and sound. Shoto let go of the scarf.

He felt his left-hand heat up. He wanted to pursue his goal, but he knew it would be foolish. Even so, Todoroki felt compelled to move.

"Midoriya!" His team made some effort to move, even if their speed was compromised with Iida's stalled engine. Bakugou was almost upon Izuku.


Izuku didn't answer to their threats. He felt gravity's hold of him cease, and he had already puled back his scarf, wrapping one end around Dark Shadow. Tokoyami nodded and commanded his quirk to throw Izuku up. He rose quite fast, and activated the air-pack, managing to distance himself from his pursuers by going sky high.

Needless to say, his rivals were pissed as all hell.

"TIME IS UPPPP! SEE THE MADMAN HIMSELF, MIDORIYA IZUKU. HE HAS COME THIRSTY FOR VICTORY, AND VICTORY IS ON HIS SIDE ONCE AGAIN!" Bakugou fell down and Todoroki stopped his frustrated team. He climbed down and looked back to his left, the hand emitting some unwanted heat. I almost used his power again. Why?

Shoto looked as Izuku slowly descended, his team shouting praises for him. The greenete had a happy smile as he talked to his group, using one hand to wipe the sweat from his brow.

"The winners of our wonderful cavalry battle are: In first place, playing with his opponents using ruthless strategy, rational thinking and a lot of guts, comes Team Midoriya! Second place goes to the opportunist who destroyed his competition, give some shouts for Team Bakugou. For our third place we have—eh? My eyes don't lie to me, it's team Shinsou! Since when were these guys winning? Well, congratulations." Shoto almost panicked. He looked at the score board and truly enough, Team Shinsou was third place.

How did that—?! Wait…bastard!

Todoroki snatched all his bandanas from his forehead and searched through them. He found out that he was missing two of his high score points. He looked once more at the score board, seeing that Izuku had some extra points outside of the ones his team originally had.

When I went to attack him, he must have snatched one away from me!

"While they are last, that doesn't mean they are less important. Give some praise to the heavy hitters of Team Todoroki!"

Izuku was enjoying some food as Cementoss modified the area of their next competition. It was decided that the remaining teens would battle it out in one-on-one combats, the biggest event of the tournament. He was refueling himself since the battles would be randomized, meaning he could suddenly be fighting anyone who had passed.

His team had dispersed rather quickly, each going to do their own things. Two teens had dropped out of the competition, one of them being Mashirao from his class. The teen with a tail said that he wasn't worthy to participate on the next stage and together with another teen they gave their chance up.

To fill their place, two students from class 1-B were selected. Ibaraza, a girl with vines for hair, and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, a teen with absurd eyebrows and a hardening quirk.

The screen on the stadium displayed scenes of the cavalry battle, something Izuku took advantage to learn more of the other students' quirks outside of his class.

The greenete finished his food, takoyaki, and stood up. He walked to where his he could see a number of his classmates gathering, a commotion seemed to be taking place. Izuku searched for Tokoyami, since stragely enough, he couldn't spot any of the girls of his class.

He found the raven teen, but before he could call out to him, the teens let out impressed noises. Izuku finally picked up on the sound of his female classmates, the girls sounding really annoyed.

"Mineta, Denki! Mind explaining to me what this is all about? I asked the teachers and none of them confirmed your story." Momo's voice echoed, a mix of embarrassment and anger. Izuku pushed past his classmates, emerging at the front of the group.

Denki and Mineta had lewd smiles, the teens rubbing their hands together. Their creepy laughter was offset by Izuku, the greenete hand-chopping the perverts and dropping them onto the ground.

He looked at the girls, wanting to understand the motive of their anger. Unfortunately for him, the reason had to deal with hormones. Lots and lots of male hormones.

[Suitable partners have been found. Heavy sexual stimuli being triggered due to attractive females. Blood flow increased to nether regions. Sexual pheromone production is being increased.]

The girls were in cheerleading uniforms. Plenty of their, ahem, assets were being displayed. Izuku turned around, a blush adorning his face.

"Why do I always get roped into Mineta's schemes?"


Wowzers, What do you think of the chapter?

It's kinda hard to write the tournament saga and create your scene without it sounding stupid. Adapting Izuku's fighting style to the race without making him too OP is also a challenge since, while you want him to succeed, you also want to make him work hard for his victory.

Letting that aside, going to the manga. I think that the capters Horikoshi is giving us are good. What do you guys say? I saw some people unsatisfied with the result, pointing out things like "Horikoshi nerfed 1-B." or "Sudden power boost is stupid."

I have one question for you if you think something like that. Are you really reading the same manga as I am? I will explain it better latter, but the development made complete sense. If you want to discuss it, feel free to PM me at anytime and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.