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CH2 Landfall and a Cart

Drayce couldn't help but let out a sigh so full of discontent one would think he just been thrown into the dungeon. But no, he was forced to wait for the last three hours in the king's hall, body still weary from riding nights on end to meet the King's summons. All the while subjected to the disgusted gazes of his "betters" for even breathing the same air as them, as his family crest of a sliver scale with its center being a sword singled him out as a Willson.

'By the Great Spirit above either kill me or start this charade so I could get on with my life.'

"I see you're still ever the center of attention Drayce," said a voice from behind him.

Casting his gaze behind him the Willson spotted a rather weedy looking man with a crest of a dove resting atop an olive branch embroidered on his shirt. "And you still look as if a woman's only requirement to marry you will be for her throw you over her shoulder. Knight Ralf Ihon third son of Viscount Bayard Ihon" said Drayce with a small smirk.

"Big words for a man's whose territory are held up by our trade of herbs- "

"I humbly beg your forgiveness oh great a mighty Ihon, please think nothing of the half-awake ramblings-" began Drayce as started on his got to flowery and ego-stroking apology, his head to the floor in full prostration.

"Hey-hey man I was kidding you know we Ihons would never do that to ya." said Ralf his composure broken and distraught as he tried to get his longtime friend to stop.


"Yes now get up man your embarrassing me." said Ralf as he scratched his green hair as he helped Drayce to his feet.

"Sorry, sorry haven't slept much on the ride over," yawned the taller knight. "Also you sure you're not going to cut off our medical supplies?"

"Yeash, I haven't seen you this twitchy since that bad crop season a few years back. Books still in the red?"

"When aren't they? But at least they aren't the depths of hell red."

"Well I hope this good news will cheer you up the fields are fertile like no one's business, so we can get a good bunch of medical supplies for Nox this year," said Ralf bringing a smile to Drayce's face.

"That's good to hear, you have my thanks, Ralf."

"What are friends for?"

"Besides pulling your family out of the fire every battle for what? Five generations?"


Blinking in response Drayce only responds in disbelief "Really? Fifteen?" Ralf could only nod in response. "Damn….so how did your family earn nobility again? Cause it sure wasn't the way of the sword."

"Up yours"

Drayce could only smile as he and Ralf soon fell into a simple back and forth of how's the family before at last, the king made his entrance just a decadent as the one he did when his daughter had her birthday. With the only difference being the probable addition of a few dozen more fat rolls from stress eating.

"My knights! I have called you forth for one purpose only to save my precious peach from the claws of the great dragon who has stolen her. He who has achieved this feat shall be rewarded with her hand and riches of this kingdom no matter who they may be."

Like a single wave, the knights stepped forth chests puffed and ready for the fight in the glory of the king.

"Yes! My successor and husband of my lovely peach is the one who can rescue her from the clutches of the FIRE DRAGON MINK."

And just like a wave, it sloshed back into the sea of cowardice save for a few either brave, greedy, foolish, or plain stupid and inbred stood before their king with the same pomp and circumstance. For now, they were not just dealing with any old dragon but the second youngest daughter of the Queen of Dragons Tiamat embodying all her fire.

"She has taken my daughter to her vile island country had placed my poor daughter in a wretched tower. NOW GO SAVE HER AND SLAY THE DRAGON!" With his last puff of fury said the king deflated like a flat balloon as fatigue overcame him and he was carted off to his room.

The king now gone the knights were free to go about their business, some immediately went to prepare, others formed an alliance, many scoffed at those who would try, and others they would ponder the outcome this could have on the world.

"So Drayce," began Ralf "How do you need help?"

"What makes you think I am going to go save a princess? Risking my life and the security of the Willson family line on a fool's errand sent by a fat king who- I can't keep a straight face." chuckled the large knight. "Ya, I am going to do it. Mind slipping me some potions? I need to prep if I am going to take on a "daughter of all dragons" and all that is going to be hard on a budget."

"Always my friend, and with all the craziness might be able to slip some more supplies to Nox."

"Thanks….Ralf, I need to find a way to repay you besides saving your life every time a battle breaks out."

"I'd say Duke Ralf has a nice ring to it, Oh king Drayce slayer of the dragon." snarked Ralf as he gave a dramatic bow.

"Sure I'll put you in a nice desk job as head of agriculture so your family can stop nearly dying all time. Once I become king."

"HON-HON-HON. You become king? HON-HON-HON-HON-HON-HON" laughed the one knight that could only be described as the snootiest mother fucker of all the knights. SIR Herault Le Bleu Yven. One of Drayce's neighboring lords who would be willing to trade with him, while normally this would make him an ally to the people of Nox. Yven was just such a pain in the ass to Drayce, as no matter what it may be Yven would try and one-up him and infuriated the Willson to no end.

If Drayce killed an enemy captain he would kill major.

He kills a troll king. Yven would kill a great worm

When he would go seduce a lady Yven would charm her himself.

And god forbid if anything was blue. Then Yven would just have to have it.

That pompous glasses-wearing, pencil stashed, blue-haired, magic spear-wielding, rich coastal Marquise, sparkly dandy motherfucker, who just had to be able to look Drayce evenly in the eye and down his nose.

"Da fuck you want Yven," growled Drayce as stared into the eyes with a look of contempt that Yven met with a condescending gentleman's smile.

"Why I came to find you, Willson proclaiming himself to next of our king's throne. And well I had to have a jolly old chuckle at such a notion. After all, it is I who will be the one who takes home the fair maiden with such magnificent bleu eyes."

"What did you say sparkly blue motherfucker. The only thing you will be king of is a shallow grave with your spear up your own ass." growled out Drayce.

"We shall see Willson...my glory as I sit on the throne HON-HON-HON-HON!"


"Guys enough cool it," said Ralf as he once again played mediator of the two stronger Knights of their kingdom, less they start one of their infamous battles that would nearly level everything around them.

"Ralf! Come on just let me stab that SON OF A BITCH!"

"You can try. HON-HON-HON"

"Guys come on!"


It took nearly a week for everything to be set up for the Willson knight from delegating work and preparing for supplies for the year to simply prepping himself on the gamble of a lifetime. For if he could pull this off Nox and his family would be set permanently, no more needing to fight monsters of high caliber near-weekly bases just to keep things alive, no more needing to only get new citizens from outcasts and alleged crooks of the kingdom, no worrying if they should use medical potions to fix a broken leg or weight to see if it healed without catching gangrene.

He would be a King.

"Ok let's see bow, arrows, hatchet, bastard sword, short sword, big knife, small knife, shield, buckler, throwing knives, medical herbs, camping set, whetstone, Bansantou, Extra knives... " Which is why he is going over his gear for the fifth time that day as he once again ran through all the supplies he had brought with him.

"Sling, slingshot, flashers, smokers, fire pellets,..." After all, he was going to gamble his life, not against some rank and file army kobold or another human army or even an army of one of the other races. Hell, even a dungeon dive was less risky all things considered because this was against the Dragon Princess of Fire. With resources galore and someone who probably sealed each princess in a self-contained super dungeon filled to the brim with monsters and traps that could almost certainly cause instant painful death.

"Magic charms, rope, shovel, ….." Which reasonably left him nearly crippled with fears of doubt of what would happen if he did not come back with the princess or worse not at all. Not getting the princess he could live with that, as that just means back to normal, but if he did not come back at all so many things could go wrong in his absence. From things getting even harder on his younger siblings as his few dungeon dives and monster hunts nearby bringing in the most consistent cash, to loss of the investment on costing the territory more than a few artifacts that they had scrounged up over the years. To the bleach ideas that his younger sibling killed over in their twenty's from stress to dying from a rouge pandemic and they needed the handful of cures he had with him.

"lantern, torch kit, mirror, poisons,..." Dying from a monster he could have defeated.

"club, string, marbles, flour, ..." pissing off a high ranking noble and getting a kill order since his younger siblings being rushed into the political scene.

"cloth, winter clothes, camo..." a demonic god descending onto Nox because of life just taking a dump on them.


Snapping out of his worries Drayce looked towards the Dog person announcing that the S.S. Salty Skipper was now ready to ship out. With a deep breath and some shuffling to pack all his gear up he slung his pack over his shield and made his way to his fate.

"Ticket," mumbled Greg a stereotypical goblin, short, green, eyes on the gold and bored out of his damn mind manning the both to make sure a bunch of damn knights got on the SSSS.

In moments a shadow covered Greg and his stand forcing him to look up at what could only be described as a terrifying knight. Blood coated greaves of two different make with the right being particularly spiky and red-coated which led to thick leather pants dotted with scared plates only partially covered tail coat sticking past the layered metal plate torso piece. Topping the whole ensemble off was a rather gristly helm that was a striking black helmet that looked as if a larger skull was dipped in metal and worn on someone's head surrounded by the fur collar of the coat.

"Ah, ticket" meeked out the goblin under the stare of the knight's cold eyes.

With a rumble from the knight as he reached behind him and a mental prayer to whatever god that will make sure his gold stash is never found by his wife or her slaves, a ticket was held before the goblin. With trembling hands, Greg took the ticket and without even a glace waved the knight past and gulped as the cacophony of weapons rattled past up the gangplank, then and only then did Greg breathe a sigh of half-hearted relief. As once he was sure he was not the closet body near the heavily armed knight he began to pray this would not end like that one trip where they had a berserker or that cultist go nuts on the ship and kill half the passengers, because gods above know if he is not dead he's going to be scrubbing the blood off for at least a week.

'OK Drayce no going, back all or nothing, just grab a hammock and deal with the five days of boredom.' Thought the knight he walked below decks to get his spot only to stop dead cold as from the shadows a knight walked into the light.



"Why I must say I am almost glad that you are wearing you hodgepodge of armors from the battlefields that you have amassed over the years, certainly makes you easy to pick out of the crowd."

"Da-fuck you doing here ya Bastard!"

"Why I am here for you Drayce."

"...Not even for all your territory, I would fuck your ass."

"WHAT?! NO! No dear god no." said Yven as he tried to recover from the sheer blunt vulgarity. "No, I am here for our contest to see who shall claim the fair hand of the bleu eyed princess and become King."

With a snort, Drayce leaned against the wall, "Would have figured you'd you get there on that flying magic stick of yours shoved up your ass."

"Crude, yet I am starting to see why you can never seduce a lady at a ball."

"Get fucked."

With a snooty snort returned Yven continued "In the name of our contest if I had simply started days ago we would be heading to my coronation already. So I had to partake of the treasures of the sea waiting for you at the starting line Willson. Otherwise, we could not start on even ground and you would hold the what-if over my head until our dying day."

"Try is more like it, cause your sparkly ass would never beat me."

"We shall see Willson after what other knights of the High forest kingdom can compete with mwah."

"Yes but what about the Band of the Moon or the Long Hive Kingdom's knights?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Simply put while you were eating fish sticks I kept my ear to the ground. And Long story short the Dragon Princess has been busy kidnapping and sending ransom notes to at least five kingdoms and anyone who can qualify as a princess like the Band of The Moon's Knight Princess."

"Truly? This may be troubling..."

"No shit and to make matters worse from what I hear nearly all the rewards are the same meaning you get the princess-"

"You get her Kingdom."

"Yup so that means every merc with a sword, would-be adventure and trained kingdom knight is looking to make bank. So I got to worry about not just you stealing my meal ticket but also every other mook who wants the High Forest Kingdom's fat coffers."

"True but doesn't that mean we have the same chance to gain not just the kingdom but two or three as well? Or even if by some miracle we do not save our kingdom's princes we could run off to one we had saved. "

"For you maybe. I am stuck in a land lock with mountains and a death forest between me and an unfriendly kingdom. And the Lord of Light knows the kingdom won't let me simply up and leave with my people without giving us our dues. While you got a small fleet that simply needs to hold out until help arrives or just up and leave to your new capital. " Drayce lamented bitterly and how he has once chance only while his known rival has all the options.

"I see...Then I hope that if I have to lose to one person may it be you, and to you, I say good luck." With his piece said, Yven may his departed to his private quarters.

"...Hey Herault," Drayce called out. "I also heard the Mermaid Princess was captured by the Dragon."

For a moment Herault Yven stood straighter and stiller than steel beam at the thought of the blue scaled, blue-skinned princess of the blue seas. Until he found himself once more and carried on his way leaving a sly smiling Drayce as his colleague took the bait and put him into the lead.


It took nearly five days for the Salty Skipper to make it to the island of the Dragon Princess, and during their trip, both Yven and Drayce were able to make what's what of the trials that lay before them from the crew and fellow questers.

They had learned that the Dragon Princess had kidnapped 19-ish princess. It was a rather heated debate on whether it was 18 or 19 as the dwarves were robbed twice due to something about one of their princesses may or may not having a beard and whether or not female dwarves could have one. Leading to the question if two princesses were capture or a princess and a prince.

As stated it was still in debate.

Moving on they had also discovered that along with the princess the treasury was robbed as well causing the loss of a pair of royal treasures, one being a kingdom treasure and the other being the lewd relic that has bound itself to the princess.

Both the princess and goods were said to be stored in a Tower, a horrific dungeon with only one purpose to keep a princess and her treasure locked away and to kill any knights who try.

All in all many a quester felt as if they were in a storybook to the joy of and bitter discontent for others. However the case may be for them, the question remains.


If their story will be tragically cut short or will they get their fairy tale ending?


"Hard to port!"

"We're all going to die!"

"Shit who puts the final boss at the entrance?!"

Fire bloomed across the deck like a burning rose as the Dragon Princess set fire across the deck, leaving many to burn while others jumped at the first confirmation of her shadow. For only the briefest of moments, those below deck were safe before the she-dragon's body tore the ship in two, as a few who were below deck found themselves between her jaw and claws. They were somewhat lucky as they died a swift death as many others sunk below the waves either caught by the ship or dragged down by their own armor.

Leaving only those from the Salty Skipper who was either strong enough, quick enough, or lucky enough to have made it to the island alive.

One being a Drayce Willson as he cussed, spat, and swam the last few miles to shore with all his gear.

"First fucking thing I am doing if I save Fatass's daughter and become king is buying good fucken armor." Drayce cussed as dragged himself past the sand. "That expensive as shit light as a feather super metal BS just so I can Swim in it." He sputtered as tossed his pack onto the rock. "Then a damn magic bag just I won't need to haul my shit!" Roaring as he tossed his helmet off so he could get the water out of his ears.

"My My I would say this was quite the stumble so early in our quest, wouldn't you say Willson?"

Freezing the knight of Nox craned his neck skyward and spotted Yven perched on his flying magic spear dry as can be with his pack dangling from its butt.

"But such stumbles come with opportunity and with only real competition from the boat between the two of us." Smirked the bleu knight as his rival stood below him with a stare deader than the eyes of month-old fish. "So your future king wishes you happy hunting." With his piece said the marquise flew off on his spear towards the center of the island, leaving only the saltiest none sea knight behind him.

"YOU SON OF AHHHHHHHH" powered by sheer rage reminiscent of a fabled green knight, Drayce threw on his back and helm and charged after his rival.


"Star-Torn Town 12.6 miles…..god fucken dam it." cursed Drayce he stared at the wooden arrow along the road. Tired from the already 20 miles in full gear through the woods full of all manner of monsters he had to traverse to find the road. Combined with the troubles he already had to deal with this day as was well, his journey so far seemed to just be one shitstorm after another and would likely continue at this rate.

With a quick debate of whether or not to simply drop dead and sleep or counting, the knight sucked up his discontent and trudged on as the sun dipped ever closer to the horizon.

It was only a few miles in that the universe decided to throw another curveball at the tired knight.

"Why hello there,"

In the form of a wizard. Complete with a long a white beard, blue sparkly robe, and a large floppy hat that matched.

"My my a knight such as yourself looks to be on a quest."

The kind of annoying asshole wizard his mother always warned him about.

"And if you're here you must be seeking the princess captured by the Dragon Princess! Which means you my mighty knight is in need of magical assistance!" cried the wizard as he set off a fireworks spell and a smoke spell as he summoned his tent of mysteries.

Wizards that are always more trouble than they are worth because they often speak in riddles, selling faulty and or weird magical items (many of which are cursed), causing mayhem due to senility, and all-around being more trouble than they are worth and less trustworthy than a scummy merchant.

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope-" repeated Drayce as he immediately booked it as soon as the smoke rolled in.

~POOF~ "Now hold on young knight every quest to rescue a princess requires the need of a wiz-NOPE!" interrupted the knight as he picked up the wizard and tossed him out of the way.

"But wait Sir Knight I have something that you need!"

"What could you possibly have for me!?"

It was at this moment Drayce knew looking back is where he fucked up.

"Why I have something Sir Knight that will ensure you are not put into the gallows. Oh bastard knight of the High Forest Kingdom, cursed by kinsmen to forever be an outcast despite your service to them. "

'God damn wizards with their wizz-biz eyes' "Explain." replied the knight finally stopping.

"Why a magic cart of course so that you may ferry the princess back home. Unless you would rather be charged for harming Princess Eleanora by making her walk and get blisters?" said the wizard as he waved his hand and made said hand-drawn cart appear.

"What's it do."

"Why it can take any object no matter how large and hold without increasing the weight."

"And how small?"

"Well...It..." Drayce began to reach towards one of his knives. "The same thing taking up a slot of space!"

"Can you fix it?"

"Well I could but then how will you learn to make the hard choic-GERK!"

"Here's a hard choice I need to make Kill you or not." said the knight as he strangled the wizard and unsheathed his short sword.

"Ok-ok-ok." Gurgled the wizard freeing him from the hand at his neck. "Yeash kid you the hard-boiled kind of knight arnt cha." A hard look was Drayce's reply. "Fine let's do this. Kids these days no respect for the old ways." mumbled the wizard as he began to stretch out the kinks in his hands. "Shimal-shambla-shimny SHO." with magic flying from his fingers the magic in the cart was changed.

"There now as long as it's part of a single "thing", it will only take up a slot."

"Like my pack."


"And its contents?"

"Yes, kid geeze show some trust."

"Ok how much."

"Well since you made me upgrade it how about one go-"

"Fifteen silvers."

"What?! This is a magic cart that has been upgraded by me The-"

"Wizard who is selling items on the side of the road at night, meaning 90% of anything you sell has some weird wizz bizz. Twelve silvers."

"Well maybe put that is all part of the quest."

"Nine slivers"

"It also shows up when you need it and won't disappear on you until the quest is over."

"Eleven silvers and forty copper coins."

"Fine. Darn kids nobody wants to quest right anymore." Grumbled the wizard as Drayce fished out the coins.

But the moment the coins changed hand magic sparked between the two and the wizard's tent went up in a poof of smoke.

"All sales are final on the four slot magic cart as it is now bonded to you enjoy the comp, complimentary item see ya." rambled out the wizzard as he followed his tent with a poof.

Never trust a wizard his mother told him after all they will always tell the truth they may not, however, tell you all of it.

"SON OF A WHORE!" Cried out the knight as he was now stuck with a cart that can only hold four things and a "complimentary item". "Just god damn it why did I trust a wizzard?" muttered the defeated knight as he palmed his face. "Well, at least I don't have to carry my stuff." sighed the knight as he walked up to the cart and tossed his bag in, and gave a weary gander at the so-called complementary item. Just in case it's some form of cursed monster that will try and eat him.

Eyes widening he could not help but gasp at the star-covered bag, as legends told of such bags would supply the owner with near-unlimited but randomized items of whatever the bag was labeled to hold. With shaking hands he prayed to whatever could hear him the bag was labeled as food or weapons or even tools.

"Choco Dicks…..." the wizzard gave him an unlimited bag of choco dicks the most versatile magic bedroom candy made.

"Damn wizzards."

He should have listened to his mother.


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