Dedicated to my sister- she was the one who helped give me the idea of Ladybug catching the cold bug.

At his lady's third consecutive sneeze, Chat Noir turned to look at her full in the face- the red, red face that rivaled her suit.

Chat Noir shook his head sadly and announced, "Bugaboo- you caught a bug."

She sniffed, but immediately replied, "I did not!"

The girl was hunched over, hands covering the bottom half of her face and expression twisted in anticipation of yet another sneeze. The sight reminded Chat of his own allergies- but as far as he knew, Ladybug had no allergies. So it could only be the cold.

And her head was thrown back in another high sneeze. The force surprised her, and it showed with her widened eyes.

"Bless you,"

He sighed, and watched her try to wipe her nose with the soaked tissue she had brought. She wouldn't accept the handkerchief he had earlier offered her. It took at least a dozen attempts for her to outright tell him to drop it, but Chat was never one to easily back down- especially when it came to Ladybug's wellbeing.

"Milady," Chat tried again, this time tilting his head to watch her, "I can handle the patrol alone tonight…"

Ladybug shook her head, and her voice came out a bit more raspy than usual, "No way Chat Noir- we're a team."

And a little bit of pride swelled in Chat's chest- it happens every single time Ladybug calls him her partner, and Chat didn't think he would ever stop being proud to be by her side. Even at that moment- where she wasn't in the best of her abilities and more than a little off her game, Chat Noir was just about as content as a kitten snuggled by the fire.


Chat jumped, and out of pure reflex brought his hands to shield his face. But his lady had just the right amount of time to turn away to put Chat out of the danger zone. He frowned deeply when she continued to gasp for breath between her too many sneezes. But she didn't make any attempt to take the handkerchief he was still gripping.

Chat stepped closer to her, "Well bless you again,"

But she turned her back to him, "Don't come closer, Kitty- you might catch it from me."

Chat rolled her eyes, but side-stepped her so that soon he was right in front of her. He held out his light silk handkerchief, and dangled it in front of her, "Would Milady accept mine gift?"

Ladybug gave him a kind smile- or what she could have given amidst her half sneeze, "No thanks Cha… Ah…Ah…"

Her face raised, and her mouth opened slightly just as her eyes fluttered close- Chat Noir pushed the handkerchief into her hands just in time for her, "ACHOO!"

She brought his hanky to her nose and it covered her face much better than the tissue ever could. Chat waited with a small pout- she looked absolutely miserable but was still trying to do her job. Now that was dedication. It was one of the many qualities he adored about his partner.

But as Ladybug wiped her nose with both hands clutching his handkerchief, a surge of protectiveness came over the boy with such a strong force that he had to resist the urge to tuck away the stray hairs from her face. It was a good thing she pushed her hair back behind her ears- but she was still red in the face.

"Ladybug…" Chat whined, and she cracked open her eyes to look at him through slits, "Yes Chat Noir?"

Chat's eyes softened, and he sighed once again. This time, he didn't resist his gentleness when he spoke to her, "Go home Bugaboo, and get some rest."

She frowned, and her hands dropped away from her face even as he continued to talk, "I'll do the patrol by myself…"

Ladybug shook her head roughly, and she raised a free hand to cut him off, "It's not fair for you to do the patrol alone-"

Then he cut her off with an even softer voice, "But you're sick."

Ladybug turned away from him, and held her head high, "I'm not that sick! I could still run!"

"The only thing running for you is your nose." Chat deadpanned, and he pointed at her tinted face. The girl immediately brought up the hanky to her face, and she frowned at him, "That's not the point."

Chat put his hands on his hips, and watched as she blew her nose. She straightened herself, and tried not to sneeze again by clamping her nose down- but the sneeze was coming anyways.

"Oh Bugaboo," Chat shook his head again, and she turned away from him to prepare for her sneeze, "If you don't want me to patrol alone, call Rena Rouge,"

"She has a… a…"



Chat winced at the power in that shout, and he heard his partner sniff loudly and he saw her aggressively wipe her nose. But he still didn't move from beside her, and he walked around her to watch her in the face- but her eyes were closed again.

Chat placed a light hand on her shoulder, and leaned a little closer to look at her full in the face, "Go home Bugaboo- I'll take it from here."

"I don't think it's a good… good…"

"Come on Buganette!"

Ladybug's head snapped up, and her eyes flew open, "What did you just… oh never mind."

Chat tilted his head, and then pouted at her once more, "Please get some rest."

And he pulled out the kitten eyes, "I don't like it when you're sick!"

"But I have a job to do… and-"

"And you can't do your superhero job if you're sick."


He held up his hand to cut her off, "No buts,"

And he continued before she could protest, "You're sick Bugaboo,"

And when Ladybug's eyes flickered up to his, he saw the acceptance. It just took a little pressing and she finally resigned. He took a mental note that she was less stubborn when tired. It might come in use when she was being too difficult.

Ladybug brought up the handkerchief to pat her nose, "Thank you Chat Noir,"

The boy took a step back, and dropped his hand from her shoulders to give a dramatic shrug, "It's the least I could do."

Ladybug nodded, and her eyes felt to the handkerchief. And in a more expressive version of a gasp, she squeaked and pulled the hanky to her eyes, "Wha…"

Chat's eyes widened, and he leaned closer in his ever curious manner, "What's wrong?"

Ladybug jabbed at the hanky, "Look! It's…"

Chat recognized the stylish letters before Ladybug finished her sentence, and it caused the boy to pale.

Ladybug held it up for him, "Agreste! This is Adrien's handkerchief!"

Chat pulled back, and brought a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, "Er… yes it is!"

Ladybug smiled a brilliant one, and brought the hanky closer to inspect it, "Why didn't I recognize it before? Only Adrien has these! Look at the hand-stitched embriodery…"

Chat looked away, "Um… I'm sure other kids walk with handkerchiefs like those too…"

Ladybug shook her head again, "This is Adrien's- I'm sure… but…" her eyes flickered to meet Chat's, "How did you get this?"

"I found it." Chat broke her gaze when she asked, "Where?"

Chat gulped, and he sent a helpless glance up at the sky… Now what did Plagg say? The best lies are the ones that have truth in them?

Chat spoke with a tiny hitch of pitch in his voice, "I found it in Adrien's room."

Ladybug's eyebrow shot up, "How?"

"When I visited his room- he lent me this handkerchief to wipe my hands. And so I kept it."

Ladybug accepted the answer- only because she was attacked by another sneezing frenzy. And before she could ask more about Adrien's handkerchief, Chat practically chased her back home. And she went- but for some odd reason, wouldn't stop clutching the hanky. He shrugged it off as her needing it to wipe her nose.

Chat turned away, and didn't watch the direction in which she fled. But he also had to ignore her sneezing- for they followed her trail and left a lingering scent.

Chat smiled, and looked over the beloved city. But as soon as he was ready to take off, he found himself attacked by the sudden urge to check up on Marinette- she was looking rather red in the face that morning in school. Right after patrol he would check on her. And Chat Noir took off with a grin on his face.