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Marinette was lovely company, as always. Though their soft conversations were littered with her occasional sneezes and sniffles, Chat enjoyed being with her. Especially tonight. She didn't seem in a hurry to do anything, and she was content to just sit on her bed and talk.

They must have talked about everything by now- games, food, favorite hobbies but he could always appreciate the fact that Marinette constantly reminded him to keep his identity a secret. But at this rate, she knew enough about him to be deemed a very good friend.

Midnight came and left them lying on Marinette's bed, hunched over her sketchbook, debating whether moss green or soft pink suited the socks. Chat personally liked the green one, while Marinette argued the implications of using pink. And when Chat suggested they make one sock green and the other pink, Marinette wacked him in the face with a pillow.

Chat laughed, pretending to struggle under her sheer strength as she pinned him down. She was interrupted by a little sneeze, not hesitating to grab that handkerchief. Chat watched her rub her nose, but he eyed the second handkerchief as well. It made him wonder, where did she get the second one from? And earlier… how did she know he had the first one?

"Hey Marinette," he couldn't help casting a glance to his alter ego's many pictures on her wall, "How did you get Adrien's first handkerchief?"

"Huh?" she jumped, clearly unprepared for that question, "He um… dropped it."

Unlikely. Chat knew where each and every one of these handkerchiefs were. Four were in his room at that moment, one was just given to Marinette and the other to Ladybug… Chat took the handkerchief from her gently, studying it.

"But I gave this very one to Ladybug…" he murmured softly, eyeing Marinette, "How did you get it?"

"Oh… I…" she rubbed the back of her neck, clearly distressed, "Actually Chat," her eyes lowered and she sighed.

Chat leaned forward- out of curiosity and concern. Marinette explained slowly, "Ladybug dropped the first one by me, so I could give it back to Adrien on Monday."

"She… did?"

"Yes... She said they rightfully belonged to him..."

Marinette wouldn't lie. And Chat heard her sniff. It almost sounded as though he were crying, but Chat knew better. He returned the handkerchief to her, a sigh on his lips, saying Ladybug was right. Marinette gave him an odd look.

"It's late," Chat mentioned, glancing at the time. Marinette did too, and both their jaws dropped.

"It's TWO AM?" they cried together- and hushed each other because Marinette's parents were not far below.

Marinette groaned into her pillow, "I have to help in the bakery tomorrow,"

"And I have lessons," Chat muttered, clearly upset that he robbed himself of sleep.

Marinette shot him a look, smacking him with a pillow once more, "Your fault! You wanted to jump on the bed!"

"Well it was fun last time," he protested with a laugh, and dodged so that he could grab the pillow and wrestle it from her. Marinette giggled and fought him. She won. Chat pretended he let her win.

Another hour slipped by and Chat caught himself yawning. Marinette teased him about taking more catnaps on the job, and he replied that he'd think about it. But when her eyes grew droopy and her words became murmurs, he bid her good night. Chat, albeit with great teasing, tucked her in bed, took off the lights and climbed up to her balcony.

"Bonne nuit Chaton," she whispered, and he paused, looking over his shoulder to see her sleepy smile.

"Bonne nuit Princess," he fought the urge to blow her a kiss.

He closed the window behind him, and let out a sigh in the cool air. He was more than surprised to see his breath as fog. He cast one more look to her, and wondered why this dopey grin wouldn't leave his face. She called him Chaton. That was so cute. Marinette was so cute. She was so much more easy-going when she was sick. And so easy to take care of. He'd love to tuck her in bed more often- it's a thought he'd entertain in the future. But would she let him tuck her in if she weren't sick? Highly unlikely.

Chat chuckled to himself as he sped across the rooftops, his baton allowing him to leap great heights. It may be early morning, but was Paris truly asleep? Chat paused, casting a quick glance to his surroundings. The city lights glowed and the moon smiled at him. He idly wondered if he should give Paris another patrol.

Maybe not. He had to be awake in less than five hours. And unless he wanted to act like a zombie and get his butt whooped by Kagami at fencing tomorrow, he needed a bit more rest. With that thought, Chat flipped through his bedroom window and de-tranformed just in time to collapse on his bed with eyes closed.

One second, two seconds… what was that smell? Adrien shot open his eyes to see Plagg in the midst of eating a wedge of cheese… above his hair. At the sight of Adrien's glare, Plagg dropped his cheese right onto Adrien's face.

"Plagg!" Adrien yelped, reaching into his drawers for his third handkerchief, "That's gross!"

Plagg cackled and finished off the rest of cheese, "You snooze you loose!"

Adrien shook his head, wiped his face and tried dusting out his pillow before realizing he needed to shake his entire sheet off. In a sleepy state, that was not a pleasant task.

Adrien grumbled to his kwami, "Didn't you know cheese before bed gives you nightmares?"

Of course Plagg would wave that off, "That's a myth,"

"No it's not. Nino told me that, so it must be true." Adrien justified, and Plagg chose not to comment. Mostly because he had fazed through his cheese safe and was attacking another piece of cheese.

Adrien groaned, dusting off his shoulders, "This is why I give you plates,"

"They take up space and waste time,"

Adrien gave his kwami his most furrowed brow look, "Now I'm going to have to take a bath because of you."

"But you looove baths," Plagg found it obvious to mention, "It's the model in you, remember?"

Sometimes, Adrien felt like painting those scented erasers yellow just to see Plagg's reaction. But Adrien was no villain, and he kept those evil little ideas to himself. The blonde chose to quickly strip and jump into the shower, aiming for a quick rinse in steamy hot water. Plagg popped his head in, and Adrien resisted the urge to chase the kwami- it would only make him talk more.

Plagg hovered on the knob, fascinated with it. Adrien warned him not to trouble it- told him it controlled the temperature, but what did the kwami do? The kwami gave the knob a full 180 degree turn that sent ice-cold water pelting onto Adrien's bare skin. One yelp and a few 'cold-cold-cold-cold!'s later, Adrien rescued himself from the cold shower and collapsed into bed with wet hair. It would dry itself… right?

"Goodnight Plagg," Adrien muttered, forcing his face into the pillow. He just wanted to sleep- the cold shower did nothing to help him fall asleep.

When Plagg didn't reply, Adrien cracked open an eye to see a hovering kwami. Adrien knew that face- and he sat up from his very comfortable spot to reach out to Plagg. Adrien held out his palms, and Plagg slowly sat in them. It was a touching position of trust that Adrien never took for granted.

"No, I'm not mad with you," Adrien reassured him, "Just… a bit sleepy, and I could be irritable when sleepy… but trust me when I say this is nothing compared to when I get sick,"

"You? Get sick?" Plagg teased, already in lifted spirits, "Impossible. Your schedule won't allow it,"

"Tell me about it," Adrien rolled his eyes and just as he was about to say something very funny to Plagg, a glimmer of light caught his eye.

Both kwami and boy looked out the window, where the dawn leaked into the morning sky. Adrien paled, the realization that he had gotten no sleep at all. Plagg didn't accept that so easily, the kwami dashed into Adrien's drawer and put the fourth hanky on Adrien's eyes. Impromptu sleeping mask- nice.

"You've got two hours kid, use it wisely!"

Adrien didn't need to be told twice. He curled into his pillow and dreamed of how cute Marinette looked when she tried to hold back her sneeze.