This is a two-shot, or three depending on how I space everything out. Wrote this because this pairing is nearly non-existent as far as I'v seen so i wanted to help pioneer it. I'm thinking NobleLion as the pairing name but I'd like to hear your suggestions. First chapter is mostly comedic, second chapter is the part that actually has the idea I'm writing this story around. If anyone wants to use this story and expand on it, let me know, I'd love to follow along and see where you take it.

As always if you are interested in the story I automatically assume you have at least seen some of the series and know what the characters look like.

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Team RWBY and team JNPR were heading to their final class of the day that they shared together. Weiss was babbling on about the upcoming Vytal festival and gushing about all the complicated planning that goes into it, while the rest either ignored her or were having their own conversations. Jaune happened to hear her mention something about other academies. "Wait Weiss? What was that about academies?"

"Have you even been listening to anything I've been saying you dunce?" at that everyone in the group looked off to the side acting innocent. Weiss just huffed in annoyance and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, you did just spend the last couple minutes talking about the colors they probably used to color coordinate the lunch breaks, not even the actual schedule." Blake said.

Jaune turned back to the red faced Weiss and asked about the academies again. "What i was saying was that even though the Vytal is for all kingdoms to participate, it had been years since every academy attended. This year is the first time all four academies attend and the first time in 3 years that Haven Academy joined, and they have sent some really strong teams."

"Oh, wow….that's pretty cool." Jaune half whispered with a slightly panicked look on his face." The rest saw the look and were about to question him when they got to class right as the bell rang. Deciding to question him after class they all took their seats to try and endure Professor Port's boring lecture. Though Jaune wasn't listening to the lesson and instead seemed lost in his own world. When Pyrrha tried to get his attention to ask what was wrong, professor Port took it as her trying to answer the question he had asked effectively distracting her and causing her to forget to ask Jaune.

When the bell rang to signal the end of class, Jaune was the first out the door practically jogging to his dorm muttering to himself all the while. The rest of team JNPR were quick to follow after promising to meet up with their sister team when they catch up with Jaune. As team RWBY watched them turn the corner they heard someone call out to them."Excuse me?" turning to the voice they see a dark skinned girl with platinum blonde hair and olive green eyes wearing a yellow robe with only one wide, loose fitting sleeve over a black tube top. She also has black pants and shoes and a red sash embroidered with a white "endless knot" on it. There were bandages on her legs and arms, as well as a red necklace and what appears to be two matching red sticks on the back left side of her head.

Ruby stepped forward with a friendly but nervous smile, she couldn't help it, the girl looked intimidating. "H-hello, how can we help?"

When the girl, set her sights on Ruby, she felt like she was about to get eaten. Yep, definitely intimidating. "I am trying to find someone and was wondering if you would happen to know where their dorm is." she stated after sizing up Ruby. "I am looking for the leader of team JNPR."

-with Jaune-

Stuffing in the shirt he had in his backpack Jaune went into the bathroom as the rest of his team walked in. Halfheartedly greeting them as he put his toothbrush and toothpaste in the bag, Jaune went through his mental checklist one more time as his team sat on their respective beds looking at him in wonder. "Okay, couple pairs of pants and shirts, clean underwear and socks, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, spare blanket, couple comics, spare scroll batteries, emergency first aid kit, tactical knife, emergency panic box, couple water bottles, some rope. Am I missing something? Oh! Sunscreen! Can't forget that."

Watching Jaune go to his dresser Ren decided to speak up. "Jaune? What are you doing?"

"What I am doing, my pink striped friend, is putting together an emergency backpack in case I ever have to book it into the wilderness for a few days." Jaune replied as he tried to make room for snacks.

"Wh-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. A knock on the door interrupted Ren as he was about to ask another question. Pyrrha got up and went to answer the door while Jaune tried to stuff an entire box of fruit snacks into his stuffed backpack.

Opening the door, Pyrrha smiled as she saw Ruby on the other side. "Hey Ruby whats up?" Ruby fidgeted a little with a nervous smile. "I uh, I'm actually helping someone right now, they said they were looking for your team. More specifically Jaune." Looking over her shoulder Pyrrha notices the two people standing behind her, one with a smile on her face and one with her arms crossed with an impatient frown on her face.

Opening up the door a little more she was about to ask why when Jaune looked up from his backpack having finally fit his snacks and looked over her shoulder. "Pyrrha whos' at th-." The frowning girl's eyes narrowed as she made eye contact with Jaune. Meanwhile Jaune's eyes widened exponentially as the color drained from his face. Pyrrha looked back at Jaune "Jaune? Are y-"

"OH CRAP!" Jaune suddenly sprung into a dead sprint toward the back wall before he jumped bringing his knees close to his chest and crossed his arms in front of his face as he crashed through the bottom portion of the window. Falling 2 stories and landing in a crouch he sprung into a roll before taking off running again.

Before Pyrrha could say anything a voice shouted out behind her. "OH NO YOU DONT!" the blond haired girl sprinted past Pyrrha towards the window before jumping and keeping her body straight as an arrow, only crossing her arms in front of her face as she crashed through the top portion of the window. Flipping once she landed in a crouch before using the momentum to leapforward into a sprint and ran after Jaune. "GET BACK HERE ARC!"

They both disappeared as they ran to the left out of the view of the window.

"Hm, I kinda understand why Yang got so frustrated during initiation now." Said Pyrrha as she watched Ruby walk over to the window with Nora excitedly following to cheer on her leader.

"Ahem" Pyrrha and Ren looked at the other person slowly walking into their room as she spoke. "Sorry about my leader, she's been really wound up ever since she heard we were coming to Vale to participate in the tournament. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Reese, member of team ABRN. The woman that is currently chasing down your leader is Arslan Altan, leader of our team."

Holding her hand out Pyrrha gave her a smile, "it's a pleasure, I'm Pyrrha, Jaune's partner, the guy standing next to the two at the window is Ren, the orange haired girl jumping around is Nora. The girl in the Cloak is Ruby, leader of our sister team RWBY." Pyrrha said as she and Reese joined the rest at the window. "So, why exactly is your leader chasing ours?"

-Play whatever funny/comedic chase music you wish-

They all watch as Jaune comes running from the left side of the window to the right with Arslan close behind.

"Eh, it's kinda a long story." Reese replied as they watched Jaune come from the right side of the window to the left riding a scooter with Arslan on a bike right behind him.

"Did Jaune do something to offend her?" Pyrrha asked as they passed by again, Jaune clad in a full suit of golden knight armor and Arslan in a princess like dress.

"No, not at all, if anything she's just frustrated." Reese said as Jaune, in a bunny costume, ran by with Arslan in a lion costume followed.

"Frustrated?" Ren asked as he raised an eyebrow when they ran by with Jaune holding Blake, nose deep in a book with an uncaring look, above his head and Arslan carrying a scared and shivering Velvet above her head.

"Yeah, kinda ties in with the long story." This time Jaune runs with his arms above his head yelling along with Arslan, now with a scared look on her face, who was still holding Velvet above her head. The source of said fear was a pissed Coco chasing them down.

"Sounds like an interesting story, we have time at the moment it seems." Said Ren as they watched Jaune and Arslan were joined by Carden, who was now the one holding a struggling and flailing Velvet, still chased by Coco.

"I'd rather wait for them to come back honestly." Reese replied with a smile as Jaune, Arslan, Carden, and Coco were the ones running from a very pissed Velvet holding a giant carrot the same size as her above her head.

"Mostly cus there are parts that I don't really know well enough to properly tell you." She added as all 5 of them were now running from a rather large Ursa Major who had the top of the giant carrot on its head like a hat.

"Makes sense, it'd be nice to have the full story." Chimed Pyrrha as they rode by on a 5 person bike with the Ursa Major on a skateboard.

"So, does this happen often?" Reese asked as Jaune was running with a wheelbarrow, that had Arslan, Carden, Velvet, and Coco, and the Ursa Major close behind riding a unicycle holding a rolling pin and a familiar riding crop.

Ruby replied this time, "Nope, this is the first time this has happened, reminds me of the early morning cartoons is used to watch." Now it was the Ursa Major, with Jaune holding onto it's back, pushing the wheelbarrow running from an angry and yelling Glenda.

They all winced as they heard a loud crash followed by more sounds of glass breaking from the left side of the window. Followed quickly by the sound of a dying Grimm and Cardin crying out in pain along with Coco whimpering. "Hm….." Pyrrha turned to Ren at his contemplative sound. "Something on your mind Ren?"

"Where did Velvet get that Giant carrot? Shouldn't it be impossible for them to get that big?"

"That's a good question actually." Said Pyrrha before looking at the door when the sound of sneakers were heard. Jaune walked in through the open door with a sheepish smile on his face and rubbing the back of his head. "Hey guys, I uh, I kinda forgot my backpack." Picking up said backpack he gave a quick two finger salute before walking out again. "Jaune wait! Where are-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. The sound of a door being roughly opened sounded through the air as an irate Weiss appeared on the other side of team RWBY's door.

"What do you want?! I am trying to finish my essay!" Weiss demanded when she saw Jaune.

"H-hey Weiss, I uh, I want to say sorry beforehand about what's about to happen." Jaune said nervously as he heard footsteps quickly making their way to them.

"Wh-" Jaune cut her off as he sprinted into the room before jumping out of the top portion of their window.

"WHAT THE HELL IS W-" "YOU GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT JAUNE!" Arslan interrupted Weiss as she sprinted into her room before jumping out of the lower portion of the window. "wh- , I-, You-, ARRRRRRRGH!" Weiss shouted out before slamming the door shut.

", you guys like videogames?" Reese awkwardly asked.

Everyone smiled and nodded before going to set up Jaune's gaming system.