The red air stunk of iron. Bardock opened the hatch to his pod, stepping out into a familiar sight: scores dead of men who fought valiantly to their deaths, their great city reduced to rubble, and red blood running through the cracks of the sidewalk and seeping into the ground below. He smirked triumphantly at the sight, walking through the desolation as if he was strolling through the park. "Looks like they got busy without me," he said, "I guess they must have absorbed a little something watching me do all the work for them all these years." His Scouter beeped, showing four yellow circles clustered in the center of the eyepiece. "And their Scouters are still online, they're probably still celebrating."

He burst into the air faster than his own ship expecting to see his men waiting for him laughing over nonsense as usual, leaving behind him a trail of bright, blue energy that faded away like a jet stream. What he found instead was unlike anything he'd ever foresee, even with his new "powers." It was nothing he wanted to either, in fact it was worse than any nightmare. "Shugesh, Fasha, Borgos!" he uttered with a shaking voice. Blood still ran in the streets, but it was the blood of his closest allies that stained the grounds red. "What happened to you?" he whispered solemnly, feeling a chill travel the same path of the Kanassan strike down and up his spine. "It- it can't be!"

"B-bardock," Tora said in a rattling whisper, making the Saiyan jump.

"Tora!" he replied desperately, running over to his friend broken over a jagged rock and cradling his head in his lap. "Who did this to you? Don't tell me you let these creatures leave you like this!"

Tora smiled weakly, his mouth dripping red. "Come on, Bardock. You know us better than that."

"Then who?" Bardock said, hearing the Kanassan's cryptic prophecy in his head yet again. "Who is responsible for this?"

Tora's smile faded, recalling the event. "Dodoria, he brought some of his elites, we got ambushed."

"Dodoria," Bardock said, his eyes stricken with disgust from the realization. "Frieza sent you here, it was a setup, wasn't it? That son of a bitch, you were right!"

"They're going to take us all out," Tora said, "Frieza, he's scared of us, Bardock. We're becoming too strong for him to control. Moreover, he's scared of you."

"Of me?" Bardock said under his breath. "Stay with me Tora, where did Dodoria go?"

"They wanted you the most," Tora said, "Frieza knows exactly what you may become if you're left alive."

"Tora, don't do this," Bardock pleaded, wanting to shake him awake, "not yet, damn it!"

Tora smiled again, chuckling painfully while looking up at his friend's righteous aura surrounding his head of pure Saiyan hair. "Good luck," he wished him, "I'm sorry I won't be around to see you become who you're truly meant to be."

"Fight it, Tora!" Bardock shouted, feeling hot tears well up in his eyes and turn into steam from his swelling, silent anger. "That's an order, don't you die on me!"

"Goodbye, old friend," Tora said, his voice slipping away with his eyes fixed on his leader until the end.

Bardock felt him go limp in his arms. He closed his ally's eyes and laid him on the ground. He looked at his hand drenched in his partner's blood, his shock fading away into dark despair. "This is what it's come to, best friend?" he said softly, untying the white towel bandages around Tora's leg to wipe the blood and dirt from his closest comrade's face. "He doesn't even have the balls to come down and do it himself."

He looked around at the rest of his crew again, his sadness twisting into unyielding rage. The blood on his hand mixed with the blood on the towel in his hand, soaking it thoroughly red.

"I'll get them for this, I'll make sure all of you are avenged," he declared, holding the towel up with a furious, shaking fist. "If Frieza wants to repay us in our own blood, then he better fucking spill all of it!"

His Scouter beeped in the side of his screen with four yellow circles. Bardock turned sharply to the four visitors smiling sadistically at his situation. "I knew you'd turn up eventually," the leader of the four said. He was tall, pale and muscular with long, brown hair and short horns on his forehead. His entire squad wore a brown version of Tora's armor made out of much finer metal. He was joined by a short, purple alien with a long head and an amphibious face, and a pair of reptilian soldiers with green, armored plates on their brown heads. "What a speech too," he said in a rough, hoarse voice. "You almost had me tearing up just then. I almost felt bad for doing that to your crew."

Bardock tied the red towel around his forehead, letting the stench of wrathful blood flood his senses. "You don't need to regret it," he said, his aura spiking for what was about to occur, "you just need to pay the consequences."

"Oh really?" the alien with the long head said. "Who's going to make us do that? You really think that you could have stopped this?"

Bardock stopped moving, in fact he stopped doing anything at all. It was only after all four Scouters beeped they realized the Saiyan was no longer there. The purple alien dropped at his commander's feet, the back of his head pushed out of his mouth. "Prepare to die!" Bardock roared from above like a bright blue meteor, crashing in the middle of the three remaining warriors and blowing them away. The three hitmen coughed and choked on the dust, their Scouters working on overdrive to follow the vengeful fighter.

"Bardock! You can't run!" the commander shouted.

"I'm not running, you'd better believe that!" Bardock barked.

"Boss! He's here!" one of the armor-headed soldiers croaked, stuck in an unbreakable chokehold. "He's over-"

"You're over," Bardock corrected, snapping his thick neck with ease. The commander fired a bolt of yellow energy to put him down, but his jaw fell in horror at his lackey frying instead. "Are you scared yet?" Bardock shouted, deflecting another energy blast into the second reptilian soldier and catching a punch from the commander. "I know that my men were not!"

"Just die already, low level trash!" the commander spat, swiping through another image left by his speed.

Bardock was high above them and shot down like a falling star, drawing his hand back to blow the commander to pieces. Words of unknown meaning and foreign language flooded his mind, with the blue and green planet flashing before his eyes. "Kamehameha!" he blurted out, stopping cold in the air. "Wait, what?"

"Was that some plea for mercy?" the commander cackled, bursting toward him.

As Bardock stared at the commander his form seemed to change, his skin turning bright, pale green and chrome with shining purple body armor. "Not again…" The mysterious opponent's eyes glowed even brighter than his last vision, with his symbol standing out and blinding him with another flash of Vegeta fading away into space dust.

"And with Earth," it said, its calm and unsettling voice echoing through his mind, "I end both the Saiyans, and any world they would dare call their own. You all belong to me now."

"Earth?" Bardock mumbled, getting another flash of the blue and green planet before his eyes. "Who are you?!"

Another kick brought him back into reality but this kick was real, sending him spiraling head first into the rock below. "I'm your angel of death, Saiyan!" the commander boomed from above.

Bardock flipped to his feet and looked up, sidestepping blast after blast of yellow energy. He shot through the dust and fired a blue blast back past the armored soldier's head.

"You missed!" he teased the Saiyan, watching it go by.

"No, I didn't," Bardock said from behind. The soldier gasped and looked down, letting out one last fearful cry as the Saiyan's hand exited through his chest with his heart in his hand. Bardock crushed it like a fruit and tossed him aside. "If these count as Frieza's elite," Bardock said, dodging several strikes up close and snapping the commander's nose with an uppercut, "then I'm not impressed." Bardock opened his hand again, wiping the commander away with a terrifying blue phaser. Bardock watched his Scouter hit the ground with a tap. "That was for my crew," he said bitterly, however his Scouter told him it wasn't over. He turned toward the source of the beeping, watching a short and stocky, pink man wearing a complete blue and brown uniform with hateful red eyes and short pink spikes on his head floating through the dust. "Dodoria," he hissed.

"Good work, you really fucked them up good," Dodoria said with a deep, gravelly voice. "I'm guessing by the way you're looking at me, you know why I'm here."

Bardock let out a battle cry and darted forward, unprepared for what would come out of the elite's mouth next.

Dodoria opened his mouth, launching a yellow phaser of death from his throat that completely overtook the Saiyan by the immense force and blinding light that sent him through large boulders and crumbling buildings until he could no longer see him. Dodoria closed his mouth with a small, pleased grin on his face. "Well, that really blew him away," he said, laughing to himself. He looked down at the wide, deep track of the blast, extending over the horizon. "Stupid monkey, he should have remembered his place." His Scouter beeped urgently, clicking the earpiece. "What do you want?"

"Frieza wants you to return to Kashakk, for a rendezvous with the other elites regarding Vegeta," a soldier announced.

"Vegeta, huh?" Dodoria chuckled. "Frieza's grunt breeding ground, he's up to something juicy!" Dodoria took off through the sky, marking off Bardock on his Scouter as a threat.

The Saiyan's hand shot up through the rubble, dragging the rest of his bloody body out, his armor scorched and partially burnt away. "We're not low levels," Bardock growled, climbing to his feet. "You just keep us down because you're afraid." He went over what Dodoria said in his head while catching his breath. "I'd imagine that other Saiyan squads might be experiencing the same sting," he said to himself, floating back to his pod. Sitting down was nearly unbearable, with fresh, deep wounds from his back hitting the boulder from Dodoria's blast grating against the mud, dirt, and shards of broken armor chipping off and embedding themselves under his red skin. He had no choice other than to fight through the pain. "I have to let the rest know what he did, hopefully I'll be able to stop Dodoria before he ambushes everyone, but-" The vision of Vegeta exploding flashed in his mind. "-what does this all mean?"

He flew back to his home world, his senses on overdrive with an innate paranoia that only increased as soon as he saw the second incoming ship. It was a fairly large space station on its own, a flying saucer that could cover the moon with spinning gold thrusters reinforced by shining steel borders and tinted windows that could be seen in between the thrusters. At the top of the ship was a small, glass atrium, and focusing on it made the color drain from the Saiyan's face.

"Frieza's here already?" He cursed under his breath, diving straight toward the hangar and slamming on the brakes. "This is bad, this is very bad."

His head nearly broke through the cockpit window and he stumbled out of the ship, drawing the concerned attention of the flagmen clearing ships. "Damn, Bardock! What happened to you?"

"They must have really got you good," the other flagman said, "but you're back, so I guess we know how that turned out."

A laugh ran through the barracks, with some soldiers coming up to Bardock to congratulate him. The laugh was stifled when the first soldier pulled his hand back from Bardock's shoulder, finding it drenched in blood. "Get out of my way," Bardock panted, pushing past them and running into the base falling all over himself.

The flagmen nearly fainted at the volume of blood dripping out of the Saiyan's ship. They looked up at the sky, seeing Frieza's ship and no one else. "Where's the rest of his crew?"

Bardock ran past the nursery again, stopping himself as another flash of his spitting image kicked him in the side of the head. A tinny, buzzing voice spoke over the ringing in his ears and Bardock quickly tapped the Scouter, finding no one else in the hallway. "Is that Frieza? I hear him as clear as day, but there's no one here," he whispered to himself, hearing words coming from a voice that wasn't his own thinking alongside his own thoughts. "No, it's just my nerves," he said, finding himself unable to shut off the voice. "This is unreal," he said in dizzying shock, leaning forward and nearly falling headfirst into the glass. He clutched the railings in front of his son's empty crib, reading the note below in between warped, overwhelming visions of drowning again on the blue and green planet. "Seed acquisition, I must have missed him just now," he mumbled, reading the destination tag. "Earth."

The shadow opponent from before stared at him through the glass with his cold, dead, red eyes that swirled into Planet Vegeta just before they turned to ash under a sadistic, grating laugh he recognized as belonging to the leader of the mothership he passed by on the way there.

He wanted to collapse, his chest tightening and his legs shaking with the Kanassan laughing at him from beyond the grave. "See the horror of your people's end… its last son…"

A deep pit formed in his stomach and his sweat turned cold as the realization of what was about to pass reinvigorated him with a level of fear he had never experienced. "He was right," he said under his breath, "he was right!" he shouted, his mouth agape in speechless shock at Vegeta destructing before his eyes. "Everything he said was right!" he cried out, dashing down the halls.

He darted past the health clinic, running down every winding, twisting corridor in the beehive until his legs gave out. He caught himself on a railing overlooking a few empty training rings, looking down and hearing his blood drip on the floor with a distinct plop like sand in an hourglass.

"That monster," he said with heavy breaths, pulling himself to his feet. "He's going to destroy the entire planet, after all we've done for that sick bastard!" He forced himself to run again, bouncing from wall to wall before spilling out onto the grate floor. "I have to warn everyone, get everyone out," he said, his voice beginning to trail off as he stared into the lights on the ceiling. A symbol seemed to take form, starting out as triangular in shape. A red "S" slowly drew itself to life in the center, burning brightly in a manner that gave him a twinge of hope.

"It's time," Frieza said within Bardock's mind, the weight of those words crushing him down while the light pulled him up.

"Stand up," a kind but strong voice said from the light, "this is no place for a warrior to die."

Bardock rolled over onto his hands and knees, feeling the hot air dance on his back wounds bleeding profusely. He punched straight through the bridge instead of screaming, bursting down the hallways with a second wind. "There's a mission ledger on a terminal just a mile from here in the operations room," he told himself as motivation. "With the PA system I can issue an emergency evacuation, I just hope they'll listen."

He pulled what little strength he had left into one burst, pushing past other soldiers left and right.

"Get out! Get out now, all of you!" he pleaded to strange stares and dismissive scoffs from his prideful kin, scrambling up a flight of stairs to a set of steel double doors that he pried apart with ease. It was a small control room, with manual ledgers stacked all the way to the ceiling and a wall of computers rendering them obsolete. Two short, thin, blue soldiers with eight eyes and hundreds of tentacles busily clacked away at the terminals of over sixteen computers, assigning missions and keeping tabs on the barracks, armaments, and other administrative matters. Behind the terminals were long, slanted windows overlooking the mess hall where thousands of Saiyans congregated in between missions. "I need to use that," he said, pulling up one of the bookkeepers and whipping him headfirst against the wall.

"B-bardock!" the other soldier stammered. "H-how's it going, b-buddy?"

Bardock looked over his shoulder, his eyes narrowing at hundreds of names at a time getting deleted from a long registry. His name was at the bottom of the screen.

"Who else was in on it, Gorba?" Bardock said in a vengeful, hushed voice, ripping him from the chair before he could send "help" to anyone listening. "Keep your mouth shut and you'll never open it again, do you hear me?"

"Th-that's c-confidential," he said, refusing to look at the Saiyan with any of his many eyes. "I-I'm not allowed to tell-"

"Shut up unless you're telling me something worthwhile," Bardock growled, pinning him against the wall, "this entire planet's about to burst so you'd better tell me who else was in the room when Frieza decided to send a couple men out to fuck me or else you'll lose your chance to escape." Gorba was still stunned by fear, seeing the dead man walking. Bardock started squeezing one of his tentacles, forcing tears out of the technical genius's eyes. "I heard you have a brain in every one of these," Bardock said through grit teeth, "I wonder which one's the most painful to get rid of-"

"Everyone," he blurted out, cringing for the hit. "Everyone but the Saiyans, alright? I didn't have a say in it, no one did besides for Dodoria and Zarbon, we were just told to stay out of the way or else Frieza would wipe us out too, please don't kill me!"

Bardock's crew laying dead on the rocks was reflected out of Gorba's distressed eyes. "You just sat by, and let it happen?"

"I'm sorry," Gorba said with whimpering, silent sobs.

"I'm sorry too," Bardock said, "now no one will get in the way while you burn with us."

Gorba opened his mouth to scream but a swift punch to the face knocked him out cold.

Bardock slid into one of the chairs, connecting his headset to the main intercom that connected to the entire base. "This is an emergency announcement," he said, keeping his voice as steady and official as possible. "You must evacuate Vegeta now, or face capital punishment from Frieza directly. This is not a drill, I repeat, not a drill."

The base fell silent for a moment, exploding seconds later with a boisterous, cocky laughter that infuriated the man trying to save them.

"Shut up!" Bardock screamed. "You are all going to die if you do not leave the area, do not engage any mission objective, this is an order!"

"Is that Bardock?" one gruff voice below him said, followed by another mocking laugh that echoed through the halls and penetrated his mind. "The weight of his own ego finally crushed him, broke the poor man down!"

"He must have failed a mission," a woman replied, "he's worried he might get a week off for unpaid administrative leave, or lunch duty."

"I was ambushed by Dodoria on Frieza's orders, you idiots!" Bardock shouted bluntly. "Frieza will be here any minute, you need to leave now!"

"I heard he hit his head from his last mission," another Saiyan teased, "maybe he didn't take his medicine today!"

"For a brainiac, he sounds really dumb right now!" a fourth comment teased. "I think he got hit a little too hard!

"Fools! You're all dead! I'm going to do what I can to stop him from wiping us out, but if you're still here then there's nothing left to fight for!" Bardock punched through the desk, putting his first announcement on loop at the highest volume. He flipped a red switch in between two of the computers, triggering a blaring siren. "That can be heard all around the planet," Bardock said, "let's hope enough people listen in time."

He moved to another terminal, typing as fast as he could and swiping through log after log of files belonging to his team.

"They already labeled the rest of my crew as KIA," he said, changing his status from "recuperation" to "unknown." He quickly scrolled through his page, looking over his shoulder nervously every few seconds to keep himself ready for another ambush. "Children, two," he read, clicking it and opening the file. "Kakarot," he read first, confirming what the note said was true. "Earth, in transit." The pit formed again in his stomach again but he couldn't stop, going to the next page. "Raditz," he read, seeing a much older child's face on the ID chart. "Namek, in transit," it read. The vision of drowning flashed before his eyes again, particularly noting the third space pod with his own just before he crashed into the water. He changed the destination to Earth as well, wiping the sweat from his brow as heavy footsteps trudged up the stairs. He scanned the coordinates with his Scouter and saved it, shooting out all the working computers as soon as it sent. He whipped around and darted out of the chair, tossing the inspecting guards aside and rushing outside on the hot, red rocks, the wind blowing all of his hair in one direction.

"Bardock," the voice of hope from before said as if it was standing right in front of him, "it's not too late."

Bardock looked forward, seeing the evil entity from before waiting for him with scuffs, scratches and bruises. A second figure rose from above him, but Bardock could only make out his red eyes and pale, white skin before they were carried away like the dust in the wind.

"You can be different than them," the voice continued, leading him forward with every word back to the hangar. "You have to be different to truly make them pay for what they've done."

"This is madness," Bardock said, pushing through the frenzied hangar, "too many voices, too many visions, it's- it's overwhelming!"

"Frieza will never attain this gift," the Kanassan whispered, "now that it is yours."

Bardock looked up into the sky, his heart stopping at the presence above. He couldn't see it, but he felt it in his soul. "Frieza," he hissed, "he's here," He looked around, seeing no one heeding his words with horror on his face. "And no one suspects a thing."

"Bardock!" Planthorr shouted from the hangar, running up to him with Malaka. "What the hell do you think you're doing? You've put this entire base in disarray and have worried the populace! Lord Frieza will kill you!"

"He's going to anyway!" Bardock shouted desperately for everyone to hear. "Get out, now! I must assure that the Saiyan race does not end today, whether any of you believe me or not!"

Malaka stepped away from the seething warrior, absolutely stricken sick by the blood pooling at Bardock's feet. "This is a case of delirium from your brain damage due to your last mission," he said, slipping his hand toward his pocket, "just come with us, we'll convince Lord Frieza to let you plea insanity just this once!"

Bardock dodged the bolt of electricity from the Taser in Malaka's hand. "What are you doing, Bardock?!" Planthorr barked behind him as he ran for his bloodied space pod.

"Changing the future!" Bardock declared, hearing the Kanassan's prophecy overwhelming his mind.

"Code 3324," Malaka said into his Scouter, blasting over all the intercoms. "Suspect is Bardock of Planet Vegeta, he is mentally unstable and requires immediate emergency medical services. Suspect is located in hangar bay seventeen and is highly dangerous, please take caution when subduing!"

Bardock found himself in a ring of concerned soldiers standing next to his pod. "You need to get out of here," he said, spiking his aura as they jumped on him. "How many times do I have to tell you?" The last of Bardock's energy exploded all around him with a painful roar, blowing everyone into the walls of the hangar. He dodged and ducked energy blasts left and right, throwing himself into his ship and closing the hatch.

"Don't let that ship leave the hangar!" Planthorr shouted, rallying everyone to their feet and dog piling on top of the ship.

"Get off, get off!" Bardock said, punching the ignition and skidding across the ground. Bardock fully tilted the control, throwing everyone off with a barrel roll that narrowly grazed across the bottom of the hangar bay doors. He rocketed through the sky with legions of soldiers chasing after him, breaking into space and all freezing at the sight of the mothership. Bardock's rage grew in parallel with his fear, two distinct feelings in tandem around the figure sitting in a floating black throne with his finger up in the air. He was smaller and thinner than anyone would expect, with smooth, pink skin and long tail under natural, fleshy armor-like plates in white with gold strips on his legs and arms and purple, hard and shining pads in the center of his chest, his shoulders, and the majority of the top of his head adorned with two black horns jutting out from the sides of his head above two boxy earlike holes. His hands and feet were purple and his nails were black, with a small, pleased smile on his face. On his finger was a small but radiant beam of orange and yellow light, like a tiny sun. "Frieza," he uttered, gasping with the attack ballooning in size in an instant. "N-no way, that's the size of an entire planet!"

Bardock could hear the fear of the other soldiers in his mind, their stuttering surprise making him want to break free of the pod to contend with the royal himself with his fear funneling into rage. The more he stared into the impending doom, the more enticing it became to greet it. He would do this alone if he needed to.

"What are you still doing here! Get out now!" He shouted to the other soldiers, knowing they couldn't hear. That fact alone made his ship shake with his growing power fueled by hate. He couldn't see straight from the anger making his head throb, but his destiny could be seen clearly sitting in the chair awaiting for him to take it. "Tora, Fasha, Shugesh, Borgos, this is for-"

"The horror of your people's end," The Kanassan said, stopping Bardock's hand just before he could hit the brake.

Bardock's hand shook as he flew around the ships and mobs, his rage in the present contending with the caution for the future. One push of a button would change the survival of his people's legacy and fulfill the Kanassan's curse.

Bardock looked at his reflection in the glass in a moment of pause, his wounds, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the armor, nothing about his situation told him he was ready. The voices in his head had gone silent, as if waiting on his decision to continue haunting him.

"This is for you," he finished to his crew, locking eyes with Frieza for a split second before blasting off toward the planet in his visions. "I'll get you for this, I'll put you and everyone who followed you in the ground!"

Frieza's cold laughter in his mind would brand him forever. Bardock looked back against his intentions at the moon-sized attack burning a hole of inescapable death and destruction straight through Planet Vegeta before bursting in an extraordinarily bright flash, squeezing his eyes shut and screaming in agony as his visions became reality. The force from the explosion rattled his ship, forcing his eyes open as hundreds of small asteroids pelted him from behind. He looked in the rear view camera, his stomach churning from the planet he called home now scattered like the rest of the space dust floating among the stars from a blinding flash of light. His hand hovered the control again, in his desperation yearning to turn around and go out in glory like his teammates instead of escaping for reasons he didn't fully understand yet and a future that wasn't certain.

"Earth, destination lock on," the ship said with an automated woman's voice. "Estimated travel time, twenty five hours."

"Was this your goal?" Bardock said shakily to the Kanassan he killed laughing at him in his mind, continuing to read the cheers and self-congratulating in the tyrant Frieza's mind before his voice slipped away from his head with his ship, leaving Bardock alone with his own thoughts. The Kanassan whispered his prophecy once more, making him hit the armrest. "Of course it was," he shouted, watching the ashes from his home obscure his camera, "but why me?" He dropped his head in his hands, wanting to cry, puke, and pass out all at the same time. He opted for the first one, letting the anger at himself keep him distracted from the blood loss. "I could have- should have stopped him," he said to himself in horror, choking back tears. "I should be there with them," he said, "Tora, Fasha, all of them, whether I have psychic powers or not, I shouldn't be here!" He broke the armrest with a punch and continued staring straight ahead, taking a few deep breaths to let his bitter tears dry away on their own. His stomach was sick enough for him, his own anxiety and regret spilling out everything he ate in the past few hours out onto the pod floor. Another wave of sadness washed over him as the ship's bottom absorbed and expelled the nasty refuse into the void. "What have I done?" he asked himself with a sob, recoiling with every vision of the mystery opponent, Kakarot, and Earth assaulting his already weakened and dizzy mind until he screamed again. "What have I done?!" he cried out to a silent, uncaring space, his vision beginning to blur and his head feeling incredibly light from the blood loss. He leaned his head back in regret, his body burning in pain and his face flushed in shame. "This isn't good," Bardock said weakly, fading out of consciousness with a small hope that he'd never wake up. "This is a nightmare."