A short Nalu story which was inspired by the Korean Drama Goblin. I saw it and couldn't stop thinking about Natsu as E.N.D. in this scene. So I hope you guys can enjoy it (or can suffer as me while I wrote it) and forgive me my mistakes.

„I don't want you to leave", she cried. Tears were falling. Carefully he placed his hands on her cheek. "But it's my destiny" His soft voice broke her heart. He had given up. He didn't believe in an Happy Ending anymore. Her brown eyes were full of tears. She needed him. She couldn't let him go. Full of desperation she pulled him in an hug. No space between them and her arms around him. "I don't want you to disappear", she repeated, her voice nothing more than a whisper. "I know", he whispered back and slung his arms around her. Her face was pressed in his chest, sobbing quietly.

Then it started.

She felt how his body changed. Slowly she pulled back and wished she hadn't. His body began to disappear. They hadn't much time left and she knew it. That's why she used this last change to tell him. To tell him how she really felt about him. About them both.

Her eyes looked into his. All the words she had been too afraid to say. And than she said it. This 3 words which where to late. "I love you"

He smiled. Not his usually bride, happy smile, but a small one full of pain and regret. Slowly he put his hands on her cheek. His hands felt warm and soft. He leaned down and kissed her. First sweet and careful, like a first kiss should be. Then they dropped the hesitation and the kiss were stronger. Full of desperation and need. His hands around her waist, pressing her body against him. Her hands in his full hair, pressing herself against him. They didn't want this to end. Finally both of them weren't afraid of their feelings and they could be happy. Could. But with every second of their kiss his body faded a bit more. She could feel it. Tears ran down her face. He ended the kiss with the goal to wipe away her tears but when their lips separated he hadn't the strength to do so. "I'm sorry", he said. "Don't leave me", she cried in pain. He wanted to say something, but in this moment he disappeared. Million of sparkles replaced his body and flied high in the sky together with his last words. "I love you too"