The Adventures of the Blue Morpho

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Shout out to nightmaster000, because we PM these ideas together. I just hope I can bring the story to life.

I always was fan of Gary Fischer/Henchmen 21, so I thought it would be cool to crossover this character into DC comics or really the DC Animated Universe from 1992 to 2006. Now, I'm going to tweak Gary/Henchmen 21, because hey it Fan Fiction. I just hope I write alright during this.

This is a Venture Brothers/DC Superheroes crossover, because the DCAU is Universe in the DC Comics.


Gotham City.

A place of Greed, Power, and Hope.

Building that tower over the people like ants, an accomplishment of human engineering of men long since dead. Gotham City made dreams and broke people. The wealthy and the poor were noticeable, as they make majority of the residents in this city. People of middle class or working class, try to avoid living in the city of Gotham to urban areas or country side to live where it safer. Crime was rampant and corruption took hold of the city.

The nights of Gotham were a life and death struggle, for the ignorant or vulnerable, for those people who control Gotham City seedy criminal underworld.

The City of Gotham had a hero, who went by the name of Batman. Not to mention his young sidekick, Robin.

Alright! We get it! This is Gotham City and all the angst to go around, with some measure of hope for the good guys and civilians, whatever positive old fashion 1950s America bull crap. Man, I feel like Hank would of love this, but I'm living it. Why couldn't I be reborn into the Marvel Universe or Fire Fly series or Dungeons and Dragons plain of exist!?

This is not some Batman and Robin story.

No, this is my story.

This is a story of a Henchmen new life.


One of the many tall buildings in the inner city of Gotham, would become a target tonight. It was Bank, which hold Gotham City wealth and fortune. A bank that was mostly controlled by the Criminal elements and powerful would be Crime family or Out-fit. This very tall building was owned by Rupert Thorne.

Just below the building entrance, two men in the shadows in what appear to be a 1920 noir film of Gangster movie.

Which really confusing, because we are living in the 1990s! Eh. I guess it a cool and business like style, even if it seems out of place. It like Gotham City lost track of Fashion and sticking with modern styles.

Though, I bet Gotham City does have gangbangers and rap songs that fit the Gotham City experience, given that the place can be well…fucked up at time.

These two shadowy figures broke into the building and did not set off the alarms.

Time passed and everything was quite in Gotham City, even if the Bank of Rupert Thorne was being broken into and most likely stole..

An explosion breaks the silence and chaos erupts.

In the night sky of Gotham City, Zeppelins and helicopters of the Gotham City Police Department went to smoke and fires taking over the building, while avoiding other tall buildings around them. The Gotham City patrol cars and Firefighters racing as fast as they can through the roads of Gotham City light stops and flashing sirens, without hitting any midnight pedestrians or causing any accidents along the way.

Seriously, why does Gotham City have Zeppelins? Another thing that like should a hundred years old and outdated. Nope. Not in Gotham, because retro technology and transportation works until it broken.

While the first levels were on fire from the explosion, outside of Rupert Throne Bank, were the two shady out of place Gangsters pulling off their heist caring bags that most likely held their spoils.

Out of the darkness, a figure of Bat was flying down or so it seem.

The two bank robbing Gangster ran away from ran as Police Patrol cars chased them.

With the heat on them, the two Gangsters ran to streets heading towards the ally with Police Patrol car hot on their tails.

The Gangster felt they were in luck, when they found a fire escape ladder that went to roofs, near the dead end of the allies. With score and their lives depending on not being caught, they raced up the ladder, before pulling it up and racing up the fire escape stairs to the roof.

As they ran on the roof of an apartment building, the two men felt like they were close to victory. That these two Gangsters would reap the rewards soon and leave behind Gotham City forever, along with leaving behind legend of ripping of one the biggest Criminal powers in Gotham.

Gotham guardian had other ideas.

The two Gangster stopped when a Bat silhouette jumped in front of them. The Bat stood tall like a Man, glaring at the criminals as if daring at them to make a move.

A moment passed, before the action began.

The two Gangsters took out their hand guns, only for the Bat to throw something out it hands. What was once guns held in the Gangsters hands, were now something like boomerang hit and injured their hands and the boomerang bat like object came back to the Bat.

Then the Bat charged and talked one the Gangsters hard to the ground, the hat the Gangster had feel down but the Gangster did not get up. The Bat on the under hand flipped back in a ready fighting stance for the other Gangster, for the next fight or annoyance to pass this Bat like Man who struck fear into most Criminals.

The fight or if you could call it, was pathetic.

For the Gangster tried to punch out the Bat, who dipped or dodged the clumsy and yet powerful punches were hitting nothing but air; the Bat treated the dangerous Gangster like child.

When the Bat grew tired, one right hook fast and powerful connected with the Gangsters and the lights were out for the would-be robber.

The lights shine on the roof, with no signs of the Bat.

Only two beaten Gangster, shaking the feeling of pain and trying to regain conscious wondering what happen, with only the lights of Police Zeppelin on them and two Gotham City Police Officers coming to take them to prison or wait to clean up their bodies in Prison.

Nobody ever lived long when they tried to rob Rupert Thorne. Not for long.

Away from Police Officers and Criminals a shadow of Man or Bat was watching from the roof tops.

The night in Gotham was so dark, but had a redness clouds covering over the night sky.

A lightening flash and illuminated the sky briefly.

What was a Bat, was man dressed as Bat. The wings of man dressed bat were in actuallity a Cape. Dressed in Black, Grey and yellow Utility built. On the chest of the Man was Black Bat symbol in a yellow oval circle. As for men cowl, only his eyes were visible white and had pointed ears of a Bat.

This city first and true Guardian in Gotham, was Batman- a Vigilante and a protector.

He was the only man that caused fear and panic in Gotham city that not even Commissioner of Police, James Gordon.

Okay, that was awesome! That is straight up awesome introduction to Animated Series, right? Sure, it no Rusty Venture Show, but you have to admit to Bruce Tim and Eric Radomski, along with Warner Brothers making such a legendary opening scene of a Superhero Cartoons for 1990s.

Again, this is not story about the Batman and all his amazing deeds or depth of the Batman/Bruce Wayne character. I know, I'm sounding annoying and like a troll, but hold on and keep following the story! It going to be interesting as you continued this story. Geez!


"We are so screwed Jimmy! We are screwed!"

"Shut up, Joey! Keep your mouth shut and we might live, okay!?"

In a Patrol car caring two wannabe Gangster robbers, were four passengers. Two in in the front of Gotham City Patrol Car, were Police Officers. In the back of the Patrol Car were two, were sweating and nervous Criminals.

"We should have not tried to screw Rupert Throne over Joey…" The criminal in the right passenger seat of the back seat sounded depressed and losing hope.

"Screw that asshole, Thorne! As far as he knows, we are working with Stormwell and his group. The word is out on the streets we are protected by Stormwell and that old geezer would be glad I we tried to screw Thorne out of his fat ass. He has money to spare!" The one know as Joey was sitting on the left of back passenger seat said looking out the window.

Even though, Joey knew it, they were screwed. Stormwell did not ask a hit on Throne Bank and if so, they would have done it better than a couple rookies like him and Jimmy. Either Thorne or Stormwell would make them disappear.

Maybe he could talk circles and plead his case that it was Jimmy idea?

"Man, I can't wait to watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I get done with this." Joey heard the pig up front oink something out. Wasn't that chick flick? Maybe he could bust out of here if these Cops were bunch of Maries.

"What is so good about? It premiering, tomorrow and you have no idea if it going to be good. It just spin off from a Movie anyway and what so cool about teenage girl killing Vampires." The pig that was driving Gotham City Patrol car said. At least this one was speaking his language.

"Hey! People thought Xena Warrior Princess was stupid, but gaining popularity. You probably just watch Law and Order, which strange coming from you." What was strange about? These two cops were pigs. Now give Joey a good Gangster or Mafia movie that would be good. Still, it was not like Joey was going to voice his opinion to the pigs up front.

Jimmy was silent too, probably dreading and resigning his fate of dying by Thorne or Stormwell. What a loser…

"That because that show is good, even if it about the Police and Law being fought out in the streets and courts. I wonder if I should be worried about some of the TV shows you let my little girl watch. She loves Xena, a bit hyped for Buffy the Vampire Slayer already, and seems to like Dawnson Creek. Not very appropriate for kids or more importantly my baby girl, if you ask me about it, partner." The pig driver spoke.

"Hey, you loved watching Cheers when I introduce to the show and don't get me started on Family Matters and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Don't go all protective papa bear on me now." The younger pig spoke up.

As far as Joey could tell, there was a age different or generational gap between Pig driving and pig sitting in the passenger seat. The one driving was clearly old, possible around middle age. The other was young, almost sounded like teenager and yet Joey knows it was just a young adult. Possible some rookie cop enjoying his life as cop and thinking he can make a difference in Gotham City.

Fool thoughts and dreams.

"We got 10-99. Someone got ballsy enough to get their hands on a GC Patrol Car. We also have notice the perps from the 10-90 on that Bank are missing and having the firefighters putting out the fire, with most us doing a 10-93 to keep out curious citizens. What happen to the guys that Batman took care of for us?" Now, Joey was nervous. He picked up some codes that Police Officers gave over the radio.

10-99 was meant something Wanted/Stolen and the Firemen need help.

A 10-90 was a Bank Alarm going off which, possible meant his and Jimmy attempt of robbery went down.

10-93 meant the pigs were putting blockade for Fire fighters, which again because of himself and Jimmy.

The other stuff was easy, because the Gotham City Police Officer on the radio basically blurted it out.

This made Joey nervous, because it seems that the Gotham City Police could not find them. That was odd because they are in a Patrol Car owned by the Gotham City Police so the two guys in front should be radio in to tell them they have the perps in their car taking them into holding.

"What the hell are you guys doing, call them in to let them know you have us?" Jimmy loser mouth voiced a curious concern that Joey had.

Jimmy was never the brains and stated the obvious, why Joey was brains and knew how to operate during a job.

Except the two pigs kept talking about Television shows, without care in the world and Joey notice they were driving outside of Gotham City limits.

"I still can't believe you don't like Saved By The Bell, but I can forgive that with you liking Home Improvement and Rosanne. Though, I'm still surprised you like Golden Girls." As the pig in the passenger seat kept talking.

"Hey, I'm not into teen crap or what kids like for shits and giggles. You just happen to know like popular shows on TV. I still don't know why my little girl likes Sister Sister and Animanicas. I still have not forgiven you for showing her Ren and Stimpy. My little girl is innocent and wonderful, but you expose her garbage such as that!" Woah, looks like we got over protective father here, but Joey was starting to care less about this.

"Hey pigs! Why are you guy's taking us out in the woods, huh?! What going on?!" The nerve of these guys ignoring Joey, but the fear was creeping in.

Joey along with Jimmy knew that people don't go out to the woods normally together and in Gotham City for criminals, not unless it meant taking care of business.

"Please, let us know what going on, sirs? We have been cooperating with you…officers? We know our rights…." Jimmy made it sound like a question, before the Car park and there was nothing but woods to see for miles.

The car ride was long, but it was not a good thing with how their situation is going.

"She not a little girl anymore, but trying to becoming teenager and discover her identity as pre-teen. Close to actually being a pre-teen very soon and ready for being teenager. Your daughter a real terror to me- treating me like a butler and all I have to do is serve her needs. That is not what I signed up for when we agree to work together. Now with all the money we make and stuff we have, her ego is huge!" The pig in the passenger seat got out as did the pig in the driver seat.

Then they started to shed their clothes off as they kept talking. Whoever these guys are, they were not cops!

"My baby girl is not a terror! She just knows what she wants and her great daddy can get it for her. Where is your heart or sympathy for my baby girl? Her gold digger whore of mother left her when she tried to take any money that I left when I supposedly died. She had to change her first name and last name, but at least I make her happy." The pig driver cloths started to look shed off the Police Uniform they had something going on. What replace the Police Uniform was something such as looking like some furry vest, black skin tight cloths and seemed to be putting something on his head that had…antennas?

"Sure. Call it what you want. Other than your daughter, life has been pretty good for us for the couple years. By day we make money and gain knowledge, but by night we actually do what we truly want do to- being Villains. Well, you a villain and me as your Henchmen and right hand man in crime." What the fuck was the pig in right looking like he was in blue overalls and black skin tight tights along with his weird googles that seem to have red lenses?

What was he thinking! These guys have some weird custom or cosplay fetish and talking about living double lives? What the hell was going on and what are we they going to do to them?! That what Joey wanted to know and Jimmy was starting to fidget in his seat, shaking even.

"Whatever. I'm getting tired of working for Thorne, Stromwell and Daggett. Those assholes will pay for trying to kill me, but I get you plan with getting revenge by working with them just long enough to get closer to rub them out. Who know being cleaners would pay so well? Still, I don't want to leave Batman alone. Though, for asshole vigilante he is the reason for me getting my own big break, he still caused the major powers Gotham to try to kill me and took away my chance to be with my little girl." These assholes were still ignoring!

Oh god. Oh god! They said they were cleaners! They have issues with the biggest powers in Gotham city and one of them wanted to fight the Batman!

He was screwed.

All he could do was watch these guys. They were dressed like…insects? The driver was dressed in grey and bit of black, had wings that were folded and were see through, who had some mask that looked like snarling insect with sharp teeth that could rip into Joey. While the passenger side has dressed in blue and black, with wings that looked like that belong to a butterfly? He was wearing red lenses googles that were not too bulky and Joey could tell that the guy chin was white. Again, why the hell is this guy dressed up like butterfly?! At least the other guy insect suit looks intimidating.

"Whatever dude, but for now we are working with them until they actually want us to be bodyguards for the big bad Bat and his little pre-teen bird boy, then we start taking your enemies out all at once. Let gets this over with it." The blue butterfly theme guy went to Jimmy door and the guy in grey insect theme went to his.

He had to get out. He did not want to die by these nobodies! Why couldn't it been Joker, Killer Croc or perhaps the Scare Crow!

Joey was hand cuffed wrist to ankle, along with Jimmy.

"Please! You don't have to do this! Not here, not now?! Look into your heart! I can't die in place like this! PLEASE! LOOK INTO YOUR HEART AND YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT RIGHT!" God Jimmy panicking and screaming voice was freaking Joey the fuck out!

NO! He was not going to die and whimper like Joey he was going to be man!

The blue butterfly freak went to Jimmy and all Joey could hear was whimper, then a…spraying of water sound. What? Someone bring Windex or something?

Just as grey insect middle age guy dragged Joey out and had Joey stand straight, he point out a gun of some kind. Not like something that shoot bullets, but something else?

When the grey insect middle age guy tried to pull the trigger, Joey closed his eyes. He was ready for oblivion.

He waited and waited. It was driving him insane, until he open one eye.

"God damn this stupid piece of crap! Gary! Your fucking equipment is not working for me, AGAIN!" The grey insect middle aged custom man called out for a Gary. What the fuck is Gary?"

"If you maintained the equipment like I tell you this would not be problem and it Blue Morpho! God! When we are in uniform you call me the Blue Morpho, you know that!" Then a blue theme butterfly theme custom guy came in, sounding young and whinny.

Like a nerd he would kick the shit out of, if he finished Highschool.

"Where Jimmy?" Why did Joey care about Jimmy? He looked over to the other side and even tied to jump to see the otherside where Jimmy was or his body.

What Joey saw was nothing but some goopy puddle substance. What the hell?

"Don't blame me, Blue Morpho! I'm the boss here, so it should not be my responsibility?!"

"What if I'm not around help you in the future, huh, Killer Moth? What if I die or go missing for long periods of time? Unbelievable! I made manuals and even have videos for you to look through for the instructions to the equipment and maintain equipment, but you expect me to do everything. You are grown ass man with daughter and making millions of dollars with your Company! I'm the fucking teenager that should be on the others side this lecture, but you have to put the responsibility on me? God! Now your target jumping around acting all free, trying to get away and find his now dead friend trying to find hope or answer for his situation, geez!" Now these two guys were argued, while getting ready to kill Joey

Joey barely turned around, then he got sprayed in the face by something from the grey insect theme guys gun. What was this supposed to-

Then he felt whole body started to fall apart like puddle around him, as if it collapsing in on himself and turning from solid to liquid. He was dying and he could not scream!

"Let get the hell out of here already and go report to that fat ass already!" The grey insect blur actually had wings fold out properly and flew into the sky, as Joey vision began to blur.

"Remember! We treat this as business, until we are close enough for your revenge! Call him Mr. Thorne, to butter up his lard ass up…" The blue insect blur spoke and took off into the night sky, with Joey barely conscious and encroaching darkness to have enough energy to remember the blue butterfly man was called Gary.

Then he knew no more.

The Gotham City Police would find one of their Patrol Cars, with only two puddles that they assumed were mud.

Not that anyone would know that two puddles were once human beings.


It pretty weird right. Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho? Sure, I could of went with Spider or be Blue Beetle, but no. Don't get me started with Viceroy and the Mighty Monarch. No, I felt that Blue Morpho had deeper connection with me, beside be Kano. I'm not Asia okay, otherwise I totally style myself as Kano given how I'm treated as I am at times.

Wait, let get back with what going on!

In a large Mansion outside Gotham City limits, lived only three people.

"GARY! Get my fucking food ready, it breakfast time!" Make that two people and little girl that acts like a bitch at times

The three people were in a very large Kitchen. Their blonde girl was sitting next to man on round table reading the newspaper was black and grey haired man.

The man known as Gary was getting breakfast for the two people at the table and himself.

"I'm coming Kitten, geez. You know I'm not a Butler! I'm sort of like adopted son or in your case a adopted brother. Plus, can't you make your own food given how you try to act all adult in a preteen body." Gary was name of man dressed in a white T-Shirt and Blue jeans where normal tenses shoes.

He was responding to a blonde hair girl with Short-Hair and pink hair band wearing Gotham Academy uniform for rich students.

The girl was twelve years old and Gary was sixteen years old.

Besides the girl being relatively attractive, give how cute and young she was. Gary was rather athletic and had plain looks with his brown hair in a proud pony tail that Jedi would be proud of.

"Whatever, fat ass and just give me my food. It bad enough I have to drive to school in your car instead of limousine. God, it humiliating that we listen to Led Zeppelin while driving that 1969 Dodge 'Hemi' Charger. I thought Gotham was bad feeling like we are stuck in the 1920s or 1950s sometimes." As little blonde had a list of complaints against Gary.

Okay, confession. Yes, I'm kind of taking the Brock Samson route with the cool and music, but I need to absorb the awesomeness and murder machine that made Brock who he is. No, I can't sense when people are messing with my car and sometimes Led Zeppelin gets on my nerves, but not bad. Plus, every Henchmen idolize Brock Samson and they do try to copy his actions. Even when I tried to fight him and tried to kill him, which I totally fail at I can't help but admire Brock Samson.

Also, I'm not fat ass anymore! I got body that Shore Leave and Brock would be surprise with if they saw me now. Not model hot, but something for girls to check out thinking he attractive enough for considering to take on date or a one-night stand. Yeah! It hard to lose that muffin top, love handles and gut sticking out; but I did it! Especially in this Universe, where being fat and my experience from my previous life, saved my former fat ass more times to count!

"Katherine, give Gary break. After he drops you off, he has to go to Gotham University and then go to my Company to do more work. I myself have to deal with business meetings and social function today." The man said as he sat his paper aside and ate his breakfast. The man had some wrinkles and hard look, but was clean shaven.

"Like I care dad, with how you guys sometimes have time for you nightly activities. That sounds like you two are lovers or something by the way. Whatever…" The bossy little preteen blonde said as she ate and her dad just sighed at his daughter attitude, while eating there breakfast.

"Please, I'm not gay. I'm attracted to attractive females. I might be open to women with deep voices, that may or may not be men, but as long as it a hot women I don't care. You dad sometimes finds some ladies that will satisfy him anyway at his social function or just the random gold digger thinking she will get luck." Gary said at the table as he ate the meal he cooked quietly.

"Like you are any better, with the strip bars and call girl houses you disappear to for a few days. Amber still thinks I'm her friend and tells me you visit her mom sometimes in the past. Your one of her favorite customers and wonders when you will go visit her again, because it been a couple weeks. She wonders if you died or turned gay." God this girl can't let him have the last word edge wise.

So he kept quiet and ate his breakfast in comfortable silence.

This was Gary Fischer normal life, eating with little girl as Katherine 'Kitten' Walker and man nearing middle age known as Drury Walker.

Drury was a successful business man making Million dollars in his own Company, Walker Industries.

Gary took on many jobs- aspiring for multiple Doctrines, working the Science Division at Walker Industries and basically being a chauffeur/butler.

Kitten was just pre-teen that already had Queen Bee attitude, going to Gotham finest schools.

Drury Walker was Killer Moth and Gary Fischer took the mantel of the Blue Morpho during the night.

Where the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. Monarch? Why is Gary hunching for Killer Month? What this about getting Druray being successful business man, but at nights work for powerful crime organization as Killer Moth? What revenge and plan does Druray Walker have for those people in charge of the powerful organization? How come Gary has super smart with many Doctrines and Science Division? Why is he Super Smart?


Well, let just say old Gary Fischer died and ended in place where Hank Venture becomes Batman or Enrico Matassa would consider heaven?

It all starts with a Doctor.

A Doctor of Evil and Guardian to help balancing out Evil to maintain a balance of some kind or whatever bullshit that is, don't ask me. I don't like the guy.

A doctor by the name of Doctor Henry Killinger and for whatever took interest in some lowly Henchmen to a less than well know Super Villain only wanted to arch Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture.

This is my story.

I, Gary Fischer, also known as Henchmen 21, Two-Ton Twenty One, Viceroy, Sphinx Commander, Kano, and finally becoming the man known as…

The Blue Morpho in the DC Universe dealing with Comic Book, Movies or Cartoon shenanigans.

At least, I have someone to serve and have some enemies to Arc.

Even if it not someone from the Venture Family.


AN: So this is it! I finally did it. Nightmaster000 and I spit ball with each other a lot about this in PMs. It always fun to have PMS with each other and we still do on some ideas.

I'm going to try a different style of writing. Probably write 5,000 to 7,000 words a chapter. That way I can try to look over errors.

Not mention, I'm not going to put whatever Character perspective in BOLD. That will hopefully help me or it will come bite me in the ass.

At least, I'm trying to grow as a writer.

I'm not a great writer, but I always wonder what Venture Brothers and DCAU crossover would be like.

If you don't know what Venture Brothers or DCAU is, look up on google.

I hope this story capture your interest and please leave a review!