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Chapter inspired by Batman: The Animated Series episode, 'It's Never Too Late'.

Chapter 9. "Part ONE of Vengeance! My name is Killer Moth!"


It sickens him to come here and see one of the men he vowed he kill one-day.

He hated the long-game of revenge, because it been years and this person reminded Killer Moth who help create who he was today.

Coming to that bloated hog of man building and walking into his office, having a fireplace in it of all places in a building.

Still, Killer Moth had to play a façade of being Cleaner and Hitman for hire for these Criminal Families or Mobsters.

…were they even Italian enough to be called a Mafia and could they even be Crime Family or were they just a Criminal Organization? It was those questions that popped in his head that made Killer Moth glad he became who he was today.

God, that such a douchebag thing to do, posing and acting like your from different culture. Who does that? Losers trying pick up girls, who are either stupid and looking for a have a good time or having pity on the guys trying so hard charm them.

At least, Killer Moth was becoming more original Villain and Criminal he was now.

"What do you want, Thorne? The message you sent to me was something about Stromwell?"He spoke his demand, while Killer Moth couldn't help but feel happy showing such disrespect to Crime Boss in front of him. Rupert Thorne goons were nervous around Killer Moth. Gary did one hell of a job developing his Killer Moth suite, as he was glad to feel intimidating those below him on criminal food-chain.

"Word from my inside guys in Stromwell group, brings troubling news. By the way, where is your partner, the butterfly?" Rupert Thorne said in confidence, even as he was dressed casually in his robes feeling comfortable. God, the prick couldn't even put on his work cloths on when Killer Moth came in. It was so unprofessional or it showed that Rupert Thorne ego allowed him to think that Killer Moth was not a threat to him.

In the beginning, Rupert Thorne didn't like them, but that fine.

Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho didn't really like Rupert Thorne at all, but Gary wanted to make look like they did work for Throne and sort respect them.

The way they could get the shocking kill from the fat ass crime boss.

Now? Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho were freelancers for the Mob, which Rupert Thorne used a lot of their services.

Why not? It not like the Batman or Gotham Police could find the bodies after Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho were done with them anyway

"He coming. Blue Morpho just being-" Killer Moth, hating answering to Rupert Thorne, acting all civil. The only reason he paused in the middle of his sentence was behind Rupert Thorne, sitting behind his expensive desk, was another figure. It was then Killer Moth notice the window was open near Rupert Thorne desk letting in some cold air and rain in, but Rupert failed to notice because the curtains. All Killer Moth found it in him to finish his sentence, "…childish."

Call this moment childish all you want, but I bet Killer Moth wished he did sneak up on Rupert Thorne like I'm doing.

Also, how am I going to get better at sneaking up on people if I don't practice? Right? Right.

"That a bit unprofessional. I pay you and him top dollar for your business, but this job is very important." Rupert spoke, as the middle age man face jiggled as he talked. God, it sorts made Killer Moth wonder that how underneath all that fat was muscle. It was mind-boggling! Killer Moth wonder if Rupert Thorne was candidate for heart disease, because right now Killer Moth wish the fat ass would just have heart attack. Then Killer Moth could just through parts of his body into the fire place and watch the man burn before him.

"…What is the job?" Blue Morpho spoke, which brought smirk in Killer Moth mask as Rupert Thorne was startled and turn his fancy desk-chair to the side to see Blue Morpho just over his shoulder! Not as scary as Batman does it, but Killer Moth knew that was too high of bar to reach for most people. Gary complained about not being trained by actual Ninja and just researching bit and pieces of information on internet for better stealth training, which Killer Moth thought was weird.

Man, Rupert Thorne looks like he not dieting. That secret of losing weight, dieting and eating smaller portions.

Huh? Would I got as fat as that, if I just never started eating correctly? No! Your better than that Gary! No self-doubt, because you are reaping the rewards of properly working out and eating correctly.

Also, I felt bad ass in that moment!

Where the hell would they get Ninja training from actual Ninja in this day and age?

Gary training was bad enough, but adding Ninja is just a whole mess of trouble and pain…

Rupert Thorne put his hand on his chest and tried to control his breathing before speaking in surprise, "Ah! Blue Morpho, you startled me! What you trying to do, give me heart attack?!" Killer Moth was glad to hear Thorne being angry and frustrated at the end.

What made it even better was Blue Morpho ignoring Rupert Thorne comment and walking calmly to Killer Moth side with his butterfly wing swishing on the floor like a cape.

Tense silence was in the room, with only the Rupert Thorne goons shuffling and aiming their weapons at the insect duo.

It was all about a show power and who had control.

Rupert Thorne, even though he fat slab of human waste, was a known as a Mafia Boss in Gotham City.

Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho on the other hand, were costume villains in Gotham that had the reputation of never being captured or arrested by the Batman.

The moment passed before Rupert Thorne nodded to his goons, to lower they're weapons.

"Arnold Stromwell. Word from my informants tell me that the man is getting weak. I'm slowly, but surly taking over Gotham Criminal Enterprise. Sadly, there a downside to this…" Rupert said with smug smile that Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho could easily see. Rupert Thorne rival and enemy were going to be absorbed or destroyed.

Killer Moth didn't care, but part of him hope he could kill Arnold Stromwell. That had to be the reason why Thorne called them hear.

…a strange part of Killer Moth was scared to actually kill the man he sworn to kill.

Why? Because after his revenge was complete by Stromwell, Daggett and Thorne; then would he need to be Killer Moth anymore?

Sure there was Batman, but it was just fun to hate the guy as Batman or Bruce Wayne. Batman was just pleasant distraction to work up and train against first group of people that screwed him over.

That made him nervous.

Now they just had wait until one of them indulge Thorne by asking, 'What the downside?' like some kind of idiot, while Thorne felt like he knew everything.

There was no real competition for being Kingpin of Gotham City Crime. Besides Arnold Stromwell, Rupert Thorne only other rival was Roland Daggett, which was not interested in the illegal crimes of Gotham and more interested in the legal business of Gotham City.

Daggett was interested in shifting his criminal business into legitimate legal business, thinking he could obtain legal power and possible use his criminal connections to muscle out the weaker Gotham Elite and Business that were afraid of people that would carry out deadly threats.

Not that Daggett would have chance, with Killer Moth feel great about actually succeeding in what Daggett was failing to do.

Batman or Bruce Wayne had obsession with making sure Daggett would never get any real power in Gotham City, legal or otherwise.

Wait? It been silent too long. Damnit Gary! Kid probably listening to music or going off in his nerd fantasy land, because the Blue Morpho was silent and standing still as statue as well.

~You head is humming and it won't go

In case you don't know

The piper is calling you to join him

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow

And do you know

Your stairway lies in the whispering wind~

God damnit! I've been listen to Led Zeppelin songs too much!

Also, iIt been a long time now being in awkward silence, but nobody done anything. What am I supposed to do?! I can't remember most of Stairway to Heaven song goes and that just sad. Also, I need to cut back on the Led Zeppelin songs. I need to get back in the Rap and Hip-Hop game a bit. Even if I feel like a bit weird about it. I used to make some bad-demo tapes, so what happen with that? Gary Fischer or Twenty-One never cared what others thought about him before.

Killer Moth felt a little of himself die when playing along with Rupert Thorne. Why couldn't Gary be perfect henchmen? Oh well, it was time Killer Moth swallowed some of his pride…

"What the downside and why do you need us Thorne? I don't have all day." Killer Moth didn't give damn if he was giving attitude. It was normal attitude he usually gave to Rupert Thorne and that was not going to change anytime soon.

Thorne gave grunt disapproval and frown, a fatty grunt in Killer Moth opinion, before speaking up "…Stromwell might have guilty conscious and actually give some Mafia secrets to Police and Feds. Stromwell pastor goody two-shoe brother been wearing the old war-horse down and Batman might soon come after to give that final push Stromwell to leave the Business behind. I need you two to silence him, for good."

Oh shit! We are in that story line of Batman: The Animated Series and Killer Moth sworn to kill Stromwell along with Thorne and Daggett.

I wonder how this will go down?

This strangely, brought mixed feelings for Killer Moth and he felt tense.

It was not the issue killing Stromwell.

Maybe it could be the fact Killer Moth felt bitter at the idea of Rupert Thorne, his enemy, telling Killer Moth to kill another enemy.


What bothered Killer Moth, was that Stromwell giving up the life. The life of Gangster. A made-man. Becoming a actual Mafia Boss in Gotham City, even if his power was dwindling.

Arnold Stromwell giving that up or squealing like pig about secrets that Mafia organization.

No final gun battle or fight in Arnold Stromwell that would make the man a legend.

Just giving up information and living the remainder of his life in hiding or with his family having to look over his shoulder for the short remainder of his life.

Killer Moth was, just a loss of words.

Stromwell was gangster all his life, so why change now? That didn't make sense to Killer Moth.

It brought Killer Moth a bit fear about himself and his own identity in question…

Okay, no more awkward silence. Sorry, Killer Moth, I'm going to make the call. I just hope he doesn't get mad.

"Will take the assignment, Mr. Thorne. Do you need any evidence of the job or are you okay with Arnold Stromwell permanent disappearance?" Blue Morpho spoke up, which Killer Moth was thankful. Killer Moth couldn't trust his own mouth at the moment.

"Just as long as the Batman or Police doesn't get their hands-on Arnold Stromwell alive , then fine. I'll wait a month for Arnold Stromwell disappearance or death. If you do that? Then I will drop off your payment in the usual place Blue Morpho." Rupert Thorne said and Killer Moth kind of zone out.

He remembers Blue Morpho guiding to the window to the Killer Mothmobile flying close to the window before flying off to Walker Mansion.

They flew into one the cave system that was hidden in the forest surrounding Walker property, with cave entrance disguised as rock wall and forestvegetation. They press a button in Mothmobile and cave was revealed, like a fancy garage door and camouflage to blend into the environment. They flew most of the way, but drove once they were in the countryside of Gotham City towards Walker

After that, he took of his Killer Moth mask and began to wear his Drury Walker face before passing out in his room.

He was going to kill the three men that had his boys betrayed him, almost successful killed him, and made him into the man he was today.

Okay, I'm starting to worry. I never seen Killer Moth or Drury Walker be silent like that. Is this too much for him to do? Can he be true Super Villain and slay one of his enemies he sworn to kill? Oh man, this is going to be a test or personal trail for Killer Moth…

It just that, Drury or Killer Moth couldn't understand these mixed feelings he was dealing with during his first step of actual revenge…



Pain was coming from his guts! It hurt so much, yet the shock somehow dulled the pain out to give room for surprise and reflection on his life in those brief moments.

In this life, betrayal happens and comes in time. Still, he couldn't believe the guys he did jobs with would be the ones to do it. Maybe a local call-girl or a hitman he didn't know would do the job. They did everything and kept some dark secrets- went to eat at their favorite restaurants, broke some dirt bag hands or legs when they couldn't pay up to their loan sharks, complained about the Gotham Knights baseball team chances of the Majors, destroying or burying a body, going to the local strip club, and talk about each other family members.


They were supposedly to look for some local dealer. One of his boys told him to check out secluded part of Crime Alley, where Gotham Cops wouldn't bother looking or care anymore. Maybe this new vigilante, Batman, would. He hated that Bat, but loved how even though he went to jail his lawsuit against Gotham City for wrongly convicting him for different crime, he didn't comment. Gotham DA screwed up their paper work and he hope the Batman was pissed at that idea. Ha! He laughed, but now he realizes that he should have saw the betrayal coming.

Anyway, he started looking in the trash and random pieces of construction boards that were not nailed to the building windows. He went past the dumpster before he heard his boys rustling in their suits and familiar 'Click' was heard from three hand gun hammers getting ready to fire.

All he could do was turn around to face his killers and this filled him full of bullets


Fucking cheap 38 hand guns were pain to get shot with. Right now, he felt eighteen bullets in his stomach or torso with pain. They got him good in the belly, but his so-called friends were too far away. 38's was better for close up assassination and intimidating anyone to stay away when they are modify to make loud gun fire, especially if you were execution style or some unexpected victims to kill in a crowded area. It was painful obvious, that these guys were focusing on his stomach and the pain he was feeling was not enough to kill him instantly

These idiots were making rookie mistakes or perhaps whoever put them up to this wanted him to die slow and painful death.

His body leaned into the wall smearing blood and fell back, with construction boards clattered on tope his body. Even as the wind picked up, some random bits of trash landed on him.

He felt his stomach was on fire, but other parts of his body felt like it was going cold. His head was spinning as heard his would be killers speak.

"Well, that it for Wallflower." One of his former business associates and friend said.

"He'll die eventually. I can't see him standing up after that." The other sounded so cocky and proud of his work. Idiot.

"Huh? Wallflower would be been good nickname for the guy, but besides the money he got he was forgettable. Whatever. I got my own future to think of with this job done." The last one said, while he tried to get good look at the three men who betrayed them, he just raised his head a little only to see blurs of humanoid figures as the darkness crept around his vision…

So this was it? This was how he die?

Gun down in Crime Alley and betrayed by the people he started business with in Gotham criminal underworld.

What went wrong? He had money now! He could have been something big, but maybe that was the point.

The Mob Bosses and Wise Guys, wouldn't want another business rival or blood spilt for his rise to power, so they took him out early.

The wind blew, and chill was starting to set in. Still, the fire of his bullet wounds and gut kept him somewhat warm.

Here he was lying on his back, dying, thinking of the only person who would really miss him and the only thing he care about in this crappy world

His little girl. His princess. Kitten.

She was going to be orphan.

He could only image the worse and best things that could happen for her.

Worse scenario? Kitten would be abused and jumping from orphanages to foster homes. Probably end up with terrible relationship, have baby too soon, and possible abuse some substance that peddling in Gotham. Oh, god! She could end up like stripper in some those gentlemen clubs he visited. At some point, Kitten goes Black Gate Prison for doing some criminal activity or dies in the gutter overdosing on either the drug- crack or heroine? Gotham finest choice of poisons…

Best scenario? She finds good home, because she gets adopted as kid and was NOT past thirteen years old. Most parents don't want kids over thirteen anyway. He learned that the hard way, himself. Probably be head strong and make her own way in the world. Maybe meet some lucky fella or girl, hopefully having a happy life. Possible blaming her mother and father for leaving her in such crappy situation at young age or never think back to he biological parents and focus what she needs to do to survive in this life. He kind of hope Kitten would be teacher, own liquor store or perhaps just wok as Waitress for several jobs. God! He hoped Kitten wouldn't be Nun, but he would be okay with that if that Kitten choice…

He couldn't tell how much time passed, but he was still alive because the pain going through his body.

He couldn't open his eyes, but felt something moving the construction boards that fell on top of. Small fingers checking his wrist and neck. A pulse. Someone was checking his pulse, to see if he was alive.

Who was this savior?

Why would anyone care about him?

If he had chance, he would thank whoever saved him.

Not only that, but he wanted to do more and be more well known in life.

Wallflower, huh? Fuck that noise.

Grunts of pain came from him, but someone was moving his body. He was still laid flat on the ground, but then the mysterious savior bent his knees. After that, the person put his hands on his side and tried pulling him up. It too several tries. His savior was small. Was it midget? Huh, that kind magical mircacle. God, bless the little people!

Anyway, the person manages to stand on his feet before grabbing his wrist successfully. He didn't know how, but somehow the person got him on his back. His feet and legs were being dragged, but the person held onto his wrist. They had tight grip and whoever this person was very smart and understood a technique to pick him up.

"Were going to make." A grunt came from his savior. The voice was young and little whiny. It couldn't be a kid, could it? He like his idea of midget better, that possible had helium accident of some kind to give the little person a whiny/squeaky voice. "…God, I'm going to be so pissed if you die on m back. Thank god its nighttime in Gotham City. Nobody gives a shit about anything…"

Ain't that the bitter truth? Yes. Yes, it is.

He blackout a while, but he had no idea of the time going around him.

Sometimes he felt he was going up stairs and some parts of his body was sore, like certain parts of his limbs hit something hard.

He wakes up briefly, with blindly light and what looks to be doctor in smock of some kind.

"Your going to be fine. Don't move. Gary, administer more Morphine." He barley had time to acknowledge the doctor to save him, when he notices the little person get syringe and push drug into his IV bag. After, that his world was spinning and he forgot where he was.

His world spin in and out of consciousness.

The next place he woke up, was abandon room in building somewhere.

He was in bed of some kind and blanket was on him. His stomach hurt and felt some wrappings around his stomach back.

"Had good rest, sleeping beauty?" The voice came from a small pers-, no, a kid in chair. His eyes were adjusting to the dark room, with only a few stray lights coming from a boarded-up window indicating it was day time.

"How long was I out?" His voice hurt and croaked, because it was so dry. The kid handed him water bottle.

"A few days. Most the bullet wounds didn't go as deep as we thought. It was like someone shot you with large bebe gun pellets and we pulled pellets that dug into stomach. Some got dangerous close to your large and small intestine, but luckily it was not too serious. We have to go to Emergency Room to get double check up, just to be sure, you known…" This kid said it so confidently. Was this kid helping the doctor during surgery, that saved his life?

What the hell type of doctor does that and how is this kid not traumatize from that even?!

So many questions were swimming in his head and it hurt.

The water in the water bottle, tasted good and was best thing he had in a while. It help clear his head.

The boy.

He had bit nurse smock with splatter bits of blood on it and gloves, but other than that the kid was normal. Nothing really standing out from the kid besides brown pony tail hair-cut. The kid had a bit of chubby face, that had smile lines. He couldn't tell if the kid was fat or skinny or whatever, but he put his money on this kid being a brainy fat kid. The ones he used to beat up before he dropped out school, but he at least got his GED before dropping out. He wasn't stupid, like most people and criminals who think they are too good for school.

It took a moment for time to pass, before the two people could say anything,

"…so, I just happened to notice you being gun down. I waited a while before helping you out, in case those guys came back." The brown haired kid talked, as if he was explaining to him how he got involved, and all he could do was listen. "Do you have any relatives or friends for me to contact to pick you up?"

If it was not the idea he got shot on the stomach, then he would felt pain in his gut.

Friends? Scratch that. He was alone. You live alone and die alone in this life.

Family? His poor daughter couldn't pick him up and far as he knew was orphan. Probably with someone related to him from his bastard father or whore mother that left him. Half-siblings that he probably had or don't even exist at all…

He was alone.

Silence passed and the kid got the message.

"Okay, you can wait here until your healed for a day, but you got to get out of here. One the guys that shot you, is apart of Thorne Mob now. You were healed at Thorne illegal hospital, so you might meet up with that guy again soon or whoever put out the hit on you will recognize you. It was pain the ass, because I had to foot your hospital bill with favors and money so Rupert Thorne doesn't get suspicious…" The brown hair kid was serious, but also looked a bit nervous. The kid should be, because saving him meant he went against the hit that was supposed to hit him. Rupert Thorne does kill family, but he goes after anyone who defies his orders- kid or not.

One of his former boys now rolling with Thorne? Thorne must have wanted the hit, but what about the other two?

"…I'll stay here for a day, then I'll…" He tried to sound strong, but he sounded vulnerable and he hated that. Weakness got stomped out in Gotham and left for dead, just as he was gunned down in the alley.

"…Why don't we cut deal?" The brown-haired kid started talking again. Not only that, but the kid seems to look at empty space at times like someone was there or someone was coming.

"…what?" Was all he could say.

"I'll take you back, watch over you like house-nurse, and help check you into Emergency Room for double check up on those bullet wounds. In return? I need to be away from the Orphanage for a bit and call it even for me paying off the bill for the surgery. A lot people are taking notice of me and I need time to lie low…" The brown haired kid trailed off.

"What did you do?" He couldn't help but ask?

"Some people notice I'm smart, while other more unsavory characters are kind of wanting to kick my ass or kill me because some illegal fighting that happen bet and loss some money because of it. Don't worry. Usually, just the random person pissed off about losing money, but I don't want people who know I'm smart and people who know I fight to meet up at the same time. That brings up too many questions that I don't want to answer to." The kid said it with straight face.

The kid was using him, but he needs to use the kid.

No allies. No friends.

No man was island, so that meant he couldn't just survive on his own.

It just hurt his pride that he had to rely on a kid that looked only a few years older than his daughter…

Just a little girl somewhere in Crime Alley worried about her father.

Most the wise guys and mobsters got out of Inner City of Gotham, but he stayed to remember his roots and what Gotham City was truly like.

A cold place. Where the strong survive and weak die.

He died that day his former men gunned him the alley, so now he needed to be reborn and change to survive

Yet there was one question that needed to be asked…

"What your name?" I said to the kid in few grunts of pain, before the kid got syringe from out the first-aid box, went to his IV Bag to fiddle with something. That when he felt less pain and got a bit more tired.

"Gary Fischer, orphan. Your name?" The kid said quickly with his reply.

A name. What would he call himself?

"…Drury Walker. That my new name I go by now…" It sounded right to him and came at the right moment. Drury was not too common of a name and catch some attention, but Walker was common name people heard of as surname. He was common, but uncommon at the same time.

Drury Walker would help set his statement to the world, he hoped.

Some moths flew around the light and landed on his blanket, which didn't mind him.

In fact, a Moth landed on his hand to rest and Drury just looked at this Moth. So small, yet fuzzy and strong in its own right. Insects were around before humans came into the picture.

Humans were no better than bugs, but if Drury had to be bug then he would want to be Moth.

Why? People don't like them and yet they are constantly in your face. You can't get rid Moths that easily.

"Cool. Uh, I'm going to do some Homework, while you rest up, okay?" With that the kid went through the room and came back to his chair with a book. Drury was about to go to sleep, before he read the back the kid book before it flatten out so the kid could write on some paper with his pencil.

Physics 16: Mechanics and Special Relativity, was what the kid was working on in front of him

What the hell?! He looked at some books the kid brought with him and only saw two more.

Computer Science and Chemistry 161: Statistic Thermodynamics, where few of the books that peaked out of the kid's makeshift back pack that was probably given by the Salvation Army or from good will charities.

Drury couldn't help, but voice his thoughts before he crashed down into another dreamless sleep.

"…Are you some genius, kid? Those books don't seem like something for elementary school kid or are you midget?" Drury said aloud, while hoping he didn't offend the kid. This kid was his only ally and friend he had in the world, at least until he got back to his Kitten.

"…uhh, kind of…?" The kid spoke up uneasily and looked uncomfortable, before going back to work on the book scribbling answers down and reading quickly.

What was that about?

Forget about it.

Sleep first, then ask questions when he got healthier again.

This kid wasn't going anywhere anytime soon anyway…


"Are you, okay?" A robotic synthesis voice of concern, broke Killer Moth out his thoughts. The dream from past couple days ago and thinking about the dream now, made him realize where they were.

There he goes again, zoning out like that…Do I do that when I look at Twenty-four and try to pretend to not hear him, while trying to listen to actual people around me?

They were following Thorne plan and waiting up on the roof tops to strike at Arnold Stromwell.

Of course, there was hitch in Thorne plan.

The Batman was involved, thanks to the Nanites inside Bruce Wayne body to locate them.

Batman was nearby and trying to get Arnold Stromwell to become turn cloak in the War on Crime or really War on the Mafia.

"I'm fine!"He growled out in irritation in his on robotic voice, but he shouldn't have. Look where he was now, thanks Gary or the Blue Morpho. A multi-millionaire, soon to be billionaire with Gary products sold exclusively from Walker Industry, and he kick ass Villain known as Killer Moth.

GEEZ! Way to take your anger out on your Henchmen with harsh response. Come on, Twenty-one or Blue Morpho! Your Super Villain needs some comfort, no matter how weird that seems…

"…Do you need a hug?" The Blue Morpho asked, which really through Killer Moth through loop at times. They were villains! They don't ask how they feel and they do bad things. With Blue Morpho or Gary Fischer? Nope! He was one those nerdy, tough and sensitive guys that are more open with himself with people he trusted.

'Do you need a hug?' Ugh! That was lame to ask. Still, why don't people want comforting hug by me?

It wasn't always like that, but over the few years Gary came into his life they slowly got closer like family. They wouldn't betray each other.

Sometimes, Killer Moth, wonder in his mind. Who need who the most- the genius Orphan kid choosing a family of his own or was it the former freelance mobster enforcer that was betrayed and almost killed by his buddies and former employer?

Gary never strong arm him. Only gave suggestions.

Move out Crime Alley? Sure, because the Walker family need more security.

Get better education? He did that in Black Gate, but he knew that he was investing in Gary.

Make billion dollars' worth electronics and products to be set for life? Nobody twisted Drury Walker arm about that idea at all.

Become Super Villain?

Well, that actually came when he had the first experience when Batman was green under the cowl, but also other Super Villains started to come out- Joker, the Penguin, and Poison Ivy were the starters of all that.

The sinister trio just awed Killer Moth so much and who they were as Super Villains, he just had to give it a try. It was once in a life time opportunity and he had the means and resources to do it!

"No, it just…" Killer Moth started talking as they watch Pete's Deli from rough top where Arnold Stromwell would sit down with Rupert Thorne, "..when I was little wise ass kid in Gotham City streets, I wanted to be Gangster. A made-man, where people thought twice before trying to force me to do anything I don't want to do. Arnold Stromwell was sort person that I looked up to when I was little." As he said this, it made Killer Moth wonder why he was talking about this. It was true, he wanted to be powerful like Arnold Stromwell as kid. It just, he grew up never talking about his feelings to other people. That was impolite.

Maybe it was because he has daughter or perhaps how Gary was open about himself at times.

Huh…I didn't know that. Have I been failing as Henchmen and trying to change Drury Walker to become something that familiar and gives me comfort knowing I serve a Villain?

God, that is something that going to be bothering me for a while…

"Really?" The Blue Morpho replied. Killer Moth was focused on the ground below at Pete's Deli, but every glance he looked at Blue Morpho he could tell that the Blue Morpho was watching the other roof tops for Batman.

Oh! Batman made bleep on are googles and antennas! That god those nanobots act like tracking device or else we be screwed! Also, makes us feel pretty bad ass to predict Batman movement sometimes.

The Batman was close, but Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho kept hidden and tried not move. Trying to hide and evade the Batman in Gotham City, well, it helps Criminals become smarter and stealthier over the years.

It was good to have back up on these roof tops.

"You know that Goodfellas movie? My life was kind of like, in some ways. I didn't belong to a particular Gang or Crime Family. I freelanced. I did park cars like Ray Liotta played as Henry Hill, but I moved up in the rackets. I was more muscle and enforcer that other mobsters realize about me. Sometimes I broke people arms and legs that didn't pay their loan sharks. Other times I was body guard. Though, my real break was forming a group of guys similar to me as hit-squad and disposal team. We take care of marks and then we just get rid of the evidence." Memories of past or perhaps another life drifted into Killer Moth mind. His past life, might as well be another life time to him. He changed so much in what seemed like so little time.

It just pains him to say, "I looked up to guys like Stromwell, because they started with nothing and they were the image of being Crime Boss that I wanted to become one day…Now, I'm going to kill my child-hood hero. I know I should be happy, because I'm getting revenge on Stromwell for putting hit on me and this is just natural order of criminal life. It just taking orders from Thorne makes it bitter and…I just don't know what happens after I get my revenge, you know?" There, he said! As much as he watches what was going down on the streets, Killer Moth was more worried about where he was going in all this.

Man! I got to know if I accidently manipulate this man life to serve my purpose or else, I won't be able to Hench tonight correctly and live with myself. I'm not god or monster. Sure, I did some Mad Super Science stuff in Cocoon Cave, but that separate from what going on now as far as I'm concern.

I got to know!

Blue Morpho waited before speaking up, "Do you want to quit being Killer Moth after your revenge? Do you want to be Crime Boss? Do you want to kill Batman? What do you want as Killer Moth?"

Man! For teenager wearing a Butterfly costume, he blunter than bull! Still, Blue Morpho did make some interesting points and Killer Moth didn't know how to answer that properly.

"Maybe. No. Yes. I-I just want to be happy and express myself you know. Also, I wish I could get revenge on the actual guys that almost killed me, besides going after the three Mob Bosses that just happen to order my hit at the same time or maybe they planned together in sit-down." Killer Moth was honest about that. There was reason though, why he couldn't go after the guys that were his 'boys' back when he was Wallflower…

Yes! I didn't manipulate this dangerous man that I serve! I just got to let him choose his options. Let him choose, Gary, and just remind him with some friendly suggestions like a good Henchmen should!

Besides going on bad missions and kill people.

"Do you still want to kill the guys that gun you down?" The Blue Morpho talking quietly. Killer Moth look to see Stromwell car pulled up. Arnold Stromwell or Arnie, went straight into Pete's Deli to meet with Rupert Thorne for the sit down.

Part of Thorne Plan was to use the Deli Explosion as decoy and then it would be they're job to truly get Arnold Stromwell to get rid of him, for good.

It just depends if they had the right timing and opportunity for them to stop the Batman from chasing them.

"…no point. Most the guys that betrayed me are dead or worse, have a long-term sentence in Black Gate Prison. They're lives are ruined when they got rid of me. Now? I'm living the life and my dreams are coming true. I guess, I just got to settle the score with Gotham three most dangerous men for now." Killer Moth said in serious tone. His life was good, but he couldn't really feel comfortable until he settles all his issues. The guys that hot him in the alley were dead or wish they were dead.

What Killer Moth wanted were the men who planned his killing to be gone and dead.

It just revenge takes time, like in The Count of Monte Cristo. Some the few books he enjoyed reading in Black Gate for smaller sentences and juvenile hall as teenager.

An explosion erupts at the place that was once known as Pete's Deli.

"We got movement! Batman got Stromwell! He on the roof tops heading towards the Train Yard! Let go!" Blue Morpho said, and in unison they're insect theme wings helped them fly after them. The googles that Killer Moth and Blue Morpho had helped them see in the dark and had small square box in the corner that acted as way to track down Batman nanites inside him. They glided in the sky, where few onlookers to fire fighters and Gotham City police officers trying to find out what caused the explosion.

They trailed behind on the rooftop buildings of Gotham and then flew down to Gotham City train site by the rail road tracks.

Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho quietly got in their positions, close but not too close to give Batman to be on guard.

They both separated and to keep track of their targets. Killer Moth didn't know where Blue Morpho went, but Killer Moth kept to the high ground from roof tops to being on top of the freight of train cargos.

Killer Moth takes the high ground, then that means I take- shit… I hate train rails and gravel rocks. I'll probably get some stickers on my costume.

What the point in having wings, if I have army crawl on the ground to snipe somebody without killing them?

Still, what better way to capture Batman by surprise? The Bat waiting for someone to jump him up high or challenge him directly, but he is not ready for what comes next!

"Why did you save me?! What do YOU want from me?!" They heard Arnold Stromwell yelling at the Dark Knight, but he looked alive. His suit was ripped and ruined, but not bad after surviving a explosion. Killer Moth could see that the War with Rupert and Stromwell taken a toll on the veteran Mobster Boss. He was old, shaken and seem to be carrying a weight that would crush the man before him.

"You need to come clean. Turn whatever evidence you have to the DA and save yourself, Stromwell." Batman says in compassion and looked completely unharmed from the Pete's Deli Explosion, but he looked fine after saving Stromwell from his supposed death. It irked Killer Moth how it almost seems that the Batman was human, but the way he acted almost seemed inhuman. Like the Batman was not human, but something more. The only thing that made Killer Moth even more sick, was when Batman acts out in compassion. Being human and trying to bring out the good in people, which was rare side of the Batman.

His costume was based on putting fear into criminals, so what was the point of showing this softer side to people?

God, I miss my standard Monarch Henchmen tranq-gun! How the hell does the Monarch get so good at shooting this wrist dart shooters? Practice, Gary! Stop whining and line up your shot!

There! I can shoot Stromwelll easy, but I have to aim at the only place on Batman costume that shows any skin- right his handsome jaw-line…

I don't have question my sexuality, right? Bruce Wayne was designed to be handsome like James Bond, to seduce female villains or basically help his handsome rich bachelor businessman life style to continue fuel his Batman escapades.

"I think I can hit Batman from my position. Killer Moth, should I take the shot?" Blue Morpho voice whispered came in his ears. Blue Morpho also built in communicators into their costume, which was kind of awesome. The antennae on their costume insect theme costume, was not just for show. They have purpose, just like their wings could actually fly.

"Do it, now!" Killer Moth gave the orders in a harsh whisper. He was on top of the train, but Killer Moth didn't know where Blue Morpho.

Killer Moth watched the Dark Knight trail behind Arnold Stromwell, like shadow, as they were on the move before the Dark Knight stopped and cried out.

"AAHH!" Hearing the Batman cry out was sweet pleasure to Killer Moth, but he couldn't see Blue Morpho.

THAT IS SO AWESOME! I got Batman right in his cheek or chin, with tranq dart! In your face, Deadshot!

"What?! It's an ambush-AAHH!" Arnold Stromwell, had time to declare they were under attack before he cried out in pain.

Arnold Stromwell crumpled to the ground like tone bricks and laid their asleep on cold ground, but Batman took longer as he fought Blue Morpho tranq-darts.

Killer Moth flew to the duo off the freight train and approached them as quickly as he could. Batman, feel to his knees, just to see a blur image of them.

"You…" Batman says in growling voice trying to set up, but the drugs were working through his system. Killer Moth walked up to the Batman, before clocking him straight in the jaw. The Batman crumpled to ground from Killer Moth enhance suit, forming a bruise on his jaw. Killer Moth hope he broke his jaw.

Stromwell, had a tranq dart in his neck, protruding and showing Blue Morpho style of darts…

Killer Moth stared at the ground. Batman and Arnold Stromwell, at his mercy. He could kill both and be legend, but no.

This was part of Thorne plan and Killer Moth was just using Thorne for revenge.

No way in hell, would Killer Moth would give everything Thorne wanted in just one night.

It was not about Thorne anymore, but all about Killer Moth.

Stromwell would die, but only the way Killer Moth wanted him to die.

Batman would die as well, but by Killer Moth own grand and marvelous plan to show he ruled Gotham City. At least, one day in future…

"Ugh! Stupid gravel and train tracks…" Blue Morpho voice came from somewhere. Killer Moth realize that Blue Morpho was crawling under the freight train, that was near where Batman and Arnold Stromwell was walking away.

Ah!...stupid sticks are all over my pants! Who going to clean that up? Me, Gary…where is my assistant or butler-…oh I still got finish working on build G-Bot…

It seems that Killer Moth hid on high ground of the train, Blue Morpho sniped at Batman and Arnold Stromwell from the ground.

Killer Moth saw Arnold Stromwell had dart in his neck. He went over to Batman and turned the Batman over on his back. The bruise that Killer Moth gave Batman face was there with split lip, but on the undamaged part of his left check was pin prick cut. When Killer Moth really looked at Batman form, he saw Blue Morpho dark in the Batman left hand, clenching Blue Morpho tranq dart.

It was so easy to kill them, but for some reason Killer Moth just didn't feel like this was Batman death.

He would regret it later, but it was time for Killer Moth to kill the man who put a hit on him in the past.

"What do we do now, Killer Moth?" Blue Morpho spoke as he dusted off the rocks and dirt from his black and blue theme costume.

Will Killer Moth kill Batman? Part of me can hope he does and the other part doesn't want to break poor Hank Venture heart for witness the death or a version Batman death.

He made his decision already.

"We take Stromwell, but first help me prop up the Batman. I think I have use for that Cocoon Gun, after all." Killer Moth said as he took out a futuristic gun from his utility belt, while Blue Morpho got Batman to stand up straight and pushed his body on the freight train. Killer Moth then began to shoot adhesive fluid from his gun, sticking the Batman in a clumsy make shift Cocoon.

The adhesive would lose strength after a few hours and dissolve, but this also sent message to Batman and Gotham City Police.

This won't end well…Batman going to be super pissed and obsessive to look for us now! Now I got look over my shoulder and sleep with one-eye open at night or something.

It sucks having to watch your back in civilian attire and as Blue Morpho thinking that the Batman coming to get you…

Arnold Stromwell was in the hands of Killer Moth and the Blue Morpho. Who else would think of actually Cocooning the Batman.

Killer Moth picked up Arnold 'Arnie' Stromwell and flew off caring the aging mobster with Blue Morpho flying behind, silently.

The Batman was at Insect Duo mercy. Something that Batman would remember.

Something that Killer Moth would sometimes regret, but would live with given that he had to take care of people of his Revenge List or as he like to think of, his Shit List.


Killer Moth took Arnold Stromwell to one place where people wouldn't think of finding him.

A Catholic Church.

More specifically, Father Michael Stromwell church, the younger brother of Arnold Stromwell.

They broke into the window, which Blue Morpho was reluctant to do. Blue Morpho kept saying if it was okay to bring Arnold Stromwell on Holy Ground, but Killer Moth didn't give shit and told Blue Morpho to check Church in case Arnold Stromwell younger brother was here.

Killer Moth sat an unconscious Arnold Stromwell in the front of the pew benches, at the far end to straighten him up. When Stromwell woke up, he gets good view of God son being Crucified on the cross. It was morbid symbol, but it didn't matter to Killer Moth. That when Killer Moth dig into his utility belt for some smelling salt.

Blue Morpho came back and said, "It clear, perimeter secure."

When Killer Moth looked at Blue Morpho, he could tell by his body language that he was reluctant about.

"Why are you scared of killing a Guy in a Church? You killed a lot people in the past and that didn't bother you too much, besides you whining about it." This was something Killer Moth was curious about.

"…We could anger the Gods or Spirits of this holy ground. Plus, this sort of establish the idea your going to Hell with whatever god house of worship you defile." Blue Morpho said in concern and superstitious tone.

There reason why GULD law has villains not kill on Holy Ground. I mean, I talked with a Necromancer and Magic exist back in my Universe. I'm in the DCAU, so there is some form of After life going on here, which sucks.

All I want is some good Karma, even as antagonist and Henchmen. Is that too much to ask?

It was time like this, Killer Moth remember how young Blue Morpho is and childish he sounded.

"You worried about going to hell, even after all the guys you killed!? Shut up and get ready. You're already going to hell anyway, so enjoy these moments. I'm going to wake Stromwell." Killer Moth said as he got ready to put the smelling salt near Arnold Stromwell nose.

Okay, that is logical. I mean, I did kill people and I have experimented on live Humans…

Heaven or a positive afterlife, probably boring anyway…

With all the people they killed, Killer Moth knew they were going to hell. Being criminal and now Super Villain, sort puts them at the front of the lien to go to Hell.

If there is even a Heaven, Hell or afterlife. Killer Moth only believed in the here and now, at the moment.

As the smelling salt was near Arnold Stromwell noise, he started to move and wake up, which had Killer Moth put the smelling salt away.

", ugh, where?" Arnold Stromwell vision was swimming before he felt he was sitting on something hard, a wooden bench. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw something worse than the Batman. Bugs, two large and dangerous bugs know by most Mafia Families and street Gangsters in Gotham City.

Killer Moth and Blue Morpho. The might seem flashy and sometimes a joke, but in this situation it was different.

Killer Moth and Blue Morpho were known as cleaners and hit-men in Gotham. The only criminals that worked independently from Crim Families and escaped the Batman with their own batch of fancy toys.

With these two in front of Arnold Stromwell, he knew for what their purpose.

It was to kill him.

"So, the bugs work for Thorne now?" Stromwell said, shaking his head and trying to sit up straight. He was not going to do anything brash or stupid with who was in front of him.

"No…Think of it as long over-do revenge that Thorne has no idea about. We just get the side benefit of humoring him and getting paid for killing you…" Killer Moth stood up straight and walk to side of Stromwell, sitting down on the front Pew with him. Killer Moth suit looked good and it was hard for Stromwell to read Killer Moth.

All he had was body language and so far, Stromwell could tell that Killer Moth was relax, yet his body seem robotic and tense.

SKT! A blade was unsheathed and Stromwell felt a blade to his next. He looked to side, not moving his neck to much, just to see Blue Morpho in between the middle of the pews. Still, the message was sent. Killer Moth may not do something, but the Blue Morpho will if Stromwell tried anything funny.

I totally feel like Wolverine right now, which is awesome!

Getting killed by Moth and Butterfly seems like such a joke, along with the idea of being inside his brother church.

A humble and simple Catholic Church, which Stromwell never cared about or had anything to believe in besides himself.

Silence passed and only the breath of three occupants could truly be heard. Two sound robotic and yet calm like another day at work, while one was panting in anxiety at what or who was going to kill him.

"…You know, you were my hero when I was orphan brat as kid, Stromwell…" Killer Moth said calmly and lost in his own mind, back when to a troublesome and smart kid that felt power came from crime than from law of Gotham City could give.

"So, what? That not going to stop you guys from killing me…" Stromwell said bitterly. He wouldn't find out what happen to his son. He was going to lose Gotham and everything was no longer in his control.

"Yeah, we stilling going to kill you, but don't worry. This way will be different from the usual people we get rid of…" Killer Moth replied, feeling a little anxiety. This was one the men who order his death and killed who he as man who became mobster enforcer with dreams of running his own Criminal Organization. He was reborn again and found a new identity that was better what life he used to live.

All because of three powerful men, didn't want any new blood coming to create a new struggle and competition.

"Oh, joy. What did I ever do to you anyway, Moth?" Stromwell growled out, feeling like things were going to be worse. He was old and new that the bugs used a chemical to melt or kill their targets somehow, but now the bugs were going to change their method. What or who did he piss off behind the bug mask.

Butterfly man was just a silent sentinel, watching closely and putting away the wrist blade back into his glove. SKT!

"I guess, I shouldn't take it personal. It was only business and I happen to get a lot money from the good City of Gotham in a legal and funny way, for wrongfully arresting for the wrong crime. I'm no saint and I shouldn't take it personal. Still, you and others almost killed me. I'll get Dagget and Thorne sooner or later, but you number just happen to come up sooner." Killer Moth said, digging into his utility belt and palming it in his right hand away from Stromwell sight.

Oooh! I just felt like The Godfather and The Godfather Part II refrence happen. 'Nothing personal, it is just business.' Ha! It always personal, no matter what.

Wait. Was that Fan quote or actual quote from the movies?

"You sound like you use to work with us or the Crime Families…You go from being a wise guy to costume freak? Things have changed and for the worse. At least, those bastards will die at some point. Either you guys or someone else. Can I ask any final favors?" Stromwell said, sort of easing in the idea he would die and his own mortality. He just couldn't deal with the idea that he didn't what happen to his son.

"Sure." Blue Morpho spoke up, which cause Killer Moth too look at him sharply. What?! It not like Killer Moth was going to make Stromwell a last meal or whatever outrage request the old man had!

"Do you know what happen to my son?" Stromwell said with pain express on his face and part of him was hoping he survive and get out this in one piece. Get revenge on Thorne and taking care his estrange son, for the better.

Fuck! ….I hate this, because I guess I like Stromwell character from the Cartoon. Oh well, better fill the old war horse some need to know information, before he dies. It not Cannon, but fuck it! This is a Cartoon and I'm living my life through it, so I'm living my life the way I want. By listening and assisting the Villain who I work under.

Killer Moth didn't know or care at this point. Still, he got up from the front pew and went the long way around. It was now or never. He was done talking and not like he wanted Stromwell to get to know it.

It was just in this moment, in which he could get parts of old revenge and promise that Killer Moth made to himself when he became who he was now.

"Sorry…" Blue Morpho sighed tiredly, "… your son become a druggy. You know your 'candy' you been making and peddling? Turns out your son likes the stuff a lot and now is trying to recover at rehab center called Sunrise Foundation. I think your wife is watching over your son…" Blue Morpho said and was not focused on Stromwell so much, but on Killer Moth who got behind the second pew rows that was behind Arnold Stromwell.

"I got to go. I got to go see my son!" Stromwell said in excitement, that Butterfly man gave him all the information he needed and would fight hard to get him to his son.

He stood up, only for a thin piece of line wrapped around his mouth, choking and cutting his neck!

"GAAH!" The string tightens around him, and Stromwell realize what was going on. He just felt like an idiot for not putting his hand up fast enough to not put his hand to block the string and strangulation.

Stromwell realize that Killer Moth had work with Mob and was choking the life out Stromwell with string of some kind?!

Killer Moth, in his power suit, found this very easy and seemed to be watching with ease Stromwell fight for his life. With his power suit on, Killer Moth felt like the elderly man before him was like fifteen-pound dumb bell.

Stromwell, being closed to Killer Moth, did everything he could to get air- head butting, waving his arms, he tried to drop to the floor or fall back. Nothing was working! The back of the head hit Killer Moth metal mouth and it did nothing! He couldn't punch or kick Killer Moth! When he tried to sit down or drop to the floor, the bug son-of-bitch was strong enough to hold Stromwell in place!

If Killer Moth wanted, he could pull the string so tight he could cut Stromwell head clean off, but that not what Killer Moth wanted.

Stromwell was his hero as kid, so he thought out of respect he would just killing and leave his body for his love ones to look at for open casket.

Blue Morpho watch was Arnold 'Arnie' Stromwell face as he turned red, lips spitting up blood and his eyes turning red and blood vessels exploding. Stromwell struggled for a bit, before Blue Morpho saw that Stromwell face turned violet and purple in color.

Man, that just grizzly and twisted! Is a person skin suppose to look that color?! Man, now I feel better killing people with poisoned Darts or Chemicals that melt people like heart water does to Snowmen…

I'm glad Twenty-four not hear, because he would vomit at this sight which is weird.

Does Twenty-four eat imaginary food or living things that die or does he eat at all?

Killer Moth held Stromwell there for a few minutes, making sure that Stromwell was not faking his death.

PFFT! A farting sound came from Stromwell, his pants had wet spot forming on his crotch and the back of his pants smelled awful.

Okay, either he dead or was so scared that he shits and pissed his pants. There never do show that on TV, people voiding their bowels after death.

That was when Killer Moth set Stromwell down back in the front pew seat and got the wire off Stromwell neck.

Stromwell was violet, eyes alert and full of fear, and his mouth open like fish gasping for air. His last moments showed his suffering and fear on his face, either of never seeing his son again or dying.

They didn't know or cared.

There was thin neck line of blood and some of it was bleeding out, but nothing showed deeper injury.

Killer Moth looked at a now dead Stromwell in those moments.

One of the three people he wanted revenge on, was now complete.

Killer Moth now had to kill Dagget and Thorne, in due time.

Strangely, Killer Moth felt hollow knowing that he accomplished part of his goal.

"Let's go…" was all Killer Moth could say as they went into a window they shattered and flew off into the roof tops until they found the Mothmobile, drove back to Walker Mansion.

Father Michael Stromwell would find his dead older brother in front his church, dead.

Batman and Gotham City Police missed their chance to get foot hold to fight against Organize Crime.

This was victory for Criminals and Villains of Gotham City.

That crime could still prevail in some, even with Batman around to protect be Guardian of Gotham…


Drury Walker sort of went through his days, in numb zombie state.

Some business for Walker Industry, had him get some connections in Asia for factories to make his product and parts of Africa and South America to get raw material for his products.

Just small foot holds, that would grow to become life blood for Walker Industries.

Still, Gary and Kitten were worried.

It was like Drury was there and not there at the same time.

Like the man was in daze, not knowing what to do or to continue to be who he was.

Who was Drury Walker or Killer Moth, anyway?

He wasn't unhappy or depress.

More like taking in the realization that he killed a Mobster Crime Boss that he looked up to as kid that later put a hit on him as adult, only to be killed by the same man as he became Killer Moth.

It was weird and coming terms with the ideas, that he could kill Dagget and Thorne. It was within his reach.

Just how or when? In time? Should he just go kill them, right now? Wait for opportunity?

Right now, Drury Walker was just walking around his Mansion and property in thought.

It was almost breakfast time, but he wanted to walk.

Even with Gary intense workout, Drury just found this strange energy to walk around and be alone in his thoughts

He liked be killer Moth more than he being Drury Walker. That realization kept coming back to him more and more when he first became Killer Moth.

Killer Moth was not human, but giant bug that could kill humans. Like Killer Moth was better than humans, even when he was Insect. Like bug that had attitude that could challenge the norm, the same way criminals called Batman the Bat. Just someone who could balance out and call on for Drury Walker to express himself properly than he ever could as Multi-Millionaire and soon to be Billionaire in the future.

It was just Killer Moth killing Stromwell made Drury realize how far he wants this to go.

His purpose for Killer Moth? Kill his enemies that killed him and eventually defeat the Batman.

He killed one of his enemies and Batman was at his mercy. Batman couldn't stop him or figure out the reason why Killer Moth took Stromwell.

At best, Batman would consider Killer Moth acting as hitman and cleaning up for Thorne.

At worse, well, Batman could start to look over his file on Kill Moth. Even than, that wouldn't get so far because Batman never caught Killer Moth and Blue Morpho to get psychological or reason as to why they dress up like insects.

Drury could just shake his head, as dawn broke through the sky and Drury decide to head back inside. Darkness and light cutting through the sky, with blue sky slowly becoming more pronounced as he got closer to home.

It took a while, because he walked far away from the Mansion and eventually after a couple minutes, he reached the house.

When he got to Kitchen and dinning table, he sat down and tried to read the Newspaper, only for his daughter Kitten to actually bring his coffee and Gary to bring his healthy breakfast.

They sat down at the round table looking at him, then Kitten spoke up.

"Are you okay, daddy?" The concern and look Kitten gave him, sort of woke Drury up.

His daughter was in his Gotham Academy uniform, looking worriedly at him. The same blue grey eyes his daughter had that matched his own, worried for him.

Even Gary who was eating his food, sneak some glances at Drury and Kitten. Gary was worried as well, but was watching how this play out.

Please, don't become super religious! If you do, go for a different religion besides Christianity. He could become Muslim or Jewish or Mormon. Anything, but those weird cults that ask for money or to recruit women for their weird sex rituals. Wait. Does that mean I would have to convert? Damn. Probably would given I'm trying to show my absolute obedience

"Yes, honey. I'm okay." Drury replied and realize that he was okay.

A smile appeared on his face- calm and full of confidence again.

This made his daughter happy and she ate.

Gary stared at him longer, trying to see if Drury was lying, but went back to eating his breakfast.

I hope he doesn't kill himself, which would be weird. We killed a lot of people, so Stromwell death shouldn't be too much a shock to his system.

Killer Moth killed Stromwell, for not only betraying him but also trying to take him away from his daughter.

He liked being Killer Moth, because he felt like big shot. Like a rogue Mob Boss that actually got his hands dirty, except without all the foot soldiers and his right-hand man was just one guy dressed up as Butterfly.

That Killer Moth and Blue Morpho, were the Villains that Gotham needed to survive against the Batman and Police.

Things have changed.

It just one those shocking realization of how much everything truly did change for the last couple years…

In this realization, Drury remembers again and again that he was happier in this new life than his previous life.

Taking eighteen shots in the gut and being presumed 'dead', was best thing that happen to Drury Walker and his true identity as Killer Moth.


"Where the hell am I?" Gary said looking around in the darkness.

Great, no Twenty-four. I mean, maybe I dream up Twenty-four to comfort me in these fucked up dreams. It not like he says, 'Dude, what the fuck was up with your dreams last night?!' or anything.

He blinked and then he was no longer in the darkness.

He was in School Gym with the Bleachers full of people.

More importantly, people he killed or help in killing.

Harangueten, Wandering Spider, The Doom Factory team, random Level 10 Villains, many different Monarch Henchmen, Taxi drivers that the Monarch made him kill over the years, those damn Moppets and people from his old Universe.

That was half of them.

The other half were random bits of unfamiliar faces he didn't know, but fit only in this universe. Most were just people dressed up like Gangsters from 1920s and that when Gary realize something. Those guys and people that he helped killed in Gotham City as he took on the mantel of the Blue Morpho.

Oh great! I have every person I killed or indirectly killed to yell at me or probably lecture me. Well, let see where this goes.

"Traitor! How dare you wear Blue Morpho mantel, when your villain and Henchmen at that!"

"You killed us!"

"Why did you take me away from my family!"

"You dick! You killed because you printed out that embarrassing book about the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend! Real nice by the way, pinning the note saying 'I DID IT!' on my back! Fucking Monarch filled my body with acid before trying to feed the sharks my body, then dropped that giant hair dryer to desecrated my body?! DID I AT LEAST HAVE GOOD WAKE AND CELEBRATION OF LIFE?!"

On and on, people said their complaints and issues with Gary. He was just in the middle of Gym hearing people yelling at him. Gary listened and felt bad. Gary felt guilty, but he was also tired of this bull shit! Most these people had it coming and deserved to die. Villains, henchmen, even a random super scientist/protagonist in the crowd deserve this.

He put his hands to his face, before removing his hands off his face to realize that he was naked.

Here he was.

Naked in the Gymnasium and in front of all the people he killed in the past.

Not now, anxiety?! Why am I naked in my Dream? Wait. What does a dream of yourself naked in your dream means again or symbolize? Something about being vulnerable and shameful of something, right?


Enough, was enough.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Gary roared out in frustration, his arms outstretched and fist clenched. It was surprising that his scream of frustration drowned out the angry mob of dead people on the bleachers. When Gary stopped screaming and silence filled the Gym, he spoke very angerly at them.

"ENOUGH! Your dead! All of you are dead and nothing going change that for you and nothing going to change me! I'm not hero or villain, but Henchmen! I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, until I'm dead like you and rotting in some Hell! Even then, I'll probably end up Henching for the Devil or some evil being anywya, because being Henchmen is what I'm good at." Gary said looking straight at the supposed dead people that haunted his mind. Everyone one he killed and would probably do again and again and again.


Because that what Henchmen do. He killed for the Monarch and he will kill for Killer Moth.

Nothing would change Gary, even if he went to different universe.

Vacant stares of the dead people on the Gym bleachers were started to bother him, so he continued his speech and express who he was to these dead people.

"I'm good at this. Not the best or worse, but I'm around and I'm the Henchmen that was needed. You guys screwed up or you guys weren't luckily enough to live life the way you want. I killed you, for the whim of the Super Villains I served and I'm okay with that. I am Gary Fischer! I hunched for the Monarch and I'm proud to be Henchmen 21, later becoming the Monarch number 2 Henchmen. Now? I'm Blue Morpho and I Hench for the Killer Moth." Gary spoke and gave a challenging look.

What he got was silence.

"Will I always be Henchmen? Yes, in my heart. I don't know how long I'll be the Blue Morpho will go or if this Super Science is what I want to be interested in. I might like Super Science more than being Henchmen, but I will always be a Henchmen for boss of my wanting a Death Ray or Super Satellite of some kind. I might quit again at being Villain, but I will always be Henchmen at heart. I, Gary Fischer, Hench FOUR Life!" Gary proudly said and was strangely filled with relief, his arms spread out and he was open to the world around him

This was who he was.

Sure, he might not be Blue Morpho forever, but he was Henchmen and he was glad for that.

People look all their lives to be the best at what they could do and SOME never find that satisfaction like he was having right now!

Gary wasn't the best, but nobody else was around that could contest him and he was alive.

Henchmen One or Zero? That guy annoying and was Cannon Fodder, but Gary kept true to himself!

As Henchmen, he knew that this was he was suited for- following orders, satisfying his superiors and being by their side when the world against them!

He was not even going to be childish thinking that he will be Henchmen forever, but Gary knew at his core he was Henchmen at heart.

"Very good, Henchmen 21." Everyone on the Bench of the Gym spoke up in unison, which freak Gary out. It was like a hive-mind mentality or something, but they sounded familiar.

Aaannd this is where the dream gest fucked up. Somehow Dr. Killinger is involved somehow.

Gary look around and then at himself, no longer naked, but in his Blue Morpho suit that he designed and modify from the old Monarch Henchmen suits.

"Wake up, Gary." All the dead people on the Gym bench said in unison again.

"Wake up."

"Wake Up!"



Gary was in his bed, in his room with his eyes closed and covers on. He was trying to enjoy his queen size bed, while slowly grasping what his dream was telling him.

He didn't want to wake up, because it was not time to wake up yet.

It was close to wake up, but his phone alarm didn't go off yet.

He just wanted to enjoy his bed.

It not bad feeling. The dream sucked, yet I got to admit I have more closure than I have had in long time.

Strangely, he wasn't tired and felt like every part of his body was relax.

Gary was sleeping on one side the bed, before turning over and felt something else on his bed.

That was weird.

Who could it be?

I hope I didn't hook up with lady last night and get black-out drunk. That doesn't happen and usually I don't bring random lady home with me…

Gary, slowly open his eyes and his eye adjusted to lighting in the room.

Laying cross from the bed was a familiar face upper Skull Mask that cover most of his face, except the lower part.

I hate myself. Couldn't be naked lady passed out. No, I have Dr. Killinger in my face. Is this dream supposed to me something? What? Do I want to fuck Dr. Killinger or be in bed with Dr. Killinger?

Now, I got more psychological problems.

That it! I'm going to find therapist after this. Cancel all my work and just find myself a good therapist…

"Morning, silly-billy." Even the accent was familiar. Ugh, he felt morning breath. Like the person near his face had coffee.

Gary closed his eyes and muttered, "Great, I'm having Inception dreams. What, should I expect people barge in my room in suits and guns? Whatever…"

He stayed silent and closed his eyes, waiting for the dream to shift or something.

"Come on, Henchmen 21. Wake up and introduce me to your family?" The voice called out and Gary could swear, he felt the heat of someone breath hitting his face and smelt minty freshness mixed with that morning coffee smell…

"Shhhh. Your dream. You're not real..." Gary said under the covers and was feeling more alert.

Then, Gary felt someone pull the covers off his face, before someone grab his cheek and pinched his cheek- hard.

"AAhh! Fuck! What the hell, dude!?" Gary bolted up and covers off, naked as the day he was born and sitting on his bed. He got up and turned around, before looking at the being who pinched his cheek and look like man in old gothic doctor cloths.

What Gary heard was tsk sound being laying on his side before response, "Cover yourself and get ready for the day. We have much preparation to do and I don't want to see you in your birth suit as the welcome mat in this Dimension"

"Dude, you're not…real…." Gary rubbed his face, before turning around. Right in front of him was Dr. Henry Killinger in his Room.

Gary blinked and Dr. Killinger just look at for a moment, before reacting in his own rational way.

Dr. Killinger got up from laying on his side, sits up and then turns around across the bed as he stands to look directly across from Gary. Gary could literal see him move the sheets and hear his slippers touch his carpet.

.no way….

A moment passed for the staring contest, before Gary gave in.

"aaaahAAAAAAHHHH!" Gary screamed in shocking fear realization of Dr. Killinger actually being here, in the process, wake up Kitten and Drury Walker in their rooms.

Gary didn't care, because Dr. Henry Killinger was their as soon as Kitten and Drury rushed into his room with their weapons.

Drury had his hand-gun, while Kitten got taser ready.

That was when the bad Doctor turned to Kitten and Drury and walked up slightly to the foot of Gary bed and outstretched his hand. Gary was behind Dr. Killinger in an angle and stopped screaming, wondering what would happen next or if he actually finally snapped to get room in Arkham Asylum

All Dr. Henry Killinger replied was, "Hello, I'm Dr. Henry Killinger and this is my Magic Murder Bag. I'm here to help advise you on your business endeavor and help establish a protective organization for Villains."

Dr. Killinger even gave a friendly wave of his right hand, which did not stop Drury next action of reacting to the weirdly dressed man that broke into Gary room.


Duck and cover! Couldn't Killer Moth have warned me!

Drury response was shooting at Dr. Killinger, which the bullets flew through him and Gary ducking for cover as the bullets came through Dr. Killinger and got near his directions. Bullets went into the wall, some in the pillows or the lamp on the nightstand.

After that, there was silence.

"Please, stop that…." Dr. Killinger said in tired sigh, his right hand is lower to the side.

Drury Walker decide to throw his gun at Dr. Killinger, which Dr. Killinger raised his right hand to stop the gun being thrown in mid-air and floated like a balloon. His left hand, held onto his Magic Murder Bag.

"I don't know why people throw guns once they unload their bullets at people. Is it out of frustration or do you think that cool, Mr. Walker?" Dr. Killinger quipped.

Dr. Henry Killinger right hand glowed blood red as the gun, then the people in the room floated in the room. Kitten and Drury was startled as they flew in the air as if Dr. Killinger turned off the gravity.

All Gary could say as his naked self-floated, "That new…" not caring or believing that he was floating naked and few inches of the ground.

it almost like my Blue Morpho wings, but I'm more like balloon in mid-air…naked and covering my junk…

Dr. Killinger remain standing calmly and standing straight up, as his right hand glowing red light slowly disappeared and gravity came back into effect.

Kitten, Drury and Gary manage to land on their feet, but stumbled.

Silence passed and nobody spoke.

Drury had strange compulsion to reply to Dr. Killinger question to him, "…because it looks cool…" childish was Drury Walker response, but he was stupefied at this moment.

His bullets went through the strange Doctor themed man and the same man somehow made everyone float in red glow, which was shocking.

This person had telekinesis powers or somehow new his name. The person invading Gary room was not human…

I would also like to know, but I just got accept that maybe a new Universe gives more powers to some people. I mean, I'm a bit more bad ass than what I was in the old Universe. Maybe that same thing goes for Dr. Killinger.

"I'm sorry for abusing my power in front of you, but I felt that would grab your attention. My name is Dr. Henry Killinger and this is my Magic Murder Bag. I'm here to guide you and other Villains such as yourself, in this DC Universe. I'll wait for you all in the Kitchen. And Gary? Please put some cloths on." With that Dr. Killinger walked near Drury Walker and Kitten, who kept their distance and watch this person carefully.

Drury and Kitten then followed the man not trust him or believe what happen.

"What the fuck is the DC Universe? Hey?! WHO THE HELL ARE TUBBY AND HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?" Drury yelling at the man in his robes, following the elderly man who just displayed a weird unique ability to molest his young ward? Drury wanted to get bottom of this mess, now!

Strangely, Kitten look back in the room where Gary was still standing in shock, before he faces redden a bit before leaving quickly. Gary didn't notice or have time to register, because Dr. Henry Killinger appear back in his life and lay on his bed waiting for Gary to wake up to start the day.

Gary just shook his head, as Doctor Killinger left and said one word.

"Mother fucker…"

This is really happening. Where Twenty-four when I needed him through all that bullshit!

That when Gary went to his closet door and inside revealed his walk-in closet and Henchmen 24.

"Dude, what did I miss? I heard gun shots and thought you were killed or something. I decide to hide because, well, I died once. Not fun or cool experience, you know." Henchmen 24 said as Gary walked through him and went to get some cloths. Was Henchmen 24 afraid to be killed, because where was Gary back-up when he needs his imaginary/dead friend?

At least, his excuse sounded good. Still, he did not help either. Ah! Good old Henchmen instinct- every Henchmen for themselves!

But Dr. Killinger changes everything, now that he actually here in my Universe.

Why am I here? What was Dr. Killinger point of bringing me here of all people? Just, why?

I better not get another cryptic answer or…

I'm not listing to that fat old man, until I get answers.

I'm in control of my life, not him or whatever Dr. Killinger is.

"You don't want to know." Was all Gary said as Henchmen 24 looked away from Gary nakedness, until Gary was dressed and went to different place in the Walker Mansion to avoid Dr. Killinger and do something more productive.

The Cocoon Cave felt like a good place for some alone time.


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