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Chapter Two: Remembrance and Pleasantries

POV: Unaligned Faction-Sabe'ri

"…Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to protect both my family and the humans around you?" As I say these words, I see Optimus Prime, the bot who led the current resistance, at a loss for words.

"Yes. I am willing, but are you?" My response is what will change the future: for myself, my family, and the war.

"Of course."

Cybertron: Megacycles Before…...

POV: Decepticon-Saberdusk

The words burn the tip of my tou...Glossa. Remember Cybertronian terms, fragit! "Yes, Lord Megatron…The Autobots are retreating…"

A pleased deep voice, surprisingly smooth to those that aren't familiar with it replies, semi-jovially. "Good. Allow them to retreat, track them to the hidden base, Saberdusk." I switch communication channels quickly, second nature and practice making this exchange more tolerable.

"I'm going comm. silent, Opi…" I say with trepidation, my frame shifting into my Autobot form, my features changing like liquid, only my green optics remain the same, though due to my visor when disguised as Saberdusk they look more luminescent black…

"Go, my youngling. I shall see you when you return…"

"Tell Majhi that I'm going dark please, she still worries…"

"I will, go." The line goes dark and my internals shift, autobot frequencies open before me and I call my commander, in this form anyway.

"Lieutenant Jazz, Decepticons are pulling back, I'll keep an optic out for stragglers, there might be some flybots hiding in injured chassis over there."

"Copy, Wolfssegnar keep your relays up, rumor has it Saberdusk is out here, look out for his hard-light cloak." Really, this again? Sure, I can cloak but really? Nobody's figured it out yet, not even that old man Redalert?

"Got it, Wolfssegnar out." I then cut the line.

I wish none of this happened, that when I died, I hadn't been reborn as a malfunctioning protoform fallen out of my new mother's chassis as she retreated from the Council's forces; that I hadn't fallen into that old tomb only to absorb the rusting chassis of three great warheroes of the schism: Modulus Prime, Saberdawn, and Saberdusk.

Present Day: N.E.S.T. Headquarters

Three days after initial meeting…

I arrive at the N.E.S.T. Headquarters without delay, my arrival causing minor panic among the workers, many thinking I, and my crew, are Decepticons. Let them think that.

"You feeling lucky, Punk?" I look to see an ion cannon pointed at my face, and laugh. "Hey! What do you think is funny Punk! I will blast you outta this hanger if I have to!" I begin to calm myself down, my friends, especially Elle, amused by my response begin to laugh in my stead.

"My apologies, it's just I've been immune to Ion weapons since my spark ignited. Every time someone tries to point them at me, I just crack up and prepare myself subtly for melee." I smirk and put a hand out in an act of peace. "What's your name, Bot? Mine's Sabe'ri, I was a spy in the war but I've been on Earth longer. This is Elle, my second." She waves, her dark-amber and violet-highlighted armor currently showing her sportscar transformation, her violet-gray eyes show enthusiasm.

"This is Gears, our resident inventor." His dull-green and black armor and appears to have taken an off-road configuration this time. "These are Jem're and Gre'me, weapons and explosives experts." Both smaller bots give cheeky grins and start 'dancing', their armor opposing colors of black and white and they seem to have taken on motorcycle forms. "These are the girls, Evers, Blighter, and Mare our scouts. Don't question their names, they changed them when we landed and haven't given any reason why." Evers has deep-purple armor, Blighter has black armor and wings, and Mare is the smallest member of our group, able to switch between a horse-stylized cycle and a large hound. "That's everyone, Optimus told me about your group but didn't give any descriptions."

"I'm Ironhide, Prime's second."

Rocky Mountains: Three days later…

Log 00001: "As the planet nears, I feel a sense of belonging….and dread."

As I listen to Marx's old log, I survey the battlefield…or at least, soon to be. The arid wastes in the region are filled with Energon radiation, and I'm certain that Optimus is aware of this trap now that the winds have shifted…