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Warning: This is a Shawn/McNab slash story.

Summary: Before Shawn ever walked into the Santa Barbara station, he'd already known McNab for years. Unfortunately for Chief Vick, their connection is a deadly one.

A Deadly Partnership

Chapter 1: Death of a Leader

The dew-covered hill glistened in the morning sun giving a false sense of calm. Slowing his breathing, Shawn looked though the scope of his sniper rifle at the house below. He'd been lying there for a little over two hours now and as he waited, he thought back to the moment he received the target's name.

They'd been using this same pattern for years. McNab would get the name of the target and once half of the payment was received, he would pass the name to Shawn, most likely when they'd pass each other in the bullpen. Once he had a target, Shawn would 'borrow' McNab's car, knowing the rifle was hidden in the trunk. He would then take out the target. When he returned the car and rifle, McNab knew that the deed was done, and it was back in his hands to collect the remaining payment. As simple as that and it always served their needs.

Only this time, things were different.

Shawn had trained himself to only ever see the target as just that, a target. Not a person, not a human being, but a target that needed to be taken out, but this time it was going to be hard to do. Not that being a hired assassin was an easy job in the first place. It wasn't. For it to be easy, he had to have no feelings, but he did and that is why working with McNab worked out so great.

McNab was the one who got to deal with the clients and their reasons for wanting someone … removed. Shawn only got a name and the job. But this time, it was someone they both knew and respected.

As if on cue, the target walked out of the house and towards their car. Tightening his grip on the rifle, Shawn brought the target into his sights. It will be an easy shot. Just one squeeze of the trigger and the target will fall, but the target had a child with them and the child was not part of the contract.

Using all the patience he had, Shawn waited for the target to put the child into the car and walk around to the driver's side. It was only then that he pulled the trigger and watched as the target's body slammed into the car when the bullet impacted. The target then slid down to the ground.

He was too far away to hear the child scream, but he did watch as the target's husband came rushing out. He grabbed the child before running run back in to the house. People had the gall to call him cold and unfeeling, yet this man didn't even bother to check on their partner, let alone look back

Shawn drove down the little track from his resting point. Stopping, he disassembled and cleaned the rifle and put it away in its case, then into a duffel bag. Placing it into the trunk, he then drove back to the police station.

Walking through the bullpen, Shawn saw McNab. Their eyes caught each other's for a second before Shawn turned away. The deed had been done and they couldn't take it back, not now. They both knew that it wouldn't be long before the call came in and everyone would be heading off to catch the killer. But they won't catch them; no one ever has. After all, who would suspect that a fake psychic like Shawn would be an assassin, let alone, a naive cop like McNab.

Meeting near Detective Lassiter's desk, Shawn handed over the keys. With that, he handed the responsibility to hide the gun and collect the remaining payment to McNab.

As McNab put the keys into his pocket, Detective Lassiter came walking in. He took no noticed of them as he walked past and towards the Chief's door. But instead of entering, he stopped and turned around.

"Everyone," Lassiter called out getting everyone's attention. "I just got a call. Earlier this morning, one of our own was shot and killed at their home." Lassiter stopped to allow this information to sink in and for the room to go quiet again.

"Who was it?" McNab asked, fully well knowing the answer.

"It was …" Everyone stared at the detective who looked like he was about to break down. Taking a deep breath to help him stay in control, Lassiter continued. "It was Chief Vick. Now, we do this by the book! No exception," he said looking straight at Shawn. "Let's get out there and get this son of a ..." Lassiter swallowed hard, "Let's get whoever shot our Chief."

The station became a hive of an organised, but tangled mess, as officers rushed around to do whatever they could to find the gunman.

Shawn nodded at McNab. As soon as they'd receive Chief Vick's name, they agreed to lead the police to the killer. Not to the one who pulled the trigger, not to Shawn, that would be silly, but to the one that hired him to pull the trigger. The one who wanted her dead. But that would be after McNab confirmed that they had received the rest of the payment to their Swiss bank accounts.

Yes, the one that hired them to kill Chief Vick will pay for this. All traces leading back to them would be gone and the only things they would be left with would be a phone number and details of a bank account that no longer existed.

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